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: Update on Downtime (04/12/2019)
Hey, I think there's a misunderstanding. Yatsuki is not a Rioter and she's not a technician working for Riot or something like that either. She's part of the Volunteer program, along with people like me. She's also not a Wrenchman anymore due to restructuring, but that'd be too complicated to explain so let's just say she knows her way around with tech-stuff and can sometimes help players with some issues. However, as she said, she doesn't have much more information than anyone else. We're just members of the community as well. We don't know what's going on either, we can only make educated guesses based on how Riot usually operates. Or we can tell whatever Riot is posting on Twitter or anywhere else, in case people didn't see that, since we're usually a bit more informed in that area.
1000Crazy (EUW)
: But she Work in Ireland, she must speak English
Yatsuki is a Wrenchman, she doesn't work for Riot, she's part of the Volunteer program. She doesn't work on fixing any issues or something like that, that's Riots job, which is also why she didn't really give an answer. She doesn't have much more information than anyone else here.
: I just tried the process on my business laptop where I never have been logged in with anything League related before and the outcome was the same - I got redirected to the start page after choosing the region and entering my username and password. I noticed though that for a brief moment (less than a second) on the bottom left corner there is written Account Updated before it changes back to Account Update Required. I double-checked on my computer and it briefly flashes there too. Suggesting I can have an EUW and NA account with the same name and they get merged for the Riot account or something? If I can only be on one server I'm open to rename or simply delete my NA account, that's just a level 5 or so where I played for a few days back in I believe 2015 when the EUW server was down for like 48 hours. I guess I can't have two Riot accounts with the same e-mail address anyway, can I? Both my EUW and my NA account are registered with the same e-mail. Though the system doesn't let me change anything. Should I write a support ticket now?
Well, you sadly can't merge accounts. You'll just have to choose one account on which you'll change the credentials. You can however request the deletion of an account, here are some tips and stuff on how to do that: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202647784-Account-Deletion-FAQ There shouldn't be any problems in regards to your E-Mail though, since accounts are not bound to unique E-Mails, Riot endorses the creation of multiple accounts and allows you to create smurfs, even using the same E-Mail. And well, as you said, since it doesn't seem to work for you, you can submit a ticket to the Riot Support to get your credentials on the NA account changed. So, if you didn't do that yet, here's the link: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new As a request type, you should probably choose that you have an issue with making your name unique, since that type seems to give the best fitting choices for your problem.
: Account Update does nothing, is that correct?
This is a bug, as you might have guessed. Under normal circumstances, you're supposed to be taken to a screen where you can change your username after signing in. Try logging your account out of the boards, deleting your cache and then logging in again. It seems like this fixed the bug for some people maybe it'll help you as well. On another note, I feel like mentioning that this only concerns your username, these changes have nothing to do with your in-game name, you're only required to change the name you sign in with. However, since you have two accounts with the same username belonging to you, it's possible that you'll only need to change your username on one of the accounts. You should first change your username on the account you use the least, which is probably your NA account, and then check again if you're still required to change your username on your other account (most likely your EUW account).
: Someone using my account for the past 3 months
Since Hansiman answered the other questions (to a hopefully satisfactory amount, if not, feel free to reply to him and ask more stuff, we'll try our best to answer), I just wanted to note that you should definitely send another ticket or reply to your previous ticket to the Riot Support about someone else having used your account without your knowledge. It seems like they kinda missed that information among the questions you had about the username changes. However, I also have to warn you that this may cause you to have to go through an account recovery process to verify you are the actual owner of the account. This process may entail them asking you questions like when you created your account, what your first champion was or if you have any RP receipts still lying around. You're not required to answer all questions, a certain amount of them will be enough, and they don't all need to be answered perfectly. It's also possible you won't have to go through this process, I'm not too familiar with the way the Riot Support works, but I'd deem it to be perfectly possible. If the Riot Support stays unaware of this though, it's possible that if the person using your account has for example been using scripts, your account gets a permanent suspension. Since the activity was, as you said, already spanning 3 months, that may not be the case, but it's better to be on the save side and I'd at least want to inform you about it. Taking care of these matters before any suspension happens is way easier than doing so after a suspension - since else, people would just claim their account got stolen every time they break the rules and get their account somehow suspended.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: How many people read the board's rules?
I think these rules are more or less common sense. As long as you treat others with respect and don't annoy them on purpose, you should be fine. If you do happen to have gotten any kind of punishment you don't believe to be fair, you can also always contest it and the moderation team can look at it again, they also do mistakes sometimes.
: Well, just got back and had some good news today - car passed the MOT! Very lucky that as I don't know how I'd have reacted to the email from Riot support that I recieved when I got back if it had failed. Effectively Riot are saying that we all have to sort their mess up (and it is theirs - this situation has come about due to a complete lack of foresight or consideration on their part) and it's tough shit if we don't like it. What's this got to do with my reply? Simple; even though I was genuinely looking forward to a debate with you about this (being practically the only person agreeing with Riot whilst providing reasons other than "you're such a cry-baby"), the response has sealed my decision. I will no longer be playing LoL or TFT. I will not be playing any of their games in the future and, most relevant to this discussion, I will not be visiting these boards again. Apologies, but it'll be be an incredible waste of my time and very stressful (believe it or not, this issue has REALLY got me worked up) debating something which I will no longer have nothing to do with. Good day and farewell.
Have a good day, week, month, year, life and everything and uhm goodbye I guess (though this seems like a weird way to end a conversation).
: _Edit: This was meant to be a reply to GLurch_ I've already seen that post. A reactionary response to the fact that this was rolled out before everybody had been notified. This entirely incident has been implemented and managed atrociously. Also, wrt the login name; I also posted this in another thread: _Yes, my username is more important to me than League, TFT, any of the upcoming games they have or all the money that I've spent on League over the past 7 years._ I am one of the people who would genuinely rather sever all ties with Riot's games if it means I have to change my username to do so. That is my own mindset although I know I'm not alone in it. This isn't an idle threat as most people would assume either. I obviously have a different order of importance for things than you do. There are so many things that I want to address in your post because, personally I disagree with pretty much all of it. However, I have to go and pick my car up from it's MOT now so I'll have to respond further in depth later.
Take your time, we're not pressed on it and I believe it's good to have an exchange of opinions, even if I know it may be hard for each of us to really come to a conclusion since I think we seem to have a generally different mindset affecting our opinion on this and mindsets are usually not changed that easily x)
: Post I made in a previous thread which covers some (but by no means all) of the reasons: 1) Why do this in the first place? If every username has to be unique, just make people use their email address like practically every other company does - or allow same usernames but add an '##' ID on the end like others do. 2) Why no warning about it? Apparently emails were sent but I definitely did not get one. The first I heard about it was when I tried to log-in. I've since found a support article on it but that's useless basically as nobody ever checks support until they have a problem - we're not psychics who can see into the future and knew that this would happen. 3) Why are they taking this approach? If someone registered my username in NA 2 years ago but has never played a game I will never get to use my username again because of somebody that doesn't even use their account any more? Why is this system punishing the regular players ahead of those who don't even touch the game anymore? 4) Who seriously thought this was anything other than a disaster in the making? Because they should be fired. No, I'm not over-reacting here; whoever approved either genuinely doesn't give a toss about Riot's customers (very, very, plausible) in how this would affect them, or was too blind to see the repercussions. The fact that so many of us can't even access this game now because of such an atrocious decision is ridiculous. The lack of forethought here is astounding and I refuse to believe that any normal person would have failed to consider this cluster%%%% happening. Or was the person responsible just that obstinate that they refused to budge from their 'solution'? 5) Why is there no proper method of dealing with this from Riot other than "Fight among yourselves for the name you want."? A massive scale operation like this should have been properly organized and sensibly managed. Riot just looks even more incompetent than usual at the moment because of this. 6) Why has there been no acknowledgement from Riot regarding this fiasco? (although I'd be more surprised if they did - it took them seven sodding days to acknowledge the issues on EUW when TFT was launched - and that was a similar case in the fact that a lot of people were prevented from playing the game). 7) Why has the burden and onus been put on the players - surely such a large company should be able to arrange this themselves? 8) A general question; what the %%%% do they do with regards to quality testing / resolving potential issues ahead of time when implementing operations such as this? Because they always, ALWAYS make a complete and total pigs ear out of it - and that is putting it incredibly mildly. EDIT: 9) For those people who have the same username on multiple servers, why must they change their names due to this clash when, after their Riot account 'consolidating' their accounts, they still have to log into each region separately? What is the point of a Riot account if you have to change all of these? Why can you not just link them altogether? [I only have one account but have seen others mention this - thank you to RUiN3D who posted later in this thread and reminded me] EDIT: 10) Can we have confirmation that there are no actual bugs with this? A lot of people have been saying that they've tried to change their name to something random like hntg895rheg and been told that said username is taken, which is a tad unlikely. Also, a lot of people have reported issues with the email recovery system not working. Seeing as I'll probably never get to play this game again I thought I'd test this and decided to get my password changed. I've been waiting for this email (should arrive in "a few minutes") for over 45 minutes now (yes I've checked my spam). Still not got it. On a related note, I can still login with my password (although I can't play until I change my username) so is there an issue with their password / username recovery system also? I know there's a couple of things I'm forgetting so I may return to this post to add to it. On a general note though, the biggest issue is that what should be a simple task, Riot have turned into a stressful and irritating - not to mention mandatory if you want to play the games again - convoluted mess for all involved.
1) I personally don't believe E-Mails are a good solution, it'll lead to accounts getting completely stolen quite easily once their information is out, since a lot of people reuse passwords for different services. About the ID thing - Wouldn't it practically be the same as it is now? If you want to keep your username and just add an ID, you can add a #8365 at the end of your current username, no one is stopping you from doing it. 2), 4), 5) and 6) check this post by Riot, I think it may answer some of your concerns and even provide some answers to some of your questions: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/Rw1knV9P-username-update-client-prompt-on-pause 3) As far as I'm aware, they were apparently planning on basing it on when accounts were created, so only the newer ones need to change, but I don't know what happened to it and what really is the stance now. This is just something I got told at the beginning. 7) Are you asking for Riot to change your login name to a random number without your consent? Surely, that'd create even more problems. 9) That's not the case. Riot has said you'll be able to use whichever account you want on any server from then on. They didn't say how exactly it'll work with transfers but in [this post](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360037264394-Riot-Accounts) they said: "you can log out in France and back in when you visit Brazil and still be able to play with all your friends back in Paris" Of course, these changes won't occur, like, right now. These changes will only be going through on the 22nd of January. It may still take some time after that for them to really finalise everything though. And though this is not really related to your concerns, I personally believe we'll be able to expect Legends of Runeterra to come back shortly after these changes are through, since these changes are directly related to their new games. 10) is most likely related to the sheer mass of people doing stuff like that. Processes most likely just take longer because there's a lot of people trying to go through them. If I didn't talk about something, that's because I'm only expressing my opinion here and sharing what I know - which is nothing more than any other player can. I don't know how their processes work, I don't know what issues they have or if they even have issues, I only know what Riot is saying. However, I personally don't really see a problem with changing the login name. It's only a login name. Just add a random number at the end of it and be done with it. Or change it to something that's somehow related to yourself, like, if you used to have a cat, the name of your best friend when you were a child was Tom, your mother's name is Angelica, your name is David and your birthday is the 15th of May, go with something like Cato15Davelica05. I wouldn't have a lot of trouble remembering that (since it's how I do most of my stuff anyways xd) and I doubt it's taken. If it is, just come up with something else, be creative. Maybe add other numbers at the end. Sure, for some people really concerned about security, this may not be secure enough - but who'd want to steal anyones account anyways, and if someone tries to, you'll probably find out soon enough. Generally, as long as your password isn't something like pizza123 and you don't share your information online, you'll be save.
: Hi there, andrixbooom from EUW here. this is the name that has identified me and accompanied me through all of my adventure for fifteen years on the net, ten of them spent on League. I subscribed a long time ago, and had fun ever since, journeying through Summoner's rift, Twisted Treeline, Proving Grounds and so on... I still have memories of when I needed an easy first win of the day and I'd bounce to play Dominion! I know it may sound as a stupid rant, but that's who I am:andrixbooom. I opened a ticket to ask if it was possible to change it, as I am sure I'm the only one with that name (never found a clone in 15 years on the net, I've seen lots of andrixes, one andrixboom once, but never with three o's). They replyed with an automated response. I don't know what I expected, but it felt like a cold shoulder, and not like the warm hug mama Riot used to give back then. I'm very embittered to see my identity ripped of of me simply because they're opening to a multi games reality. I'm happy they're expanding and growing, I really am. The point is that to them, is a silly name, to me, it's all who I am. And that's all that I want to be. Nothing more, nothing less, just andrixbooom.{{champion:32}}
In case you're confusing things: you'll be able to stay andrixbooom. You only need to change your username. Your summoner name, the name displayed in-game, will stay the same.
Henz707 (EUNE)
: The problem is that the statement you cited is wrong. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the help but in this case it was plain wrong. Rito should have done a better job at spreading the news and they should have probably done it beforehand, not after. This could have saved a lot of time for players and Rito as well. And yes, I submitted a ticket to swap the login names but if i had known that all the accounts show up conflicting then I would have left my main for last and everything would have been okay.
I don't know, it *may* be wrong, but I can only really tell you what a Supporter told me. Since someone working for the Riot Support said so, I trusted that information. I still don't know if it's wrong or not, like, we don't really have any newer statement about that. Though, to be fair, it seemed to be more of a "spontaneous" reaction, since it was on Discord and not like in a ticket or something. And well, yeah, they could've done a better job at spreading the news. Apparently, there *was* information about it out before-hand, this article was written 5 days ago: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360037264394-Riot-Accounts It's just that not a whole lot of people payed attention to it (me included btw, I only found out a day or so after it got released due to a few people writing about it on boards).
Henz707 (EUNE)
: This kinda seems fishy, I have the same login for EUNE/EUW/PBE. All of them got prompted to change it. First I changed EUNE, then EUW and when I got to PBE the prompt was gone so the claim that oldest acc gets to keep it seems bogus as my EUNE acc is much older than my PBE acc. Now my main acc (EUNE) has a new login and my PBE got to keep the original name.
If you want to switch your login names again, you can always ask the Riot Support and they'll assist you ^_^ https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
: I'm not sure if we have a different access to settings, but all I can change there is my password and the emailadress.
Oh yeah, it doesn't seem like you're able to change it there but I remember there being a site to change your username, I think it was here: https://update-account.riotgames.com/ Though i don't get the option to change mine there anymore, but in any case, I didn't get any E-Mail by Riot to change my username but I still wanted to and I was able to through *I think* that website x)
EricaPwnz (EUW)
: i reg my acc on 2009-10, why iam cnt just closed window ?
I'm not sure if I really get your question, but you *need* to change your account name because Riot is merging the accounts across all different servers they own. As there can't be 2 people with the same account name, one of them needs to change it and it's quite possible for one person on let's say EUW to have had the same account name as someone on NA. They're just now doing this change because they're creating games outside of League of Legends, for which you will be able to use the account you created for League of Legends. From what the Riot Support told me, the person who created the account earlier than the other gets to keep their account name. Meaning that someone on another server created an account with the same account name as yours before you created your account. Well, account names aren't that important anyways, since they're only used for logging into your account and don't change your displayed name in any way.
: What if the link for the client leads me to https://update-account.riotgames.com/ and ends up being an everlasting loop that doesn't allow you to either chose another account name or keep it or anything but else just... keeps asking you your password over and over again ? What if that happen and you can't access your account anymore, can I ask the riot support to help me with that ?
You can always ask the Riot Support for help with anything, they *should* be able to change your account data. If you didn't already, you can also try going through the "Settings" page at the top right of the Boards, where your account is, and change your account name over there and see if that works. It could also be a problem with cookies or your browser, in which case you could try clearing them or opening the page in an incognito tab. Of course, it's also possible it's Riots problem, in which case you can either wait for them to fix it (which, going by my intuition, should maybe take a day at most and be fixed tomorrow or so) or well, as I said at the beginning of this comment, contact the Riot Support. However, it'll likely also take a day or more till you get an answer by the Riot Support, so... there doesn't seem to be a quick solution if this is on Riot's side.
Henz707 (EUNE)
: If there is a duplicate name how do you decide who gets to keep their name? I have had the same name since season 2 and now I have to change it... I really hope that guy / girl who gets to keep the nick is from S1 / beta days, otherwise this seems kinda unfair - at least to me.
Yes, the person who has the name for longer gets to keep it, the "newer person" needs to change it. In case you have multiple accounts (owned by yourself) with the same account name, you can also ask the Riot Support to keep the account name on whichever of your accounts you want it to stay.
: Sorry, I don't understand the beginning of the sentence, could you re-write it please?
"I just felt like saying that you are not allowed to actually show the names of anyone due to the "naming and shaming" rule. You would need to blur the names."
: Try on Reddit. LoL Forums are dead for Riot. Also, I don't really think TFT would get much attention - it's not really entertaining to watch. Streamers lose viewers when they swap to TFT - it doesn't mean TFT's bad (Set 2 sucks af tbh), it means rather that watching someone buy and place champions and items for 40 minutes it's much more fun for some people to watch someone's laning phase for 5 minutes, roaming for 5 minutes, teamfights for 5 minutes, backdooring/splitting for another 5 minutes and yelling inaudibly for another 5 minutes.
In this specific case, I don't think it's really that the Boards are dead for Riot, but more like they won't do a big announcement like that in a small comment on the boards first. If they were to plan on doing an E-Sports scene for TFT, they'd create a post about it on their news page, feature it in the client, maybe announce it during an E-Sports match,... And well, if they aren't planning on doing an E-Sports scene for TFT at the moment, they could either say so or what is way more likely, they'd just keep quiet about it because they *could* be planning on doing it at some point in the future. Or maybe they're planning on doing it already but don't have an ETA yet. In any case, I am almost completely sure they won't announce something like this first on the Boards, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook nor on any other kind of discussion platform like that in general. Unless they really announce that they don't have any plans for it yet, in which case it may be featured in an Ask Riot or something (but I doubt Riot would announce something like that, doesn't seem like something I'd expect of Riot? maybe I'm wrong though).
Tweatz (EUNE)
: i cant join game, please help
It seems like many people having this problem reported that it's caused by the anti-virus-software "Bitdefender", to be more precise, by the "Advanced Threat Defense" feature. To fix this issue, you either disable this feature before playing League of Legends or you can add League of Legends as an exception, here's a guide on how to do that: https://www.bitdefender.com/consumer/support/answer/2393/
: upgraded GPU and i am getting the same FPS
Do you perhaps use any programs with overlays, like Discord or Blitzapp? If so, try deactivating the overlays, it seems like that fixed the FPS drops for a lot of people having issues with it. Here's a guide by the Support on how to disable the Overlays for commonly used programs, if you don't know how to do it: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001277667-Disabling-Overlays And well, if this doesn't fix the issue for you... I got no other plan, but you could try sending a ticket to the Riot Support in that case and see if they can somehow help you x)
Wadafaaak (EUW)
: Riot says this: While we know some matches may feel like stomps, we do try to make sure all teams have a 50 +/-1% chance of victory using all the information we have, because part of what makes League so competitive is getting to face similarly-skilled opponents. Source: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752954-Matchmaking-Guide Using ALL the information that they have is quite a big statement. If it is true, they use information of who are most likely to troll or carry etc. What I've noticed from my own experience is that if i win my lane hard, I will get a team that feeds every game to the point where it's ridiculous. From my experience the matchmaking controls that you don't move up until you have proven over a long time that you are worthy of being a higher rank and matchmaking will let you go up. Otherwise I'm sure that there are many iron games that are harder to win than diamond games. Matchmaking is not just matching people with equal mmr, they say it themselves, they use all the information they have to make it 50%. Nobody seems to understand this..
>Using ALL the information that they have is quite a big statement. If it is true, they use information of who are most likely to troll or carry etc. What I've noticed from my own experience is that if i win my lane hard, I will get a team that feeds every game to the point where it's ridiculous. They don't use "all the information" they have as in really "everything" to really make sure there's a 50% winrate. They listed a bunch of stuff beneath the "There are also factors that affect the perception of a fair match" point, like players having bad games or someone trying an unfamiliar champion. Since they're listed as factors that "affect the *perception* of a fair match", it's safe to assume these factors are actually not used by Riot Games. I mean, how would they anyways? Sure, they could try to predict the future, but fortune telling has never really paid that well. Of course, they don't explicitly list trolling or toxicity beneath these factors that "affect the perception", but why would Riot want to ruin the fun of their players on purpose? They'd only lose money from that. Not to mention that I doubt there are really enough toxic players to match every "normal" player in League of Legends with one of them :/
: Reported chat screens
*Just felt like noting that you would need to avoid showing the names of the people being abusive, due to the "naming and shaming" rule on the boards* ๐Ÿ‘€
dagdg (EUNE)
: fk u adm i palyer good 12 hou day u adm block acc fku adm fku games
I don't remember you being banned nor blocked nor anything else on our Discord.
: Did they took inspiration for the Bruhu culture from the Brujeria spanish word?
Idk, I'm not Spanish and my lore knowledge is close to nonexistent x)
m0zz4r3ll4 (EUNE)
: Is it still possible to do the quiz just for fun? I know that Iยดm too late to be in the contest, but I just like quizzes
Sure, I don't see any harm in giving you the questions. though I don't know about providing answers, especially since some of the questions don't have clear-cut answers and instead ask you to write a text. Some of the questions were multiple-choice though, I don't know if you want to do them multiple choice-like or give it a try without seeing the options, ~~so I'll do a spoiler tag for those~~. Ok that didn't work very well, it made the text turn messy and big and quote-y, so I just won't add those x) If you wanna know the possible multiple choice answers, I can still tell you them though. 1. Which champion is also known as "The Chain Warden"? 2. Who are members of K/DA? 3. What's Katarina's full name? 4. Name four yordle champions! 5. Which province is Syndra from? 6. Where is the Sun Disc located? 7. Which faction is shrouded in darkness by the Black Mist? 8. Who murdered Kalista while she was relying on their aid? 9. Who is Senna? 10. Senna's soul was captured by who in a spectral prison? 11. "All around me are empty husks, soulless and unafraid... but I will bring them fear." - is whose Universe quote? 12. What's the name of Pantheon's host? 13. Who are the baccai? 14. What is the island archipelago called which Bilgewater is a part of? 15. What race does Skarner belong to? 16. Which other champion was Udyr's mentor? 17. Who is Vilemaw? 18. Name the former capital of the Blessed Isles! 19. The Pillar of Sorrows is located where? 20. What are Lissandra's sisters called? 21. Which champion doomed Markus by bringing him to the Shadow Isles? 22. What enables Yorick to still be alive when everyone else on the Shadow Isles had their soul claimed by the Black Mist? 23. What happens during The Harrowing? 24. How many siblings did Karthus have? 25. Hatilly and Cazworth were killed by which champion? 26. What was Ashe's mother called? 27. Where exactly did Lux get her magical staff? 28. What's the name of Rumble's mech? 29. Who is Urias? 30. In Buhru culture, what is Nagakabourous also known as?
: Not sure what are you even doing in here than
I used to do similar things, it was just kinda fun reading through posts, seeing people rage about pointless things, be oblivious and that kinda stuff. Commenting on the other hand required... a lot of hard work ๐Ÿ˜“
: If you are reporting a player that is inting/trolling via ticket, just give up and here's why
"Give up" is the wrong term here, it's kinda misleading. Simply put, if you have the option to report someone after a game, do that and be done with it. If you somehow missed that opportunity, you can still send a ticket to the Riot Support. There's a reason why you can select "Report a player for cheating, phishing, or negative behavior" as a request type when submitting a ticket. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
: Boards active people check
I don't want to neither downvote nor upvote, but I don't want to be seen as inactive either :( Then again, this doesn't really say a lot about activity because it's easy to scroll through posts and just overlook this one x)
: The question ,is then how they find the boosting players , throught cheating report function ??? , cause i never use support to report someone for boosting ,so i have now no clue and idea how to submit boosting players /services , or if i use the report system accordingly to my problems. they sayd that they suspended my rights to acces support indefinetly ... , this means forever ?? , i no even have any answer from Riot on what kind of ban i have on support assistance , neither a single information on what rules i broke to be banned for that... , i think there shoulded be a case discuss when we speak about banning someone on support , maybe someone have a bad day and turns to ban you for no reason from accesing support , every time i write tickets on support , i get random answers out of subject , and one day i got this report message after a rioter asked for my name and region to check a case.... , so i don't believe i done something wrong , but i neither believe that it been readed proper and accordingly a fair punishment .... Would love to see a ban case as that it gets an analysation from multiple agents , if i do happened to spam them for "no reason" ,they should explain me to understand why they mark me as a spammer , and where they answer me , and how what i did was completly against them rules of accesing support assistance .It shouldn't be like , i am support agent , i have right to suspend someone acces on support and no one cares who i request to be banned or get banned ... . There should be a department which check support answers problems , and which check support assistance bans requests from the agents who answer to tickets and feeled that the user ticket is break the rules of using support services. I still may have some issues , but i no remember them at all to answer my tickets on the problem , and they were claiming that they answer my problems... , and close my case , then i feel like they try to fool me ,so if i asked them again and again about that , feels like i been the one who got abused by them , got banned on support assistance for no reasons several times .
>The question ,is then how they find the boosting players , throught cheating report function ??? , cause i never use support to report someone for boosting ,so i have now no clue and idea how to submit boosting players /services , or if i use the report system accordingly to my problems. To find boosters, they probably analyse everyones playing behavior and compare it all the time, mixed with sudden MMR spikes and so on. For example, their system may detect a previous Tristana ADC main playing around silver suddenly switch to playing Zed mid on the skill level of a platinum player. Of course, I don't know if that really is how it works, because as I also previously mentioned, I have no insight on their code, no one from the community does and if we did have insight, we may have clear answers to these questions, but people with bad intentions could abuse that to avoid getting detected by Riot. If you want to report a booster to the Riot Support, you'd go to their website and submit a ticket with the "Report a player..." option, though you could also choose the "General League of Legends question" category. The category doesn't matter that much, it just serves to reach the right people quicker and also get your case handled faster, but since your ticket will get reviewed by a human either way, they can also redirect your tickets and send it to the right people, no matter which category you choose. This is where, in your case, we'll get to another problem though, since as you said at least, you're suspended from the Riot Support. And yes, if they say you're banned indefinitely, that means you're permanently banned from submitting requests. I can't help you with that either, but I can assure you that you won't just get banned from the Riot Support on the whim of a single Supporter. As you said, you asked them something and they sent you a reply, closed the case and you replied again and again. They'll send you a new Supporter when reopening cases like this and I'm very sure that you got replies by multiple different Supporters, and that multiple different Supporters closed your case(s). Also, they usually give you some kind of warnings before they suspend you and you should very well be aware of what it is that got you the suspension. Well, since I have no insight on that, you probably know more than me, but from what you told me, spamming does seem very likely to be the reason.
: so as long as i seen multiple boosting people offering services of boosting for money , writing into chat , and performing with good scores , means they can't be detected if i report them ?? , i used the report cheating , because cheating means to cheat , as you allow someone else to play on your account , you can't ask any rioter to answer this , or to give you information about that ?? . For exemple if i see someone boosting ... , and offering boosting services ,can he be banned just for offering boosting services for pricing his services ??? , i mean it can't just hang after and say it was just a joke... . I also have a problem into accesing support services on my accounts , so i had to be creative in order to acces support ... , which feels like then i am kind of restricted to report inpproper behaviour which is inside game , also 1-2 days ago i forget to report someone who was toxic , but then after i quit the lobby , i was like now how do i report that guy , as long as i have no acces to support , due to foolish reasons.
As I said, Riot doesn't need your reports to detect boosters in the first place, much like people using 3rd party programs. That's also commonly what is understood as cheating - using 3rd party programs (scripts, zoomhacks and such). Riot will eventually find these players, even without you reporting them. As far as I'm aware, they tend to ban boosters in waves, especially near the end of the season, instead of as soon as they find them. About you not being able to contact the Riot Support, well, I can't really help you about that, other than to suggest common things like clearing your cookies. I at least have no problems contacting them through the website :/
: how does Riot verify that ?? . Also i want to ask you boosting on what category should be submited???
I don't know how exactly their system works either, I didn't program the code. But it likely looks at the person you reported, then checks their name and club tag for possible "bad words". If it doesn't find any, it saves the report for later and if it finds out that players seem to report a lot of players for "Inappropriate Names" that seem to have the same word combination in common, it adds that word combination to the "bad word" list, possibly after an employee checks it. As for elo boosting, I'd send a ticket to the Riot Support about it: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new As far as I'm aware, there is no in-game report reason for it. Well, it'd most likely just get spammed with people thinking they found an elo booster when it's in reality just a good player or someone having a good match. Not to mention, even without reports, Riot finds this kind of stuff out eventually, much like people using 3rd party programs.
: I can't get my account ID nor cn I paste it into the verifaction field in League :( Pls help
I just checked, everything seems to work fine for me when I try to register. What is your name and tag on Discord? Mine would be GLurch#4550. I can also just manually verify you. Of course, you can also still try to verify in the way described above, this is a guide to finding your Discord ID, although our bot should also tell you your Discord ID if you fail to verify: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/206346498-Where-can-I-find-my-User-Server-Message-ID- Then we have this gif, which should show you where to input your Discord ID: https://i.imgur.com/AE4my63.gif Well, but I guess if this still doesn't work, it's just faster for you to tell me your Discord name and tag. x)
: Why club tags aren't reportable yet?
Club tags are reportable, they fall under the "Inappropriate Name" report category. You can add that the reason for your report was the club tag in the comment you can send along with the report, just to be sure.
: Where do I find my score?
You won't know your score yet because we need to manually evaluate all the entries first (specifically, the answers that required you to write something). I don't yet know either if we'll share everyones scores after we are done with all the evaluating and have found the winners, or if we'll just share everyones ranking, or maybe not share anyone besides the top 10 people, since we do have a few hundred entries and the list would get... quite long. If you should turn out not to be among the top 10, but still want to know your placing / score, I'll see if I can share it with you once this contest is over (the contest is still going on for another day, and we'll probably take some time to finish evaluating everything) ^_^
: i assume you have to be strike free in your recent history, no?
Exactly. As you also mentioned in your question, it's only the recent history though. If you got a Chat Restriction a year ago and clearly show that you improved from back then, that's fine as well.
Evyi (EUW)
: How i can be emissary member in the boards?
I think others described everything in a pretty good way, just want to add something additional: Us not having a post where you can apply up doesn't mean you'll necessarily have to wait. In general, we're always looking for active and sportsmanlike people that seem to be motivated to do something. If we notice someone like that, we may end up reaching out to them just like that, without creating a "recruitment post" where they have to apply. In either case, to increase your chances of joining us, it's best if you are active on the boards, help others out and well, are in general a nice person (that includes being nice in League of Legends). Of course, boards activity isn't absolutely required, if you show a lot of motivation, some knowledge and other things that may make you qualified, you can apply once we post a recruitment thread. ######Also, just as a side-note, but I sadly can't tell you when exactly or if we'll even post a recruitment thread ^_^
: That way they will just get less customers, Mr Inflation. If there is an inflation, all I'd do is lower the prices so that it's more worth to buy RP and more people will buy it. Be smart.
Something being cheap doesn't mean customers will flock to it like insects, not to the point where Riot would still make a profit out of lowering the prices under these circumstances at least. Just because you can get nasal spray for 0.1โ‚ฌ won't mean everyone buys at least a hundred nasal sprays. You don't need that many nasal sprays. Of course, this is an exaggerated example, but I hope that it still assisted with making my point clearer.
: https://imgur.com/a/l0FPTPc well, it is the email registered for this account that I log in to discord and the same account in the client and in this form. What is wrong? :( 2) https://imgur.com/a/zTqTo8D no permission to write in #EUW :( 3) verify command asks me to paste the number again and again (I have relogged to discord) - and i have pasted in the right place in the client and "saved"
So sorry this all took so long, I manually gave you the verified role on the server, so you now have access to all the channels and don't have to go through that verification process. About Discord telling you that your E-Mail is already registered, did you perhaps already create another Discord account using that same E-Mail before? You can't associate two Discord accounts to the same E-Mail, that's likely why you're getting that error. To recover your other account in case you don't remember its password anymore, you can head over to https://discordapp.com/login , type in the E-Mail you were trying to associate to your Discord account there and then click on the "forgot password". You'll get an E-Mail telling you the password to that account again. If that doesn't give you anything... then it may just be an error on Discords side, we have nothing to do with Discord. You'd need to submit a ticket to their Support: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Though it is not like you *need* to associate an E-Mail to your account. It's just beneficial.
: anyone knows when legends of runeterra goes live for everyone?
It goes "live" as in "fully released in the later part of 2020, but in 2 weeks, there will be another testing phase and early in 2020, the game will enter a closed beta. I think this roadmap should help a lot: https://images.contentstack.io/v3/assets/blta38dcaae86f2ef5c/blt6a486980f42fa6b8/5d9fa5dcf465290ff354b8df/Roadmap_Comp_v13_small.jpg You can find this and some more information on the Legends of Runeterra website by the way: https://playruneterra.com/en-us/news/lor-announce-faq
: Thanks for doing this! For an extra challenge, I have one more extremely hard question (which was first asked by Bioluminescence). I can't give out gifts, but if you can answer it, color me impressed. > In Piltover/Zaun, in approximately which cardinal direction (N,E,S,W) is the Techmaturgy tower, relative to Old Hungry?
Oh well since Marissa went for West I'm obliged to go with something else. North it is! ######Yes, we totally know the correct answer, we're not just taking random guesses Edit: Saw your reply to Marissa :( but after reading up a bit I guess I'm still going for North because I saw something about Old Hungry's shadow going past the Techmaturgy tower and Piltover/Zaun looks like the kinda place that's more on the northern half meaning shadows are cast more towards the north or something like that x)
: Custom Skins/Skin Changers
Yes, Riot can detect them, though whether or not you'll get punished upon using these programs is a difficult story. Riot does not promote the usage of these programs and it is possible that using them may lead to a suspension, however, they don't actively search for people using these programs and ban them systematically **on EU**. At the moment, they more or less just "tolerate" it (on EU). The story is yet again different for other servers, like the Turkish servers. On the Turkish servers, Riot is actively searching for people using such programs and banning them (the specific program is called "Mod Skin LoL" if I recall correctly). This is because a lot of people were using that program over there, leading to actual problems for Riot Games. However, Riot Games gave every player on the Turkish servers a heads-up before they started banning for the program. Right now, Riot has not yet said what their specific decision for EU is, just that they'll decide on it at some point (which could be in a few years for all we know). Anyways, after all of this long talk, what I basically want to say is that you may be fine using it (at the moment), but it *could potentially* lead to problems, or even Riot Games suspending your account at some point either in the near or far future. You can basically see it as a gray area. You're always on the saver side not using any 3rd party programs at all and sticking to the base game. ######Of course, there are also some legal problems with freely using skins that Riot created, but most likely, Riot won't ever sue you or anyone else for anything, so this is more about your account getting banned or not. In that way, you can compare it to using illegal downloads of games. Yes, they're a problem and yes, they're illegal in most countries, but no one will ever do anything about it.
Marissa (EUW)
: To keep the fools out! {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
Now you're making us sound mean, like we're intentionally doing this only to bully people :(
: What did you get as your legendary skin?
I got Nunu bot *laughs in robot*
: >No, we aren't no YOU arent >The only actual Rioters on these boards are those with red names so you ARE. Thanks for telling everyone who is downvoting me and telling me that im wrong, that THEY are wrong. I was never talking about green or red names at all. Let that be a lesson for all the naysayers
What? Declineds name is orange by the way, not red, in case you're confusing that. Wrenchmen aren't Rioters either. But I don't know what you're talking about anymore so x) ######Just for clarification purposes, this forum is largely run by us, "the green and orange people". You can believe me if you want to or just... not, but I'm pretty confident in knowing what my and our tasks are. Yes, Rioters can potentially help us out, but they usually don't, so you can be sure that almost any moderation action being taken on this board was taken by us.
: It literally says Riot engineer in their name... Those are riot people, not community people
No, we aren't. We indeed are normal community members and not employed by Riot Games in any way. We're just part of Riot Games' Volunteer program, and as a part of our "job", we moderate the boards. We don't get paid for anything and we're doing all of this in our free time ^_^ The only actual Rioters on these boards are those with red names (and/or a Riot in front of their name). The Player Supporters also have a yellow name.
: Someone who my wife`s ID hacked threatened to kill her
As Shamose pointed out, you can reach out to the Riot Support so they can look into it: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new I'm not exactly sure what you mean by ID, but in any case, if you're concerned for the safety of your wife due to that death threat as well, you can always file a report to your local police so they'll look into it (Riot will be legally required to assist the police in any way possible). Even if you reach out to Riot Games via a ticket, they may not contact the police or anything themselves, you'll need to do that (in case you are concerned in that regard). And yes, there have been cases where the police investigated people due to death threats, even over games like League of Legends (though I don't know if that was ever the case with the police in your country).
Galex (EUW)
: What a condescending fun guy. Glad we have you as an "Emissary" lmao got here from google, guy is saying why did riot remove the OBVIOUS FEATURE THAT EVERYONE HAS IN THEIR CLIENTS and you're like "since you can't really be able to use your eyes because you're soooo smart maybe i'll add a screenshot". What a great GUY you are, awesome job, keep "HELPING" everyone! Just wow.
The post wasn't explained in a fool-proof way, I misunderstood the OPs intention, I'm a fool, so to say. There *was* a lot of confusion about how the new client works. A lot of people *were* asking for how to relog because they didn't see that upon closing the client, you either get the option to log out or to exit. It's not like the OP overseeing something is far fetched. In any case, it's all cleared up now, so I don't really get why you're insulting me now. I can't help the OP in any way, I can't develop features for the client, all I can do at this point is leave the OP be and see if Riot thinks this is something they should work on. Unless there's a whole lot of complaints, that most probably won't be the case. In any case, thanks for your wholehearted feedback.
JustTits (EUNE)
: It wa extremely unlucky, but my 1/17/6 on-hit Shaco was unable to carry. Next up on the "next cool meta" is crit Anivia. Let's see. :)
Best of luck! I mean, I have the *slight* feeling that you're doing this solely to ruin the game for others and not because you actually want to win and have fun, but oh well, that's your choice. You'll just have to keep in mind that the first is punishable, the second not. It's not your actions that either make your behavior okay or not, it's your *intentions*, your *thoughts* that do. Obviously, it's not easy for Riot Games to detect your intentions, but they're doing their best I guess.
JustTits (EUNE)
: I just can't wait to try and win with all of my unconvential offmeta builds on different champions. Obviously for maximum gameplay experience, I will 100% play those only in ranked. After all, there is nothing wrong with this :)
There really is nothing wrong with it. If your builds are that bad, you'll just lose a few games and your MMR will drop till at some point you'll play with and against people with whom your unconventional build will somehow work out, due to them being *that* bad. For all the other players, it's just one game they lose and then they will never have to see you again. Losing that *one game* won't keep them from climbing to their challenger rank or whatever, if they deserve to climb that is. Statistically seen, you're not "keeping players (in general) from climbing" anyways, not because they only lose one game due to you, but you're actually *helping players climb*, because there are 4 teammates on your side who may lose that match, but there are 5 enemies who'll win the match and climb due to it. In the end, more people win due to you than they lose due to you. All of that is of course assuming that you really are bad with your tactic, which no one can really say. Maybe it's the next cool new meta or whatever and it'll be really op, or at least decent.
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