: hits 2 more targets at reduced damage and W already reduces damage. If it wasn't nerfed it would be really strong with all the other item changes and the bolts can also crit now which is cool.
Alot of the damage will come from On-hit Items though which will be fully applied by his autos and hurrican bolts. (Possible full onhit carry build with wits end and stuff?)
Sdars (EUW)
: ._. No. Even if you use it for your first attack, you can activate it 0.1 seconds before you attack. Even as Rengar, you can activate it mid air, when you're already visible anyway. So even if you do the incorrect use of Titanic Hydra, there's still no problem there. And the correct use should be as an attack reset. My guess is that you just can't pull off the simple combo quickly enough, so you're complaining that it's the item's fault.
if you activate it for example on shaco while you are 0.1 secs away from attacking it resets your attacktimer therefore giving your enemy time to react. Also adding unessecary micromanagment is never good. Would you agree with me that while there is (according to you) no apparent need for it NOT to break stealth it doesnt make sense and wouldnt be a buff in the traditional sense
Sdars (EUW)
: _Possible bug or just a weird mechanic that completely ruins the viability of this item on certain champions (Shaco, Rengar, Talon, ...)?_ Are you kidding me? If you're going to use the item it's because you're going to attack. When you attack, you lose stealth. So why on earth would it completly ruin those champions? It makes 0 difference, unless you misspress the item while trying to escape.
Are you kidding me? If i use this item i use because i want to attack. correct. but i am a stealth champion. i dont want to be seen before i attack. but this makes it so that i am seen. too early. so i die. so hard to understand?
: Even if you don't get all 4 autos off (which isn't actually that hard, time it right and with some practice you will end up doing all 4 almost instantly [you already can do all 3 extremely quickly]) you still are in a teamfight, so now you have another one to use while you fight your way out. And if you want more front loaded burst then you can always activate the hydra during the jump, that way you still get the hydra proc on the first attack and you don't break stealth.
yes youre right but nevertheless it still doesnt make sense that the active breaks stealth already just because players that dont know it screw up their stealth cuz of it
: You can never have too many auto attack resets... which would you rather have 4 autos or 3... if you want to maximize burst you want to do as many resets as physically possible. So no you never want to use it as the breaking auto, you waste a reset like that which will lower both your burst and dps, always use a reset after an auto... No exceptions.
This Tells me that you have Never Played rengar before or that you have millisecond reaction time and Perfect mechanics. To use the example of rengar you will Almost Never be able to get that 3rd or 4th aa of because the Enemy is no Sheep Thats just standing there waiting for you to Hit them. But regardless of this problem you surely have to agree with me that you have to have at least the POSSIBILITY of deciding for a more frontloaded burst for wahrerer Reading you have (and there are good ones). The activation of the active not breaking stealth would in no Way be too strong or overpowered but simply consequent because it would simply Follow what has already been established by Similar Abilities.
: Every active item in the game breaks stealth (with yommus being exception)... No bug. And it's not even needed, you don't want to use it out of stealth you want to do a regular auto then reset the attack timer with it so it gives more damage quicker. So no it's not a bug and doesnt need changing.
Every other active in the game does some damage/cc/allie buff and on rengar for example you DO want to use it in stealth not as an aa reset because he already has too many aa reset to even use
raggnir (EUW)
: dude, don't worry this is not a bug! you are just so dumb that you think stealth is not cancelled by auto attacking. so no problem here! no surprise either. have a good evening^^
Well you are just dumb (to use your words) that you do not understand my question and answer in a rude way regardless. ACTIVATING the active - again simply activating it like you would activate jaxes w or every autoattack reset ever - not actually hitting an aa with it already breaks stealth. So imagine rengar ulting then activateing his q (aareset, stealth NOT broken) then trying to activate the titanic active (aa reset but BREAKS stealth). Again the stealth uis broken upon ACTIVATION of it not on the actual AA. Well just had to point this out taht way because you are apparently too dumb (to use your words again) to understand it.
: Can you explain it to me a bit more?
: If you build a item that scales on HP to otherwise almost full AD champs, you are already completely ruining the viability of both the item and the champ, so what's the matter?
You can build those champs as bruisers too
: What? How does it cancel stealth? If you mean, using the active, which deals damage, cancels your stealth, then thats normal. No?
The active procs on autohits tho
Rioter Comments
: actually a lot of people make that mistake, it only heals double.
Passive: Aatrox applies a bonus effect on every third basic attack: Blood Thirst Toggle Off – Blood Thirst: Aatrox heals himself, healing for triple the amount while below half health. ~ copied from lolwiki basically the amount of healing is _tripled_ that means you get a BONUS of double the normal amount
Netavio (EUW)
: [Champion Suggestion] Jaecaar, The Unseen Hunter
Wow GJ, that is such a good concept they could literally copy it 1:1. The only concern I have is what his role his because the damages you gave him are shit which lets me assume you wanted him to be some kind of utility tank bruiser assasin stealth monster :D You need to push him more into a specific corner
Candurill (EUW)
: [Champion Concept] Chayon, The Shepherd of the Afterlife (rework)
Don't listen to the other one thats really a high quality new and unique cincept you've come up with, I really really like it. There are only a few minor questions I have, for example from what I understood he cannot collect the remnants Tresh-like by just being near them bt only with his ult? Speaking of the ult 50 to 70% movespeed bonus GLOBALLY is way to much and unbalanced near broken. Make it like a medium radius and more like 40/45/50 or so. Also his mana costs would need scaling to ensure he cant just fuckinh spam you away becasue atm his high cooldowns paired with medium not scaling costs basically mean that whenever he has an ability ready he has the mana to cast it because the cooldowns give him so much time to regenerate mana.
xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings. Good Job :) Glad you took it down, and are communicating with us here. (even telling us when you update us) If that does not please the nay sayers i dont know what will..
Exactly. Riot I'm glad you listened to us tahts the way to do it. GJ ;)
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=KaXX,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=J8QsaVJX,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-07-05T09:07:55.498+0000) > > Ok so, shouldn't champions without manapool have some kind of weakness or they should lack something what champs whit manapool doesen't > I mean, riven doesen't have any kind of weakness, she has high mobility, low cooldowns, VERY high damage, and some sorth of tankyness, (shield that has AD ratio and very low cool down time) > > IMO, riven should get nerf, maby to make shiled with ap ratio or something, or rising those cooldowns... > > or am I wrong? what riven lacks: wave clear ranged attacks zone control objective control
riven does not 'lack' wave clear. maybe she doenst have epic minion rape abilities but she does definitley have wave clear. ranged attacks - well, thats the point with melee champs isnt it? (she even has a ranged ult so more than most) zone control- who really has zone control in league? veigar, maybe j4... tbh riven often has "zone control" just by zoning because shes so fed objective control - see above, which apart from maybe 3,4 champs have objective control built in their kits?
: [Champion Suggestion] Zel'Rash the Infestor
Really nice concept, really like it. GJ!
Gnarmaw (EUW)
: Why reward bar on promo page makes no sense
I mean really? counting the pixels lol
: Guess the rank (Pic included)
I'm guessing something in Plat or it wouldnt be so special that you would post it ;) lets say plat 2
Ba55els (EUW)
: Hello GŌD, we have fixed that issue, you now should not have any problem to authenticate your account. If your process doesn't work anyway, please feel free to contact me ;) best regards, Bassels, dev at LoLCure
Thanks for the quick help, you are really doing a great job!
Mothling (EUW)
: scaled down. okay tell me one champion who enhances his/her spells with his/her ult other than zyra, kha or leblanc? syndra excluded (it's her passive)
Vayne comes to mind. Also I REALLY dont want to offend you I just think that there are way more interesting mechanics than "I enhance everything else". It's also not really about the fact that it is the ULT that does it, its just that this mechanic has become kind of overused and boring
Mothling (EUW)
: [Insect-based Champion] Hylas, The Zealot of the Twilight Wings
80% ap ratio each second...? just nope. Definetly needs to get some scaling reductions and to be honest he looks like a kind of generic champ with another "I make all other skills stronger" ult like we had on several champions before. (not that Riot cares --> generic third basic/spell hit passives/abilities everywhere)
: I quit my full-time job to do this for league and it changed my life…
Hey man I hope you read this. When I visited your site I really liked the idea but when I try to sign up and name the mastery page after my code and press authenticate i get redirected to a blank page. maybe its because of the weird sign in my name? Hope you can help me.
: And why do we not see any of them being played as marksmen? Because of the insane critical damage scaling. Any "marksman" that is not able to utilize crit properly will fall off lategame, where carries are supposed to shine the most. The whole idea of ADC+support botlane is to get the marksman decently fed and prepared for the lategame. You can play different botlanes with different purposes (like, destroying the enemy ADC so that THEY don't have a lategame. A pushing combo that can take objectives uncontested and others...) but when playing a different strategy, you need your team to cover up for your weaknesses. Neither Teemo nor Jayce are very good with building standard ADC. You might just as well go for ADC LeBlanc and have similar results. They are not marksmen. They do not fill the marksman role. They can be played botlane with a support but this does not make them marksmen.
And actually teemos damage if atkspeed + ap is still strong late game
Alien3el (EUNE)
: I think that it depends what jungle enchantment you take. If you go for devouer (thing that stacks) I would probably go for Tiger stance. Because you would have that maxed when you start dealing lots of damage with item. Attack speed is good then I think. I personally prefer phoenix stance with cinderhulk. I'm not even aiming to deal damage, be more like supportive jungler with stun. Then phoenix stance with that great aoe clear is better imo.
Actually if you WOULD go for devourer you would go for phoenix too as it has no synergy with tiger. If you go Warrior you go tiger.
: Champion select rework [Suggestion]
Sorry but I'm just not digging the idea. I feel like its just too much and way to bloated. I really prefer the clean current design but again thats just me.
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: Make his Source a fixed value and not %-Health (like most other Hp-consuming champs too), I mean 10% current hp for 1 Skill is just ridiculous. The dmg dealt to the enemy is less than to yourself, if u have a bit hp. Every other champ like Vladimir, Dr.Mundo, Mordekaiser and zac consumes much less hp and they have a reliable way to get the hp back. Aatrox is dependent on AA's and he only gets hp back with every 3rd hit, that takes a lot time, which u dont have in a real fight. And if u dont build atleast a bit offensive, u can be ignored.
I have to strongly disagree here. having %CURRENT Hp costs is extremely fitting and effective on AAtrox for exactly 2 reasons. 1. basically you want to fill your blood well as quickly as possible, when I play AAtrox I am happy to "dump" a chunk of health at the beginning of the fight into my blood well to give me bonus attackspeed 2. %cuurent hp costs get lower the lower you are on hp, as aatrox is designed around staying alive when hes low (w triple heal) this fits perfectly
: I would've agreed with you,but you are an asshole.
Sounds more like you are one.
: Ok. Jayce and Teemo are marksmen. Next time I go botlane with Teemo or Jayce and build what adc-s build. No one can say then that I'm trolling
Not all Marksmen are meant to be built with ad and crit chance, altough like 90% of them are thats why people think that all marksmen are ADCs. With teemo its really the way you build him - On-hit or Ap. On-hit would be a clear marksman - you deal Damage with your ranged AAs. Ap is a tricky one, becasue a lot of your damage still comes from your AAs, but you also use spells a lot. As Graves is a Marksman too and relies hevily on spells, I would classify AP teemo as a marksman too. Now Jayce is, again, a tricky one. I havent played him a lot so I dont know much about his playstyle, but for me he is more of an bruiser/fighter and marksman mix, not a real marksman.
: [New Champ] Exe, The Parasite
I really like it but he would need to be like really weak defensive stats so he has to be sticked to be useful. like give him very low base mr and armor aswell as hp and make him basicly build glasscannon ap.
: [Champion Suggestion] Garzonk The Cruel Taskmaster
First of I really like the concept of him damaging and cc his allies but at the same time giving the great buffs. What i would tweak is move his q passive to his innate passive and remove the cdr aura (it feels off and gives to much hidden power - Riot hates that that) and the ult will probably have to be toned down a bit. I would love to make him a tanky AD, yes AD, support to finally see zekes herald put to good use. like you build him very tanky with a few ad items and make his damaging skills scale with ad (not too much) and either make his whip deal less damage to ALLIES the MORE ad he has or make the atk speed and movespeed scale with ad
: Skins should be also bought with IP
Aaaaaand never gonna happen, skins are Riots primary income source if they make it possible to get them for free they will gut themselves.
NamiNam (EUW)
: Just my average champ select in a NORMAL game
You can see his name in the currently selecting champions thing ;)
Solash (EUW)
: They should be coming out later today, i'd wager in the next 4 hours
why so many downvotes?
: Maokai's E change
I feel like this mechanic wouldnt provide anything and just make things more complicated.
: Reduce "Summoner Name Change" IP cost!
Why? It is supposed to be something you have to work hard for if you dont want to buy RP.
: Her E don't activate Q anymore
That is what he is impliying. He rather has his E proc Q than having the kata style ulti change.
: Why not Trio que, Quadra que and Penta que ???
If there were these options the ones playing solo (without skype comunication etc.) would be at a blatant disadvantage.
Petsho (EUW)
: That's actually pretty good. I might actually consider them then, in their current state I won't. 590RP for 3 recolors for something I already paid for, of which I probably will only use one? No thanks.
Rioter Comments
: better confirm this
I dont believe this till Rito confirms.
Lats (EUNE)
: A better rumble
I mained Rumble for quite some time and although I may only be in Gold, I still consider myself a good Rumble player. Key to master Rumble in lane is the ability to last hit. With AAs. DONT use your flamespitter to last hit (we're talking lane phase here) becasue you do not want to unnessecarily push your lane. When your opponent is melee try to stay at 50 heat and when he comes to last hit charge at him with your Q. Chase him through his minions and when there are no more in front of you land your E twice. This is a very aggressive approach and should only be done if you are either a) ahead of your opponent b) you are both level 4 (thats your huge powerspike, be careful about your opponents powerspikes tho) c) you already have some items (were talking completed spirit visage + sorc boots) I like starting with spirit visage rush + sorc boots so that i get a shitload of early mpen maing you deal nearly true damage. After taht build situational, you should work in a zhonyas as early as you can tho. DONT fight before at least lvl 3. You are really weak in EARLY early game. It is generally favourable to build at least a few defense items, I especially like rylais as a fourth item after boots zhonyas and lyandrias. You have to be carefull in matchups that outdamage you like fiora and riven. Especially against those two i often find myself just lasthitting under tower and not trading at all. Rumble can have great impact on teamfights so you can afford to do so.
: The picture is amazing, I love these kinds of pictures/art. Well done on the picture whoever made it! And overall, the champion seems pretty cool to me. But there is one thing, is her passive almost the same as Sona? Or I am wrong .. ?
I feel her passive is more rengar like. EDIT: Actually the same :p
: [New Champion] Ikaria, The Owl Prophet
I'm sorry man but as someone already said the hidden power this champ gives is just too much and i feel like there is no real concept behind this champ. also it feels more like an support for ap carrys not adc
: [New Champion] Dorë, The Lightfury
I have a few suggestions. First, increase her Q cd by 2 seconds, but if each of the two activations hit an enemy the cooldown is reduced by 2/3/4. Second the "empowerd" e feels really weak, maybe give her vi like aoe instead. Third I dont like the w since it just gives raw stats, riot has been known to regret implementing such stat giving abilities. I would maybe think about giving her some ad ratios and make her a hybrid bruiser like champion
: The only problem with that statement is that LeBlanc can go invisible as well with the her passive (when it procs LeBlanc and her clone goes invisible and then both become visible at the same time) and riot have said that they think she is in a good place so they obviously don't have an vendetta vs stealth champ (and for the record I also don't agree with riot on this one she needs nerfs). Sorry to burst your bubble :P
I would not consider LeBlanc a "stealth" champion like Shaco, Evelynn, Twitch you get my point. LeBlancs stealth is an unreliable 1 second stealth with a 60 (?) sec cooldown.
: [Champion Suggestion] Flaronce; The Flaw Exposer.
I guess you are trying to use a charge system for her QWE abilities but you need to be more specific about it, right now I cant find anything about other than abilities generating charges but no comment how to use them.
: How to gp op in plat
I'd really like to see some sort of guide for this. But why the hell no trinket, I mean I dont care about strane builds but if its free take it god damnit :D!
ZartarUK (EUW)
: Why dont Riot just make a trade in system of something like 100IP for 1RP? so people who have loads of IP and have obv played the games lots can put it towards getting some RP and maybe a skin its not like a ratio like that would even hurt riot much would it?
Riots only income is RP purchases (well they are setting up this merch store, but its not big). They will NEVER, and i can fully understand this, hurt their only income source. Alone the fact THAT you can get "RP for FREE" discourages people from actually buying it. And truth to be told there are better ways to create options to spend IP on than a IP to RP ratio.
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