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: > fear plus silence stacked together is ridiculous You say it yourself: it won't happen
Nothing what anybody posts on the gameplay forum will actually happen, that's not what the post is for.
: why not just remove the fear :D{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Because Fiddlesticks is a scary guy :O
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: sure, then you would have to ban every joke about stereotypes. don't get this the wrong way but, if someone says that to you (or any other french person) just grow a pair and ignore it, it's a game you probably won't even meet this guy again for months
I'm not French btw Just to be clear: the goal is not to actually get this on the ban list. It's more a philosophical question than anything.
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Yxion95 (EUW)
: > Dokuroboto Thank you for your response! Good argument. Maybe if his W made his auto attacks slow (like {{champion:6}} before his rework) and the slow on Headbutt would be removed?
I was thinking about this some more, because it is interesting to me, so I wanted to give you some more thoughts. As I already said, I love simplistic abilities and I am afraid of change, so my rework concepts would be way more conservative. I was thinking: Passive, Q and W are fine for me the way they are. E - Trample doesn't feel like you trample anything at all. It just feels like you are standing next to them, waiting till you can finally stun them. So I would rework that one most of all. E - Trample Alistar deals continuous damage in an area around him, whilst ignoring unit collision. During Trample's duration, Alistar gains increasing movement speed and gains a shield. At 5 trample stacks, his next basic attack stuns. Now, the shield scales with AP and the damage scales with Alistar's Max Health. Basically adding movement speed and a shield to Trample, it would provide another way to get into fights. Trample's damage scales with max health, so that you can deal some AOE damage when going full tank, but if you want to build some AP, you can still get into the fight without getting blown up, because you get a shield. The second change I would make to his R R - Unbreakable Will Alistar removes all crowd control effects currently on him and gains damage reduction. Whilst Unbreakable will is active, Alistar's first basic attack and every basic attack he uses after using an ability, will slow the enemy hit. When using Trample's empowered basic attack, in stead of just stunning the target, it in stead emits a shockwave, stunning the target and slowing all enemies in an area around him. Just some thoughts I had.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: you should post this in Gameplay+ on NA boards.
I didn't know that was a thing. Thanks
Chímatá (EUNE)
: Judge me! Short info check my match history and judge me! Name Chímatá.
I have not checked your, just to be honest. But I do think I can add something to this conversation. I main Malphite, I usually smash my lane, whilst obviously my team feeds (because solo queue) I consider myself a pretty good Malphite player, but Malphite has a problem: He needs his ultimate to oneshot the 12/2 enemy ADCarry, but he also needs it to cc the enemy team, so they cannot destroy your worthless 0/10 ADCarry. In other words, Malphite is not a good pick, because as we all know your team always feeds and you always need to 1v9 carry. So, my answer was: I am going to play carries only!!! %%% MY TEAM!!! Those games I lost even harder, because I suck at carries, I had zero impact, even though my score was typically not that bad. I just played extremely safe, so I wouldn't feed, but I also did nothing, except maybe push a turret here and there. Here's what I ended up doing: I divided all champions into 4 categories, based on 2 questions: Can it carry 1v9? Can I play it? Only a handful of champions I play ended up in the Yes-Yes category. So those are the champions I'll be playing. To summarize: Not all champions can carry you out of low elo (unless you are insanely talented) Don't play carries if you don't know how to have that giant impact on the map. That's my 2 cents, maybe it helps you.
: I guess Aurellion Sol since he is the "creator" of the universe and the void was probably created shortly after aurellion sol
Aurelion Sol wasn't the creator of everything, right? He was born on the first breath of creation. It means he was created, then started creating things himself. But it still comes down to the question: was the void created or not? If it was created, then Aurelion Sol and the Void would be of equal age or Sol would be older. If it wasn't created, then it was always there.
Cheini (EUNE)
: keep in mind the different playstyles - it doesn't have to be perfect, but rather proper.. and for you to like it! There is also the thing you can make use of an item like zhonya on trist.. a very saddening counter to Zed ult and she can use the damage on E and R (and W).. Ashe arrow with 20% cdr and quite a lot mana with the echo for W spam.. etc :p it doesn't have to be a go-to build every time, nor in the best way - else... would we really need an item system? aaaand ofc baron.. because he is like giving you stats twice! oh and right there is the karma ap and tank build, with the second being quite popular lately (RW)
That was not really the point. Because there are off-meta builds that work. But the 2 examples I have given, being Ornn and Wukong, do absolutely nothing. Yes, I am the idiot in your ARAM game that builds full AP Wukong. It does nothing. And I was just wondering why those kinds of scaling are still there. Not talking about the off-meta builds that at least do some damage.
Yxion95 (EUW)
: Alistar Rework: Obvious flaws...
I do think it would make him a much cooler fighter and ganker, but I don't see it working as a support. Both his headbut and his pulverize will have a delay built into them. If you want to peel your carry, you would first have to 1. use two basic attacks before you can pulverize 2. run around for 2 seconds before you can headbutt Flash Pulverize would also be extremely telegraphed for the same reason, as you would have to use 2 basic attacks, then flash auto in. I'm a bit biased myself, because I love simplistic abilities. The different ways that you can combo the 3 simple cc abilities that alistar has (whilst not being earth-shattering or anything) are still really interesting to me. That said though, since they took the AD off of his ult, he packs zero punch, so I do agree with you on that, he's not as cool as he looks. He is just a peelbot that can also engage.
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ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Probably so you can try it, find out it is useless and then wonder why it is a thing.
I guess Rito played me again...
: I like ap leona in aram.
Well, that's one of the ''troll builds'' that actually works. But have you ever played something that just deals no damage at all even when you max the stats of that one specific ability?
: because they would make the kit overpowered if everything scaled with the same thing, and actually some spells are just for utility and not for damage.
That's a good point, but is it unthinkable to have an ability just scale with nothing? In stead of having it scale with something that you will never build under any circumstances. I mean, it effectively already scales with nothing.
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: His ult is has a nice concept and the lore is very interesting. I instantly imagined Garen, except with a dark grey/purple theme, kinda like God King Darius, except with a magical purple smoke or aura around him. Once I read the passive, I thought "Meh, nothing too interesting." and as I kept reading, the Q, and E felt way too much like Lb for the great Demacian warrior you said he was. Another thing is his W. What even is it for? Sounds very unique... in a bad way imo. In the end, there's no real synergy between all the abilities. How would a combo play out? What about a trade? What are the ranges of the abilities? Are they skillshots? You gotta think of this stuff. Conclusion: I really like the demented Demacian solider character and I also really like his ult, although I feel like that would be pretty OP since basically, it's kinda like how a Tryndamere runs in and tries to kill the ADC while being unkillable in teamfights, except Solen won't even be able to be CCd since he can only be affected by the Nemesis. Work on the Q,W and E synergy mostly.
Thanks for reading the thing and thanks for the criticism. Now, to answer some of your points. The aim was to make his abilities versatile enough to make them both suitable for engage as well as disengage. Let's leave the Q out for now, because I kinda agree with you that it is a bit out of place xD The Q was mostly designed to reflect that sort of ''everything repeats every day''-idea in his kit, but yeah, a bit out of place. So the synergy with W and E is what I was thinking about mostly. W is basically like Akali's shuriken flip or caitlyn's net, a skillshot forwards, but a dash backwards. E is a skillshot dash, the blink to a marked target is just an instant blink without targeting. For a quick engage you could dash in with your E, W for the slow, blinking in with the second activation of the E, stacking your passive up to 3 for the empowered auto-attack and readying another dash for possible disengage or more damage. For a disengage you could start with your W, slowing the opponent, whilst stepping backwards, then simply dashing further away with the E. When escaping ganks, your E is also great. Since the E blink would make you appear behind your opponent, you could dash into the enemy jungler, who is behind you, blink behind him immediately, then use your W to slow him and create some more distance. Now a quick point on the ultimate: it is kinda similar to a fed fighter just jumping on your adc with zero counterplay, but do keep in mind that the ''Nemesis'' could not be targeted by anybody else either, so the only one to deal damage to them would be Solen himself. Thanks again for reading, I appreciate it
Declined (EUNE)
: Greetings Dokuroboto, It's pretty neat that you know how to change that file, but you made one mistake while doing so I'm afraid :/ That file is stored server side, so if you wish to change it, you need to be logged in while making changes to it.
I actually am pretty sure I tried both. With and without the client running. Does not seem to make a lasting difference. After I turn off my laptop it resets. I know my harddrive is in pretty bad shape. Could that affect it?
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Mc Truck (EUW)
: If you die at lane and ping for help, you are being a very bad player.
That is a helpful comment xD I think you are kinda missing the point to be perfectly honest
: Why does each flamer and troll think they have some magic powers?
Think of it this way: This is going to sound like I am calling you out, but it is really not meant that way, so bare with me and sorry if I sound insulting. Imagine a player just getting out of a troll game and he gets into a new game with you. He accidentally steals your buff (an honest mistake, maybe even because of lag) and you react by saying something like: ''dude, really...'' He just got out of a troll game, so he is pretty fed up already, so if he sees that remark, that isn't toxic at all, he perceives it as if you want to flame him, so immediately he starts insulting you for no apparent reason, it's just because the experience from his previous game is still fresh in his mind. This game you get fed up with him and next game you look at players differently. If they die in lane and then ping you for help, you just assume they are hard inting and blaming it on you. (granted, they might be) But the point I am making is, the negativity of trolls in game spreads and people who just been trolled for an entire game don't deal with mistakes and criticism quite as well as people who just got out of positive games. The only real thing you can do against trolls is to make sure you never spread it to the next game and to always remember that not every bad decision a player makes is immediately trolling. (background info: I have recently stopped playing ranked to not spread negativity, because I was getting sick of it as well :P)
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: Demonblade Tryndamere/Gentleman Cho'Gath rework
I was just thinking the same thing the other day
Necroˆ (EUW)
: champions that i love but forget to love
RIP Rek'Sai Reworked into her grave
AiFted (EUW)
: -his damage is not that huge that it needs to be tuned down even if ahead -giving him more jumps is a bad idea (proplay, way too consistent), also way too much slows -up to 2 seconds charge time on his r is awful, that's almost nunu's ult but without slows or shields etc, even if it had that noone would use it for damage, amumu is usually just setting up your teammates to deal damage -his new e is too much -how does he clear the jungle? unless you want him to be a support or toplaner this kit won't work in the jungle
Thanks for your comment. I'll try to explain: A problem that I heard with Amumu is that he is only good when ahead, so his damage doesn't need nerfs per se, but if you make him more viable in other ways, a damage nerf makes some sense I think, otherwise he would just consistently blow up everybody instantly. His W would be quite a small, targeted dash, so I don't think it would result in having a hyper-mobile tank. During the charging of his ultimate, you would still be able to move, so the decision would be more like: do you instantly need the stun where you are right now or are you able to wait a second or 2 for extra burst, thus giving the enemy time to reposition also? His E might be overtuned, I guess. I guess his E is his only AoE, so I guess I have no answer to the point about jungle clear.
: What i love the most is the people who come with the argument "OHh bUT yOu ArE LOw Elo" without giving any insightful points... they might have never played the champion on their lifetime, but because "ohh im plat im so good at this game" their opinion is always right and someone else is always wrong...
My personal favorite is: ''That only works in low elo'' The one argument to end all arguments
: Nope bad concept
Thanks for your constructive criticism
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Èclair (EUNE)
: These are ten most recent champions introduced to League: {{champion:555}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:240}} Three of them are beast like champions while two of them are furries. 50:50 ratio ain't that bad.
I think Zoe and Kai'Sa kinda let me down, since they are celestial and Void respectively, but they are just... a kid and some random chick that tries her best to sound edgy. The Void gave us such cool monsters. I kinda would like an actual monster again.
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: Platinum team LF all roles
This is exactly what I'm looking for , but I'm not quite plat yet. Can you tell me what I should do?
: Yo man, We will be doing practices tomorrow and sunday from 8 PM till 10 PM let me know if you can come on any of those days.
: Team Jinx is looking for a top and a mid laner (18 and up please)
Summoner name: Dokuroboto Rank peak: Gold 2 Roles: Top, Support Strengths: coming with up creative teamcomps, objective control in game Personal stuff comes later I suppose, nothing relevant comes to mind.
: If you could revert one rework what would it be and why?
Rek'Sai The champion is just another diving fighter right now, not unique in the slightest
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: ? WW w-e were changed completely, same goes for his R that was transformed to a movement speed scaling skillshot These are 3 spells already.
That is fair to say, but I think the way I look at reworks is: is the core identity of the champion still the same? I think W is pretty much the same, didn't he use to get MS towards nearby enemies? His ult, I also feel, is the same, just a different way of delivering it. I don't disagree with your opinion of calling them completely changed though, I can see where you're coming from :) What I like about the reworks like WW and Nunu is that their core identity is still the same. If you take Urgot or Galio, they are just replacements of another champion and in their playstyle nothing of the old champion is still there. That's the way I feel anyway.
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Necroˆ (EUW)
: nunu and willump are one of the best (if not the best) reworked champ i have seen in a long time
I love the way the rework looks as well. What I like about the rework is that it is essentially still the same champion. You have your Attack Speed Buff, Short range slow, jungle farm tool and giant zoning ultimate. Just like the warwick rework, they completely changed only 1 ability, which I personally feel is the best way to go about a rework.
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: Those aren't bans, they're dodge timers. They're completely different things. The reason they're there is to prevent frequent dodging. Otherwise it would take us all forever to get into a game if there was no side effect. Following up on how people behave pregame: Thing is, unfortunately you don't actually know if they will or will not troll the game - most of the time they're bluffing specifically to get someone to dodge. Unless they've used words on the zero-tolerance list, they've _technically _ not do anything wrong yet - picking off meta or a different champion isn't against the rules, nor can it usually be picked up pre game for various different reasons. Hence why this isn't an option at this stage.
Well, then isn't this bluffing you mention reportable? That seems pretty toxic to me...
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Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: Why do players reveal their mastery emote when they get killed?
: P: Veigar Q: Ezreal W: Morgana E: Xerath R: Karthus Or P: Tristana Q: Jinx W: Kog'Maw E: Kayle R: Twitch
wouldn't veigar passive stack even faster with cassiopeia E?
Promixed (EUNE)
: > So, I have been oneshot by nocturne as well, we all have been there I guess, but I think the reason I don't think he's that bad is because I main supports that can deal with him: Alistar, Lulu, Janna all have 2 abilities: one to break the spellshield, one to displace Nocturne. Firstly we arent talking about counters first counter supps for Nocturne she is janna ulti + tornado = good bye gank XD But nocturne should know that janna havent tornado then go with ulti We are talking about rework for nocturne He is 0 skill really
I believe that keeping track of cooldowns and taking advantage of that is also an outplay. I also believe playing the map correctly and then isolating targets and punishing them is an outplay. Overall, I don't really like most reworks, because rather than exploring ideas that are interesting, Riot seems to have the habit of just giving champions completely overloaded abilities and a dash on their E to make everybody viable. I love a Nocturne that is neither bruiser of assassin and flies in from a distance and isn't a typical diving assassin or typical frontlining fighter. It's not that I disagree with the opinion of this post, but I see things differently.
: > I think a full build assassin should be able to kill a squishy target, otherwise assassins are completely useless. But then we have to ask the question what is a healthy way to do this... the answer is outplay. Look at new akali vs old akali... both are assassins and both one shot, but new akali has to be skilful in her kills and has avenues to mess up or get outplayed... where as old akali had no outplay potential and the issues stemmed from it. An assasin should be able to kill an adc, but the assasin should have o be skilful in how they do it and outplay, while the adc can prevent themselves from dying by outplaying the assasin > A more prominent problem than Nocturne himself I think is the general weakness of AD carries, over the years having their items nerfed, shield supports nerfed and a couple of other things. > Since traditional botlaners are pretty weak, I think it is easy for Nocturne to snowball of botlane ganks. And yeah, when Nocturne gets ahead, it gets really stupid. Traditional adcs still dominate the bot lane... in the top 10 pick rates for bot lane only 1 of them isn’t a marksman of some description. So it’s definitely not this.... and nocturn has had these issues for a while, it just worked against him before, > How often do you find yourself ganking a lane not because you wanted to gank the lane, but just because there was no more farm to take anymore, because the jungle clear is just too easy? It’s not that it’s easy, it’s because it isn’t valuable. There isn’t enough gold and experience in the jungle to sustain a jungler alone, so ganks become necessary in order to survive... the jungler who isn’t able to find ganks just falls halariously behind everyone else in the game regardless of how the game is actually going... which makes non ganking junglers feel really bad. So the jungle clear doesn’t need to become harder, it needs to become a valid thing to focus on if need be, while still allowing a ganking jungler to viably focus on ganking.
Well you got me on the Akali point: I hate Akali, I think it's the stupidest, most broken champion. Not because it always wins, but because there is so little 1v1 counterplay. So, I have been oneshot by nocturne as well, we all have been there I guess, but I think the reason I don't think he's that bad is because I main supports that can deal with him: Alistar, Lulu, Janna all have 2 abilities: one to break the spellshield, one to displace Nocturne. So this is from the perspective of a peel-support main. I think he can be dealt with. Also I have to see, if Nocturne is just even with the rest (and not ridiculously ahead) he is a lot of fun to play against. Trying your best to peel him of your carries is a lot of fun for me. When he is ahead, he obviously is no fun to deal with, but then again... who really is?
: I was thinking he'd be too op with crit on Q one-shotting people I just added this as waveclear and dmg in fights he can still use it and pump out more dmg than without it. Also, no reason for Tiamat when you have this ability. I kind of wanted to minimize his build path as well since he is one of those champions who have so many items it's unhealthy like some restaurants too much is bad. {{item:3031}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3111}} is likely what the build would look like
I don't think Tryndamere is unhealthy for the game. And I will tell you why: it's because I main Alistar. So Tryndamere can never really get onto my squishy targets. I think there are enough tools in the game to deal with tryndamere.
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