: Ok, what would you suggest? The leaver buster already gives players a low priority queue before escalating to 14 day and then perma bans. What more do you want?
Lowering LP loses, in contrary to the leaver, assuming he rage quit, and didnt just dissconect duo to pc crashes or internet issues, because its out of the player's control, on the other hand, a player who rage quit should be dealt with by losing more lp than the rest of his team (they get reduced losage, say they shouldhave lost 17, then now theyll lose 10,11,12,13 because a 4v5/3v5 isnt something you will not win, alteast most of the times). so yea i suggest doing some adjustments to lp gain and lp loss based on what ive listen above. this would help immeansly with the game leavers, players wil have to think twice before they leave a game. (also leaverbuster apllies to dodges not dcs in game, and bans are too harsh on players who have done this once or twice, they should be dealt to players who regularly rage quit).
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: > this challange is not offical, so dont have high hopes to get unbanned after finishing it You mean have 0 hope. Once you get the tyler1 special, you never see the acc again, unless riot frogged up something at their end, regarding the ban. You have multiple chat bans, a 14 day timeout and then the permanent vacation, I call it the "I can't f@#k it up 4 times in a row challenge". In my honest opinion, if somebody gets to a point that the said account goes perma bye-bye, it should be a wake up call to reconsider one's life choices, and never touch the game again, since they are not needed in this community. We deal with a huge toxicity problem anyway. LVL100 for the casual player is 300 days or more, I don't need walking timebombs who commit for playing 1 more year after clearly not fitting riot's "baseline" for what's acceptable behavior (and the line is pretty low). Sadly we have to acknowledge that there are a lot of shitty people in the world, I'm not saying that 100% of the permabans issued were given to shitty people, maybe 1% of them are "unfair" altho I don't see how to be honest....there are so SOOO many "second chances" in the system...you have to be a genuinely shitty person or at least toxic, to lose your acc. HOWEVER, no matter what I typed here, everyone has the right, unless rito forbids them, to create a new acc and try again, I just ask you, if you got punished a couple of times, before typing that KY$ in the chat, or wishing someone's family incurable diseases, just alt+F4 buddy, we don't need to see that shit. Also if you're a preteen, hiding behind internet anonymity, know that words have power, and they can hurt from thousands of miles away, Sometimes I'd prefer getting slapped in the mouth rather than a 12 y/o ranting about my mother. Sorry for the tone, and the long post, it's a bit hard being a gamer almost in my 30s seeing all this shit done by people half my age, seeing how the future generations are turning out. With kind regards, A daily active player, who hasn't been punished since SEASON 1
I will not expand on my opinion but, for some people its not 4 times, and for some people it takes the 14 day and the perm ban (or the whole four) to realize they are a "shitty person", meaning their toxic and need to change. lvl 100 is alot of grinding thats right, but it shows how much passion the player has for the game, and how much time he can dedicate from his day to leveling up in the game, and making progress. and did i mention in the 1000th time that were a community, a COMMUNITY, that tries to help you as you progress through the challange, not caring about how much time is left for you to hit level 100 and honor level 5, were here for the players who want to reform. now lastly regarding the "0 HOPE" matter, we will see how it goes, you cant just judge something if you didnt go through it, what if the challange will have a high success rate? what if it helps reform players to the point they know they woulnd know to no flame anymore, and will know what they will be coming for them when they do, so that they will play acording to the game rules riot set. we are proposing something here, you know what, we aren't, the challange is up and going, and it exists, and there are 20+ people taking on it now, with feedback from the players themselves. WE admit to our mistakes and ban, no one thats running the challange will serch our profile up, and see that were banned, let alone have that information about us. if we fail the challange, we retake it, even with a slight cooldown in- between both challanges. now thannks for the advice but first, in not a preteen, im a teen, second, riot made up the rules and if youre 13, that means you can play the game, meaning even the youngest of teens and the oldest of teens can flame you, toxicity doesnt have a name, language, or race, meaning someone talking s**t bout your family will get punished for it. lastly, i get it, youngsters are rude and arent controling their mouths these days, nothing you can do bout it, plus you were doing that too when you were a teen, not to say it was comparable to today, but you did. dont lie. everybody does. anyways have a good day, and if youre willing to come help us, being a support member, youll help alot, this is your chance to correct the community, including youngsters that you dont like seeing. please do consider being a support member, you'd really help, as i can see that you really want to make a change in the community of league, or the gaming community as a whole, even if youll help that little amount of people, you'd fulfill your intentions of correcting (atleast a portion) the community. btw: this is my EUW current account and sheep1X is my banned EUNE account.

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