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: Primary role some kind of joke?
Im a top/supp player. In normal drafts I got top 75 % of the times, supp 20 % and fill 5 %. I liked that a lot. Now I get supp 80 % and top 20 % (top being my primary role ofc). I dont like that one bit. If I q for top/mid I always get top but it takes more then 5 minutes to find a q which I dont agree with. This whole system is fucked up and I wish theyd just revert it....
Svempe007 (EUNE)
: >And there is something riot can do - make it so you get your primary role at least 50% of the time.
That is the key to the Problem I think. Im fine supporting on a regular Basis but even I switched to top/mid over top/supp or top/fill. I prefer to Play top over Support and thats why I want to maximize my chances to Play top. Support is my second most favourite role. But I cant be assed to Play Support every damn time, I want to farm and match myself 1on1 too. I want to Play dedicated fulltanks that can tank the entire Team if Things go well and get 170+ cs in 20 minutes. As a result I am about to quit LoL for the time being, Im not waiting more then 5 minutes to get into champ select only to have it dodged. I was really hyped for DQ, but this is worse then TB. TB I never had any Problems with other then wanting to draft instead. So Normal Draft it was for me and tbf, Normal Draft worked extremely well IMO. I got top 75 % of the games, 20 % of the games I was Support and 5 % fill. No rage, no complaints. Q times of 2 minutes. Why did they remove that?
pro7otype (EUW)
: [Fixes to Dynamic Queue]
Yeah pretty pissed right now aswell. Support is my second favourite role but Id be damned if Im willing to Play it every single game. At least give me normal draft back, I was fine with getting my main role in 80 % of the games, Play Support in 15 % of the games and fill in 5 % of the games....
Réach (EUW)
: had enuf of your bullshlt que system
Funny, I main top and only get Support. Sometimes ADC. Sick System here....Who tested this I wonder?
: Hiding Spoilers
Cant hide spoilers either and its a massive turndown for me. When I know the result it takes all the excitement from the match away and I might aswell not watch it for I know the end anyways. Im not reading the last pages of a book I want to read first either. Please restore the hide spoilers option! And please also hide the teams currents W/L when I have hide spoilers on! EDIT: There is a way to watch the games spoiler free: Go on youtube and omit the lolesports page. Kinda defeats the deal of having such a page but well.


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