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Noschkov (EUW)
: LF Botlaner for "creative" Botlane-Combs
add me if you are still interested
: Hunting Tigers Gaming LF Members (Top, Jng and Adc)
: lf someone to chill with and/or play rankeds.
Birdaking (EUW)
: Dia 3 ADC main lf clash team can play mid too
add me in game if still looking
: LF Top Laner for Todays Clash
im in-game so could you add me?
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Dawud (EUW)
: [EU] [Dia3+/plat3] LunationeSports Looking Diamond mid and top lane/support
Diamond 4 top lane here. Can play 3 days a week though. Add me if still interested
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Grömit (EUW)
: Looking for jungle pick advice
Start with only 1 jungler, 2 at most. That's my advice. Find the one you find most suitable for your playstyle. If you play aggresive go for {{champion:104}} , if you prefer a more passive playstyle so you can farm up you can go for {{champion:19}} or likeso.. once you find the one thats fits you best, find other champions alike them. It's the best if you follow the meta, that way you can find your ways easier on the rift, as playing out-of-meta champions can prove to be rather tough.
Kleosh (EUW)
: I can be your teams trap for extra spice {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
welcome aboard{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Volibeart (EUW)
: please respect wamen thx{{champion:142}}
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: [EUW] [Mid Diamond] Duo botlane looking for a clash team D5+ !
Top/mid lane here. Broken mic but the new one on the way. 17 aswell. Add if interested
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: lf paty 3x3
add me in game
: 1v1 to find differences for playing
r1thmLV (EUW)
: Your shop, thoughts?
I have that zed skin, can't say im dissapointed with him. I got him on sale few weeks ago, 675rp only :) I got my fav skins in my shop heres a screen(panth and wu)
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: Tell me your name or should I add from your gd onizuka account?
I'll mainly be on my onizuka account so add me there
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
that's a shame. still hoping for the best tho as I'd spamm this
neviss (EUW)
: Heyo I have a question, I just hit Gold 5
Don't worry about other players, it's never the elo's fault but the player's attitude, and as long as you have good attitude your chances of winning will be higher than those who give up easily. But I'd advice you to play 1-2 champions you are comfortable on and try to master them so you can hit diamond asap
ModMayhem (EUW)
: RIOT! - Bring back this or create something similar :)
Man I miss this shit. Would be really cool if they brought it back
: Let's make a an unranked team!
I could play with you from my smurf lvl 3 if you don't mind. can still have fun and win games ^^
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ƒøcusˉ (EUW)
: FlexQ / DuoQ (Diamond)
If you can use voice comm I'm in ^^
scout1 (EUW)
: LF High plat TOP/JGL/ADC
add me, I'm unable to since I'm in champ select, and I'm not sure i'll remember to add you after game
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Murder1us (EUW)
: You're just lucky to be there in diamond with minimum effort. The system magically decided that your skilled enough for diamond.. I am not competing now. I quit this game. and I won't join it again.. Obviously some newbies from s5-s6 15-16 year olds are more skilled and diamonds than some other people I know and the things they can do.. This system won't promote skill.. it will promote behavior and all the other whiner crap..
You're very unsportsmanlike and self-opinionated, you're right I should "spare you my bullshit" and end this discussion with you as it progresses nowhere. Same as your whinning, if you can't handle jungler camping you after 800 games of camps then it means you haven't improved and don't deserve to climb either. Just a typical "I'm bronze but deserve challenger".
Timion50 (EUNE)
: looking for a team for go4lol today
Murder1us (EUW)
: I just pointed out some of the problems that can be avoided more if they increase the champion pool for ranked.. It isnt hard to buy 16 champions.. but it takes time to buy 30 resulting in a more serious ranked mind-set to some extent. Maybe even certain missions could be added in order to be qualified for ranked? That would make it more challenging and less troll like. Example (atleast 3 tripple kills, atleast 16 assists in game) Something that can be used to determine your real skill! and place you in a rank according to that! Not just by pure blind "mmr". You can be a great support but if the rest is doing bad.. you probably ain't gonna be considered that good judging by "mmr" so it should be considered by missions (heal, shield by "certain" amount) You'r game knowledge.. I don't think they should remove "mmr" completely but rather make few new concepts for beginners in order to start ranked. I don't think the concepts mentioned up are that hard to achieve and there are much more to learn in this game than just getting tripple kills or whatever it is simply for "experience" .. so that players know the roles they play when they queue up for ranked, even if its just a little. I even have an idea after people let's say get 30 champions and a new game mode appears in their "play" button, named "qualifying for ranked" you get 5 games where you play 5 different roles that's where you accomplish the missions and you play the roles untill you accomplish the missions?! (MAYBE).. It could be worked out and could be much more interesting and add a new light to the game.. but the concept should be worked more.. I can't really think all of it myself.
You see, if people jump right into ranked after buying 16 champions without much of a game expirience, they will be placed in a league according to their skill. YOUR ELO DETERMINES YOUR SKILL. Meaning that anyone you play with is at the same skill level as you are, if you think you're the best player in your team, then you will have no problems climbing higher elo as long as you continue playing. On the other hand, players that are worse than their elo will keep dropping in divisons. It's not new players that can screw your games, it's the boosted ones. They're mostly around silver5 and dia5 elo xD So I completely disagree with you and think your idea will fix not a thing. It's up to the individual, if he wants to play ranked or not.
Murder1us (EUW)
: Why is it that whenever I get flamed, I have no problem with it? Why do I have to care about someone's feelings when he doesn't care about mine? I'll tell you 1 example.. I counted 16 ganks once from the enemy jungler and they still couldn't manage to take my tower, I even said to mine "Do dragon pls" "Go gank somewhere" But nope he just afk farmed all game untill the enemy jungler took EVERYTHING! and we lost. After that game I was considered toxic. Because I was blaming/flaming him. Ridiculous, when my jungler had the time probably to freely take the dragon or gank bot. He didn't do much in teamfights either.. He wasn't even trying.. Then he spammed "Report him pls" in all chat :D I even submitted a ticket once of a player that went 1/16!! and do you know what Riot told me??? "Everyone can perform bad" When clearly this guy was trolling!!!!! I have 800+ games this season only? I think that says something. I have tried anything, silence, flaming, motivating.. But when you get people that just don't care about competitiveness you can't win! Flame or don't flame.. Racism, Extreme cases are the ones that should be punished! Not the ones that are simply rage. I have had bad games too. Everyone has. That wasn't the point here. True sportsmanship can be uncomfortable, a lot of players are judged in sports. I think if you can't handle someone raging at you then that's your problem. Life is hard. Sure if you want me to be a smart troll and ruin your games I can do that. I can have 4000+ hp and play like a mage and tell people that "I didn't feed" ?! Then report them for getting angry at me?? I can do that in ranked, putting a minimum effort :D and I won't get noticed because of how the system works right now. and this ain't only about flaming/toxic/sportsman ship.. If you didn't see I said that in order to play ranked they should increase the champion requirement to 40-30.. So that people spent more time in normal games and get actual experience of the champions and everything else! So that when they join Ranked they aren't that noncompetitive .. This will probably go well with the idea of not flaming.
sure I would agree with you to increase minimum champ requirement since this stayed from the beginning, when we had half the champions, but as I said earlier, just the wrong topic for that and you went off your subject so fast so soon to player's behavior. Anyways yes the system isn't the best and many don't even care much about trolls and such, but trust me I get these kind of people in my games too, all the freakynn time, but I can manage my anger and I report them post game. I got at least 15 messages so far saying a player has been punished. I understand there are people that can't control the rage and just tend to flame their teammates, if you're that kind of person then I have unfortunate news for you - competitive play isn't right for you.
: Anyone want to level up together?
I can make a new account and play a game to two per day if that's fine with you. Contact me in game ^.^
Murder1us (EUW)
it's so long I didn't even read everything but first of all you put this kinda post in the wrong section. second you get matched up with people that have similar skill to yours, so just because he WAS platinum doesn't mean he is god. Third you being frustrated at your teammates is no excuse to be racist or flame them and make them uncomfortable, if you understand that people can get mad at times, you should also understand that people have bad games and simply can't play their best. If someone else is flaming you tho, then you have mute button and don't need to flame back.
Lu Buu (EUW)
: D1 seak mate for TrioQ ||We are Support | Mid
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ixise (EUW)
: [EUW] LF people to level with
I can play here and there, if you still want to play feel free to add me
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