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: Searching for a DuoQ Partner to climb for Goldboarder
: The support is also looking for a real adc :o
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Vonyalo (EUW)
: was it ever good?
no they talk about they fixed that at still fixin but sometimes its being so hard to win :D
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lakii (EUW)
: You can join my discord if you'd like ( We're a group of people that play league, pubg, cs, overwatch and other games. feel free :)
im bad at using discord gonna add u from in game :D
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: The thing is, it's a funny factor. from lee main to soraka main there are big differences xD
: Actually i used this example just for fun but most of they still around D2 and only 1 luck guy hit Master now. And a funny things lot of my friends lee main change for sup main
lol i was lee main last year and now i begin playin support last months, having extremely fun while supporting? dafak what if im gonna be a support main 2??? Games of the America....They are everywhere....
: You can ask [Support]( to look at it, but don't get your hopes up. The system is rarely wrong. But you can post your chatlogs her and let us show you what might got you banned.
But dont share names if there are player nicknames(idk), probably it will deleted by riot managers and you will be also banned from boards..
: 80% of my friends also got a new name, so the chat was almost like this. Hi who are u ? me : I'm the brazilian guy top vayne EUW season 3 on lolskill. AAA you are back welcome bla bkla bla me : and... im sorry, u probably changed your name, how was your nick name on season 3? a it was xxxxblablaxxx me: Ohh wow now u are bronze 5 congratulations man, nice to speak with u again .
ahahhahahaha only logined for up this reply {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} youre bronze 5 congratulations man haaaahahhaa
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: I think going afk should be punished harder. (Vent)
exactly agreed.People just goin afk bcz they got works to do or sayin that "pls finish fast need to go" if we are ahead, if we are behind saying "pls ff" :D This cant be happen lol
: hurts
Otherwise wanna tell you something; last season was the most boosted season ever because people was goin as 3 premade, one of them is unbelieveble noob but 2 of them are impactful to carry him(prob bot pre) so easy to make him plat while they are being diamond. With that way some noob people get plat so easy! But maybe players which you played, were just having a bad game in your matches. Greetings. Shiruma will rise again! -Someone buff dat god damn Azir omg ofc Shiruma cant rise if you take everything from him, even Faker not playin eyyyy RİOT!-
: Why does platinum players suck?
: Ahri charm bugged?
ye its also happens to me.wasnt walkin away but just wasnt walkin at all just stop where enemy was :D
: Client
is it normal in first matches, being after 3-4 matches later or its like that from the beginning?
: New Client is very laggy (MORE BELOW)
İts not about having a wooden computer because my computer even playin newest game, that client just not optimized properly they need to fix it and give us to old client while fixin.. I also got another big troubles when i try to ban a champ, while clickin them for ban it says "the champ you selected is already banned" or something like that and its not goin 5-6 times and my game is dodging..
: hiii vayne main here :3
: GOLD 4 LF DUO (ANY ROLE WILL DO) preferably Support
Calibs (EUNE)
: High ping in the past few days
: My 6th Perma Ban Logs
curios,could you really play the game while writing these whole things :D
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finished plat 5 , gold 3 atm added
iinSanee (EUNE)
: new skin
ezreal got like 150 skin why do you want more for him lol
: Draconian Gaming - Looking For Gold - Plat ADC
: Looking for Top/Mid/Support for Ranked Flex Team
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Farce (EUNE)
: >ban flaming >no reason >resolve this problem Riot seems to just have solved one.
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Fador (EUW)
: 5's Team looking for Top/Mid(Gold/Plat+ players) - we play tournaments
: RP contest ^.^ Best nickname
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efol00 (EUNE)
: What about the other champions?
Primero, nice post. If u ask me why u see this champs more than others because they more funny to play than others :3
RGCentral (EUW)
: My game is constantly lagging, i keep getting dc from my games, but my ping and fps are fine
hello, from your words i clearly understand that u got packet loss i also troubled with this problem before.Contact with your connect provider maybe your router cables need to change or need to configure some options from your computer...
: Party rewards doesn't work !!!!
still stand? cause also bug on me
can u check the file for me? cause i didnt downloaded beta and wont download if it is so big
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Kítty (EUNE)
: I miss Morde. Do you?
Kushimoto (EUW)
: Bump! We need Top and Jungler still.
Ripler (EUW)
: need people for ward skin team
even if someone dc in the teamfight on bot? :D haha wassup man:3
Rinnea (EUW)
: Team Ranked Rewards - need 2 more ppl (Top & Jungle)
: Another day of suffering in ranked. You are at the edge of dropping to Silver 4. Enough is enough.
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: Low and High Gold, Team Ranked, Searching Mid and Toplaners Coach Is accepted too
: I'm on most evenings, sounds like fun, will add you tomorrow when I jump online.
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