: http://i.imgur.com/I61FuiJ.jpg[IMG]
: Why you afk though?
i no have cheat sorry , i cant kill 15.min 15-2 jinx and janna :) cry more?
: So why did you go afk? Out of all the players on your team in that game, you were the only one who should have been reported. Playing bad is not reportable. Afk on the other hand, is.
i no have cheat sorry , i cant kill 15.min 15-2 jinx and janna :) cry more? try to carry intentionally troll feeders? why?
Rioter Comments
: Why do people troll :-/
this max 5-10 IQ LOL community , 7-14 year old kids and 20-35 year old braindead peoples spam ranked
Etherim (EUW)
: Don't flame.
learn game and play ranked peoples newer flame on you oke? max 5-10 IQ lol community kids game
BtwRant (EUNE)
: Am out
this game dead , this lol community braindead , go unistall
Rioter Comments
fettish (EUNE)
: Stupid system, stupid game
this game cancer for 5-10 IQ player community ... %70 10-16 yo kids %30 braindead 20-30 yo players
DeathOnCity (EUNE)
: Chat banned for no reason???
trolling picks normal , 0-10 ranked normal , hardcore noobs playing ranked normal , only mad maybe good players punishing for flame wellcome to cancer game LOL
: Terrible day xD
all days terrible for me , this game full stress me every game :) , i now playing other games funny this game really cancer
: Is luck a factor? Discussion.
bronze elo u carry oke np silver elo need %60 lucky team %40 your skills gold-plat-diamond need %80 lucky team %20 your skills this lol game
: How to open mid in 6min - Diamond ranked - patch 7.2 - Amazingsticks
this game world worst player community , %90 -50 IQ players playing ranked this normal diamond elo , i this season 4 time dropped Plat4 to Plat5 :) , i m done i playing only for fun , my team hardcore moron? i go afk bro never carry idiots
: Account banned!
yes need this , you punishing for flame oke and next sample 3 month you never punishing your old punishing remove
Rstonius (EUW)
: Chat ban vs Evidence.
this online game , this league , peoples sometimes mad , sometimes have a bad day , this chat i think normal
: Why perma ban???? RIOT PLEASE ANSWER
dont play lol and unistall this game? this game world worst player community ... go play other games , play mmorpg play battlefield etc? this cancer game and cancer community
: How often does autofill actually hit? Part II, Top/Jungle and Jungle/Top, 67 games sample
autofill can not be an excuse for support trolling i have and playing soraka , alistar , janna low IP support great working every ranked games .. you play jungle? you play mid? you play adc? you play top oke support playing easy for you ..? i think
Perm One (EUW)
: Want to play in NA server from Ireland.. Suggestions?
bro LOL world worst community i think .. maybe Japan Korea best i dont know :) , i play EUW west nordic Turkish Russia all same as
hahahha 4.min start "HELP PING SPAM" all lanes? oke gang lane and afk farming bot lane? you ganged top and die your top? its a LOL 5 IQ community :)
RedruM I (EUW)
: Shaclone inting yet again...
Details are important http://i.hizliresim.com/PnAQQ8.jpg
Rioter Comments
: Banned again
LOL world worst community dont play time game and happy?
Markz NOR (EUNE)
: Annie fix?
annie E op max E %40dmg reduction 3sec op :) , annie no have espace and mobility ability , only brust dmg
: > this riot logic :) Why are you trying to display this as "Riot's logic" when their philosophy revolves around adjusting their "morals" and thus the punishment system on the community's views ? We (the community) don't tolerate flaming... You should've written:_ This logic of the majority of the community._
2 kind flamers 1. real flamers yes this players cancer i muted everytime 2. really mad for boosted feeders , trolls players yes i dont like cancer flamers really demoral machines :D edit : last 2 day i see 2 int feeder 1 troll 1nd int feeder enemy team this players say no jungle help i now feed , me and 5-6-7-8 player reported this never come feedback 2nd troll my team member support role insta lock rengar jungle playing 0-8 and leave me and 5-6-7-8 player reported and never come feedback my 2 west account perma banned for flame this trolls feeders , i now /mute all and playing rankeds , i now afraid to talk in the game :)
ttorkill (EUW)
: Looking for nontoxic players, who wanna queue up with me!
your AP runes real fail yellows armor or per lvl hp blues ability power or cooldown or magic resist reds magic pen bigs :) ability power pls Q_Q
Rioter Comments
: Okay, here are a few easy to follow tips to get out of B5. 1. Stop being toxic. Why make things more complicated with unnecesarry stuff like toxic behavior. It's a game at the end of the day, try to enjoy it and ignore the haters. 2. Just play. You won 8 out of 10 games. Just play. Clearly you can win, so keep it up! You'll be out of B5 before you know it with such a winrate. 3. That's about it, really. Just stick to playing what you're best at, and you'll do just fine.
ty bro :) i just write toxic only for fun :) , Season 5 perma banned my diamond acc for flame(ye i cant stop 5 IQ high elo players always little flame :D) , Season 6 again perma banned my Gold1 account again flame :D , i now /mute all playing ... i confirmed this community not smart now only playing for fun :) sorry my english challenger
Rioter Comments
: Have you ever heard the term "sportsmanship"? Everywhere in the world, when two sides compete in a sport/game, they shake each other's hands and are respectful to each other. After online gaming took roots, people started being assholes towards each other, because of the internet's anonymity. ALL OF THE ONLINE GAMES ARE TRYING TO PUNISH THIS AS HARD AS POSSIBLE. It's in the rules of all the goddamn games. It's in the summonner's code too. You are not allowed to flame, because it creates negative experience. You wouldn't dare insult people face to face and if you would, you would be heavily fined/restricted from playing said sport/game for quite a while. It's not Riot treating us like babies. It's Riot not putting up with YOUR BULLSHIT. Like the good parents Rioters are, they try to teach you the basics of human interaction and modesty. And like the spoiled brat you are, you only see unjustified scolding. Makes me wonder which one of us is the infant who needs special care.
LOL 10-17 yo kids and 20-30 yo moron peoples game this true oke? world worst community lol game sorry
Faca5 (EUW)
: Riot treats this community like oversensitives infants...
: my new pc
GTX 1080 for LOL? my internet download pc i3 6100 integrated GPU full high setting 90-100fps my monitor 2560x1080 ultrawide no need GTX 1080 for LOL :) , u play other games look GTX 1070 reviews pls more cheap and performance difference sometimes %5-10 in FULL HD-2K resolution look at this https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/MSI/GTX_1070_Gaming_Z/
: I hate assassin players
and assasins hate tanky top players? garen , darius , illaoi , olaf etc only "Black Cleaver" and kill everyone? :)
Rioter Comments
me too bro i have 2 west 2 Turkish server perma banned account :) , good luck
GLurch (EUW)
: Writing ":)" or ":D" at the end of every few sentences doesn't make them less toxic.
: "idiot... moron... useless... 9x report..." You're toxic. **Justice has been served.** Edit: Sorry, you should be perma-banned for that.
peoples never tells me moron why? i m not moron ... are you moron? go play bot or normal games , are you really noob go play normal or bot games oke?
Mada (EUW)
: bye, have a beautiful time
Ajjantis (EUW)
: Well deserved ban and you wrote in your first game that you dont care if they report you. So why did you make this post then?
yes i dont care , i have diamond account , i have gold account :) this silver 1 acc
: Y'know, when insulting peoples intelligence you could at least use proper grammar. Otherwise it's just painful irony.
Rioter Comments
: ''x: are you understand english? x: yours understand english?'' Hard to understand since your not typing in proper english. its Gank not Ganged.. etc barely readable.
: >i m not toxic :) i m only flaming That means you're toxic. I'm glad you're banned on EUW at least.
i leave eu west already , full moron europe i dont play now bb? :)
: >i have 2 turkish 3 west server perma banned account :) Wow, it's almost as if the LoL community wants you gone!
very old accounts ban in Turkish server , i m not toxic :) i m only flaming really look like bot brainless ranked players :) , first time champs , no rune etc always deserve flame
GLurch (EUW)
: This makes me want to cry {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} ######Since it is your smurf account, I guess your main account was banned. Why do you still try? You will just get banned again and in the end you wasted your time for nothing. If you like this game and want to keep playing (don't tell me you don't, you clearly enjoy this game and/or want to continue playing, otherwise you wouldn't be still here) just stop insulting others. How do you think is someone supposed to play better after being insulted? How do you think is someone supposed to be motivated after being blamed all the time?
i have 2 turkish 3 west server perma banned account :) , i m insult others players? look my chat log? dont push pls? graves easy ganked and free snow ball? i m kha'zix easy counter jungle graves early? yours first learn lol game and speak it pls :) , you just learned that "stop flame report ty" i dont care punishing , this silver/gold elo and west server really booring not funny beginner bots
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Amerasu (EUNE)
: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit graphic card: Radeon R9 270x processor: AMD FX(tm)-6100 Six-Core memory: 8gb
fresh install win 8.1 64bit? latest amd drivers or problem your internet connection this problem only LOL game? other games normal?
MicroBr3w (EUW)
: Nice! Thanks for sharing your progress each season. Motivates me :)
S6 plats now look like s4 silver are you know this?
: Banned Toxic players playing on other accounts.
1. moron unskilled ranked players make nice players toxic 2. really moron toxic players this day i little flame top lane fiora 2-13 playing lose to graves? this fiora other games 5-11 , 3-10 i honored fiora? u wanna this? which ban?
Sayainji (EUW)
: The irony
this day plat 3 elo first time solo top graves 0-5-1 , i m 12-3-4 jungle olaf and i leave game i never carry morons/trolls , graves say all chat report olaf afk , this punishing system op , trolling feeding first time hero troll builds normal other tilted maybe nice players perma banned for flame or afk? i dont know this community and lol developers full my new meta i never carry look like bot ranked players leave game better choice punishing me riot pls braindeads
Amerasu (EUNE)
: Weird lag/freeze problems
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