: ERL 2018 Spring Breakdown
When RIOT will say the prize pool of ERL?
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: Sensei eSports Female is looking for a new Coach to fill our ranks
If someday wanna build again a male team tell me, never forgot when trialed in your team and i said i wanna go to Worlds, im not looking to keep that promise, but i wanna make it real.
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Ψ334Ψ (EUW)
: LF scrims
Add me Ign: Gkeeper Diamond 3+ Team that is looking for scrim
GKeeper (EUW)
: HidenClub Team is Looking for Diamond 2+ Midlaner
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: EU LCS 2017 Format
I really think what Riot did is a brilliant idea!! The only thing i still dont understand is how Academy teams still can farm Challenger Spots. I understand if was 1 or 2 under Contract that plays in a Team but not a full Team, it takes a Spot that would be deserved to another Team. For me, a team who have a contract to a LCS team would be forbidden to play in Challenger Series Open Qualifiers.
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Dude you cant buy accounts its against the rules and maybe your account was from a site who did boosts
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S04 Lurox (EUW)
: D1 / MASTER Jungler LFT
AstroDC (EUW)
: I am a coach looking for a team!
Hi, im building up a Diamond Team if youre interested in coaching add me Gkeeper
Hi, Im Gkeeper manager of a Team called HidenClub, Atm were recruiting Diamond Players to our team. Team will be to try get UK League and do a good work on CS open qualifiers to help players get Semi-Professionals, Professional Teams. If youre interested tell me something.
: D4 support lf adc ( duoq )
Hi, im trying to build up a team of Diamond Players if youre interested tell me, i alrdy sent to you an invitation.
: Diamond 3 Top Looking for Diamond + Team
Im trying to build a Dia+ team, and ive got a midlaner Plat1(he got demoted from D5, but he will get back fast to diamond), if youre interested add me Gkeeper, we have preference on UK players since we will try play on UK league. The team in Future is to play CS open qualifiers,Online Tournaments and try get best results and help players to reach High Tier teams.
: ???? I dont wanna win money bro, it's a game have fun in it like i said not a job! GL Silver scrub
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: Because it's a game it will never be you're job/work ! Keep it real bro! retard
Dont want too, but about money, how much you won in League btw? 0? Poor boy, thats bad :/
: [22:08] ***********: lol Gkeeper kicked me as well it seems [22:22] R to the B: he kicked everyone i think [22:22] ***********: really? [22:22] R to the B: ye me dapo rush [22:23] ***********: I dont like his level of seriousness [22:23] R to the B: true [22:23] ***********: like no offense but it's loow gold And this is just 1 conversation of 1 of you're old member's i can give you more? Nobody in the old team liked you way to serious about a game going crazy about a ward (Dont have real life? So tell me why i got graduated, have a girlfriend, can pay MY BILLS etcetcetc) And you're support left 1 day ago because of the seriousness & pressure to be Diamond in Season7 (He's Gold5) {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
My support left 1 day ago? So tell me why he is playing now with team? And why go to a team just for play? When you wanna improve you need to play serious, but good luck LOW GOLD!! Btw you will see him in Diamond dont worry, He have ex Peaked D1 and D2 who will help them be a better player
: Team looking for HeadCoach
Can you tell me the Ranks of players? I am managing a team too and Im looking for Scrim partners
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Got mad because you can't have a real life, way to serious about this game! everyone says that (and 3 ppl left of it) Playing in silver4 and can't even handle bots, want to coach diamonds nice one
Sure sure everyone says, thats why you lost your support no? Thats why you cant even get a team cause of your low mentallity. 3 ppl left or were be kicked? You know the difference of being kicked or leave a team atleast? Dont have real life? So tell me why i got graduated, have a girlfriend, can pay MY BILLS etcetcetc. Ah btw they are plat/Diamonds players yes and they learn from me and i learn from them its what its called a team. So tell me how many games you won as a team? Cause were 6-1 in team, btw good luck stuck in silver/gold elo ahahaha
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Got mad cause you got kicked? So sad you didnt realize what im doing here. Btw stopped loosing against scrim partners
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: Procurando Jogador Português (MidLaner) para os EXSAD GAMING Rank Mínimo - PLAT V [PT]
Se estivereis interessados em algumas scrims, adiciona-me. Sou Manager de uma equipa recém formada. A equipa está situada com ranks em Plat e gold players s6
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: > [{quoted}](name=GKeeper,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=t7wk6lFi,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-19T04:26:03.491+0000) > > If youre interested in doing some scrims in future add me, im managing a low gold/high silver team added ya !
Nice :) If you want tomorrow do 1 match or a bo3 tell me
: Former professional DOTA2 player converting to LoL
: NL/BE AETAS eSports Recruiting
If youre interested in doing some scrims in future add me, im managing a low gold/high silver team
: Gold 1-2 Adc/mid looking for support/team for flex/duo
If youre looking for a team add me, im managing one with high silver/low gold players on S6. We are a new team but we started to playing more times together and in future will have daily or most daily practice and scrims against plat/diamonds players
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: Gold 5 / Support/Top/Midlane LFG
if youre up to play one or 2 games tell me, im owner of HidenClub team
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: [EUW] OTP Ahri is searching a Ranked Team
Im making a team if youre interested add me Gkeeper, we currently have a mid but he cant play all the times. In future i wanna make a 10 player team for 5s and flex.
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: why so ? how are players getting queued with such low divisions when they have good mmr ?
The max mmr after placements will be plat1
Ai1r (EUW)
: Looking for ranked flex teammates around silver 1 and gold
Im making a team high silver/gold players if youre interested say your role and your main champs
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