: Well... I personally thing that champions like Udyr or Dr. Mundo or Skarner need a VU way more than Zyra...
You are totally right , a lot of champions have been literally forgotten about , should get a VU sooner or later . Thank you though. :)
: I agree, Zyra is such a fun champ that needs some love, have been waiting for a new skin for her for AGES, and I mean they updated her walk animation but that’s not really going far enough...
Yes!, They did give her a new walk animation which is badass and fits her . I'm also happy they wrote a short story for her , and they gave her a new lore which is perfection , i really loved both of them . But still you are right , that's nothing compared to other champions . Of course with all respect to all other neglected champions, that some of them may or may not need to be noticed more than Zyra.
: I honnestly believe she needs a VU. I though everything would be addressed when she was getting reworked but in terms of visuals they really cut the budget. It's also clearly noticable in her skins. The current model just provides to much limitations. This a clear example where the quality of the model limits the champion popularity.
+1, But tbh, they did remodel her classic skin when reworked , however they neglected the other skins . And exactly, i do agree about everything you said. Thank you!
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: To be honest I love the skin on every level but my only problem is that she kept her original voice.
Yeah i Agree that she needs a new Voice Lines for the skins, but as long as Ahri is the legendary one they can't do them all As Legendary Skins , since adding voice lines makes them a Legendary , Also i guess Riot Announced after the Lux Update VO they are looking forward to continue Updating Voice lines for Some champions .
: yeah true feel like wearing a hat is part of MF identity. Not only she looks a bit off as a SG (tho the skin is damn pretty) but not giving her the signature hat drive her away to the original MF even more. Plus these damn voicelines... Really not fitting. Cmon rito you could have tried harder on this one.
: I actually love her without a hat, same thing happened with Pulsefire Caitlyn. Champs with horrible hats become even better with these skins <3
Shes kinda pretty yeah , but i dont know i feel like she needs a hat :P , whatever can't wait to see the splash art {{champion:21}} {{item:3117}}
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