GLurch (EUW)
: I don't know if any Rioter would be willing to do that, but if you don't find anyone, just send a ticket to the Riot Support: They are Rioters as well, so they should also count towards something and maybe they can help you further. These are the boards and they're mainly used by the community, getting some Rioters to randomly click on your thread may be rather unlikely.
I figured it was a long shot, I'll try again over there. Thanks for the help!
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xFrosten (EUW)
: GG easy? A truly disgusting way of ending a game
I only type 'gg ez' when the game is a remake. But I don't see whats wrong with trying to tilt your opponents. When the games won, and you still see the need to taunt them, its a %%%% thing to do but shouldn't be reportable. I taunt my opponents all the time, nothing overtly offensive but just small things like emote spamming or spamming my dance after I kill them. Its a competitive game, so I'm using everything I have at my disposal, that includes tools that allow me to manipulate my enemy into playing worse. Its not my fault if they take the bait.
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DarkG0d (EUNE)
: No definitely we don't want to be ignored. we like when riot listens to the majority of the community
Not when it puts the life of everyones favourite shotgun wielding maniac at risk :c
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: This Idea is amazing. Don''t have any digital drawing software available atm but I'll see if i can do a sketch {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
nice, thanks for reply :D{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Wex0r (EUW)
: i like it ! draw some pictures please
i would, but i am just a bad drawer for most things unless i have a really clear idea of what it would look like. A general idea would be typical american football uniform (shoulder pads, jersey with number on it, etc.) and a helmet. it would be a pretty basic look, with the football replacing his horn over his shoulder. even his meeps could have little american football helmets. probably would be a 750 skin, the only real effect change might be his R where he throws the football rather than blowing energy from his horn (that was where the whole idea of a quarterback came from at least). Like the football (real football :P) skins you could maybe have a group of them. other ideas = malphite and sion in massive jerseys and shoulder pads, both ults = a tackle and sion could carry around posts rather than his axe. Just a silly suggestion.
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goldman500 (EUNE)
: You are ineligible to earn loot due to previous behavioral restrictions???
ok, i don't actually have any way to help you. however, i just wanted to ask: how do you get that image to show up? i know you put a link to it, but when i do it the image doesn't show on the boards home like yours.
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Adama (EUW)
: What did you get in your free hextech chest?
I haven't opened any, already got 3 chests (including the first free one) because I only want to open them when mecha zero Sion comes out (I love train simulator) I swear to god if I don't get that skin imma quit league... ... And then play a game after 5 minuets cause I can't hate rito :3 {{champion:14}} ftw
: ask riot nicely for that 1 rp :X if they give you i will buy rp for 5 euro for myself. But i only believe you so you need to tell me that :X
What do you reckon is the most RP they would give you cause I'm 100 away from one of my discounted skins but I don't think they give that much away.
: that would be nice, cho'gath is the only champ with an execute indicator. why can daruis and other champs with an execute ability get one?
Zed has the shirkin on his ult and garen ult on the villain acts as an indicator as it flashes.
: same, if i see garen in the other team thats it, its done, we already lost, Killing the juggernauts are impossible now since they gonna nerf vayne as well, people were crying like kids to nerf her, now deal with the juggernauts , imbrace the garen ulti 1000+ true dmg on Ulti xdd
Or you could learn to kite, or just play a tank like nautilus or Sion. They can't kill you because you will never get enough kills to be the villain, Sion can shred his armour for the adc to melt through them and in lane Sions shield prevents garden from trying shit. Nautilus just is a big fuck you, if you thought you were moving, just wait a couple of seconds until I let you. And those are only two examples
: > [{quoted}](name=Gunslinger744,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=yGNVZGHp,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2015-10-09T08:02:20.088+0000) > > A while ago Meddler did say his W was likely going to be completely replaced with "Something else defensive". I think Garen's W passive would fit well on Shen, but I still disagree with removing Feint. Shields are Shen's trademark, he shields his team from damage with R and tricks his enemies into attacking him before deflecting their attacks with Feint. Not to mention removing his W shield would make full AP Shen cheese a lot less effective. You can still ult and shield an ally for 2000, but you'll die pretty much instantly because you can't shield yourself for 500. You're absolutely correct !!! His taunt+shield combo is unique and should by no means removed. In fact, they should highlight it even further. Make his shield gain power based on the number of opponents in the vicinity or gain some passive stacks like garen's W, as you already mentioned.
But he's a ninja, he's not supposed to just let you hit him, but he should also be a tank and his taunt is one of his key abilities, they said an ability that dodges damage could fit a ninja feel as he still technically tanks it. I can't wait for the Shen update since he is so boring right now, he is not a ninja, he is a champion who is supposed to be a tank with a passive that increases the damage on his auto attack every now and then, a Q with no damage later game and an unoticable heal and a shield that doesn't really Sheila anything. His E and R they wpsaid were going to be kept the same or at least very similar with minute changes which is fine by me as a think those skills are nice currently, maybe a little touch up to add more interactivity but nothing major.
Radaniol (EUW)
: Nonono - You forget that Riot has to keep the abilities roughly the same. So Shen's ult has to shield his ally for 50% of Shen's max health and be an AoE true damage execute (60% missing health should do the trick)
Shens ult, stand united Shen begins channeling for 3 seconds and grants an ally a shield, if the channel is completed he teleports to that ally. He then gains 3789.8345 bonus AD AND 99.93849599 damage reduction for 9.73839 seconds, this is increased by 282283.8383 seconds if he auto attacks anything. Upon moving during this time his move speed is increased to 11838448939339399. Riots balance team strikes again.
Sèbelon (EUNE)
: well seeing how they suck at there job try to get some one who plays alot and experince self the pain of playing aginest rettarded broken champs
Ye it's not as if this game is practically their life and you clearly understand more about the game than the people who run it. They can't just go around and gut every champion they don't like because 'balence' they have to try and keep the champ viable whilst tuning them down, or buffing them if required, and then there are the indirect buffs/nerfs to worry about and I imagine it gets more complicated than just -10 damage on Q or something like that.
: There is a bug where targeted skills like Teemo Q, Leblanc Q etc. go through it, if the wall is still moving and not in place. Edit: Don't get me wrong, this does not happen all the time, but it is possible.
same with TF pick a cards i think
: Now make Braum's moustache scale with HP.
This is genius. Pls rito this must be done.
: People have responded to your other points pretty well, but I want to respond to this part: > Not really a fit for a pair of cute pichachu-twins Firstly, I disagree that "They are coming" necessarily has to be ominous. It can be ominous in the sense that "They" are going to change the face of the world, but it doesn't have to be a _negative_ change. Secondly, just because the fan version of this champ is cute in appearance, doesn't mean it isn't an ominous creature. Look at Pokémon: there's a vast number of Pokémon who are cute in appearance but are like harbingers of doom or people eaters or Lovecraftian abominations.
Your point about cute fuckers isn't viablesince you didn't mention the shitmo God as well as Gnar and of course, the most beautiful and deadly combo, urgod gems are outrageous juggle with clairvoyance and clarity.
: "I tried to silence my mother once" More like "I tried to interrupt my mother's spell channel once" right now -_-
He regrets it since his mother (rito) bitch slapped him so hard with her critical strike cause silences don't stop me attacking yo ass that he got scared and don't want to relive the experience so now he don't silence no one. -League of legends lore in a nutshell
n33gs (EUW)
: AO SHIN surely cant live up to the hype
Didn't ao shin get pulled out due to limitations of animations back then hence why he was never, and likely will never be, released. I heard somewhere ( if I remember correctly) that riot are interested in making a pure dragon champion however it will likely not be ao shin. Tbh I don't really care if ao shin himself gets released but if an actual dragon champion in general gets released I'm just gonna hope their ultimate is called Fus Ro Dah.
: Champion concept Sicarus the darkin maul
sicarus means assassin in latin. Just food for thought.
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Coxis (EUNE)
: ugly as hell :P
Taric doesn't seem to think so giggety
Zataruo (EUW)
: Wow. I fucked up.
Generale55 (EUNE)
: does anyone know when we will get them {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:4}}
When you don't have flash as both you're summonerrs at the same time, how dafuq u do that
: its not, english its my 6th it would have been irony on the first 5 I find it funny, that the admin itself answered in the gift thread when someone asked "If I have all heroes except Fiora, will I automatically get her"? And the admin told him that he has less than 10 un purchased heroes, so he will get a skin instead (1 is smaller than 10)
> (1 is smaller than 10) I have been bamboozled all my life. My homeschooling did not go good. Now I learn that I grammar wrong or stupid something and that the sun doesn't revolve round earth.
: If you don't think you're good then don't insult people for no reason, you had no reason to insult me as I was just making a point but a lot more noticeable. We all say we play the game for fun but having fun in this game with this awful, awful community at the moment is impossible, at least Riot introduced a new system to remove toxicity. There's always people who get caught in the crossfire but whatever, it happens. If you read my comment, you'd notice that the factual statement is BEFORE I made a jokey comment about how he should be nerfed. For reference, here it is: "Cho'Gath does fucking tons of damage and is insanely tanky late game, he is overpowered in my opinion." You can't stop Cho'Gath from getting insanely tanky, because it will happen no matter what. It's a matter of stopping him early game by harrassing him non-stop, it's hard enough to do it with Nasus, who relies heavily on his Q. But if you misplay even a tiny bit you're instantly dead. I'm saying that it's a lot difficult to fight against a champion who is tanky, does tons of damage, has a silence, and has an ult which can effectively instantly kill you. Sure, he relies HEAVILY on his Q, but it's a mass knockup which then also slows you, I mean, come on, it's easy to land and the effects of getting hit are massive, a knockup with a slow on the end is a very VERY powerful ability, even more so in team fights, when fighting in a lane against him landing it is more difficult, but if he does land it when he's 6 you better believe you're dead if you aren't counterbuilding him 100%.
Well if you read my comment properly you will understand that I deseibed the jokey comment you made as bronze-like, I didn't desribe you as that. What I meant from that is that it is commonly believed that lower experienced players over emphasise a champions strengths and ignore the weaknesses. A common example of this is lower elo attitude to katarina. Your comment merely followed this sort of expression. Also, it is not like chogath is the only champion that can get tanky without any way to stop it. Sion says hi. Sions HP scaling is infinite and doesn't go away once he's died, not to mention he has more cc potential with 2 abilities than any other tank. He also does insane damage without building it, something other tanks struggle to do. In order for Chogath to be effective damage wise he has to farm early, avoid fights and build a lot of damage in order for it to not fall off. Tl;Dr, Chogath isn't as bad as people make him out to be, their are far worse exceptions like sion who is a major damage threat even after you somehow kill him.
: Oh it took you 2.5 seconds to get here? Well now it is time for you to run back again
Biggest counter in game fiddle fear > master yi ulti :P
cacarott (EUW)
: I hate it when Yi ults and I have no root/stun, only slows... I cry a little inside every time he runs away
then you remember you are fiddle and make him run all the way back to his base. good times
: Cho Ult, fucking true damage and it's not even a fucking skillshot, POINT, CLICK, DEAD
but can you dunk a whole team with one button if you kill someone? {{champion:122}} Embrace the dunk
: Calling me bronze to boost your ego isn't going to make me think twice before stating a factual statement. Problem is, he can gain feast stacks off of everything, be it a small wraith, a golem or a wolf, there is no indefinite way to stop him from getting stacks, so that's that idea out of the window. (I mean, unless you want me to follow him around the map 24/7, but that's not going to happen.) Sure, there are champions that counter Cho, just like there are ones that counter Riven, Irelia and more. It doesn't mean that I or someone else are good at them, if you can't play a champion you're good at to lane with them then what do you do? Abusing him in lane doesn't work, due to the fact that his passive gives him health AND mana just for playing the fucking game lol. Unless you are constantly basic attacking him, using every minute and second of your life to attack this guy, you cannot outsustain or beat him in lane.
Lol I'm not boosting my own ego, im only gold 3 and don't consider myself good at the game by any stretch of the imagination, I play this game for fun. Anyway, saying cho should be nerfed more than 5000 times is not a factual statement. His passive does not sustain his mana by much and it isn't hard to harass him. If you can't play one of his counters that shouldn't matter, if your good with a champ you should do fine, for example good zeds beating a Kayle.
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: No initiation. Delayed, stopping movement CC. The best strat on lategame Cho is to wait for their initiation and instakill their tank.He doesn't fit the way the game goes since s3, he's just ultrastrong.
or you could you know, walk into the enemy team by yourself. Im not joking if you build chogath full tank just walk into the enemy team and do what ever you want, they won't know how to react. I do it all the time as Sion and i can get away with anything. Then when they waste all their shit on you and your still above 50% HP your team can just, well, kill them. also i remember getting threatened with reported before cho got 'broken' but then played in LCS and merely seeing him your team is like 'gg got cho blah blah blah'. Same goes for varus mid and all the shit the lcs brings into normals and solo q. Don't get me wrong, i like the LCS but fuck me, i hate it when people blindly copy the pros...
: Cho'Gath does fucking tons of damage and is insanely tanky late game, he is overpowered in my opinion. He needs to be smashed with a hammer of nerf 50,000 times.
well you basically just said what i said but in a more bronze-ish way. There are easy ways to deal with cho, his rupture is predictable, no mobility, and he is vulnerable to kiting. Sure once he CC's you if fucking hurts but he is basically nautilus with less utility and more damage. Just abuse him before he gains feast stacks or play an early aggro champ.
: That's being changed... rylies will soon give 35% slow on aoe abilities... so better than a permanent red buff. EDIT: correction it's a 40% slow.
: Pool party and reasons why its going so slow
i am actually a bit surprised on how poorly we have done collecting points so far tbh but like you mentioned, there are exams jobs, people simply preferring to play solo etc that are reasons for this. I personally don't have really any friends on LoL and i generally prefer playing on my own rather than in groups so it don't matter i won't get the champ or icon or skin or whatever :P
: Am I the only one who doesn't want new champions?
well tbh they don't actually release champions on an often basis, only 3 so far this year which is a good amount but not overwhelming so i think they are managing champion releases well so far. also don't riot have multiple departments working on different projects so them making a champion doesn't mean they arnt working on other stuff like the replay system and reworks. Although i do think it can get a bit frustrating waiting for all these seem-to-be basic improvements like the replay system and death recap but just gotta be patient i guess.
Mimijin (EUNE)
: I already know how to counter the River King
this is gonna become more overused than how to counter zed by turning off shadows in the options...
: With the upcoming AP item changes, Cho will become even more of a better Darius
i think i misread it but are you suggesting that cho isn't good late game? >Lategame, while Darius can do next to nothing, Cho can hope to hit a full team Q but is then basically identical. Well, if you are suggesting a tank with a 900 hp steroid, single target true damage, an aoe knock up and silence is bad late game then my god. I know he is immobile but that is where tank chogath comes in because who gives a fuck about dealing damage when you can basically not take any?
Sasogwa (EUW)
: Ofc.. Cho'gath with Rylai/Liandrys... What are you smoking?
turn on E and you basically get permanent red buff but more damage and slow.
: Saying that if bot are losing, they must be bad players doesn't make sense. If your bot lane has suffered from constant enemy jungle pressure, while you are prioritizing a lane that is already doing well, then they're not bad players. I usually play with my friend, who always goes jungle. The only issue is, he rarely ganks bot. He tends to always apply constant pressure to top/mid. With this play style my games go one of three ways. We win bot, because the enemy jungle is forced to focus top/mid due to pressure. We lose bot, because the enemy are just better. Or we lose bot because the top lane ganks fail, repeatedly, and the enemy jungler decides to focus our lane. In the end, I think it's down to the jungler to decide who needs him more based on the momentum of the game. Don't just disregard a lane because they've died once or twice. Amazing things can happen with a little patience, and teamwork.
i think i put across the wrong message. What i mean is, if one player who you just decide to bank early, for example top, plays well, acts accordingly to the gank and manages the whole situation well you can safely assume they are a more reliable team mate for you to power drive resources into. Of course, if they re playing someone like maokai it won't be as effective, but if it is someone like a riven then it is more worthwhile. Im not saying never bank a losing lane, but if one laner is a snowball type champion who reacted well to your previous ganks compared to a struggling bot who give away ganks via positioning or aggression or simply don't respond at all then it is a better use of you time to snowball the reliable laner. I know there are tonnes of other factors but for me that is the most important because if bot are behind a sizeable amount it doesn't matter what you do as the enemy will still be stronger unless you ignore your other laners and literally pitch a tent bot lane. I know that works some games but sometimes you have to just give up on a lane as a jungler and go for your other team mates and objectives to help in the long run. I am also not saying they are bad players if they lose lane, but it is more likely they are compared to someone who is playing well and is going even or winning. Just my opinion though
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