: solo carry still possible?
Only possible when one has way higher skill than their current rating, like it always was. <.<
Treycos (EUW)
: Oh, it will REPLACE a key frags drop ? Really ?
Aye, but as Honour Capsules include at least 2 Fragments it's not liek it loses anything. ;)
Treycos (EUW)
: You won't last long, seeing her lore
I don't know if they changed it, but I don't see why that would be from her old lore. .-. As long as I don't annoy her all is gud. ^^
Treycos (EUW)
: > I'm mostly into Snowday Syndra ಠ‿ಠ
I'd snuggle her whole day, she looks so fluffy. :3
Shiwah (EUW)
: Justicar looks pretty sick as well.
I'm mostly into Snowday Syndra, but haven't had a acloser look on SKT or SG.
: in that case, we should leave it for 1 LP only
Well, but then it's really just the same for having 98LP, you are only 1 LP of promo for all that matters. :/
Truewarlock (EUNE)
: Unpopular opinion: I don't like Star Guardian skins
I love the SG skin line for the same reason I liked Arcarde skins, colours. \o/ I still want an Ezreal skin I like though, but I think no changed Q particles stand up to how it looks in classic. :/
: That shit is actually genius! Man, I respect them for that innovation. Although it admittedly feels bad af for the enemy.
It just isn't all that good for actually winning I feel like. :/
C9 LynX (EUNE)
: I need help
{{champion:34}} If I had to name a single strongest (and likely hardest to use spell) it's her W. :/ But for soemthing easier to pick up {{champion:161}} can reach a nice ceiling too.
Treycos (EUW)
: Ezreal is gay, that doesn't count
I'd be less tempted to hate everyone who says that if you could only provide any sort of cannon reasoning for it. v.v
PlutlN (EUNE)
: Why don't i get the honor Capsules when i have hit lvl 4?
When someone is honour level of 3 or higher every key fragment drop they get has a small chance to instead be honour capsules. It's not something people will get upon reaching the level, but instead simply is something to have it be mroe rewarding long term for higher honour levels.
: Im about to quit League, this is unacceptable!
Shuddup and stay in your room. .-.=
Voldymort (EUNE)
: that's because bronze players make the most drama out of it, in case you didn't notice
Don't silvers mostly do that? .-. I kinda assume it will simply come down to the amount of players in a certain league, and a similar percentage complaining for every tier. x3
krisz2010 (EUNE)
: EULCS Group B
I think game differantial goes first. If you go [here](https://eu.lolesports.com/en/league/eu-lcs) you can find this: https://puu.sh/xbqJq/e020898aab.png So they aren't considered tied as H2K has a better game differential.
IvanBrony (EUNE)
: ( ͡°╭╮ʖ ͡°)
Imma be sads if it's anything I'd actualyl want, because I don't think I'll get very far in terms of honour. <.<
IvanBrony (EUNE)
: End of season honor rewards
Fine then no icon for you. :p
Wa5abi65 (EUW)
: I see posts saying "I can't climb because of my team" from Bronze, Silver, Gold & Plat players ALL the time.
You only see less of Diamond players because there are less Dia players overall. :^)
Voldymort (EUNE)
: just because you don't like the "mantra", it doesn't make it any less true :)
Not that it's not true, but it is very missleading when mentioning it in conjucture with Bronze rather than every elo it applies to. .-. (Nvm, you said 'only', now I call it missleading! .-.=)
: Stop the Knock up bullshit !!!
> Furthermore , the knock up is the only cc that can't be reduced by tenacity . I feel like that's exactly why it's so nice to work with. .-. I so far onyl got Lux as example, but if her root lasts 2 secs or less when they got tenacity makes a world of differance. Bet I can add this to the reasons why Lux will never be decent competitively. <.<
Mada (EUW)
: I for one welcome our robotic overlords
Why do I just have to wonder about the potential AI could have in educational systems... <.< Then again, most science starts out as fun thing. x3
: Good job Riot on the Star Guardian skins (not really)
I think she has 9 iirc. And I don't get why Taliyah needs a skin... Given, the Ice one is just ugly, but classic is all I could ever wish for. .-.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: They kinda go hand in hand, if assassin are strong, tanks are the best option to deal with them.
And if tanks are strong, anything to reliably kill the enemy backline has potential too. (As I still feel like that's just the way to win against tankcombs.)
: Why does riot constantly want assassins to be dominant?
I personally think that recent lethality changes where mainly aimed at assassins being viable for starters, as they barely were before. And after some compensation nerfs I feel like they are in a good spot, finally viable but only work in certain matchups.
: But she doesn't give as much healing
Invunerability removes the need for healing I'd say. x3 But I haven't done much with that strat nor Kayle, so I'm jsut running through some ideas. x3
: Kayle and yi boost
Just play Kayle as a Hypercarry instead of as Support and you have something only slightly weaker while freeing up a whole championslot for your team. With only Yi you quickly get in a 'single threat' teamcomp when your ADC isn't ahead. And I personally consider such combs to be horrendously weak, even mroe so in a soloQ enviroment. At least that's my experience with that strat so far. :/
xAnterias (EUNE)
: Why play Xerath when you can play Lux?
Why play either when you can play Ziggs?
: i think i may not get new quests ...
There are 2 free mission lines, they end with having to play a game with Veigar or Blitzcrank in it respectevly. Beyond that there are 3 more mission lines and daily mission one can purchase with RP if they desire. I suspect that people simply didn't get to finish their free missions yet though. It really all matter how active one is. :/
: What do I need to do to get lucky with teams? What's the secret?
You just have to think you always get the good teammates. It's a half full or half empty typa thing, whatever you see it as is what you get. ^^
: Critical + lethality or critical damage?
When fullbuild, crit is always better for AA based champions. (Or GP) Lethality is better in earlygame before about 3 items. Let alone that it's obviosuyl better on champions who's damage mainly consists of spells that cannot crit. (Then again, I never would recommend crit runes. <.<)
munraker (EUW)
: Since Riot hired Ghostcrawler there has never been balance Season 3 and 4 were almost perfect
Meanwhile the past few months felt incredibly balanced to me. About every role has a decent amount of impact and lots of different playstyles are viable.
GPet (EUW)
: Well, I haven't touched it for some years sooo my whole opinion basically ends at 'not worth my time'. :p
I stand corrected. It's actualyl pretty ncie to grind out those mission thingies, as gametimes are short and you don't need to focus on anthing, means it allow for watching a stream or so.
Solash (EUW)
: When people complain about stuff being too strong in URF
Rito pliz, Yasuo barely benefits from URF mechanix!!!
: No, just a key fragment.
Oh. .-. Welp, still more than none. :p
: I still have 40 tickets, what now?
Doing the free lines you'll get 200 tickets think. And even so if you only end up with 40, that's one free Key. \*shrug*
: I'm really enjoying URF this year...
Well, I haven't touched it for some years sooo my whole opinion basically ends at 'not worth my time'. :p
Vonyalo (EUW)
: Daily reminder
Last time I checked no platting helped against cancer though... Nor is lethality spreading. :/
: Would a story mode work in League? Share thoughts and opinions.
Not using LoL as engine/gamemechanics. If anything it could work in a completely seperate game. (I love what Blizzard did with Warcraft Lore in that regard, it also makes lore feel completely different.) But I got a feeling that's not something Riot has much, if any, priority on. x3
: Respectable . But griefing will still remain griefing . I cannot say it was a bad idea , because it was really smart , but it's still abuse of game mechanics .
Well, building Duskblade was called abuse of something too some while ago. Basically we can call it whatever we want, creative use of gamemechanics, griefing, tryharding or being an ass. Hence why I call it Philosophy. x3 The higher court (Riot in this case) has decided that it was more their faulth than it was the players'. So the most objective definition we have leaves them as innocent in this scenario I'd say.
: MMR and placements game question.
Your true MMR value is hidden to all but Riot, same for the true formular used to calculate it. 3rd party services like op.gg simply use their own formular with which they try to estimate it. While I wouldn't call out 3rd parties to not even be a close estimate, they indeed can vary, especially with low sample sizes. However, if you really have an MMR corresponding towards Platinum and are matched for that level I can promise you that you won't struggle climbing out of it at all. Riot has systems in place to fix large discrepencies between division and MMR. The only way to find out will be to play more. ^^
: To end the "5 ascension premade problem"
I usually don't bother with such things as I never leave them with a good feeling, but here we go with my take: Riot made a design oversight in ascension if they didn't want to allow this tactic. Quite a few ways to fix it come to my mind, even though all have some downsides I don't think that was the problem, it most likely was just the not accounting for something like this. (No matter how much you want to demand of any group of people, mistakes just happen sometimes. It having been this long to actually matter shows how 'hidden' it was.) I highly assume the bans issued where done so by the automated system. Likely such a strategy was likely never considered when that system was created, let alone did Riot intent for such a start to ever exist. I could guess it was some combination of their objectively bad KDA, very low damage dealt, and some potential reports fo the enemy team. So as soon as this problem arose Riot went to check on those bans. (As they generally do when issues arise.) They decided that the bans were injust, while looking for ways to stop this strat in future use. -------------- All I can read from this case is that Riot made a mistake, which they admitted and partly corrected and partly will correct (to their best abilities). The matter of people using this objectively looked down upon strat is something we could philosophise about. Liking cold analitics I would credit them for figuring it out, but in my head it doesn't seem all that strong when the enemy plays focused on wining too. But who's to say if they are right or wrong when those are subjective positions to take. This is what makes Philosophy interesting and boring at the same time. ^^
: Good job man! I got a good advice from a high elo Rioter lately, he told me "pick one champion for ranked and play only that. Once you get so comfortable that it's almost boring that's when you start climbing. When you feel about playing something else, go normal, go aram, but stick with your champion in ranked." It's working for me, I'm getting out of bronze in solo :)
If you choose the right champ they shouldn't get boring though. :c
munraker (EUW)
: Still asleep? :)
Sleep must be the greatest thing humanity has come across. \*snuggle spillow*
: Yeah I would burst her, if I was Lux, but I am Xerath, that's how he works, I throw one Q at a time to slowly get the enemy to low hp and ult him. The only way to burst someone is by landing my E, but since she was farming with her Q mostly, going out in the open in hopes of landing my E on a fast moving Karma (because of her E) would be suicide, or at least it would be asking for a bad trade.
They don't hit her and focus on wavecontrol till you outscale her. .-. If you lane vs Galio or Ahri etc you won't get damage to stick on them either. <.<
: >Well... the ToU do kinda state that Riot owns every account and can do with them whatever they wants. :x Yes, and my wallet kinda states, that I own my own money, and don't have to give it to a company if I lose trust in their willingness to treat my investment according to rules I can predict :D So you know...its kinda like a give&take kind of thing ;-) >potential loopholes The fact of the matter however, is that there was no loophole involved in this. * The players DID try to win the game with their strategy, which, according to Meddler (link to interview is on the reddit post) is the prerequisite to determine wheter or not a creative way to play is allowed. * All the players on their team were in on it, so no one was pforced to play along a strategy hes not comfortable with * The players did neither abuse a bug, nor some kind of glitch that would break the game logic. So there really was no loophole. They did something that is absurd and not amusing to their opponents, that much is true...but that's not punishable. Offtank TrinityForce Yasuo was crazily OP and frustrating as hell to play against. In fact the situation was so bad, that Riot was forced to change TrinityForce (removing crit) to solve it. But playing it was not a reason to punish people.
> The fact of the matter however, is that there was no loophole involved in this. Dis why they got unbanned. I was more refering to the general idea of that ToU part, as I do like technicalities. (Also, going offtopic, GPet stuff and all that.)
Treycos (EUW)
: There's one thing I want to know though Did they get banned because a rioter though their way of playing wasn't right? Or did they get ban automatically from feeding (as their ban message suggest) ?
I'd highly assume automatically. I'm not sure if there is even any manual banning anymore. (Apart from checking on their automated system at times.)
BillWithIt (EUNE)
: Giving Underplayed/Forgotten Champions a Skin or Two.
> Conclusion? Riot abuses skins on more popular champions to make money. Aye. But that's no secret, I'm sure it even says they are a company somwhere. Edit: It's not like we wouldn't want to have more skins, but I for one like thinking analytical, and why should they really do a skin that turns less profit than another skin they could make? <.<
: >How should this not be bannable? Because there is not a single rule, not in the ToS nor the summoners code, that says it is. If you have a banning system, that can cause people to lose an investment of time and money, then you better make sure it works on predictable, stringent rules. Because if it doesn't, you will lose the trust of your customers quickly. ------ Look, I agree with you that their tactic was annoying as hell. And I would not like to be on the receiving end of it. But that's not what this is about. This is about Riot banning people, who did not violate ANY rule.
Well... the ToU do kinda state that Riot owns every account and can do with them whatever they wants. :x This in the first place is exists exactly for behavior that does escape the rules but Riot would still feel like they need to punish. <.< It's not a morally sound solution, but from what I've heard it is a very common solution for online companies to keep potential loopholes closed. (And I can't deny that it seems effective.)
: >From all I can remember people would always use whatever arguments they can draw from. That's kinda how discussions work I've learned. Yes, but they used to use ARGUMENTS in the first place. Nowadays, its just whine, emotions, "getting triggered" and trying to appeal to the dumb mass for upvotes / downvotes. Welcome in the "Age of Trump"
I dunz like Age of Trump if that's what it's supposed to be, so imma just stick to what I like. \*wraps you into blanket sushi and rolls into fluffy corner for cuddles* \o/
Cooler39140 (EUNE)
: Preparation for Solo Queue
It's the same game, not much reason to be afraid. ;) Don't see ranked as something you play to climb. Simply take it as the same thing with a different mentality. While normals are for the joy one has by just rolling around in the game, ranked is generally more considered to be for the joy one has in tryharding and aiming to perform their best (or improve beyond it).
: Also, lets not forget that the community here on the boards is more and more transforming into a cesspool of whiney children, who will defend Riots absurdest positions when they think it helps them to "win" an rgument, and condemn Riot to darkest hell when they think it does not. I miss the good old days, when we had civilized discussions...
From all I can remember people would always use whatever arguments they can draw from. That's kinda how discussions work I've learned. And it really depends for what type of discussions you are looking for I suppose, I personally only remember the old days having lotsa more off-topic stuff, but I might be responsible for that myself. ^^'
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