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: Not for now, there are plans to make skins collection tab in the client, but it's not a high priority, so it can take some time
it should be priority for Riot as it would make players with maxxed accounts thrive to get new/more skin . thus more purchases and RP spending (in Riots interest!) TBH as it is now, you do NOT know what you got or value a new purchase, as its impossible to see and enjoy, unless you play that specific champ and choose that new skin.
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: I made an excel doc with every skin I have and also the price I paid vs the actual cost. I went through collection and looked at all the champions if I owned a skin and wrote it down in the document. I also made it so I can easily add a new skin and it will calculate it. If you want that document I can give you a link but you have to add the skins yourself.
thank you i would like to have that spreadsheet too.. my problem is i have +500 skins, so its a shitload of work and most of the skins are legacy, so i cannot check prices etc
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: was is the bug with Warwick
: Intentional feeding report.
> [{quoted}](name=The Hero Simon,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=WR1UTfnO,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-05-05T10:37:30.129+0000) > > If someone goes afk(But not disconnects) after giving them the enemy like 3-4 kills the first 5-7 mins. Can he be reported for intentional feeding and afk at the same time? Cause technical he rage quit cause of how bad he is, or he intentionally tried to ruined his teammates game. > > This hasn't happen to me but I just wonder if I should reprot him for afk or both? always report bad players!
: Be careful of what you report. If you send out too many false reports (where the person wasn't actually breaking any rules), your own report cards will drop in value. Simply feeding in game (i.e. having a bad game) is not reportable, no matter how intentional it may seem to you when you see the number of deaths. Trust me, you'll know without a shadow of doubt an inter when you see one. These guys literally run it down the lane, zero ****s given, and die all the time. It is completely different from that one idiot who keeps trying to splitpush without any pressure on the map and is being caught by 5 people for the tenth time now without achieving anything. I haven't seen your game, and I don't know what exactly happened, but if you haven't seen the guy personally run it down a lane, do not report for inting. It will just make all your report cards mean less overall, and you want each and every one of them to be impactful. However, if he is not playing report him for that (that doesn't mean simply disconnecting or standing still - he can be running laps around your base, or circles on the fountain, it doesn't matter, Riot detects these and treats them the same as AFK).
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: maybe that ?
i cant see any bugs in that replay?
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: lunear reveal had different chests with special content..
yep.. i dont care what the name is of the event, just bring something interesting to the game SOON pls :P #EasterBunnyChestEvent
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