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: Oh so the season that everyone considered a bad joke just a few months ago is suddenly the best one? When did this happen...
It was the best one on how they did the placements, anything else was a joke lol
: You know, if you want to get to Diamond, you either have to get way more LP per win, or grind stupid number of games. And losing all (if not more LP) you got from a previous win can be extreamly demotivational and frustrating. So far I've played 40+ games this season, with 66% WR and barelly climbed 2 ranks. Getting +19 and losing 17 LP. Not the best feeling in the world, especially when I (as selfish as it sounds) carry most of those games.
Thats the point I wanted to make with this post, I really dont want to grind a stupid number of games just to rank up to were I feel I can get, or just to get anywhere. There's a serious problem with motivation when you are on the same point you were 3 days ago, but 4 leagues under your previous elo.
mistry (EUW)
: The problem you have, and many people like you, is that you only see LP and rank rather then your own personal skill and ability. Climbing has absolutely nothing to do with all these ranks that you keep looking at, climbing and progressing should come naturally with improving as a player, which is the only thing you should really care about. You said you want to become diamond? go and focus on improving and learning on how to get better and stop looking at your elo.
I'm conscious of my mistakes, I've always been while playing league, but i wasnt going to get on a rant about "getting bad teammates" because thats not the focus of the thread i made, and it's part of playing the game. Climbing absolutely has to do with the rank im looking at, since it's what gives you any motivation. Skill and ability aren't something i lack off, it's something arrogant to say, but i hardly ever see myself being weight to carry for my team mates, or just playing bad for my elo at all. As i said im perfectly conscious of the things i do wrong, and i know when i %%%% up a game, a kill, a fight, or just anything related on map awareness and decision making, but that's not the topic im discussing in here. PD: If you dont know me, dont say i only focus on LP and rank, last season was the first time i ever really cared about rank, i got to Plat 4 on S6 after starting playing on 5.14 less than a year before, just because i had the ability to do so, but i played ranked for fun since it was harder than normal games (wich felt underwhelming), after that i just maintained my rank and played with friends.
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: I wonder how people played lee before season 6 {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
before season 6 lee had way more damage, having a 800 gold delay still made you useful for the first 20 minutes
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: I need help (after 6 ranked losses in a row)
Hey, same problem here but in gold 1-3. Struggled to get platinum befo re the season end getting 13 lp per win so guess i deserve plat, but this season is just too much, i played 50 rankeds in the last 3 weeks and i lost 33 of them, 33!!! I had 3.5-5 kda almost every game with 60-90% kill participation and still lost so many OF them, i farm well, i make good calls and i dont flame but Seriously its like a permanent elohell. And to be honest it may have to do with the fact that im main adc with an assasin meta and too many meta slaves, something very negattive since it would mean the meta is actually stronger and more important than the player's skill
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: > [{quoted}](name=House x33,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=No2LeXUG,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-02-18T15:04:56.862+0000) > > So you're telling there are no young people and trolls on euw ? LOL I've never seen one with my euw account.
Got top in rank, the supp asked me to change and i said i didnt want to supp and he instalocked top saying "pick order" i asked him why did he instalock and he just said "i always pick fill when i play rank so i get 1 min queue time and then ask for top, if they dont want to give me i just instalock it" This was in EUW not only EUNE has trolls
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: Yes, ppl who want to play a game with another account, and Riot's stupid matchmaking system puts them in team with trash players are totally reportable. It's really their fault, that the matchmaking system doesnt detect that they are waay better players!
First of all, its not reportable. About the matchmaking, when you play in a Bronze 5 account and your performance is way better than your elo, it will take around 6-8 games to start being placed vs people that is low silver and if it keeps being better than low silver maybe another 4-6 to get placed vs high silver or gold players. Works as well with losing streaks so you might as well get a plat 5 player in a low gold high silver game that actually deserves platinum, so what will you do there, report him?
: The Summoner's Code of League // People who say "easy", "ez"...
To be honest I dont understand how riot's reporting and banning system is supposed to work. I actually got a 50 match chat ban on my smurf because people where tilted cause i was smurfing, I literally didnt talk in match and if i did it was to make calls or to say i was going to gank. Seriously, i had enough problems trying to recover my main account to notice on someone in my team's fails and start flaming, just the fact of knowing they were lvl 10-30 made it even harder for me to write anything. What im trying to say is that almost everyone has ever written "gg ez" to tilt that jungler who has camped you for the whole match and i wont say anything about that (when it happens to me i just think, "guess i would have done the same"), but the people who say it every single kill, every single play or teamfight usually dont only say that, they pretty much always hard flame. They will still go unpunished because almost every time they lose the match, the enemy team forgets to report him even if he flamed and they wont get a high number of reports (probably not enough for a punishment) Then if you are leveling up a smurf and you get a decent amount OF reports from tilted people, you will get a punishment because you got enough reports for the system to punish you. This means that unless you send a chat log to riot games from a real offense flame, it will be a bot the one to decide if that person is punished or not.
: Counterplay to the new assasin update
That's what assasins are made for, the problem is that zhonya exists because it isnt fair for ad champs. Obviously i dont say Riot should remove Zhonya from the game but the easy way to counter assasins when playing an ad champ, is in your team. {{champion:84}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:107}} These champs can be countered by janna, a very common support that almost everyone has, this means almost every assasin can be countered by just one champ, and adding exhaust because janna is a support makes it even easier to counterplay them, then talking about {{champion:105}} {{champion:35}} … well fizz's counter could be {{champion:432}} and shaco's still revealed by lee sin i think.
: A veteren player with a very nooby question
As a main adc i know that the lowest base dmg in all levels are adc ones, and an adc that is based on crits/atack speed, usually has under 220 ad, assuming he has 2.5 atack speed and 100% crit chance with an IE, it will still take him around 8-10 seconds to solo kill a tank. Now lets add a Randuin and a Frozen Heart to the tank's build, it will take the adc around 13-16 sec to kill a tank, and with the actual meta that's more than enough time for a tank to kill an squishy champion like an adc
: What do you do about counter picks?
I would recommend you to play with a group of friends while testing that champion so you can ban your hard counters and learn it, if you dont play with friends you will have 1 or 0 bans, and your ban may look like something troll because your counter isnt even a played or a decent winrate champ Hope this helps!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: The Singed support's threat of a permaban is utter lunacy
I'm just gonna say this: How many of you have typed and when it popped it recommended you videos like, best LeBlanc ADC main in League of Legends or best Full AP Rek' Sai player, i'm pretty sure these players got 0 bans. Why? Well first of all these players are high elo, a lot of high elo players dont even care if someone trolls in their team, they care about their own fails during the match, thats why they are good. Then in low elo 80% of the players has the "my team's fault mentality" if your adc loses lane it will be the singed support's fault, even if singed is 0/0/8 and the adc is 0/5/0. After a high number of reports riot will actually ban you even if you dont deserve the ban, i got chat banned once for 50 matches because i got the same 4 premade in 2 matches in a row, they all reported me both matches for calling jungle first even after going support with the champ i already locked. I'm sure riot has a lot of previously made replies for players with these issues because this is the most played game in the world, and they cant be saying something different to every player. This however doesnt mean they cant reply to you individualy, but this happens the minority or the cases, or in cases were you talk to the rioter by gmail or some way like this, at least that's what happened to me. I got a guy 2 matches in a row that was the biggest flamer i've ever seen, and i didnt think reporting him wasnt enough, he actually made the game 0 fun for both teams and it was annoying. When i talked to a rioter by riot support's page it was a very different reply than the one i got when talking by gmail to another rioter. The one in riot support looked like an already made message that they sended to everyone with that issue, the other one was asking me if i got any other detail about the player, if any friend had got the same player and was flaming the same way… **Your ban was probably after several reports in a small amount of time or a small number of matches, and if you are at a low elo I know it wont be the last ban, your team will always blame you, sometimes the game's loss will be your fault, and maybe the mayority of the matches you lose it wont be your fault, but they will still report you, and so you will get the automathic feedback made for that number of reports**
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: Flex Queue Fix and (Re)Placements Information
Platinum 5 in SoloQ after grinding the last 3 weekends of the season (from gold 3 to plat), my mmr shouldnt be that bad so I expected a rank like gold 2/3 because you always get lower than your rank, but i got placed in silver 3. This was annoying for me, because when i started in season 5 i played the 10 rankeds and got into silver 2 with 3 victories, and now i've won 8 out of 10 in this new queue being platinum and i got to silver 3. I played vs a lot of diamonds players and even a player that finished the season in promotion to master(or at least that's what lolnexus said). The problem is, I play this last ranked and lose because my toplaner was bronze vs high platinum, and he looked like a beginner in LoL. Placed in Silver 4, it just makes no sense that a player gets 2 tiers lower than his actual rank winning 8 out of 11 and after promoting to the next division where he was placed the first time in 2 days.
: Soooo i reached **Solo/Duo Que Platin 3** and after my placements i got **Platinum 4 in Flex Que** **(i won 8 and lost 2)** so that was pretty fine .After that Riot decidet to let me play another placement and it went pretty fine, so i **won 9 and lost 2** but i got placed **Gold 4** after that .I would really like to get an explanation from the RIOT Team...
I'd be happy if i at least got to gold being platinum in solo q/ but i gold into silver 4, I know placements get you lower than your mmr, but this isnt lower this is just like if i played them as an unranked
: By your sayings I guess their fix (which was imo was unecessary since flex queue is a new queue) resulted in a division related to your solo queue mmr but downgraded ("soft" reset). They thought they had faked up. But it was fine. Flex is a brand new queue. Now they faked up. Ofc they won't admit it. I don't think they will change mmr/divisions again soon. You got to climb again now.
I dont think they did it based on mmr, a lot of platinum players got silver or even bronze like i did, and i got from gold 3 to platinum 5 in the last 2 weeks of the season so my mmr couldnt be lower than gold 1
: My placement after recent matchmaking fix...
I won 7/10 and got silver 3, i wasnt happy with that because im platinum and i got vs high diamonds, even though i won 7 and i got into silver so i started climbing and in 2 days i got to silver 1, now i find that i have to play one more because riot "fixed" them. I thought i was gonna get something like gold 2/3 if i won or gold 4/5 if i lose. Silver 5!!!! Why do i get placed in silver 5 after winning 7 out of 11… The worst thing is that i got friends in low silver that got gold 5 somehow winning 5 and friends in diamond that got to Silver and low gold winning almost every single game But it doesnt end there, if they reset these rank for the upcoming season i will get low bronze unless i spam them the next week, just like in season 6 almost every silver player got bronze in placements and gold players got silver and low silver, this just isnt fair, and more than a fix is a bigger bug. And the most fun point, im sure that i will play vs both bronze players and diamond players, since they will have the same problem, so it will make climbing even harder

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