SloPro11 (EUNE)
: Umm, why in the world would you make your game japanase assuming you're european?
Because {{champion:44}} of course. *moans*
: > [{quoted}](name=Stahlvormund,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AdzjuZEZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-04-13T09:47:56.605+0000) > > Interesting to see Malzahar, Sion, Volibear and Zyra with These winrates. winrates can be a little deceiving if the popularity of a champ is low(ish). Means that only dedicated players pick em up that can really play that champ and thus win more often with it. ekkos popularity + winrate on the other hand means that every scrub is picking him up and they still win with him.
This. 55% winrate over 100k games by thousands of players is more significant than 55% winrate over 500 games by the 10 guys maining that champion at top level.
: I pity late night trolls.
> Are their lives so empty that they literally would prefer to troll a video game than sleep? You should understand -given that you're playing at night yourself- that people sleep, work, and play at different times. I don't really see what else I could say...Some players have very different ideas about what trolling is (and more often than not, it's "picking a champ that I don't want in that position" or "not taking the game as seriously as I do"), and you're being very condescending about this. Quick reminder because it looks like you need it: This is a game, and you're not a better person than everybody else.
: "Tencent has NO influence in Riot at all!" - Mm. Yeah. Totally.
I'm upvoting because I agree with this rant. I'd rant myself but I have a headache and can't be bothered to type too much right now. Good rant. 10/10 would rant again.
: Splash Art Changes (please help me)
This one and the Sivir splash arts annoy me a lot. They don't even fit the global LoL theme and I can't understand why Riot would do this (well, yes, I can, the reason is Tencent, but still). I hope at some point we can change them because most of the Chinese splash arts we're getting are very generic, look nothing like the in game models, and don't look like they're from the same game at all (very different style)... Worst thing is: they redid some of the skins they're now replacing...If they remove the new base Soraka splash art to put the Chinese one instead, I'm gonna be sad...
Voidgate (EUW)
: Could it be that the girl in the front is Dragon Trainer {{champion:18}} ? She has the same goggles and pink hair so it would match. Also you can see her ear.
Not the same goggles. Those are the Riot Girl Tristana goggles.
Trollas (EUNE)
: Just outrageous!!!! party!!!
When you realize it's Ezreal on the splash art and Taric is literally looking at "dat ass"...
Luis Sc (EUW)
: In the heat of the moment, it might sound like an option to report him, and I'm sure you're glad for pursuing the matter as you thought you were innocent. But just forget about it, take your victory and move on. Everybody makes mistakes and working with the public is very hard. I know myself and half of the times I contact support I might not do it in the most polite way and still get my issues ( sorta-half-assed ) resolved. You're even going through payments and whatnot so it feels like you're misdirecting your rage there, somehow. And then asking for compensation ? I'm sure everybody ( you included ) would enjoy having to compensate someone in-game every time you make a wrong judgement call. For clarification purposes, I'd like to know where you're from ? Live and let live.
: Which champ would you date, and why? :D
Illaoi. Just to know what it feels like to be the cutesy, weaker, fragile one in the relationship =)
SagittarO (EUW)
: Why aram is "This is ARAM"
The only time when I say, or hear "it's only ARAM", is when people want to surrender, give up, or complain because their mates are not trying hard enough.
: We want solo-queue back
I want to play ranked to test myself; I play normals when I'm with my friends, I have no intention of ever playing Dynamic Queue. I would play ranked, but I won't if that's the only option I have. To me, Ranked should be about solo players, or full teams. Not a mix of both.
Adama (EUW)
: What did you get in your free hextech chest?
I got an Armordillo ward and Reverse Annie.
: As ADC main I'm not entirely sure what the purpose of this thread is. Is it to vent out frustration? I can start pointing out 20 things that supports commonly do wrong, but it mostly depends on the player and not all of them makes the same mistakes, so why would I even bother to generalize? ps: on the forum supports are usually worshipped and not blamed.
Well, there are so few supports that compared to other roles, we're more "represented" on the boards =D. As for the topic, I guess it IS to vent out frustration. Better here, like this; than in game, with flame. We could probably all make lists about every role with what we see as the most common (and infuriating) mistakes made by our teammates. And I do think we can generalize. Of course not every player makes the same mistakes, but the mistakes are always the same anyway (there are only so many mistakes a player can make in a game). I mean, if we talk about decision making, it only gets better with experience. The more experienced a player becomes, the less likely he is to display one of the quirks OP described.
: I show I want to pick LeBlanc. Teammate bans LeBlanc. Me: "Why did you ban LeBlanc? I showed I wanted to play her!" He: "Sorry, didnt see." {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
And I suspect that when it happens, there's a 50% chance that the guy behind his computer sees the pick, thinks "Oh hell no, I don't want to play with this champion !" and then bans it, pretending he didn't see...
Elepole (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=franticFurball,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zcxABm4w,comment-id=0004000000000000,timestamp=2016-03-22T08:50:20.558+0000) > > Meaning: In this queue, it will always be **5 solo players vs. 5 solo players**. The way this game is meant to be played. The way YOU want to play the game.
ZartarUK (EUW)
: What is wrong with some people?
ARAM is "not as random" as it should be. And there are ARAM accounts to further imbalance team compositions. So sometimes, it's just not fun. Like, at all. You have 5 champs who can't, absolutely can't get out from under turret, while the enemy team can just poke and poke and poke, and all you can do is wait for one of them to make a mistake; something that can sometimes take 10 or 15 minutes. It gets boring. Even more boring when you try things and it fails and your team starts accumulating deaths, further reducing the chances of you being able to do something. I usually still play until they reach the nexus, but I'll admit: Sometimes I just want to stay there, alt tab and wait til it's over because there's nothing to be done in the game. If you played some FPS or did PvP arenas in some games, you may have experience spawn camping; that's about as fun as ARAM is when team composition fails. =(
: tell everyone? wat............. did i mention I did that or why'd you assume that? also, why should I hide my gender? ;o
If your username is Bonny Jessica, you might as well start every game with "Hi, I'm a girl. GL HF." Stop pretending you don't know this, or the fact that the community WILL harass you for every mistake you make, using everything they can to do so (your mom, your religion, your language, whatever). No one is saying you should hide your gender, but there's a difference between "making it explicit" and "not hiding it". Your username is a statement. Maybe you didn't think too hard about it when you chose it but that's what it is: a statement that you're female. I absolutely do not condone sexism but you HAVE to be aware of the reality about this.
Sakura89 (EUW)
: My hobby
As a Nami main, I approve of your creations very much. Well done ! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Because of their obvious superior skill compared to someone else who HASNT played lol as much. Tl;Dr: Skill level is different and it shows.
Not just that; there are also obvious hints of smurfing like how long people browse the shop before they get something. Quick itemization is a clear "I know what I'm buying" sign.
TigerFist (EUW)
: 1 Million Champion Points...
: All this emphasis on champions with power locked behind certain barriers to certain players...
There is one reason to set rune prices so high: IP boosts. Whenever I think about why the hell those runes are so expensive; I remember Riot sells IP and XP boosts. Who buy those ? Not sure. I wouldn't know how many players actually spend RP on boosts. If you watch any big LoL player, usually you'll see they have hundreds of thousands of IP; there's pretty much nothing more they can use it for; runes are an issue only to new accounts. Not sure how much money Riot would lose by decreasing or removing entirely the cost of runes (and implement another system perhaps, I'm not aware of the upcoming hextech crafting, maybe it'll change runes a bit ?); but we still need champs and I don't want to spend RP on that.
: Jhin's theme song.
That was glorious. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Leptyx (EUW)
: [Poll] Do you multitask during the champions selection, until the window pops up (to ban or pick) ?
Always. Nothing interesting going on there, might as well alt-tab as long as it's not my turn, or until the game begins.
Almighty (EUNE)
: Just childish things.
That is why my support picks are always spot-on. Like the infamous Garen Ghost-Cleanse. Or the incredible Lee Sin Ignite-Heal. Or the fabulous Karthus Smite-TP. Yup. Only legit support picks. (Well, 90% of my games, I don't use the preferred pick feature, I actually don't see many players who do)
Cypherous (EUW)
: " Total experience required to reach summoner level 30 reduced by half"
If you still need the champions before you go ranked, diminishing the required amount of experience won't really allow people to go ranked earlier. They will reach 30 with even less total IP, less runes, less champions. I think this is both because Riot knows it's slow as f*ck to level up to 30 (and there are a large amount of smurfs), and they'll get more money from people buying champions with RP. Anyway, I think you're being oblivious to the kind of community LoL currently has. Beginners with no idea of how the game works are quite scarce now; and your comment is just condescending to those who are not necessarily new to this, but "bronzies". I mean, seriously, who do you think you are to decide who can and can't go ranked ? I'm guessing you won't even play with/against them...You seem pretty butthurt about this =(...Chill.
Morfik45 (EUNE)
: wtf is that
If that's it, it doesn't look like the rapid firecannon is needed. That's an awfully simple bug to reproduce...
fakhissam (EUW)
: i think it's a good idea if we can choose to go offline without leaving the client server
Couldn't we just easily add that function by adding a "log out" button that would send instruction to exit the client but relaunch it ? I mean, you all say it's hard and stuff but seriously, that's like two instructions, it's no more harder than manually launching the client again after exiting it (which I personally don't mind doing to go from smurf to main and vice versa).
ONE Balou (EUW)
: True, but a friend of me told me Riot wasn't even 100% sure on releasing it . This was because there was a post on reddit (not even front page) that had a poll in it asking people if they wanted solo Q. Only 20% said yes on it and the other were happy with dynamic only. They made a new poll though after a great public read the post and it changed to 80%+ wanting solo Q.
Damn, didn't know that, I hope it comes here, I haven't started ranked yet because they said we'd get it ; ; ...
ONE Balou (EUW)
: Why Solo Queue is needed
Upvote, but I really don't think we need to explain WHY we want soloQ ^^
Wards Bot (EUW)
: Let's Play "Blame the Support" Game!
> "don't leave lane ffs" = Babysit me and don't expect me to understand how to play 1v2 for a few seconds while you ward the dragon pit. I like this variant better: "WHERE WERE YOU" = You're supposed to be at my disposal 24/7 but you said 'care, gonna ward drake/river' and left me 15s and when I engaged 1v2 I got killed !
Agidyne (EUW)
: Is the Aatrox bug the fact that he can't win games? That's GoB GG, he's master right now; used to be Aatrox/Gnar main, started to play Aatrox again like a week ago because he realized it worked. Aatrox, like most champions who don't get picked often, is viable, but you have to know when to pick them, and how to play/itemize them.
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: Aatrox had a bug with Devourer where his heal wasn't working properly. Don't know if they are finally taking care of that, or there's something else.
Wasn't it the invisible bug this time ? I read something on reddit about that: sometimes Aatrox would bug during his jump and be invvisible to other players...
PissQuit (EUW)
: But what if some of these players never really used any 3rd party programs that are considered cheating or hacking ? shouldnt they check what programs were used ? or thats it for us , we`re just screwed up and end of story ?..... i`ve leveled up this acc from level 1 to level 30 day by day , the only program that was ever opened while playing was Dxtory , and then i see alot of players with the same issue and then something called a BAN WAVE , what a shitty way to deal with hackers , assuming there`s actually hacks in league which i`ve not seen before
I know, that's the issue I have with this too, but I don't know whether people actually did something or not. I mean, no offense, but how do I know that you (or others) didn't get something that you thought would be safe and now realize it isn't ? I can't. All I know is: I didn't get anything on my PC, and I didn't get banned. It's scary to think that you (and others) might be innocent, but Riot saw something, and banned innocents because according to them, there was a reason to do so. Also, it isn't limited to hacking/cheating. I read lots of topics about this because I don't want to see my account banned for no reason so I'd really like to know if there's a common link between players who got banned. From what I read, Riot bans players who have installed any 3rd party software that interferes with the game in some way. It appears many tools designed to change voices or skins also offer in game tools (timers, replays, stats, scripts) and even though some players don't use that (and get these softwares to replace skins and such), it still counts as interfering with the game.
: thats so weird lol how can you get a ban for using a 3rd party program while ALREADY banned for almost NINE (9) days ?? weird af
I think that's because (and it has been mentionned a lot) permabans for 3rd party softwares usage are handed manually, in waves. The temporary bans are automated. Basically Riot already had the data about 3rd party tools but didn't examine it immediately. Then when they decide "ok time to have a wave of bans", they check the pile of "noticed 3rd party tools here" accounts and ban them. As to what 3rd party tool was responsible for getting you ban OP, I don't know. Official policy is "Riot can't tell us what it is" (to avoid abuse from 3rd party software developpers); but considering how many players have been banned recently and claimed they never did anything, maybe it's something players could either never suspect, or it's something old they don't remember and Riot only acts now.
: any one else got permanent banned for no reason?(apparently i used a 3rd party program)
This thread, along with the others about the same topic; are scaring me a little tonight. On one hand I think that many players did break the rules, that this is the usual "But I'm innocent, I swear" while actually thinking "Damn they noticed, I thought I would go unpunished, not fair !". On the other hand, I think "what if". What if Riot detected something that players couldn't even think of, what if they have been wrongfully accused of using 3rd party softwares ? I want to believe that all of you guys did something wrong and got punished for it because if I choose not to, that means I accept the idea that one day I might wake up to find my account banned when I never did anything wrong either... Riot, please inform us about this, there are too many threads about it and obviously too many bans today to forego more details about it.
: Supports in Normals Please Read
I usually start gold item (no matter what support I pick, one of the three) and get sighstone during my first back; even when I'm playing an aggressive AP champ (Karma, Velkoz, Brand...). Whenever I get mid (I'm support main, mid secondary) however, I happen to see many supports without any support items (and no red trinket). This must be because 1-That's what streamers do when they get support role and that's not their main (and players mimic streamers); 2-Solo players think it's fine to go full AP carry since they probably can't trust their ADC or jungler, so they'll need to carry the game themselves.
Wards Bot (EUW)
: Can we get harsher dodge penalties in Normal Draft?
From my experience, people forget to lock more often than they actually dodge. If I had to make a suggestion, I'd ask to disable the obligatory lock for picks & bans in normal games.
Limrasson (EUW)
: HotS vs LoL or what should one learn from the other?
There's only ONE thing I wish Blizzard did better with HotS: Matchmaking is random. It's never gonna pick up as a professional e-sport unless they manage to match players properly. Everything else, I like better in HotS than in LoL. Why do I stay ? Because 1-Just because I like a game more doesn't mean I dislike other games; and 2-I play mostly with friends, no point going to play a better game if I go alone. That said, LoL offers more depth and place for individual skill than HotS, where team cohesion and getting objectives is more important. As a game, I like HotS better, because it's closer to what a MOBA should be in my mind. Other players will not share that view of a MOBA and will rather play LoL, or DotA 2, or Smite, or...etc
Goremaw (EUNE)
: SKYNET automuting a raging poopypants
Interesting idea considering the toxicity of some players... Basically, when someone uses something that's on the language filter, they'd get a warning and a time out until the next game ? Why not; but is this easily doable mid game ? Do we have the technology...?
Just Zion (EUW)
: My ranked divisions name has a grammatical error
It's not a grammatical error. You can write either Nasus's or Nasus'. Both are correct.
Vuks (EUNE)
: Dear Blitz Players.
Looking at that player's (not you OP, the Blitz) match history, it seems the issue is more that he isn't a support main. I see lots of main top who go support secondary; but some of them got weird reflexes and don't really support the ADC. Botlane should be 2v2, but they give a 1v1+1v1 vibe...
: The "everything but" fill Option Needs to be implemented. v.v
Yes. That's one of the easy, concrete suggestions that Riot should seek to implement asap.
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: I can assure you that you will never receive the popup with this method.
Not "everyone" but if you keep reporting those who deserve it, yes it will come. Is it still only the last person to send a report before a player gets banned, who gets the pop-up ? Because Riot might want to consider giving the message to all people who sent rightful reports (at least within a reasonable period of time before any action is taken). Then again, perhaps we'd get the message all the time...=D
: play ARAM for a week
Agreed. You'll find it easier to dodge when there are at least 2-3 champions in front of you throwing skillshots at you and you have nowhere to run or hide. I'd stay there are two steps to successfully dodge skillshots: 1-Keep moving. Whatever the role, you should never be immobile. 2-Move without pattern. That's the mistake many people move and it makes my job as support much easier: if you keep moving in circles, back and forth, if you always try to dodge on the same side, it's just gonna be easier for me to predict where you're gonna be and where I have to throw that skillshot. You should both play ARAM with champions like Lux, Morgana, thresh or Blitz, and against them. It's good practice. ARAM is good practice anyway (snowballs !)
candoodle (EUW)
: yup +1 go to paris ask around for help in english and lets see how many of those 94.5% are willing to admit they speak english i can forgive people for not learning to speak english in school, it's not really a choice for most people so im not going applaud the french for it either what annoys me is knowing they have the ability to communicate and then choosing not to
No, but, see, that's the point ! Three messages above yours, Omnus said > " your statistic concerns the amount of languages taught in schools. It does not cover how well the students are able to speak that language" and that's the important thing ! It's not that the French are not willing to speak English: most of them are UNABLE to use English in a conversation. Again I insist on this: the English level in France is abysmal. Yes, it's taught in school, that doesn't mean the level is any good. [Here]( you can look at the EF English Proficiency Index. It's "a report which attempts to rank countries by the average level of English skills amongst adults". France is ranked 37th. "Low proficiency", and the level is indicated to be going down. It's behind every other European country. Trust me on this: If you ask something in English to a French guy and he doesn't answer, it's not because he doesn't want to speak English, it's because it's very hard for him to understand and process your question; either because he didn't understand everything you said, or because he doesn't know the words to answer you in English.
Miss Fawn (EUW)
: When you pick support as your primary role and you get your secondary role, mid.
: Why do the french get "the most hate" in this game?
From my experience, Spanish players get the most hate in game; but they seem far less numerous than French players. I don't get your post though, you're saying that every thread or meme related to trolls has something to do with the French; but the League of Legends boards are amongst the least French-bashing places I've ever seen. Your "every thread or meme" is to me a "one in ten" at most. However, the French are very chauvinistic, and their English level is abysmal for this day and age. Like, really. We DO learn it in school but quite honestly the education system is a bit of a joke. Many students do not care about English, and can barely speak properly in French anyway. If you add to that the fact that parents often "give up" on their children and hope that school will give them the proper education; you get those flaming annoying brats who couldn't care less about speaking English, think the world revolves around them, and will abuse anonymity to be as big an assh*le as it gets. Well, there are assh*les in every country, it's just easier to wake it up in a French player who will easily feel threatened/insulted if he doesn't speak English.
BoeBu (EUNE)
: IP should be increased,here is why...
Ok those are my stats of average player since the beginning of February: * 35 games in 16 days. That's 2.1875/day * 0:32:18 average game duration * 3,11 IP/min For those wondering, that means on average, including the first win IP bonus, **I get 100 IP per game I play** (pure coincidence, no matter how convenient it is to calculate =D ). _In those 16 days and 35 games, that's an expected 3500 IP. My account is at 3077 right now, I purchased a 6300IP champion on February the 3rd which put me close to zero so out of 16 days, I gained IP I currently still have from February 3rd to February 16th; 14 days, 2.1875*13*100 gives us 3062 IP, it roughly checks out._ Now I find it pretty long. This means I can get a champion every month or so (29 days) by playing a bit more than an hour a day (and i need to add time because bathroom breaks, waiting for friends to get coffee, waiting in the lobby, pick and ban phase, loading phase, score screen...). ** As of right now, there are 64 champions I yet don't own, with 1x1350; 12x3150; 28x4800 and 23x6300; for a grand total of 318 450 IP. For those still here, that's 3185 games, or 1456 days. Yup. That's 4 years.** These numbers serve no purpose, of course. I'm not trying to make a point, just giving some hindisght to those interested (Riot or other players) in what one casual average player does on LoL. I do not intend to get all the champions; I only want those I'm interested in (or those my friends enjoy playing so I can trade during pick&ban). One champion a month seems fair to me; but I know unless I start playing more, I'll never have enough IP to "go nuts" in the shop; I mean I'm never going to have idle IP, it's always gonna be IP towards my next champ. If you read all of it...Well, wow. Have a Jinx. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Jabbabax (EUNE)
: There is a requirement of 16 champions because if both teams somehow banned 6 of your owned champions, and you'd be last pick and all other players would pick a champion that you own, you'd still have 1 champion to "choose" from. If there were 5 bans per team (10 in total), Riot would issue a requirement of at least 20 owned champions to even it out. I currently own ~70 champions (last time I checked I had 69 champions, and I've bought about 2-4 champions since then), and of course it wouldn't be a problem for me, even if it would mean that the enemy team could start banning my mains. --- Right now I feel obligated to pick/ban the "overpowered" champions, and I can't focus on banning what I just actually don't like or something that counters my intended pick. The bans are the same every single game; Fiora, Jax, Poppy, Tahm Kench, Mundo, Graves, Gangplank... Riot will be nerfing Graves and Poppy in the next patch so I'd like to see if it actually balances them out.
Well yeah, essentially it was implicit from my first post that the issue exists because of the champion requirements, so of course we could increase the number of bans as long as we increase the amount of champions needed to go ranked. But it still means new players won't be able to go ranked for a longer period of time. We can't expect players to spend RP on champions if the game is free; so from 16 to 20 champions, the increase in IP needed is 50% (from 10800 to 16200). Now granted, I don't know the numbers; Riot does and they should know whether or not the change is feasible and would impact players or not. Maybe not, maybe it would only be those few hundred players we'd find on the boards saying "I can't go ranked because it takes too long to farm IP"; maybe it would be the players complaining that they can't go ranked with their smurfs because they don't have enough champions anymore... I don't know, I'm just thinking about the not as old as us players who don't necessarily own many champions (especially in the 1-2 roles they main).
: New pick system is not fit for purpose
Valid concern. With more and more people getting support position with a secondary pick; there will be less and less player picking support as secondary; which means that even more players with secondary support will get the support position. That is, unless the amount of main support players increases, and/or Riot significantly increases the time to find a game. Well, I'm not sure the situation will go that far, though, I'm sure many players will still keep picking secondary support even when they get it more often than they'd like to.
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