Mala Dvojka (EUNE)
: Lol I will try, although I hate to lose :D thanks
Ethically it's a bit out of order as the poor sods that happen to find themselves in game with you on the fall game end up getting trolled, you run the risk of reports etc I never went down that route, I just tried to tolerate those game where RIOT decided I was winning too much, and finished up at Plat 1. {{item:3634}} Anyway, good luck whatever you decide.
Mangekyu (EUW)
: Jhin a viable ban? Or am I just tilting?
{{champion:254}} {{summoner:4}} {{item:3078}}
Mala Dvojka (EUNE)
: Is it just me?
I remember a friend of mine telling me something back in season 4, he was diamond and climbing and I was Gold. I was experiencing something similar to what you're described. His advice was after a four or five winning streak, throw a game badly. Lose really hard. Apparently what this done is apply something of of a buffer to your MMR so you don't end up having to carry those that are performing badly.
Freyrz (EUNE)
: You can only buy a limited amount of the same runes (3 for quints, 9 for seal, mark and glyphs ) Also the AP / lvl rune is a waste of IP. Ask what you should buy first before wasting your IP
Marks: Magic Pen Seals: Scaling Health Glyphs: Scaling AP Quints: Flat AP
6MeterkukXD (EUNE)
: Sum Tips?
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ZaxarYT (EUW)
: What is the hardest champ? (in ur opinion)
Top:{{champion:92}} Jungle: {{champion:35}} Mid: {{champion:61}} (to play well) Bot:{{champion:67}} (highest skill cap) Support: {{champion:412}}
: Secondary lane (ADC main)
I always go ADC/FILL but I used to add support as my secondary, I'd still usually get AD. It also meant that I was a total boss in the bottom lane. I fill because I've played this game for years and I can play all roles.
realKano23 (EUNE)
: can anyone please spectate my games and tell me what im doing wrong?
Add me and I'll spectate a game to give you some feedback.
Titor (EUW)
: When you start losing over 10 times because of matchmaking
You may be right, but it doesn't change the question. What can I do to win?
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Khalids95 (EUNE)
Check your CPU usage through task manager. Look for spikes. CPU can be be caused by a number of things and it is it's own problem entirely! I'm not sure how the recent patch could be affecting your FPS but it sounds like they're spiking to me. :D - Ctrl-Alt-Del > Task Manager > Performance. - Watch the graph for spikes. If it's spiking at least you'll have identified the problem. I had this issue with a laptop and it turned out that I needed to replace the battery.
: Weird Bug
What about the in game lags? :S
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