: Yes, and at least Gentleman Cho has a new voice over. Take Annie in Wonderland: that's a legendary skin as well, but it's just an alternative model. No voice over, no visual effects, no recall animation... just like a 750 RP skin, in my opinion. The only good thing about this is that i found it as a shard and could disenchant it for quite a lot orange essence
(Might even be less than 750 RP)
: Another whining thread opened in a section where it does not belong so that it can't be downvoted. Which is more than enough to understand its value. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
It's not a post about her whining. It's about the truth about riot, that we all should accept. This post also encourge people to quit LoL. You can call it whining, but you are currently whining about them whining. So Honestly there's no right or wrong here. Just some guy pointing out unnecessary stuff.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >Can we aggre on that Riot Games is one of the worst gaming companies ever? my question is: then why is it still on the top? why do they make so much money with a free to play game? how come we dont see it dieing? why is it still growing? if they really that bad how come everything they touch in LoL brings ppl in? >game design and mechanics, as well as balance team does nothing that deserves respect. did you play the old game? season 3-4? if not there are a few videos from FrostPrime that worth watching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRr3ruN97nU&list=PLFqJtwf00m5PHnh0kzDP-eAG8zLlCZaz9 after you watched those tell me where do the balance team fails >Rune changes, no one liked it, yet its being forced on us. dont assume that if you dont like a thing the majority will agree with you... >Skins coming for same champions every year, other champs are literally forgotten. their only income from the game are skins, and with the amount of free skins they give away with hextech crafting they have to make something that brings in money, so there is no point making a skin on a champ that is picked in less than a percent of the games >Player community has 0 impact on anything or has no options to decide the things that we will have to experience in upcoming patches. 80% of the stuff they are doing were asked by the community... they wanted to remove itemsets with the new client, but ppl complained so much that they added it, there were no plans on a skin tab in client, but ppl asked it for so long they made one, ppl complained about the price of the runes so they made them free, they asked the community which skin should they make for illaoi, the recent aram changes were made because the community asked for it, and a lot of other stuff, so dont tell me the community have 0 impact on the game >Everything is creatod to make a "meta" and to be a potential "pro tool" in the future Pro Tournaments. the meta was created by the players in the early seasons, and since then riot is making changes to certain roles/champs to shift the meta so the game does not get boring, as for everything geared towards the pro scene its a good thing really, at least they are not shaping the game on the ideas of a bronze 5 yasuo who flames the team because his windwall does not block tower shots >They began to ignore the casual playerbase, and started forusing on pros only. Everything revolves around them from that pont now. the events (vs events, the murder bridge etc), hextech crafting, honor lvling, unlimited lvling is all helping/focused on casual players and not on pros >The game takes unexpected turns every patch, if you take a break for one week youll have to learn everything again when you come back. if you play daily you know the issues with certain changes, and the only way to fix those is to take an unexpected turn >We are being judged by Programs and Systems that doesnt know the meaning of true justice. All the power they give us, players, is the Report tool. We are expected to suffer for 20+ minutes and not say a word. We are expected to be friendly to people that know nothing but hate. you are being judged by programs because its literally impossible to monitor every game by humans, the whole human population wouldnt be enough to watch all the replays... the report tool is learning from the players, but since ppl report every little mistake it have a hard time catching real trolls, because it does not know what does trolling mean. and finally you dont have to be friendly to ppl who flame/troll, all you have to do is IGNORE them and report after the game. >We are expected to believe that anything works fine. you are expected to report any bugs/issues or help identifying them so it can be fixed faster, telling riot that stuff is not working and they should fix it faster wont help at all >Bugs and game breaking issues have never been so frequent and crucial in previous seasons. I dont think I have ever seen 4+ issue going on at the same time. Every patch/event brings at least 3 type of bug issue that ruins games. Rankeds disabled, missions dont progress, server issues, connection issues, end-game issues and many other problems. they are frequent because the game changes and they always add something new, the other problem is the playerbase, with this much players interacting with others a million ways in itself could cause a lot of problems, btw dont bring the connection problems here, i dont even remember when was the last time the server was offline for a longer period of time >This game needs a complete rebuilding. Burn down everything from season 5 or 4. No Runes Reforged, no "role nerfs" no "hyper hybrid" champions, no "game changing" renovations, no item removals, no element removals. Leave all the champions though, but restart the whole thing from like season 1-2. Go back to the REAL Rift. Make us REAL summoners again. Make this game a game again. The only way this would be possible is to forget this all. League of Legends 2. This is what we need. if you have problems with the game or the direction it is heading then why are you still here? this is what i cant understand, if you hate this game so much then why do you want to change it? there are tons of other similar games out there. if i dont like a game i just leave, because i cant be bothered clinging to something that doesnt grant me joy anymore
I would like to argue with you a whole lot cause most of your point ain't making sense at all. But I will just downvote you and upvote the main post. :) Sorry
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Brokenhz (EUW)
: lux got buff other patches too.I dunno why you need to focus on her instead of champions that need attention. She is doing fine buff her more and you will see her getting ban a lot.
Cause she been quite weak compared to every other mage, also got balance issues. They want to make her easier to Balance within these patches without making her into the spotlight nor making her useless. If these E nerfs came without the Q buffs it would likely put her in an even worse state than before the first 3 buffs she got. It's neither a horrible act, since all other mages are in a good spot. Exception of those with massive balance issues, ex Ryze. As we all know he will likely by one of those a minor rework... Again... Same goes for Kennen and Fiddlesticks. Edit: Btw, Fiddlesticks has gotten 5 nerfs in row since the season started.. But no one complained on that cause they were minor. Just like these Lux buffs.
V31751 (EUW)
: Yi's Q
Sure, it's a pretty unfair ability. But It's his "Only" offensive ability. His E and Ult is just stat boosts... So I think it's fine. Also it's a pretty fine ability to the theme of "Samurai" which he is meant to represent. Someone who moves like the wins and attack targets without them able to see you. That's exactly how Samurai's main attack are like. Fast and deadly, but high risk and after he used the ability he is defense less and free target. Unlike Yasuo's E... Idk even know where's Yasuo's E concept comes from... It's not a Samurai move to headbutt someone and just passes right through them.. Makes no sense at all... (Also sorry if I spelled Yasou wrong)
Brokenhz (EUW)
: i got d3 with lux s7..on eune .Why would you keep buffing her.She got safe early amazing mid lategame and her ult cd is insane.
That's the entire reason she is still good... Buffing her already good sides doesn't change her weaker sides. If you give Yi 10 more AD he won't be better in early game, he would just have a slightly better chance of staying in the game if he get invaded. Same goes for lux,
Brokenhz (EUW)
: not really...lux she is fine even without this buffs.Why would you keep buffing her..There are other champions that need attention not lux.
And why is she fine with these "buffs"? Have you played her rapidly? Do you know her issues and strength? Also these buffs are very minor, it is not that they are gonna impact her gameplay in any possible way. I suspect that they are simply doing this to balance her out for the upcoming mage reworks that is going to happen this summer.
: It's actually quite a large object, and has an immense missile speed. I have about an 80% hit rate with it, most of those are even mid-to-longe-range. you are only unable to attack for at max 2.5 seconds, and having a mass fear for 1.5 seconds, alogn with the immediate removal of an enemy is definitely worth it. It can only effectively be used as a gap closer when the target is already below 50% health or so, as the slow scales from 25% to 75% depending on the health percentage of the target.
Maybe large hit rate in low elo. In my elo everytime I see an Urgot who uses his ult at distance for trying to get a cheap kill. I just casually dodge without much effort and there's a 120 sec ult gone without much impact at all. Same goes for people who play Lux and just ult randomly, seeing it coming its super easy to dodge it without getting hit. In lower elo I can understand that people use his ult like that, since they have no idea what they are doing in the first place. Edit: It has also a 0.5 animation cast timer, it's super easy to see it coming. 2nd Edit: The Slow scale depending on the HP of the user, yes. But If you hit him at 100% hp it will slow by 25%. But if you take him down to 50% during that period of time the slow goes up to 75%. Similar how Nasus's Wither works, but on a burst champion. You can see how useful it is if you use it directly instead of greed play. In higher elo this is the only way people use it.
: Getting up from honour level 0 is almost impossibly hard
Well. It's not impossible. It just that achieving ranks in your honor is just really hard to begin with. I think riot said something about that it took 3 month for an average player to reach next honor rank. I played every day since this season started for ex and I only got to the first check point. At the end of this year I will probobly have reached rank 3 checkpoint 2. While I agree that it's way to hard for people who barely every get honors (me, ex) It's not impossible.
: Why Does Urgot's Ultimate Not Kill Enemies?
I never use urgot's ult to kill with anyway. It's way to easy to dodge unless you start with it in a fight there's no real reason to use it. Or do you excpect being unable to attack for 3 sec and the give out a fear for 1 sec will help you? Honestly the 2nd cast of Urgot's ult is extremely useless and should be avoided. Use it as a cap closer instead.
: Omg.. No comment. Daily? even Riot stated that its max 3 keys per week Lol Dude.. Are you high?
I'm not lying... I gain 1 key fragment every morning when I wake up. Maybe they stated that you can only het 3 honors per week through games, but Im talking about you gain key fragments through honors. And there's no limit of how many key fragments you will get through honors.
DarkMoon222 (EUNE)
: This needs to stop
Well. Next patch her E will achieve a huge nerf... The missle speed nerf and AoE is nothing to laugh at. Sure her damage goes up and sustain get's raised... But having her overall utility reduced is hardly a buff. If she catch someone with her Q, they deserve to die. That's how it always been and will always be. So giving her more DMG is seriously understandable after some champions destroying her in lane already. I play Zilean, and whenever I am up against a Lux. She struggles more that a rat being chased by a lion. So this buff is highly needed, now she can actually have a chance of killing me if she uses her E as a slow instead of a damage tool.
Gutch (EUW)
: 14 Day suspension for playing Rakan mid..
At least they solved this issue ^_^ I don't understand some of the comments of this post doe... What's the problem that a guy got banned for 0 reason? What's the flaw in the system about that? It probobly mean he got reported for inting by the players so much that he got banned for it. There's no flaw in that. It would be a flaw if he went 0/20/0 and intentionally feeding and not getting banned. The reason riot also fixed this means how much they care for their mistakes. Stop complaining on that this system is flawed, it works better than intended, it works so well even people who tries new things gets banned. What's wrong about that? None at all since they can be fixed. Do rather want a system that works too well, or a system that works not at all? There's only one answer. This community... Talks before thinking, classic toxic community.
: Key fragments
If you gain least 1 honor each day, you will get fragments daily
Xêm (EUW)
: > >go 0/10/0 as support > >still useful because bullshit shields > >??????????????????????? > >profit with free LP
if a janna support is behind on gold and xp theres likely chance the adc will suffer hard also 10 deaths must mean someone else has 10 kills, which is huge,
: I'll hope I dont get too much downvote for posting this but I kinda understand why do NA casters not like EU fans or the EU region as a whole. I'm from NA and I always get really sourprised by how much do EU fans hate NA while they justify it with the argument that "we are racist %%%*** etc" and that "we started this thing first". I can see EU fans hating NA not only in EU vs NA games, but also in the NA LCS, the EU LCS, in european twitch lol streams, in european YouTube channels, ingame (things like the NA flash for example), in any single lol league that includes a north american or european team, even in the EU casting (Vedius for example can't stop dropping hints to North America), and it is not only in how many places I can see this kind of hate, but also the quantity of it. It's just terrifying, way but WAY much more (I mean I would not be exagerating if I'd say 20 times more) hate from EU to NA than from NA to EU. In chats where people should be cheering the team that is playing or criticizing the loosing team but people literally starts comparing their playstyle to NA instead and posting "NA LUL's". And if you even try to reply one of those guys.. oh god.. if you even dare to do so.. prepare for a massive amount of "NA fan mad LUL's" and "Salty NA fan LUL's". As you can imagine, if only a guy says these kind of things it affects nobody. But if the quantity of hate reaches this level, as a north american you just can't be OK with it, you just can't NOT hate EU fans or at least be mad at them. This behavior has not only affected NA fans, but also players and casters, and because of that, it is normal that you see this reflected on some NA casters comments. I hope you guys can see my point in this.
Nah, I don't think we were the one starting it. I think the first one who started it were the Caster phreak who did mass amount of puns that sent the EU esport community into salt, he roasted the hell out of us back in season 2-3. And it was rather harsh puns too, some NA casters even wanted to kick him out and some points. After that EU started to roast back at NA and NA didn't take long before they did the same to EU. But... The one who started the whole "who's better" arguement was NA's community constantly saying "NA>EU" too long... When I watch twitch chat that statement comes up 24/7 by NA players, while EU>NA rarely appears. The amount of toxic behavior in NA is also been raising by 50% since season 3 (there's a post somewhere it shows) while EU toxicity goes down every year by around 5%. NA casters lately has been spoiling our esport also lately cause we are getting a new system with "finally EU will get rivals and harsh opinion sent at each other". THAT'S A BAD THING, NA! I never liked the way NA did things, but their way of taking a bunch of salt trucks and spreading them around EU is probobly the most annoying things they can do...
: how long have you been playing? Like this particular account. Because I see you're level 30 which means you didn't play a lot of games this season. Honor doesn't grow as fast as in 2017 season now. Now you have to constantly behave well and in a month or two you should get to honor 3. I've been playing this season since it started and still have honor 3. I think I got it in february, which is over a month of playing. I see a lot of honor 3s. In this season, I saw a honor 4 flair in loading screen once. Just once. So I assume that the most honourable players have just got honor 4 recently. Didn't see a honor 5 this season yet. So, keep the good work you say you're doing and one day you'll get the reward. It is not about the way you play, so long as you don't work against your team. You gain honor by playing those irritating one-shot assassins too. It is only about how you behave. > The best judge to your behavior is yourself No, no, no! So fkin wrong! Please dude, educate yourself on a psychological term called _cognitive dissonance_ . It is something in (probably) everybody's mind that makes us shift the blame to others, view ourselves as the ones to be doing right etc. Hitler, Stalin, Kim Ir Sen also thought they were good people. Were they the best judges of their own behavior?
I been played fro 7 years, 6-7 games every day since this season started. This is 2nd account, no reason for you to look into my personal info. You gain more honor one-shotting people than die-trying to help others. That's how this community works. also There's no judges for their behavior. They are probobly completely understanding their behavior... And in my book there's nothing wrong with it.. Hitler knew that for him to gain power he needed sacrifice and the biggest way of doing that is blaming those who were already wrong. If you read books you always hear the villian explaining exactly what you think of them already. Their acts is completely their owns and no one else. But if we compare that with a daily hero who saves the day they usually refers themselves as "enough kind to help" instead of saying "I'ma a hero and I like to be selfish when it comes to spotlight". That's how the world works, heroes think of themselves and what's best thing to do, Villians think of everyone else while having an understanding of what they are doing. You know people who play Yi usually comes extremely angry when they start feeding so their response to their bahvior is "I don't care if I get 14 days banned, I want to troll and you can't stop me". Usually happens 70% of the time. But if you ask a tank player like myself you won't get that response, you will get "If I'm feeding, I will do my best to try to help my teammates survive" cause tank players can't afk farm, they can't feed hard, they can't killsteal very well. Tanks are pretty much only good for one thing and it's taking endless amount of damage and controlling a target. I seen tilted players go like "wth Nautlius why did you throw your life away???" Nautlius player usually doesn't have an answer and very well knows that he is completely at fault no matter what excuse he makes. There's no better judge than yourself. My parents even judge me as a selfless kind soul who does nothing but sitting infront of the computer. While I believe I am a Selfless devil who protects the once in need and don't think of my own life's safety. My parents thinks I am no diffreant from themselves cause they know themselves as much as I do myself. No one can judge the way you are, not even the love of your life.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: It isn't for you to be the judge if you're honourable or friendly, it's the system And seeing as you're the lowest honour that means you've been punished, so either the system is lying or you are {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I mean Im still honor 2... which is tecninally the lowest a normal player can get. and what I mean is that I fight fair. No one-shoting assassins, no super OP abilities. Just straight out Frontline who even flashes to take a Urgot ult that leads to my death instead of having it land on a teammate. And I am very much the judge if Im friendly or not. If anyone would judge they would say "probobly you are toxic" like you just did without having a reason. The best judge to your behavior is yourself. Many of my friends say their bahvior is meme and cancer. Which is without doubt their own statement. The System has also banned people for no reason before, it's very rare it happens but according to the rioters it can happen 2-3 times a year.
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Leptyx (EUW)
: Zoe in ARAM : Poro toss spell
Last time I played Zoe on aram, directly after she came out. I picked up the snowball/poro spell. Used it. Was unable to use the 2nd spell but I got another active effect for pressing W twice.
wowlukas (EUNE)
: Lovely thing that randomly happens that makes me happy
WC9 Umbra (EUW)
: Skill difference plat 3 to dia 5
Between diamond 5 and Plat 1 there's a hug diffreance. But between plat 2 and plat 1 there's 0. Plat 3 players are usually stuck. I know within plat you are meant to be the better player. But within diamond you have to be the better teamplayer, since your own skill is as good as pretty much everyone else.
: The hextech crafting rental button: truly useless?
My idea for the rental thing is that you can press the rent button. But instead of removing the shard all together you cannot press it a 2nd time and if you do this the rent will last for 3 days and after 3 days have gone it the shard disappears any you gain 25% of the essence you would have gotten if you dismantled it instead. During the rent, you are able to buy the shard whenever you want, but that's the only thing you can do.
Rockified (EUNE)
: sorry yasuo mains
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: If you have 2-3 crit adc's/champions, randuin is perfect. Any other scenario indeed
You don't buy items cause of theirs stats... You buy them for their meaning. If you buy Randuin into a Yasuo you will get 0 use out of anything but the reduced crit damage...
: Is it true that the supports always get honored?
Yes, most of the time Supports do get honors. Unless it's a support who does background work and not a lot of highlight reals. Thresh mains already reached Honor 5 this year due to their high impact early and their crazy highlights that they can do. While someone like Zilean or Bruam doesn't even get a honor for doing everything perfect. I have become Zilean main quite lately and I have maybe gotten 2-3 tilt-proof honors through 60 games cause my teammates doesn't like that I ult a certain person over them, or dislike that I can't ult during it's cooldown. ^_^ I am quite a lonely loser apparently
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: atleast I'd have more reason to build randuin early rather than countering his scaling:D
Randium's early is a horrible option... {{item:3800}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3025}} is way better items to build first.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: But then he would lose IE's passive. I'm not sure if it's worth it for him.
well. getting Trinity force instead of EI has been a better option for quite a while for most people. Before trinity force had CDR it had 20% crit. back in time yasuo players rather built that than EI
: Will we get a crit rune?
So you want a 40% yasuo crit without him in need of building crit? Intresting idea
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Normally they're forced to change their name upon first offense. Should they again at some point change their name to something offensive, I believe bans are issued.
Rioter Comments
: Champion Sexualization
I wonder if he counted Zoe as sexualized female... If so, he has some fetish for Younger adults. Also most 18+ related is around Jinx and Graves... Idk why but those 2 characters always achieved to most love posts..
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: It's not reaction time, it's all about predicting stuff. You imagine what Leblanc or whatever you're facing could do, how you would counter those attempts and you just keep all those mental notes in your mind during your whole game(or only at specific situations). You also keep in mind the range at which she can start executing her combo or you can base it on what range they did it in previous attempts. When an enemy gets close to those ranges you intensify your focus. People often seem to think that in video games it's all about crazy reaction time, but it's wrong, it's all just small chess matches, even in fighting games. Small note, reaction time still matters, but I feel like people often overvalue it thinking like that's all there is to it.
I already know multiple levels of predictions. It's responding to them that is the problem. I can see 1,5 seconds ahead before things happen. But that's not a problem. The problem that I need to understand the situation. Think like this, I'm playing a Tank in top against a Riven. She wasted her Q for zoning and has 6 secs CD, in the time I must go forward get the CS I am able to get and when her CDs are back up I must understand which path and where Riven is going to end up. Usually I get this about 80% of the time and survive due to calculations. But those 20% of the time, is usually a response you cannot predict too. This is what one can call "RNG tactic" tactic that the user goes over their heads and do the unpredictable thing. You often see this in pro play also known as "Madlife prediction" it's the same thing. For ex, going back to the tank play. You calculate that the Riven won't attack cause of her CD, but even if her cds are down, she still goes in and tries to kill you. Even if you has the advantage as a she will probobly still deny you minions cause she is going to fight you, unless you fight back. But Usually there's minions where the opponent is and you know even if you have abilities and she doesn't if she goes in, you need to immediately back off cause if she can delay you for just 4 seconds. She will always have the advantage, even if she's 20% lower HP than you are. And that's the risk for both cases. The RNG tactic usually triggers panic and makes reaction time even slower cause of you being much more focused. You never know when a jungler is going to show up in solo que and the RNG tactic will always just drag out a flash or a kill cause you have no idea why the enemy would go agressive. There's a way to counter this doe, If you ward properly and knowing that you have the advantage also calculate exactly the amount of time you could spend CSing. But no one is perfect so no one can do this 100% of the time. I can only do it 20% of the time. And those 20% of the time are based around reaction. Faker used to be a perfect player where he was able to see 5 seconds ahead before they happen which made him position himself just perfectly but after his loss at worlds that prediction has gone down to only 2 seconds. Making him do faults and prediction faults he was able to prevent before. Reaction is necessary. Perfect prediction only is given to talented people. And I am not talented.
: You could get your eyes checked just in case tho, ask them test your peripheral sight as well, usually they'll have u stare into a sort of isolated screen and give you a controller and you have to press it whenever you see dots of light.
Sadly I don't afford a doctor.
: Yeah, gotta visit Urgot again sometime to improve that R timing... ... To be honest I'm having a bit trouble with keeping my Hextech Chest counter at 0, since I've been running out of viable toplaners. OCD doesn't allow me play things I like, until I clear that counter. Anyway... Poking with Q is relatively easy since Yas has some casting time on Q's and E's distance gets quite predictable after a while. EDIT. Nevermind the chest thing, got Irelia and Garen today. Was pretty drunk on power... Still feeling guilty for ksing jungler with Bladesurge once. Sorry Pantheon. I had issues with patience that game, we still got triple S that game though, what a nice Janna I had during my killing spree.
Me and my play mate made a promise some weeks ago, having to get least 3 champions from each role to mastery 5, and they must be the lowest rank. It is very easy to get a chest that way while also learning champions you are probobly having problems with since you can't play them yourself. It's a really effective way of gaining experience. For ex, playing tank helps you understand the basics of CC, playing adc the basic of CSing and kiting, support the basics of giving your life for your team and increase of warding and last but not least midlane/jungle to increase your ways of roaming abilities. And ontop of that you will get flamed a lot, so getting experience from flamers to reduce your tilt meter by a large amount. This also gets you Hextech chests for all those champions since it's guarantied that you will get S atleast once. ^_^
: My first ever game against players ... went pretty much how you'd expect :l
Welcome to the game of smurf players :D Smurfs = High Experienced Veteran players who play against Beginners to feel superior by doing evil deeds.
: But they can't beat me! While they were partying, I studied the blade! ... Actually multiple ones {{champion:39}}... :P But honestly... Statistics may say otherwise, but I feek confident against Yasuos top while playing Urgot. They feel oddly pleasant to grind with R... I still have to bait windwall, but it's fine, they usually fall for it.
Urgot players never use your Ult from a distance unless they know 100% they will get a kill (I am mastery 7 on him) Usually I Q to poke until a yasuo comits in fighting instead of taking more poke than he wants. At the moment a Yasuo commits, a suicide attempt begins. Either they kill the Urgot though getting a gank or outdamaging juking him. But that's impossible with a 70% slow on them from the start of the fight. Did you know Urgot's ult Slows the target by an amount depending on the target's HP? If an Urgot use the ult the first thing the do and combo it with a E>Q>W It's a insta kill no matter who it is. Yasuo Players can't run back and through the windwall due the large amount of slows and already after the E>Q Yasuo's HP is on 30% meaning The slow from the ult has increased by double the amount it started with. After that it's just waiting for a flash or a kill from auto's. usually You never get to use the 2nd point of Urgot's ult in a Yasuo duel. But It's always guaranties a won trade. I asked a Yasuo player before how this matchup is to him, and they always either call Urgot an OP champion or they say the have beat them 100% of the time with some magical force that they refuse to explain.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: EUW forum EUW account tell me how
.... I don't understand what you mean. I am just saying soccer to make everyone understand... There are not only EUW players on this forum you know.
Sorwidir (EUW)
: [EUW] Platinum 2 / Main Jungle / Looking for a DuoQ
How about a gold 4? will it work :D Plays supportive tanks in top only. Focuses only to survive then help team as much as possible. Has 30% more tilt proof honors than average players.
: Have you ever...?
I swear the only reason why Yasuo players are having good games is cause their luck is superior to every other player. Like why would you otherwise wanna play a champion that is not good at anything but suicides?
Shukr4n (EUW)
: i feel offended by your being EUW using "soccer" term. if u cant understand my sentence GL HF then
Why offended by saying Soccer? If you say soccer everyone understands what you mean. If you say "football" there's going to be asking "do me you rugby or soccer?"
: The cool thing as a support if you are loosing a fight you can just walk in the direction of the enemy while pinging your adc to run. Trust me!!! Enemies will run after you like dogs after a bone. I play support a lot and this never fails as in solo q people just want kills. Works on any champion.
Yup Yup. exception of when Your adc think You re-engaging and follows you to fight a 2vs5 with 10% hp
Shukr4n (EUW)
: Be young Play osu Do some kind of goalkeeper training
: 1) Don't be slow. 2) Don't be slow. 3) Keep playing the game, in the end, you start to react better to things since you register them quicker. Not much else.
I played 4-7 games every day since season 2. Also horrible adivce
: I have the same problem. Maybe it's because of my bad micro, I automatically got better at macro, but I accepted my disability. That's why I like to play binary champions like Garen and Udyr and try playing the macro game. Unfortunately for me Riot is slowly making micro more important amd are turning everything into skill shots.
Yup, same thing here. I try to avoid as many skill-shot based champions as possible.
: How about sight? Do you see it coming but simply aren't able to react?
at the first death. I got when I was up against the Leblanc, It took her 2 sec for me to kill me at level 3. since she got reverted I didn't except her damage since he old but when I did notice it it was to late for me to even flash or use barrier. The last 2 games I had I also been playing against LB and those I saw them coming. Things I can't see coming is a invis rengar who 2-shot me. It's impossible to react too in middle of a teamfight
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=GamingSimon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bcE9AL6f,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-04-22T10:32:20.183+0000) > > Sadly can't do. None of the supports that exists beside Bruam is and actual Guardian. Pretty much every support except Shen, Zilean, Nunu, Ivern, Bruam are Playmakers. 3 > There exist very few champions that their job is to give up their life to keep people safe. > > {{champion:111}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:4}} Are all champions that give their life for their team and none of these champions are as viable in support as their are in their current role. {{champion:223}}
Tahm Kench is a warden, sure. But he isn't a guardian. A guardian is someone who stands in the front and take all damage in their face while still being useful for their team. Twisted fate and Zilean towards here cause they can leave their lane give up on a huge lead simply cause they have a ability to stun without being hurt and impact the map by a large amount. Tahm Kench Can't any of it. If he stands in the front and one of the carries get attack, he would just put them in more danger and if he stands in the back, sure he can save a life, but not more than that. Meaning he can't even roam the map without having your adc follow you. He has a lot of problems when it comes to teamplay. Doe he is very good in early lane.
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