Cus you see him coming, and he doesn't use burst.... I guess. x3
Coreil (EUW)
: people like me tired of the report for everything one writes in chat and bans. why you think it is reffering 2 you...why u even write not 2 ur pertinance so just go away. yes we, those that agree with me. as if yould lose something from having it just make it so u need 2 enable 1st... noone uses chat anyway unless that meaningless gg endgame.
As there was no 'we' specified I wasn't able to tell whether you'd refer to friends of yours, the community as a whole, or some more specific part of it. As for why I write is that about all the changes I've seen so far in LoL, voicechat would be the only one I feel negative towards. As people like being vocal about what upsets them I thought I'd give that a try.
: Forgotten champs and twisted treeline
There are different teams working on new champions and on reworking older ones,so Riot isn't focusing on new champs more than reworks. (Let alone that the amount of champions released has decreased a looot in recent times.) As for TT, I personally believe the map is mostly fine, it's just that so little people are invested in it that there just is no meta established, and noone knows what to do like on SR. (I know there actually is a TT meta which gets use, but it's just nothing compared to the SR one.)
: What with ragequit you ask ? It's December my friend School holidays= increased number of ragequits ,toxicity in game and that EZ at the end of game with 6k damage and score for 2/16 if they managed to win somehow.
Wait, which schools already have holidays? <.< The countries I know of still have school going up to December 23th.
Coreil (EUW)
: we want voice chat
And here is a good example for needing a 'we' that does clearly not include the reader. Unless you are just being inconsiderate and assuming what I want without reason. ._.
Leptyx (EUW)
: How often do you want Zoe banned ?
The only reaosnw hy I wouldn't wanna play against her ina serious setting is that I got little to no practice against her, but so far I actually feel pretty good palying against her, as her skills are so easiely punishable. x3
: > [{quoted}](name=GPet,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=7i4FjKhl,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-12-10T21:09:53.817+0000) > > Leathality doesn&#x27;t counter armor stacking, it counters people who don&#x27;t buy any armor. > > In that regard it is used to punish people itemizing purely offensively, while % armor penetration is used to counter armor stacking. > > The reason why is the diminishing returns on armor. I can go into more detail if you wish, but basically going from 0 to 30 armor will make you take a around 30% less damage than before, but going from 100 to 130 will only reduce your damage taken by like 5-10%. > This means if you reduce the armor of a high armor target (130) by 30, you&#x27;ll experience a smaller damage increase than if you reduce a low armor target to 0. > Basically the less armor the target haas, the higher lethality encreases damage. I get that. However, why do we need this stat? It isn't needed (assassins already have high amounts of damage) and it just means that squishy targets are literally deleted. We need a proper stat to deal with tanks, not one that deletes carries.
It does give assassins something they actually want to build, so that's a something. I also feel like that without lethality just 1 small armor item may render assassins useless if it weren't for them having lethality. I know that armor counters lethality, but it sorta creates this armsrace to match armor vs lethality, while if it didn't exist a bit of armor wouldn't be hrut by % penetration, while decreasing their damage to a noticable amount. Anti tank items do exist, but the stat itself used to kill tanks (alongside armor pen) is likely crit for reaching high dps numbers. (Or of course any of the DPS mages use AP and Void Staff)
Shukr4n (EUW)
: i need to shout a noob question but , since i am a returning to play player from 2 years of aram/featured/draft i have to ask: UNIQUE attribute is no longer a "u build this itema dn get this stat on this only" anymore? because i carefully read that all lethality in all items are UNIQUE. or i forgot the right word that do that trait?
As mentioned by others Unique means that you get this stat only once *from the same item*. Buying two different items it won't matter whether effects are unique or not. The exception to this are named Uniques: as example there is 'spellblade' on sheen, Triforce, Iceborn gauntlet and Lich bane. When you buy 2 of those items you'll only get the unique effect from one.
: Why do we have lethality?
Leathality doesn't counter armor stacking, it counters people who don't buy any armor. In that regard it is used to punish people itemizing purely offensively, while % armor penetration is used to counter armor stacking. The reason why is the diminishing returns on armor. I can go into more detail if you wish, but basically going from 0 to 30 armor will make you take a around 30% less damage than before, but going from 100 to 130 will only reduce your damage taken by like 5-10%. This means if you reduce the armor of a high armor target (130) by 30, you'll experience a smaller damage increase than if you reduce a low armor target to 0. Basically the less armor the target haas, the higher lethality encreases damage.
Coxis (EUNE)
: I'm pretty sure we've played a game or two together. :P But anyway, the question isn't limited to the in-game experience. you can always share outside experiences. :D
Stop depressing me by showing that people remember me. T-T Then they at least should remember the time I was a decent person and ignore the last 1.5ish years. <.<
Coxis (EUNE)
: too late G. :P at least I remember you and always will. ^.^
Not from ingame though. And (apart from Herring who I meet suspiciously often ingame,) I rarely have boards relate to the game itself. :p
Coxis (EUNE)
: Hey guys, here's a question for all of ya
> Why would a teammate remember you? What are you usually doing in your games that you think makes you rememberable [is that even a word? x.X] Going 0/3 in most lanings. > What do you think you should be doing to be remembered by your teammates? How about your enemies? Nothing, I don't want to be remembered. > How would you like to be remembered by both teammates and enemies? Not.
Arnoter (EUW)
: So, what is the fastest way to level now ?
In terms of being worth your time, SR and winning. TT Bots actually has reduced XP gains, so it doesn't seem worth it, even though I don't know at which point it breaks even.
: Looking for a Champion to Onetrick
Taliyah or Aurelion can start snowballing the whole map pretty early on (while also having a fair deal of lane pressure), without relying on the meh part of always having to go for kills like assassins.
elin990 (EUW)
: Whats your opinion on Kayle?
I personally should in theory love playing her,but never end up liking her much ingame. <.< She's one of the more oddball champions nowadays, but does well enough in terms of being a hypercarry from either mid or top. I wouldn't recommend her as support though, as she'll never have the income to abuse how strong her E gets.
: What is the least toxic and most committed/chilled ELO with the least afkers?
Smerk (EUW)
: With randoms it would make sense to make it opt-in, but for premades it shouldn't be that big of a deal
Every established premade group will already have some form of voicecoms though, and I personally don't see myself switching to Leagues's voicecoms in that case. I'll rather jus tbe annoyed of having to turn it off every game... (that's a worst case scenario, but we often don't have functions that are more general than game specific. v.v) For me it's simply a case of only wanting(/accepting) voicechat in league if I never ever have to bother with it, which seemed to be the case when they annitionally announced it (opt in), but apperantly not. :(
Solash (EUW)
: Voice chat is finally coming to League [For premades]
Even if it's just premades... why make it opt out rather than opt in? v.v
: Choose one champ that relates to your personality... Who?
RIP old Lux... I guess Zoe could now get close, but haven't spent enough time with her to tell yet. Taliyah might just be the better fit when thinking about it. :o
: Weird, I always seem to land in MLG games :/
I don't play on low level accs though, but just go for normals instead. Might be that low levels don't use the distinction between ranked and normal as they only have access to normals anyway.
: An idea that will make everyone leave League of Legends! :)
That means I couldn't play Quinn mid anymore, even though I consider it her best position?
: Can LoL even be played casually these days?
I (almost) only have been playing casually the last half year without any problems. .-.
: My point is lol is like gambling..hell it is gambling. Will feeders be in my or other team? Yesss I know 1/4 chances of feeder/afk in my team , 1/5 in opponent. But add in DC , bad day/play , games throwed by teammate etc. Even jf you dont get all that its incredibly slow and stressfull climb
If it's really like gambling for the feeder everyone who plays more should climb mroe though. (at least with the odds I usually hear off)
: THIS is what is wrong with LOL
> Lets say you are in silver 3. Your real skill is lets say GOLD 2-3. Play some games and you'll climb. I can't really follow the rest of your thread though. :s Of course noone can carry 1v10, it's a 5v5 game after all, usually noone can consistantly carry 5v5 either. That's just not how this game works. <.<
Rismosch (EUW)
: Yeah I saw that too after he said it's Thresh. I though that was a 3rd arm or something. I mean it reminds me of that thing: https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/a/a5/706Goodra_Dream.png/250px-706Goodra_Dream.png Goodra from Pokémon X and Y.
\*hugs* :3 (2nd) best pokiman.
: I have a friends list but im not even sure when half these people added me or who they are sometimes they invite me but im scared of them if i could give them to you I would
Sounds like ya needa do some spring cleaning. .-.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Solitair. I play it for hours without getting bored. I play it with real cards though, it's more satisfying that way :3
: Does any of you know about a better game? Need advice :)
I hardly play other games, but whenever I fell out of league I spend a month in WoW and enjoyed it, else some minecraft or if specifically bored just jumping through browser games. x3 If I'd need something more consistant I'd likely be looking into the likes of heartstone.
: what do you guys do when you need inspiration?
For me it's mostly just a matter of starting tasks, once absorbed I can spend 6 hours on it without any sign of a thought that kept me from just starting it. (Creative things just the same as anything else.) If you mean insperation in terms of not knowing what to do, give yourself 5 minutes for some brainstorming, then pick which you enjoy most about out of the ideas you had. How to actually translate it into whatever work you need to do is something you decide after, likely by spending some time reasearching at first.
: S+ On Leo, but no chest, what gives?
You are only able to gain 1 chest on each champion per season. So if you've earned a chest with Leo this season (7) you aren't able to get another one from her. You can check which champions you arened a chest on in your 'collection' tab.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Which abilities take priority?
If you already started dashing, the pull will cancel your movement and pull you. If the pull hits during casttime, you will be pulled, but dash afterwards.
Fleedling (EUW)
: It's a temporary Mobility Range Extender! But yeh, I do understand that it is not a proper blind/dash, but is is mobility nontheless. Highly telegraphed version of Leblanc's dash! ^^ It's the fact that Zoi moves which makes it different. She is not just amping the range of her abilities.
I know, it's worse than a range extender cus she can be hit more easiely. :c I'm never sure about how it really works, but whenever I try to think off anything you can do with it mobility wise it just doesn't really work out. :( (Well, picking up spells maybe. x3) It can be used to delay some damage once enemies get onto you though, so that's sorta dodgin.
Fleedling (EUW)
: Zoe's ult is a great utility tool. I know that might be hard to grasp since it isn't just a blunt damage dealer. - It gives her great repositioning - It can be used to avoid skill shots - It can be used for a dive _and_ an escape tool in the same instance - It helps her utilise her "Paddle Star" ability more effectively as it allows her to extend the range of the projectile. This is due to the fact that she can only redirect the star (from anywhere it is) to a point that is near her current position. The whole point of Zoe's ultimate is to keep her in motion. Keep her always on the move while being hard to pin down. Her ultimate allows her to reposition for better sniping angles. It allows her to extend her Paddle Star. She can catch fleeing targets on an extended range. She can dive into danger and escape at the same time. She can poke with her auto-attack and escape retaliation.
You seem to confuse it with a mobility spell though. :/ It's mostly just a range extension.
Rismosch (EUW)
: LOL All those answer get better every time xd
It's tru though, elo hell and heaven both are a mindset thang. You are in whatever you consider yourself to be in.
: How can I play this game on easy mode?
By not convincing yourself you're on hard mode. \*yawns*
Rismosch (EUW)
: Apperently, when the game is too short you get no XP. I checked out the players who already are above level 100, and they all have a game length of roughly above 8 minutes, every single game. my last 2 games were below that, so no Xp for me :( But I still had a game that went 9 minutes and I calculate the rate for it: RATE = (451 - 400 - 6,6) / 561 ≈ 0,08 Well, this obviously tells us that the XP gain for TT is lower than for SR. I also assume the base value is different. Since we used a fixed value to determine the rate, the rate also is false. But since we have data now, we can do more math. Let's do following: The formular to calculate XP is **linear**. This means we can determine both rate and base value by creating a graph. I plot the data we just have calculated (X=TIME,Y=XP) and use it to read off both rate and base value. The base value is the number that the graph intersects with the Y-axis. The rate is the gradient of the graph. Let's take a look: https://imgur.com/zep8SKV The gradient of the graph, which is our rate, can be calculated like this (I take a bit more accurate numbers this time. I will round them more roughly later.): Δy/Δx = ΔXP/ΔTime = (61 - 41) / (676 - 433) ≈ 0,0823 Since we know the rate now, we can calculate the base value too: XP = TIME \* 0,0823 + BASE VALUE => BASE VALUE = XP - TIME \* 0,0823 We plot in one of our data points: BASE VALUE = 61 - 676 \* 0,0823 = 61 - 55,6348 = 5,3652 So now the real formular to calculate your XP if you win is the following: > **XP = TIME \* 0,08 + 5,4** --- So now that we the formulas for both TT and SR, let's do some final calcualtions. I did some research and according to [this](https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/rankings/game-durations) source the average time of an SR game is around 27:35. I took the average of all ELOs from the Draft Ranked Flex graph. Because of powrfarming, you play 8 minutes TT botgames. Since you wont finish exactly at 8 minutes, and because of queuetime, chamselect and such, let's say all of that takes 9 minutes. This means playing ~3,06 TT games takes roughly as long as 1 SR game. ( (27 \* 60 +35) / (9 \* 60) ≈ 3,06 ) You will win all 3 TT games: TTxp = (540 \* 0,08 + 5,4 ) \*3,06 ≈ 149 XP You win 50% of your SR games, so we calculate this: SRxp = ((1655 \* 0,11 + 6,6) + (1655 \* 0,09 + 5,33)) \* 0,5 ≈ 171 XP Let's say you have a 0% winrate in SR: SRxp= 1655 \* 0,09 + 5,33 ≈ 154 XP --- Okay, the result should be pretty clear. #You get more XP from Summoers RIft than from Twisted Treeline Honestly, I didn't expected this result, but here it is. The difference is actually bigger than I expected. But I guess people powerfarm in TT, because they think it is better. Here we have actual proof that it is not xd Maybe people think it is better, because you play more games and win all of them; SR games are long and you can lose. But as my calculations showed, even if you have a 0% winrate, you gain more XP by playing SR than if you would play TT. But on the other hand, in TT botgames you don't have to face real people. No one flames. it feels good to win all the time. So even if the XP gain is worse, maybe it's better for your psyche than if you played nonstop SR :P I think I should make an extra post for this...
TT in general or just bot games? :o
Rismosch (EUW)
: Your numbers are actually pretty large. I assume you have an XP Boost? Considering the XP I usually get for games played just as lone, it seems an XP boost today **quadruples** your XP. So I just divide your XP gained by 4 for the following calculations. XP = TIME \* RATE + 6,6 => RATE = (XP - 6,6) / TIME Zoe RATE = (400 / 4 - 6,6) / 794 ≈ 0,12 Tristana RATE = (461 / 4 - 6,6) / 676 ≈ 0,16 Ziggs RATTE = (441 / 4 - 6,6) / 433 ≈ 0,23 Because of round-off errors the different results were espected. But the result was not exactly what I was expecting. ~~The data I took in my previous comment might be outdated. As you can see the data is from 17th November 2017. And between this day and today, the preseason changes happened. So the rate and the base value could have changed most likely.~~ (EDIT: Nah, the changes happened before. My bad :P) For further calculations I will take my own data. I will continue to use the base value 6,6, and I will only consider the wins I had, because losses most likely use dieffernt values all together. I also didn't consider games with the FWotD bonus. I took my last 5 wins. I expect that I will have simmelar results for the rate like you. ARAM Urgot: RATE = (108 - 6,6) / 918 ≈ 0,11 ARAM Karthus: RATE = (144 - 6,6) / 1252 ≈ 0,11 ARAM Taric: RATE = (126 - 6,6) / 1088 ≈ 0,11 ARAM Caitlyn (seems I didn't got XP for that game? weird) Normal Draft Zoe: RATE = (243 - 6,6) / 2150 ≈ 0,11 Okay, so from that it seems the numbers DID NOT change. So I have 2 theories: 1. In botgames the XP is calculated differently 2. The XP boost is more complicated than just multiply by some number 3. Or maybe even both of the above I need more data regarding this, so I will quickly play some TT botgames. I will update my comment or respond to you when I am finished,
No, I have no XP boost, but as mentioned all of them have First win bonus. :p Weird is just that the Zoe one doesn't seem to have given me any XP for the game itself. :/ -------- Tristana RATE = (461 -400 - 6,6) / 676 ≈ 0,08 Ziggs RATTE = (441 -400 - 6,6) / 433 ≈ 0,08
Rismosch (EUW)
: I see you played a TT botgame as Zoe, one with Tristana and one with Ziggs. May I ask, what was your XP gained in those games? So we can calculate if these numbers are true? :3
https://puu.sh/yxYcQ/7f49c9c900.jpg https://puu.sh/yxYd0/bc27fd8264.jpg I'm not sure what heppened with the Zoe game, but you can calculate with the other 2. x3 Ofc all of them have the Fwotd bonus, but that's just flat 400 XP.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Seems I was wrong. I just googled and everything I found just said you get twice as much as you would normally would. The boost multiplies your gained XP just by 2. But still, the base value is important. The shorter the game, the more significant it is. > The following formulas are for experience gained from Summoner's Rift as of November 17, 2017: > > TIME: the total number of seconds elapsed in a game (e.g. 15:49 => 949 seconds). > > If the game is won: > Experience Gained = (TIME × 0.11 + 6.6) (rounded to nearest integer) > > If the game is lost: > Experience Gained = (TIME × 0.09 + 5.33) (rounded to nearest integer) [Source](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Experience_(summoner)) Let's calculate a bit. Let's say for a TT game you need 5 minutes, that means one game takes 50 \* 60 = 300 seconds. Since the game is most likely won due to it being a botgame, we have this: XP = TIME \* 0,11 + 6,6 = 300 \* 0,11 + 6,6 = 33 + 6,6 = 39,6 ≈ 40 XP One SR botgame takes 15 minutes, so 900 seconds. It also will be a win: XP = TIME \* 0,11 + 6,6 = 900 \* 0,11 + 6,6 = 99 + 6,6 = 105,6 ≈ 106 XP Since we can play 3 TT games in the span of just one SR game, we can simply multiply the XP we gain from one TT game with 3: 40 \* 3 = 120 XP And as you can see, 120 XP > 106 XP. If you grind in TT you get more XP, due to shorter games. The difference is minimal, but if you play alot, and by that I mean ALOT of games, this small difference becomes bigger and bigger until it is noticeably significant. On top of that, a boost doubles the complete XP gained, so it doubles the basevalue too. This all makes powerfarming in TT so much better than in SR.
But bot games don't seem to give the 0.11 multiplier whenever I play them. :c
Rismosch (EUW)
: Yeah, you get XP per minute. But there is also a base number of XP you will get guaranteed. And this base number is very significant if you play very short games. ~~Also another point that is brought up, XP Boosts reward a flat value per game. If you can get it more often, you get more XP overall.~~
XP bosts are flat? :o When I used a 1-day boost it seemed to just double my XP gained from each game. I'm not sure about the 4-win boost though. :/ Edit: if the wiki is updated on it, it says there is a base XP gained... but it's smaller than the XP you gain for 1 minute of gameplay. <.< I'd have to do some more maths to find the breakeven point between that and queuetimes, but it does feel to me that it will be pretty early on. :/
Smerk (EUW)
: With double XP boosts that is the fastest way if you can win games just above minimum time
My last 2 games on TT beginner bots are: 11:16 - 461XP 7:13 - 441XP Obviously both with first win, so we can take both -400 XP. That then leaves me with getting 61/11:16 = 5.4ish and 41/7:13 = 5.6ish XP per minute. While some other games of mine recently: ARAM Win 12:55 - 92XP \_\_\_ 7ish XP per minute Draft Win 25:45 - 177XP \_\_\_ 6.8ish XP per minute Draft Loss 23:53 - 134XP \_\_\_ 5.6ish XP Per minute ARAM Loss 13:44 - 80XP \_\_\_ 5.8ish XP per minute Draft Loss 31:51 - 177XP \_\_\_ 5.5ish XP per minute Of course this is a small samplesize, but XP gains seem to follow this general pattern. And for that it's reather easy to see that, as soon as one wins (in PvP) they get a fair bit more XP than in losses or Bot games. Adding to that that there doesn't really seem to be a baseline of XP, playing longer games seems more worth it due to not wasting time in queue. <.< Then again, this is just some homebrew maths without any research. \*shrug*
Rismosch (EUW)
: You get less XP yes, but the games are waaayyy shorter. They need around 5 minutes for one game. A typical botgame on SR ends around 15-20 minutes. So they can play 3-4 TT games in the same time of just one SR game. You get a little less XP in TT per game, but since you play 3-4 times as many games, you actually gain more XP overall.
but don't you gain XP per minute of gametime? So a game being shorter wouldn't matter, as with a game twice as long you'd get the same xp. (Actually you'd get more with the game twice as long, as you only have 1 queuetime.) Haven't looked into it all too much, but I've never seen anything an indication that therfe would be an additional base amount of xp awarded per game. <.<
Foxynerdy (EUW)
: Power leveling in TT bots is bannable?
I still don't get why one would level in TT... it feels like you get less xp there. <.<
Smerk (EUW)
: It's pretty much impossible to make system that will objectively measure how well any player did in this game
Good thing that ranked focuses more on consistancy than singular game performance, no? ^^ And consistant performance is easiely meassured. :3
MC Sona (EUW)
: Honestly, what's the point of playing Blind Pick right now?
Q times are fast, pick phase is fast... and I encounter way less people that bother me (in one way or another) than I do in draft normals. <.<
: Is it really though? I have around 100+armor and I still see a kha zix one shoting me A Leona in my team had 350+armor and with her w and the keystone she had more than 500 and lethality champs brought her down
Countering something doesn't auto-win against it. (At least not ever since QSS got changed a while back.)
: Armor penetration vs Lethality
% Armor penetration is countered by getting tanky through other means (HP). Leathality is countered by getting armor. The differance is that Lethality scales with level, so 20 lethality only reduce the armor by 20 at level 18, any lower levels it will reduce it by less.
Rismosch (EUW)
: > I don't see why you'd suddenly be put off-role. <.< It happens to me quite often actually. I queue up as mid/fill and many times I get mid. Usually when someone dodges I still get mid, but more often than not it throws me to support. I don't mind it, but I can see why people don't like it.
But then you didn't get the same lobby. :o If you get a new lobby it'll just be the same chance as if the other one never happened. I had queues where I get autofilled the first, my secondary the next, and primary in the 3rd lobby, but the past one being dodged doesn't really influence the role I get. (I could make some assumptions about it being more likely to get the same again due to same queue population, or that human brains want to see algorithms where none are, or even that there is a higher chance of someone dodging when you got a more contested role, but I'm sorta tired so I'll leave this as food for though for who cares. x3)
Krubaver (EUW)
: can you improve matchmaking pls?
It'll give you the same peeps that are in your enemy team, so just embrace the fact you than play with 5 mates and 4 enemies. x3 Unless you also help the enemy team more than your own. .-.=
: Same lobby after dodge
If it's likely to be the same lobby, you'll like get the same role as before. I don't see why you'd suddenly be put off-role. <.< As for the ban thing... in normals people tend to not care enough, in ranked one has to have a bigger pool anyway if they expect to go somewhere. :s
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