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: Theoretically it is up to you... since I BET if you go into an IRON/BRONZE rank game, you would have no problem winning the game, no matter what the jgl does or bot or whatever, so.. that's the theory. However :D I'm in the same boat as you, I demoted from Plat 1 to plat 4... in a matter of 2 or 3 days ( i do play a lot of games tho ), I just feel so helpless... if you look at my game history it's a fking mess, i don't even tilt anymore, i see jgl comming to gank, i try to tell him not to... since I allready know how it's gonna end, either he feeds top, either he takes the kill, either he pushes my lane for no reason, leaving me pushed and i die 30 sec later, it's.... other times, i just look how i lose a game beacause bot or mid or jgl are feeding... or ppl go afk... or some jgl just troll me... I was beeing pushed in a turret by a darius, there was a fight on river jgl vs jgl, and because i was pushed i couldn't help him, but darius could go there... then jgl says to me " i had priority, and didn;t help him".... i just... :D wtf... he learned a new word to say, but no clue what it ment... So, I got no tactics to teach you, i`m hardstuck plat for 3 seasons, couldn't figgure a way to get out, i even started to dodge games, i`m just looking at jgl before game, if they didn't win last 2 games with decent score, i dodge... dosen't do anything, dodge dosen't help also... so i guess, i have to be about diamond 3 skill to get out of plat, probably.
Yeah its like being in same level as your league isn't enough. If you want to climb you have to be better 3-4 times better or you can't. Its sad that everyone is having the same problem {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: Why do players think that the game is about them and not a teamgame?
I think its about humanity. Not only in this game everyone think themselvse{{sticker:cass-cry}}
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