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Smerk (EUW)
: They play more often than you do? I'm playing since early season 1 and I'm getting close to getting all champions now. I could get them much sooner if I didn't spend IP on icons and other useless stuff.
If your looking to just buy all the champs, you can save ip by buying the mystery tokens from the store, i believe they are 1700 each, so by buying 3 of them its 5100 so if you have just 6300 champions left to buy like i do, this is a little way to save some extra ip, its also useful for if you have them all and a new champ comes out you can save 2kIP by bying a stingy bastard like myself
Mabons (EUW)
: It's terrible, if the ult worked like a ranged darius or garen ult in that it actually hit no matter what, then it would probably be okay. As it is now she's just really really poor.
Yeah the ult lets her down massively, unless your opponents are literally brain dead you wont be doing any damage with it. and as a TARGETED ability the fact that it can just miss is beyond me, (think its the only targeted ability that can miss) IMO shes possibly worse off now then before. because you could gank toplane before and then ult down bot lane to make sure they dont steal dragon away, had good objective pressure. Now your literally just a worse version of Warwick. If they changed her ult into a targeted burrow it would be waaaayyyyy better, it would make more sense for her to come out from underneath you then to go underground for a bit to then leap out of the ground....
: Aram Hextech Chest
Its pretty rare that you get an S rank in aram, at least in my experience you need to have some insane scores
Infernape (EUW)
: >Jinx W crits now Reverted >Lux ult gets alot of Cdr reseted when it kills something Tbh her ult's base cooldown should be increased alongside it. It would punish those that use it to clear waves and reward those who use it offensively. Now she'll have the choice to do both because her ult's cooldown is naturally low. >Nunu's new Passive which increases the strength of the next ability by 1 level if it is up, and the ability costs no mana??? The only addition is the increased spell strength. Tbh his passive is quite lacklustre.
I think nunu needs something, tried to play a game with him yesterday and it was just terrible, his clear times are pretty poor because of the raptor and krug changes and the loss of the gromp smite bonus. dont get me wrong he is still good at counter jungling and is quite and early objective based and is good at taking them, its just that i feel he is getting outperformed by every other jungler.
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: You're stuck with it. Riot used to offer refunds, but people basically abused it to get rid of champs/skins they didn't play anyway, so they stopped doing it.
well thats just great......
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: You don't invest money in League, you spend it. The difference is that you don't get anything back except fun/satisfaction. It's like when you go to the cinema or buy a cocktail. You don't "invest" money on the cinema or the cocktail, because you will never get anything back, you spend the money. It's in the very nature of spending money that you regret it once the thing you spent the money on is gone. When you watched the movie or drink the cocktail, your money AND the stuff you spent it on are gone. Does this mean it is completely wrong to spend money on these things? No, it's not, because in that moment you had fun. It's the same with RP in LoL. Did you have fun playing LoL? If so, spending money on it was worth it, even if you regret it now and would like to have your money back. It also helps to simply learn to deal with money. I played League for 6 years and consider myself a very passionate player that loves a lot of things Riot offers me to buy....and I have spent roughly 50€ on League. Even your 1000€ are, depending on how long you played, pretty cheap in comparison to how many hours of entertainment you get from other things (like movies and cocktails). According to loltimeplayed you played for roughly 2200 hours, which means you spent roughly 50 cent per hour. Thats extremely low in comparison to pretty much every other way of spending money.
Perhaps invest was a poor choice of words. rather than invest like a business, you invest your time/money in order to feel happy and enjoy your self thats your "investment" is, is what im putting in worth what I get out Although it may not sound like it im pretty decent with my money, I dont buy things i know I cant afford or if something is coming up. And the way I earn my money is that because I live where I the money they give me on my payday is 100% disposable. I dont regret my time spent on league at all, or the fact I spent money on league, If I could go back in time and do it all again, I would still spend a decent chunk of money on the game Easily over £100 I feel and i know that i roughly spent £0.50p an hour on the game which ill admit in comparison to other actives is cheap as hell, but i like to view things in relativity to similar activites. And when i compare that amount to some of the other games I have spent time on its massive. I mean i have easily added up about 800 hours across the left for dead franchise and i paid about £30 for both of them which works out as £0.03per hour. Hell battlefield 1 i bought for £38 and have 70 hours on it and its almost worked out cheaper on average than LOL ( per hour) and im absolutely loving it If had been browsing through game or was on youtube or something and came across a demo for league. And it was telling me your going to love the game, and spend 2000+ hours on and that was a know fact. I would have been interested, but if that came with a £1000 price tag, im not so sure. my post ins't trying to come across as a "DONT GIVE RITO YOUR CASH" kind of thing more of a warning, i thought i had spent about £500 on the game, turns out I was massively wrong. I want people like myself to look back on the time they spent on league just wishing they didn't spend so much cash on a game they are unlikely to ever play again, makes it harder to remember the good stuff
Panth (EUW)
: I'm against censorship personally. History happened, we need to live with it, not block it out. Some of the names on your list are just infamous because of Western propaganda, more than anything else. Gaddaffi for example brought peace and prosperity to Libya for decades, and Hideki Tojo was just a Japanese general fighting for his country. Japan was attacked plenty of times to make it fair to defend itself, but it seems history & judgement only favours the American side of every recent military conflict... Hillary was a good name to include on the other hand.
Im also with you on that topic 95% at least anyway, As a whole I feel censorship corrupts people into thinking in a certain way. and as you mentioned all these names that people throw out that they recognise as evil or such. My best example is Hitler because its probably the most well know. And although I am 100% against what Hitler did regarding the holocaust and I think he was a major dick head. **Some** of the things he did for Germany were good possibly amazing. And if someone was to give a list of a few of the things he did with out mentioning the bad, you probably wouldn't believe it. There is a famous quote "History is written by the victors" which is very fitting to your statement above. However I do believe that censorship can be good and I feel it should be used especially on certain words/activities until the person/s viewing/hearing are at an age or maturity to understand the content and what it means, and the effect that it could have on people. The last thing we need is 4 year olds running round saying they are going to rape your mom because they have no idea what it means. But as a whole I feel it corrupts the mind - to a degree
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: How do you ward jump with Lee fast?
There is not much to say other than practise, i used to play lee loads about 2 years ago, Could insec really easily, its honestly not hard to do, just practise it, even if you dont need to insec them, the thing that helped me the msot was i always puit my warding item onto "2" as it is right above W, now i use a side button on my mouse. Experiment with other keys if you wish that just what i used. It will just click and you'll be able to do it fine Being able to flash kick is good, if you cant already pracitse kicking first and during the animateion you flash in the oposite direction to where you want them to go. its easier to aim this way and a bit harder to counter. Also looks dope
: Thanks ! i like ezrael i played him few games he's decent but i think its really hard to carry like lets take twitch you can be 10/0 and basically its impossible to deal against him .. he gonna AA few times and you dead no matter if u tank or squishy.. but with ezrael its like u dont output that much damage. but ill try again ;) Thanks
If you are wanting to learn ADC that i would say EZ is the best, because in my opinion, he is the safest one to play. He is one of my favourite because his build gives him decent survivability, i have, and always will go {{item:3025}} over trinity, i much prefer the utility over the damage. Lane phase is relatively safe, as you can just farm with q once you get a tear, ive been stuck in a 2v1 lane as ez and its relatively easy. Side note as well, if they have a blitz support, save your E, because in theory as long as you have mana, he can never pull you as your E cancels the grab, with blitz as my main support, its annoying going against ezreal. He is a an AD caster, doing more with his abilites than his auto. He is also more unique in that in terms of items, everything kinda works. His most frequent build is {{item:3004}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3139}} For his highest Win rate build swaps the following {{item:3025}} for {{item:3078}} {{item:3139}} for {{item:3072}} bear in mind that these builds are from people in plat+ with 100+ games on ezreal. Find what you are comfortable with. As i said before, i have always liked IBG over Tri force. although i do need to try triforce more, but try them both see which you prefer His damage is not the highest out there, but his sustained DPS is pretty good and he can keep his distance better than most
: Aatrox is my main:)
nice man, dedication must be real. If i gave you one that you could change about him what would it be??
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Magneset (EUW)
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} I like you.
you like me telling people to get {{item:3123}} ?? Ill take it {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Magneset (EUW)
: My opinion on Soraka
Soraka to me is the best example of gaming principles thrown straight out of the window. I share this thought with Vayne also. Vayne is the personal philosophy out of the window, I have played with lots of ADC's multiple times and most of the time there mechanics and game knowledge is pretty decent, they know where to be, what to do. But the second they play as vayne they through all this knowledge out of the window. They frontline, face check, flash into people, but on any other ADC they play decently. The same thing happens with Soraka, but on the enemies part. If you have played literally, any game ever that has a medic class. You will learn some things very quickly. If you do your job correctly and well, you are arguably the most useful/ important member of your team. The second thing you learn, is that people like to kill you, alot. TF2 is probably the best way to explain this, Medics on TF2 have a gun that continuously heals whoever they are targeting via a beam mechanic, if you are to far aware from them you cannot heal them. whilst healing you can "over heal" your ally, Whilst you are healing someone, there max HP increases by 50%. For instance the Heavy class, has Base hp of 300, whilst being healed this can go up to 450 as long as he is being healed. If the beam breaks or the medic heals someone else, this bonus HP starts to decrees back down to the original base. As you can imagine this alone makes medics a high priority target, as you cant really 1v1 someone if they have a medic healing them. If this wasnt already good enough Medics also have a secondary ability. As you heal allies, you charge a meter, once this meter reaches 100% you can activate an ability. Each medic gun has a different ability to activate ill keep it simple and only list 2. One makes the medic invulnerable whilst he is healing someone, however it also makes the person he is healing invulnerable as well. Good medics can juggle this and make multiple people invulnerable as long as they change target fast enough. Another medic-gun gives a different effect. The person being healed, Crits on every single bullet/bomb/missle they shoot as long as they are being healed. Because of this medics are HIGH priority targets and can be countered in multiple ways. The most obvious is to just kill the bastard = no healing. Killing the medic not only stops him from healing, it also takes his ability meter back down to 0% when he respawns. The other way is that when a medic is making someone invulnerable, they are not immune to displacement, so you can either push the target away from the medic, or push the medic away from the target. As once the tether breaks the target is kill able, the medic will stay invulnerable so long as he has medigun out so you just have to wait for it to end and kill him. A good team will focus medics down first as they keep teams alive and provide pushing advantages and sentry nest destruction with there ability. Good team mates will try and keep them selves between the enemy and their medic. And trust me when I say this. focusing the medic, is essential. It also something that you need to teach yourself as for most people, basic instinct will be to attack the person that is the biggest threat to you. Eg vayne is all up in your grill, so you get all up in hers. which is the right thing to do, IF they dont have soraka. If they have soraka it doesn't matter if you do more damage than vayne or can tank her long enough. because she is constantly being healed so its 10x harder to kill her. Think of it this way. Its winter time, we are having a snowball fight. I have a massive pile of snowballs pre made, you do not. you might throw them harder or more accurately. But it doesn't really matter because whilst you are busy making them, I can keep throwing them at you. But take away my pile and your gonna win. Teams with soraka have survivablity because of her. But they are loosing out on extra damage that your support could have. or harder CC silence Vs Knock ups/stuns. AND FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} THIS THING HERE REDUCES SORAKAS EFFICENCY BY 40%!!!!! 40% for 800g BUY IT!!!
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: I am not passing blame at all, I just feel that he got a decent rework and practically in the end people only carr about how he is played, are there going to be champions ignored in lol pf course because its a skill based game, one guy makes a champion look good then everyone plays that champion, Lol may have a huge champion pool but when it comes to making that champion overall versitile Its difficult, and this is sadly a flaw of league that cant be easily changed, but compared to other mobas its still strong, yorick may be terrible looking but did riot completely ruin him for you that you will never play hom again or will you still play him because he is your favorite
> am not passing blame at all Sorry man, this statement inst aimed at you dont worry > I just feel that he got a decent rework and practically in the end people only carr about how he is played This is very true, in 99% of the cases, my post was more for the one percent to vent. I feel that the general LOL playerbase couldnt really have given two shits about the reasoning behind why yorik was reworked. Actually i would say the vast majority of players have only ever encountered yorik 0-3 times. But there were numerous reasons about why yorik was never played,was removed form free rotation, lane dominance was ridiculous, uninteractive kit etc.etc.etc Yet noone of these were touched upon , but they managed fabricate that no one played him because he was a grave digger.... If you remember back to the Juggernaut update. The boards backlash was 80% focused on Mordakaiser loosing his identity and then his champion title was changed. However a lot of people said he did not really need a re-work, just some fine tuning and AI improvements, but with the Juggernaut update they managed to give somewhat significant reasoning to the changes. I honestly thought the Yorik rework was probably one of the best ways to gain community brownie points, if the riot had just bitten the bullet, and given the actual reasons why yorik was so unpopular, I feel they would have gotten so much respect. Like with Baker pantheon, the amount of concepts/designs i have seen for this since over the years is ridiculous and know we finally have it!! My wording is not always that great, and people get lost in what message I am trying to get across. I am 100% in favour of the actual Yorik rework, it was needed for far too long. I dont like the fact his lore was changed Yorik needed a VU that is unquestionable, but his new look lost the character that he once was, for something very generic. My biggest annoyance is Riots Official statement as to why he needed the rework in the first place, once again failing to point out there mistakes. Imagine if Malicious Metal was told that they are reworking Mordakaiser because "no one wants to be a suit of armour" thats what i mean
Niyal (EUW)
: Full AD Leona Jungle Montage
that first kill on shen is absolute horse shit hahah, Nice video man
: When you have full crit runes on Yasuo
It'll be feast or famine really i think, also later on it could arguably be better than the most likely armour yellows Flat mr or scalling MR blues. In theory doing this method frees up an item slot, you can skip Infinity edge... giving that the majority of yasuo is now a bruiser build. you can effectively go,{{item:3046}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3068}} , its just an example but its a tanky build, which always crits
Mačka (EUW)
: ***
When i mean ranked 5's comeback i mean properly,what it is now is, well you summed it up yourself My ranked experience has existed of a few Maybe 6 or so, Ranked 5 games. A friend of a friend who i think had just got into diamond 5 made one about 2 years ago and wanted me to jungle for him. I can still say that i have a 100% ranked winrate on Amumu, it was only 3 games but still. But he then got deployed so it ended fairly shortly. I think once i hit the spot where i am supposed to be it would be alright, but i just feel getting there is gonna feel like a massive grind, and considering im currently playing through dark souls III at the minute, god help me, its more appealing than trying to climb the ranked ladder. And i found that site again, it is an official riot site, but if you trust me or not is entirely up to you
Mačka (EUW)
: Once LoL-MMR estimated your normal skill level. Lately I haven't seen that feature, I don't know why it disappeared. When I was unranked, I was Gold in my normal games, and for my first placement match I was matched with gold players. They smashed my face :) LoL-MMR would estimate my normal skill level as Silver V, while in ranked I am Bronze III, so maybe if you're playing normals with plats you're actually high silver or even gold in the ranked system. These are only wild guesses I'm taking. You should try playing ranked.
if ranked 5s makes a return i will probably go for it. So far the state of the comunity and dynamic que does not appeal to me, even in my normal's people treat the game like life or death which annoys me. it makes the game less fun. if people took the game less seriously then i would already be doing ranked, but thats not the case. Also most of my friends IRL no longer play league, and its harder and harder to keep interested in the game, i used to play 3-4+ games a day, now i average out 2-3 every other day. I don't like to play this game solo, and although i have a fair number of people on my friends list, you get the sense of " ive got noone to play with" I feel the main thing keeping me going is that i can across a website that tells you how much you have spent on the game gave me back a result of over £1000...whoops....... I feel is the main reason i keep going
Akrobatik (EUW)
: How does League Rating system work?
The grading system works by comparing your score/wards (placed+destroyed)/objectives taken against other people playing that champion in that role. generally speaking if your after the S grades easily then try taking the champion into one of its off roles. ive played garen jungle ( its not great ) and got a pretty mediocre score and then receiving the S+ rank
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: Look I understand you hated that riot didn't rework yorick the way you like and a lot of people are missing how he looked, I like the old yorick but you gotto think of how league works, itrelies on mechanics and I wasn't happy that the old yorick was like summon ghouls and watch the carnage, it was annoying, but I will miss how he used to be although that face was a recycled version of mundo's that looked less dumb, I like his new visuals and I hope they don't tarnish other need to rework champions like urgot
I dont hate the way they re-worked him, I think the new kit looks fantastic its really impressive. It his visuals and new lore that irritate me. I agree with the old yoirk just summoning and watching, that was his main issue. He wasn't very interactive, and he didn't have much control over his poor programmed ghouls other than placing him. But the fact that he was ignored for so long when everybody knew that his kit needed changed shouldn't be happening to a game of LOL's popularity. I also dont like the way the re-work was released and the reasons they gave for it. Passing the blame over to how he looks is just..... Dont get me started
Perilum (EUW)
: You maybe never experienced the cancer experience to lane against Yorik.
I did experience it and it was like you described, because I had literally zero clue as to what Yorik did or how his kit works. Fter the first time, i then went and picked him up, played a few customs, then went into pvp and dominated a couple of games with him. Its easy to win lane as yorik because nobody even knows what a yorik is
LovroLox (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Enjutsu,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=IVEbivA4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-08-25T08:26:25.876+0000) > > Where did you get that explanation, especially with the reasons you gave it sounds even more suspicious(which are known by evryone to begin with) Riot said that on official post of a Yorick rework.
I have edited into the OP kinda forgot, but yeah it is an official post
0ri0nXS (EUNE)
: Yeah, pretty much the loveable Igor that was the old Yorick is gone and I miss that the most. His kit was too overpowered like the old Poppy (I will never forget 1v2 a Rengar and a Tryndamere that got me a double). Let's just hope a similar themed champion will be released in the future, since we've seen tries to get "average looking" champions in the champion pool like Taliyah and Illaoi.
Ill definatly agree with his kit being Overpowered in lane, but i feel its seemed more like that because no-one ever lanned against him. i always found i dominated lane with him but struggled with life away from it
: I'm not exactly sure how Riot 'caved' on this rework. The guy had been on the list for reworks for years, but had never truly been a priority, due to other champions needing one more. Also, I don't get the whole 'this rework isn't this champion anymore' thing. Especially with older champs, there were pretty two dimensional with personality to speak of, And usually, the main theme of their kit remains the same.
It feels like they "caved" just because of the length of time it took in order to re-work him. in terms of champions more deserving of a re-work, in my own opinion. Whatever day he was taken out of the free rotation because he was too a pain to lane against. Should be priority 1 for a re-work if it gets to that point. Although his kit has kept its theme with the ghouls, its his lore, and VU that was a big part of his personality is now gone
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Ok, Thanks
just what i would do, but as always, do whats comfortable for you. you might that your mixed build works best, just i wouldn't feel comfortable on it is all, id rather go one or the other
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S0kaX (EUNE)
: Thresh Top
Hmmmm, ive always thought about playing thresh top, might be the key to getting those pesky S ranks with him. being plagued with A+'s. I dont think tear is the most optimal, but that being said, i can see why you get it, especially top. If you were going ADC thresh than its a waste. Im going to assume that your tear is turned into {{item:3004}}. I have a feeling that your probably best off just going full damage in all honesty. something like {{item:3147}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3020}} (more e passive damage){{item:3142}} With a maxed E: The Burst damage you do is at lvl 18 for easy sake of maths. Damage calculated BEFORE resistances Base ad is 85 with a bonus 280AD from items for a total of 365AD E passive damage fully charged is 200% AD so thats 730 magic damage + X amount of souls. Rapid fire cannon 160 magic damage, (can it crit??) 50% crit chance with IE so 50% bonus crit damage (250% damage) 912 physical damage. So before resistances your damage of 1 Auto attack is without adding additional Soul damage but thats easy to factor in. 1 soul = 1 extra magic damage CRIT: 912 physical + 730 magic (E) + 160 magic (RF) = 1802 mixed damage roughly 50/50 mixed +(90 + 25% missing hp) duskblade passive NO-CRIT: 365 AD+ 730 (E) + 160 (RF) = 1255 Mixed rougly 70/30 (magic/physical) mixed damge plus the duskblade passive Which is a lot of damage. with out factoring in masteries and runes Vaynes hp at lvl 18 is 1909 jinx 1912 Sivir 1910 Jhin 1985 At max build, lest assume that none of them have a HP item. you should be able to 1v1 all of these carries unless vayne knocked you against the wall. If you build off tank, i dont think your either tanky enough to be engaging like support/tank thresh can, nor doing enough damage to help out your team enough. Just my thoughts. I have a decent amount of experince with AD thresh.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: I like top champs but hate top lane
Top lane is a weird one. I've found my top lane goes 1 of 3 ways. Desert Island Camped/Campee Clown fiesta its never just the 1 gank to get ahead, and then they have a counter gank to remove your lead. its always oh we got them once, now lets crush their soul
: If you but spaces between swear words it doesn't even matter. The system is not that dumb. So the system sees "F uck"/Fuck/F.uck/F#ck etc. as the same thing.
hahah thats pretty much my point, dont get why people go through the effort
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: You're assuming that hitbox matches visual model, which is not a given until Riot says so.
well then that really a bigger issue, its something that shouldnt really exist Imagine if {{summoner:14}} actually did 40-360 true damage instead of doing what the tool tip says 70-410. I imagine that would be fixed almost as soon as it was discovered
: Hitboxes you say?
The most likely issue with that is hotbox of the chain doesn't match its visual representation of its tool tip, which in its self is a separate issue
Possible (EUW)
: nothing to do about hitboxes, but who the hell would throw a baseball bat? xD
haha, was the easyist example my head came up with
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Protolindt (EUNE)
: For that ADC 1st item I always go for Essence Reaver, if you will get ahead with cs or can have with Essebce Reaver something around 220 AD in 11th minute + 20% crit and mana refund for every crit you will deal. Rapidfire can crit as well. When his passive is on with that bonus range, you will just crit them instantly. That's why I make combo with 100% crit chance, 4th shot from Whisper, Duskblade and Rapidfire cannon passive on. And you will one shot their ADC. Like I am not joking. It is nasty. I don't even know if it is legal :D. Today I was jungling as Jhin with DFT and it has a pretty nice afterlife combo with Red smite. Because with DFT scaling AD plus red smite "burn" you will kill them while you are dead. I've got triple kill with this today only cuz of DFT, E trap + E passive on champions a Red smite. So I think that DFT is still good for jungle Jhin, even for you ult. And Back to That ADC 1st item. It ain't bad to go for that {{item:3031}} as first item..but you won't achieve that 800 AD + full crit and you can be mana hungry in late game. {{item:3094}} as first item is total bulshittery. I mainly play ranked and I pick Jhin whenever I can and sometimes when I pick another ADC (I am ADC main) and they have Jhin, they always loose a game cuz of building {{item:3094}} or {{item:3142}} as first items...please if you will see somebody do it. You already know that you've won your lane as ADC or your whole game. Because Jhin is one of the late game gods with his crits and high damage output. So if you suck in early game, and you will hold my build path correctly, you can improve your score to be positive. Once I had score 0/4 and I've improved it into 27/6. But it is all about your Jhin skills. But I think that won't be a big problem for you as I think. {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} <3
Ahh i didnt know the {{item:3094}} passive could crit, just because the tool tip didnt tell me. Dusk-blade sounds, actually hilarious, and not a bad idea, im guesssing its a late game item tho haha. The slight issue i have is life steal, because, with the build to achieve 100% crit, i either have to sell my boots to buy a LS item (if i get duskblade), take warlords, or have some in my runes, which is something i always used to run on ADC (1/2 LS quitns) Im currently running standard AD runes with 1 crit chance red, just because it can just win you the lane phase. Ive had many a first blood by getting a lucky crit in lane or a in a gank :D But i guess LS isnt an issue if you just one bang the damage dealers anyways haha
M4ndrake (EUW)
: I wouldnt recommend Jhin jungle , youll just get abused early game , ganking with ur W and can be fine but for anything else its quite lackluster. But if you want to play Jhin jungle then id opt for an armor pen build : {{item:3147}} {{item:1412}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3156}} ull hit ur power spike earlier its just doesnt transition as good as the crit build into late game but youll have more impact at earlier stages of the game.
yeah the more that ive been thinking about it, the more and more it doesnt seem like that good of an idea haha. TBH i think the biggest thing was to just cheese the S ranks haha, because when i played morde jungle i went like 5/2/8 in like 25/30 mins, and that was an S. Because if noone else plays it, then just doing half well be easy S ranks lol
: Dr. Mundo is one of the weakest champions out there
I feel like the issue is just that grievous wounds is incredibly oppressive.its by all means its a fair mechanic. Every single mechanic should have some sort of counter. ( dont get me stated on %hp true damage thou) the issue is especially in the top lane which is mostly dominated by Tanks/juggers/bruisers. As they mostly have and easy way of dealing physical damage to the enemy, failing that they just need to give them a quick slap. I dont believe any champion should be hard countered by an item, especially an 800g item. If i play mundo i expect some people to choose ignite and try to kill me. Thats fine they take lane advantage and sacrifice global pressure from lack of TP. Mundos ULTIAMTE ability, does not feel ultimate at all any more, at least not the way it used to, in a teamfight your survivabilty is halved just from the ADC or top laner touching you. On AD champs its just too easy to apply and its too effective at what it does. Im not a mundo enthusiast, but i do like hime as champ, but i never play him because his niche of a sustain tank just doesnt exist anymore like it used too, hes now just a tank. It says something when garens passive is out performing mundos ultimate ability, because now they are both used in the same way pretty much. I feel like morello's is good example of grievous wounds used right, although 8 seconds is a really long time. it doesnt seem it, but when you need to sustain up and you've been tagged by it, you defiantly notice. I feel like grevious wounds, on executioners calling/mortal reminder should be less reducing 50%-> 35% due to how easy it is to apply ( could be a coding nightmare i know), or maybe, just make mundo's ultimate and initial time period where he is immune to it so ti feels ULTIMATE again
Protolindt (EUNE)
: So hello there, I have lvl 7 on Jhin and I love this champion, I play him from his release and he is part of my heart and one of my most favorite characters in gaming so far. But to info you want to get I think I should start from that jungling because it is one part of Jhin gameplay which I dont play so often but I understand it. He scales into mid/late game pretty good. When you will go for that RED {{summoner:11}} with {{item:1412}} + {{item:3508}} , {{item:3009}} or {{item:3158}} , {{item:3094}} , {{item:3031}} and {{item:3046}} . Your jungler clear will be excelent and you will just one shot their squishies pretty simple. Then to those "advanced" tricks. There aren't many but there is one which I use very often and it is really rewarding is something like your AA animation reset, it is AA -> Q -> AA. It will make Jhin AA faster for that moment and it is really big damage output because well it is fast. Oh you were asking for that Jhin keystone as well I always go for that DFT because it is good against champions in fights as well in jungle but Thunderlord doesn't sound to bad as well and it ain't too bad as well. But DFT is best keystone on Jhin because it scales from AD. And to that ADC build. This one will be my most fav part because Jhin ADC, oh boy that is amazing if you know his "combos" and you will know how to play Jhin, it is really rewarding and it can carry the game. Keystone for Jhin ADC is DFT as well because that AD scaling. And build is very hard question to answer because everybody is building him differently. Some players take {{item:3031}} first but I think that it ain't good because if you want to have highest dmg and 100% crit you can try "my build" I build this every game and trust me enemies will just dissapear in front of you. MY build path is {{item:3508}} , {{item:3094}} , {{item:3009}} or {{item:3158}} , {{item:3031}} , {{item:3046}} and last item really depends on your opponent team. When you want to achieve 800 AD you should go for {{item:3147}} , {{item:3072}} , {{item:3812}} or you can try {{item:3087}} but I don't think it is good because you already have 100% crit. And if they have tanky comp you obviously go for {{item:3036}} or {{item:3033}}. Grab {{item:2140}} and boom you have 800 AD Jhin with full crit and you will one shot enemies with your 4th shot from passive and your Rapidfire cannon passive on as well and you will one shot enemies. Then there's a build which aint going 100% crit chance but is is good as well. It is {{item:3812}} , {{item:3031}} , {{item:3142}} , {{item:3046}} , {{item:3094}} and {{item:3158}}. It is pretty decent damage but it ain't too reliable because you don't really know how it will work. And if you want to play Jhin mid you can try {{item:3142}} , {{item:3009}} , {{item:3071}} , {{item:3031}} , {{item:3065}} , {{item:3094}}. I think that is all for mine little big Jhin guide. Hope it will help you out. But I don't focus on Jhin jungle too much because it depends on your team and on enemy team. But if you will setup good ganks with your ult and you will get a little bit ahead, you are unkillable godlike machine. :)
Hey man, thanks for the reply, The AA - Q AA thing is knowledge i already know but thanks for the reminder i forget to do that a lot, i dont play ranked at all, as it doesn't sound fun. so im not too worried about fitting it into my team comp, plus i always try to play with friends. I have now started to take DFT pretty much all the time unless i really fancy sustain. The only reason i thought thunderlords would be good is mainly just on the jungle for when you gank, i feel the burst is more beneficial for killing the opponent over the burn damage, buts thats just me. what do you tend to build first on ADC, because ive seen some strange starts from, {{item:3094}} rush. or IE rush. or Essence reaver rush. The other thing is. Rapid fire cannon Vs Statikk shiv. I know the range is nice, but i also like the extra damage that statikk gives because it can crit, as far as i know RFC doesnt crit but i dont know if that true or not. but coming to think the extra range is probably worth loosing 100 odd damage for haha.
: You can get to Challenger hearing this music
this is better thou :D
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: Support S ranking.
So i got Lvl 7 {{champion:53}} fairly easily, i play him 80% of the time full AP so getting a score of say 13/4/17 was not uncommon for me which but my score in retrospect to the majority of other blitz players pretty high, its more of a midlaner score than a support score. That being said i am really struggling getting the S grades on {{champion:412}} im by no means a bad thresh player, but im certainly not a great thresh player. My blitz games have made it hard to predict my thresh hooks, and i would argue they are harder to hit. Ive always found that the more popular the champion the harder it is to get the S ranks. Just a reminder that you grade is callculated aginst others playing the same champ in the same role.
: Need a friend? Come here!
cant get onto league for a few days, but so far your commitment to other players is heart felt, and i would be more than happy to assist, my IGN is the same as this one
: > [{quoted}](name=GawnMower,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=UyjEr3VA,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-06-19T18:06:07.574+0000) > > As an Unranked player that has never touched SoloQ or Dynamic Q, I get my fair share of Rank bashing. However i do have quite a high Normal MMR, Most matches i play im matched with people that are plat/diamond players. > > I had a zac game not so long ago where my team consited of two plats and two diamonds, the other team was 5x diamond. Started the game with someone calling gg unranked. Ended the game 13/1/17 > > People are quick to jump onto or to see the oppents rank stats. Bad for those in bronze especially, they get shit talked the most. > > I agree with you about rank bashing, However i must say that you shouldn&#x27;t critize someones build. ever. End of. its unnecessary, its tilts them, makes them angry or whatever. I get a lot of critism when i play ap blitz support. Tank blitz is boring for me, yet a lot of adcs i get matched with complain that im not going tanky, however they soon shut up when my Q-R combo does 95% of the oppents adc hp for an easy kill for them. or i just outright kill them. Ive been told i KS&#x27;d my adc when i literally 100-0 the opponent. dont criticise builds just let em get on with it I dont even bother with sites like that to check ranks etc, because I may see the enemy have 5 plats and get demotivated to play and I would have a higher chance to lose, The build critism only started from me when he joined teamfights dealing barely any damage to squishies.
Because i have curse voice, every loading screen i have has a notification in the top right corner, that when i press it, instantly opens a lol nexus of my game, so i sometimes like to see who im playing with/against. in terms of builds i always like to build what im comfortable with. like previously mentioned i build ap blitz way way way more than tank simply because i perform better, but i can sacrifice my comfort for the benefit of the team if we really need it. However i will still say that you shouldn't ever comment on someones build in a negative manner, if im ever really confused about an item someone has bought say like {{item:3087}} on renekton, ill simply just ask what that item is like on that champion. but i still wouldn't call that a troll build. More just Off-meta. troll builds to me are failry exclusive like this E.g. {{item:3117}} {{item:3086}} {{item:3086}}{{item:3086}}{{item:3086}}{{item:3086}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}{{item:3070}}{{item:3070}}{{item:3070}}{{item:3070}}
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