HdtvSK (EUW)
: Rengar
if you think thats bad, wait till you experience playing against crit rengar.
Bombardox (EUW)
they are not as bad as 4 man premades in your team, all flaming at you .
AxelOxstrna (EUNE)
: Am I the only one that thinks that Alistar's combo is stunning you too long?
cinderhauk/gauntlet alistar jungle is more broken that it sounds
: does yi scale a bit too well off of attack speed?
i think building mostly ad is viable as well but it makes him more ult depended as it is also an attack speed steroid, i can tell you for sure that going warriors over devourer gives him an earlier powerspike with his q doing lots of damage, lategame he can build some risky adc items and still do comparable amounts of damage to most devourer builds.
: A letter to Riot from a diamond player regarding dynamic queue and solo queue
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Tsilivi8ras (EUNE)
: Kai ti an sou elega egw George, oti oi elite gamers kuriarxoun sto mualo oso stis praxeis?..ta idia tha eleges giati eisai 30 lvl kai den anaferei pouthena oti me noiazei h apopsi enos Bronza. No offense.
mono pou auto einai to smurf mou, to eune main mou paraligo na xtypisei plat perysi, to na leei kapoios oti einai gold ara polu kalos paixths ston eune panta mou fenotan asteio kserontas oti to gold ston eune antistoixei sto silver tou euw.
Tsilivi8ras (EUNE)
: (EUNE) **ΔΔΔ** : "The Elite Gamers Club" (GOLD +)
ti an sou elega oti to na eisai gold den se kanei elite gamer ?
Vryx (EUW)
: First up. Trinity is bugged and does not work correctly with him at all and a lot of the time if you want to actually use his combo in a way to have the highest burst, it bugs out Triforce forcing the spellblade to not activate on his Auto. Next up! If I play out any champion I could make it sound broken by ignoring Armours and such, LW is a sub-par Item for Rengar, and if he is going CRIT, which you imply, if leaves very little time for Armour pen builds, which means he is going to be getting around a 12-17 armour pen from runes, and then 20 from ghostblade for a total of 32-37, that is a small amount considering a lot of ADC's are going to be hitting around 80~ armour at level 18, so you're actually only going to be doing damage as if they'd have 50~ armour which is still a substantial reduction to damage. His Q bonus damage cannot crit, only the Base Auto can crit, so as to why you've had to specify that I do not know. If you've been instagibbed through zhonya, you're either playing a champion that Rengar does well against regardless (no escapes etc.) or he was very fed, right now Rengar is at his weakest point he has been for a while, the nerfs in 6.2 have basically killed the champion and it is harder than ever to carry and get fed.
i don't get what are you trying to say about trinity but i and i don't care, shen proc is just a side factor it does not crit and i am not saying it makes rengar toxic. crit rengar doesn't need armor pen until later on, he just gets a crit on 1400 hp target and the target loses half of his health by one autotack, a level 10 vayne is like what? 50 armor , it only reduces damage by 33% , I know that the bonus damage of rengar's q does not crit , i mentioned it multiple times , the thing is that when rengar uses ferocity to boost his Q he gets a 20% increase to his attack damage , that boost can crit, "If you've been instagibbed through zhonya ..." by the time you reading this , this thread is already buried so its between me and you now, i think we both know how much damage crit rengar does, sure rengar is not in a good spot right now and that build doesn't help him much but this build is cancerous, abusive and unfun to play against if your team doesn't want to form a 4 man shield around you i think you know it too, you just lie to your self.
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: Well how about riot would finally nerf the shit out of yi? Nope, better buff his base true dmg. Riot clearly favors mechanically easy champs with high reward. Such as: Kayle, Yi, Tryndamere, Jax, Lux (no her skillshots aren't hard to hit) and many others. Yi, Jax and Kayle are champs who can easily carry a game 1v5 and all you need to do is AA and sometimes press one button at the right time (Kayle R, Jax E, Yi Q or W to avoid getting nuked) and if they nerfed one of these champs they immediately got compensation. Yi gets his ratio converted into bonus AD and they better buff his base true dmg (which is a toxic mechanic in this game anyways) because it can't be that such a ridiculous champ is too weak. LeBlanc for exmaple has a high skill ceiling and got nerfed several times and again and again. Right now you need to master that champ (+125 games) to get into a positive winratio. Now there is yi, after 5-15 games he is at 52% winrate with the same playrate like leblanc for example and he goes up to a 58% winrate. So a mechanically challenging champ gets nerfed and nerfed until her winrate is utter shit but a braindead champ like yi gets compensation for a nerf.
yes they did buff his base damage but still they changed his e scaling from AD to bonus ad , that means if he goes for his typical attack speed based build devourer ->botrk he will wont get lots of bonus ad and he won't do as much true damage
: egyptions are having problems playing the game
: Does anyone else sees a trend where riot balances the game for casual players?
Its called counterplay, riot believes that having one dimensional champions with little counterplay is bad for the game, they also said that if they where to turn back the time they would never release champions like tryndamere and master yi, if you think being chased to death by a fed master yi just because you did 2 steps out of your safe zone is fun and good for the game then you should stick with the starter pack champions.
: No Lucian Nerf On Upcoming Patch
the fact he is fun to play does not imply brokenness
: I'm lagging even though i have 480 FPS and 24 ping
: > [{quoted}](name=George LS,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Woi1oqjV,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2016-03-18T13:17:09.379+0000) > > good tip, but what do you do if the enemy is not using all chat ?, you tell his teammates to tell him that he should "Consider that a warning"? It's simple: you hook them as many times as it takes for them to get angry, put all chat on and flame you. THEN, you flash and miss your hook and tell them to consider it a warning!
: Pro Blitzcrank Tip
good tip, but what do you do if the enemy is not using all chat ?, you tell his teammates to tell him that he should "Consider that a warning"?
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: First draw in LoL history? :D
they dint win, its a well known old bug that allows winning teams to give away wins by surrendering exactly when the win logo appears
: No stress test on EUW. And the obvious happens.
money for nothing servers of wood. I would honestly prefer riot focuses on making better staff and being more reliable than trying to be a player driven company.
: how do you control your anger while playing league????
sing or play with friends, i do both and i rarely get mad even when i lose badly.
Duplak (EUW)
: Friend plays since 1862 minutes
well he might overstayed in order to see how many adoration stacks he can get with draven
: Yorick ghouls; possible counterplay tweak?
I'd be more than happy if he was disabled from the game like he was removed from free rotation until his rework is done, his is one of the worst lanebullies that you can face in this game , if he pushes you out of the bush you are doomed to suck all those ghouls and if he builds tear of the goddess he can just spam ghouls for ever and have infinite sustain through them, on top of that he scales way too good in the lategame compared to other lanebullies, his only weakness is that he is vulnerable to gangs but that's all .
soupsoup (EUW)
: Ah, so once I finally level up the bots will trail off a bit?
Yeah, unless you like to play twisted treeline, during night hours twisted tree line games are infested by leveling bots
: The other day there was this Morgana sup feeding her a... off and i asked her why he/she told me im playing on my laptop but i don't have a mouse... how do you respond to that and why would you play league without a mouse?....
I almost got plat with mouse pad in my main account
soupsoup (EUW)
: AFK suicidal bots in ARAM?
Judging by you level there is always a chance they are leveling/farming bots that are used to level up accounts that are afterwards sold as smurfs. bots like those usually have a repeating pattern in their names.
: If you don't like to play a random champion
As a guy that plays a lot of customs I can tell you for sure 2v2 and 3v3 abams ( all blind all mid) are way more fun and easy to pull out while being able to avoid random champions and meet new people , 5v5 in howling abyss are just too messy imo, and none seems to join those.
xPaxion (EUW)
: Auto /Mute All
There is even a faster way , just drag the chat box over the bottom side of the screen and it will disappear, ofc you will lose all the pings notes , but most of them are unnecessary and frustratingly repeating anyways.
Jedax (EUNE)
: Why Most Silver Badged Ranked Players having bad attitude gameplay and are trollers
: Only when you see it with your own eyes, do you realize
Riot doesn't have all chat disabled on default settings for no reason.
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Name your one champion that can make you salty.
{{champion:157}} Yasuo players , I'm talking about those low elo yasuo mains that push lane hard refuse to buy wards but still cry/flame on all chat every time they get ganged, they flame their jungle for being unable to gang their overpushed lane and flame their team later for not following up when he mindlessly ulties whenever he knocks up something with q as they think their ult it a automatic win condition and they ignore how far their teammates are and how many people they are about to all in.
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: Every. Fucking. Day.
I noticed that those bot friend request become a lot more frequent when I forget to exit public chat rooms like the lol one.

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