: Where the FUCC is my icon riot
if it was for fnc it would be already done
: 2019 Mid-Season Invitational Commemorative G2 Icon
where is the icon? you guys are such a bad company that you can't even get things on schedule ffs
: G2’s head coach GrabbZ is making sure they don’t get complacent this summer
: All the details on the LEC Summer Split
{{champion:350}} Remove this shit from game! She is not a Champion.
: Down but not out: Excel are ready to capitalise on a fresh start in the Summer Split
First of all, Why is this on the MSI news? Second who cares about a team who is filled with players who have the caliber of Promisq? Third Expect is a god and the only thing good in that team, i would pick him to fnc and make bwipo the mid laner
: Can G2 take on the world’s best and win it all at MSI?
Well it would be cool to see G2 vs SKT final again, but i think the true challenge would be IG
: Road to Berlin: How the EU Masters propelled rising stars Nemesis and Humanoid to the top of Europe
: Your MVP of the Spring Split is...
I think only Caps and Selfmade deserved, not others like i see in comments
: Taking the Litmus Test: G2 Esports and Origen
if they get a better "non injured" support they can even go far in worlds
Deiphobus (EUW)
: You guys are really pushing this e-sports platform this year aren't you?
at least they are doing it right and i love it
: A dream of Origen
You could just say Origen is bad because adc, jungler are bad and alphari is trying to be a carry when he must only play sion/cho/ornn the whole split
: Fnatic and the fallacy of the early start
Lol, how sad is riot cheering for a team (fnatic) instead of looking at the great starts that g2 and misfits have. this is why g2 is not loved by league fans, they will always be in the dark side of lol esports
: LEC 2018 roster shuffle: All the signings and moves
Nice to see LEC supporting FNC once again, fkn joke riot games, Caps is the new mid laner for G2 , Perkz adc and Mikyx his support, you welcome... im giving more information than this shitty post, btw REVERT CRIT ITEMS CAN'T STAND ANOTHER DAY THAT IF U PICK 5 TANKS INTO A FKN GAME U WIN BECAUSE ADC'S CAN'T STOP THEM!

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