I Am Ravi (EUW)
: EU West server connectivity issues?
Same here... normally I have a ping of around 15-20ms. And since about a week it's been higher, in fact it seems to be increasing every day, it was around 80-90 then 120-150ish and today it was a whopping at 275ms... makes the game quite unplayable and not enjoyable at all. I don't know what it is, nothing else has changed for me and the speedtest.net gives me a ping of 14, so it must be something to do with LoL, I hope they fix it soon, every day with such high ping is more frustrating than the last. You only continue playing so much until you've had enough.
: URF makes you more skilled?
For reactiontime it can help. When you go back to a regular game you might play a champ you picked up during URF and figure you'd give it a try in a regular game.. only to keep missing your skillshots since in URF it didn't matter if you missed a couple you could spam anyway and then you end up out of mana. It's a fun mode and it can introduce you to a champ. For reactiontime it can help since everything is just faster and more frequent, but if it's any more than that? I doubt it
: Finisher animations - best thing since sliced bread
I agree. I mean I got some skins, I generally don't buy the icons since you can't see or do anything with them once in the game. But then they made these finishers, which look awesome. Why limit it to a gamemode? Why not just make it permanent for fun. Perhaps they would need to be toned down a bit - not to conflict with the clarity of the game too much (or they could even go as far as not to allow them in ranked or something). But if they would be permanent then I would possibly pick one up.
marsifan (EUNE)
It's all relative. After we all played URF for a while, the normal game mode will feel like NURF in comparison.
: Deck building game?? help??
You could try and recruit people via boardgamegeek.com. Pretty sure there are people on there who can help out. If I can give you any tip for a TCG is that you should make it different from others. there are a LOT of TCGs that are so similar to eachother that often times people play it because of a certain connection to it, or simply because it's the most popular one TCG. MTG for example is the most popular and supported one simply because it's been going on for years on end. If you would make something similar, you'd just 'be a generic MTG copy' and that won't really work out in the long run. So give it your own specific twist or just make it something entirely different that makes it interesting and stand out between all the 'generic' MTG copies.
: According to Dunning and Kruger, it's very difficult. They made a second set of experiments. Some participants (A) were given the tests of other participants (B) who performed better on the test. After taking a look at these tests, you could expect A to realize that B was better and to lower the estimation of their skill. But this didn't happen. In fact some of them even increased the estimation of their skill. They did the same experiment with extremely skilled participants who underestimated themselves before. After they saw the tests of other participants they realized how skilled they are and improved the estamiation of their own skill. So while skilled people can use feedback to evaluate how good they are, unskilled people can not. The reason is exactly the same i mentioned before: They are not even able to recognize skill. So social comparison doesn't work. This is problematic, because social comparison is the most common method to measure your success. But Dunning and Kruger also made a third experiment: In this experiment they trained people, in order to make them more skilled in the tested abilities (grammar, logic, humor). After this training they performed better...and the estimation of their skill also improved accordingly (which again proves that this overestimation is caused by the lack of skill, not by the specific character of the persons). So the lesson for LoL is: * You can't make people realize how bad they are by playing better * You can't make people realize how bad they are by telling them * You can't make people realize how bad they are by making them watch esport * You CAN make people realize how bad they are by improving their skill Sadly the 4th option isn't really an option ingame, because it's basically impossible to improve ones skill during a match...partly because of cognitive dissonance (if you teach them, they will get angry). The basic message here is: You can't do anything, unless you are mentoring newbies or have an educational stream or something like that... at least not in the game itself. But you can have discussions like this one or spread a general mindset of being open for improvement. And if you think about it, Riot does this massively. They permanently spread the message: "Get better. Work on yourself. Analyze your mistakes. Climb the rank ladder!" etc. And this is really good because it makes people open for improvement ALTHOUGH they think they are already skilled. It just ignores the estimation of skill by telling you "You are never good enough, you can always improve!". Smart move, Riot^^
Interesting. Would you say option 4 is possible if you know the person in question? Basically if you try it bit-by-bit to make the player realise his mistakes or points where he can improve?
: Have to jump in here! The Dunning-Kruger-effect is not at all the same as a god complex... mainly because the god complex is not a psychological phenomenon but just a well known concept, while the Dunning-Kruger-effect is actual science. The god complex as people see it doesn't not exist and is not listed in medical diagnostic charts. It's just a cultural mem, nothing more. Back to psychology: All humans have the natural tendency to overestimate themselves slightly. This is something that was discovered decades ago and it's not the Dunning-Kruger-effect. The Dunning-Kruger-effect says, that this overestimation is bigger the less skilled people are...and that extremely skilled person reverse this effect (meaning: they underestimate their skill in comparison to others). Here is a graph from the actual paper: http://imgur.com/KePjRQM And here is a graph created in a reddit survey: http://imgur.com/KeKtTPB This doesn't mean that every low-bob thinks he is god and every pro is a humble saint. It just means that low-skilled people do not realize what it takes to be good and therefore don't realize that there are a lot of people who are better than they are. This is also the cause for this effect: Unskilled persons don't overestimate themselves stronger because they are stupid or bad persons, but because their understanding of the topic is not good enough to even recognize the skills they don't have. You need to be skilled to even realize what skill is.
Thanks for the clarification Humpelstilzche (awesome name by the way) That makes sense. Especially "You need to be skilled to even realize what skill is." Afterall you can't change what you don't acknowledge. With your psychology-knowledge, could you explain how to make people realise this effect? So that maybe, just maybe they'll start looking at it differently?
: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning%E2%80%93Kruger_effect http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cognitive_dissonance
Haha yeah exactly that, the Dunning-Kruger effect. Now I can link an actual name to it, thanks! :D Especially these two parts in the article are spot on: *The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias wherein unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their ability to be much higher than is accurate. * - In other words, the god complex. *In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time, or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values.* - Them getting angry because it just can't be them, can it!?
Karmoon (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Gerbie,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=M4jEwa2v,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-03-26T15:09:41.645+0000) > > If I were to play him I'd play him mid or top, he can be quite the lane bully. As ADC he would get outperformed I think. In order to use an unusual champ in a lane you have to alter the rules accordingly. So he probably wouldn't fair too well with a traditional support, but if you give him a lane partner who isn't just CC/peel and hide in bushes, I think he has a spot on bot lane. THe fact is a lot of his kit naturally counters ADCs, so in the right combination I reckon he still might have a place on bot lane. I do prefer him as mid/top/supp though.
Good point. Perhaps he'd do well with the likes of Nidalee as more of a poke lane.
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: Urgot adc?
As said, LCS Hype train. His buff was more or less an in-between tweak so he's not completely useless up until the point they'll rework him. The buff wasn't all too small either though, since it does buff his shield (w) by quite a margin. That said, I saw he was picked into a zed, and Urgot's Ult pretty much cancels Zed's ult. So he's fairly good that way. If I were to play him I'd play him mid or top, he can be quite the lane bully. As ADC he would get outperformed I think.
: The new teemo skin is friggin terrifying
It's a nice skin, fits the theme of Teemo's abilities aswel. So good there.. I just wish Riot would spend some time making skins for champions who barely have any skins at the moment.
menneke93 (EUW)
: Better report the jungle cause we all lose lane
It happens - I think about 95% of the players have a 'god complex', with that I mean, whenever they make a mistake or do something wrong, they think it's not their fault and blame someone/something else. But seeing you say 'you lose lane, not my fault' that's probably the reason you get reported. You should look at it this way. Player A loses lane, het got outplayed, maybe he got camped. Doesn't matter since Player A has a godcomplex and will find something else to blame - Player A chooses the jungler. Player A: "No ganks GG." Now someone who does this, clearly doesn't look at the game as a whole, if you then proceed to say something like: "You lose lane not my fault." What do you think their reaction will be? They have it stuck in their mind that they can't be the ones who make a mistake, ofcourse not! Someone tells me it's my fault!? Better report them! It's really stupid, but it's what happens.
Agerune (EUW)
: i agree. but having 1 ass in your team is bad enough. having 4 for many hours of day or two, is 4X worse. plus the idea that the 4 does not need the 1 because he is just a 1 and they are 4. create very unhealthy no cooperation between the 1 and 4 who makes the 1 game a torture basically. there's no other word for it. when i get too much of those in given period of time, i cant even quit on them for my own health. because the punkbuster will increasingly punish me. and staying is such team is destructive to me, no matter how i choose to handle it. in a small doze it might be neutralized by immune system. in a large doze its highly poisonous. and even if you have the most resilient FILTERING ORGANS, the poison beyond your ability to neutralize will come out somehow. and then you will get a ticket for getting the floor a bit dirty. somehow i don't think spitting out and overdose of poison is the problem itself. don't you think?
I agree, afterall we can only 'take so much' before it's simply TOO MUCH. Perhaps an idea is to stay in touch with players you had a good, positive game with. Basically fill that friendlist up so you have less (or smaller) premades to 'deal' with. All this reminds me of the 'old days' where the box of a game had a note on it "Game Experience May Change During Online Play" Unfortunately it's impossible to 'program' a multiplayer game in such a way that prevents people from having a bad attitude.
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: What makes LeBlanc so fun?
While one could argue that you've seen everything a champion has to offer after two games of playing them. The most logical answer to this would be: Different opinions, different playstyles.
: um xin help?
This is a bit vague. To get a better understanding perhaps you could elaborate a bit. What were you playing yourself, midlane? Did you just get camped in the lane? etc.. The general advice would be play them, get to know them, then you will get to know their limits, as for some small tips against those two. **Xin** - I would say his main weakness is that once he goes all-in he cannot really escape anymore. - Once he activates his Q, his third attack is the knockup - perhaps this helps to try and avoid it. - His dash is on a pretty low cooldown (given that he maxes it first) but has a fairly short range - If he jungles the main thing is to ward really. if you see him coming you can just keep your distance - he can't really get a lot of distance in a short time say compared to Vi's Q-Ult combo. **Yasuo** - He can deal quite some damage, but is fairly squishy. - With enemy minions nearby he can be very mobile. So try and fight him when he doesn't have that advantage. I don't really know what happened in the game but as a rule of thumb... just don't 1v2 them, their synergy together is quite good. If they do get near or you get hit by the Xin Dash or Yasuo knockup it's pretty difficult to get away - unless you have a lot of dashes.
DanVen (EUW)
: What should I do with REALLY inexperienced players in ranked?
If it's small things you can give suggestions in the chat. But realistically you can't really 'teach' a player (let alone multiple players) how-to-play within the time-span of a single game. So your best bet would be to take the lead. If you're 'stuck' with less experiences players you must lead them to victory. The best way to do this is to be proactive and take a role that can carry and be the shotcaller for your team (in the hopes they listen to pings). Basically, regardless of what they play and how they play it, use your knowledge as best you can to inform your teammates and claim victory. In my opinion being a good shotcaller can get you further than being a mechanically good player.
Agerune (EUW)
: 4 premades abusing and reporting randoms.
I get your point and the type of players in the premades you describe sound like the worst around. Getting it everything 4x since they simply don't know you seems quite the unfair thing. Not getting your role is frustrating aswel. On a quick sidenote: a solution for the 'I want role X' problem is to queue up using teambuilder. Having said that. Two things: 1) Not ALL premades are like that. 2) It goes both ways. **1) Not ALL premades are like that** I play with my friends very often and a lot of those times we are a 3-4 premade, leaving 1-2 'randoms' you might say. When we enter champion select unless one of us wants a specific role, usually we wait until the randoms have called their roles and we fill. If we do call a role, we respect the 'called first'. We don't flame our teammates (pro tactic right there), wether we know you or not doesn't make a difference. We all try and play to our best ability, if it doesn't work out and we lose, then so be it. Ofcourse since we are a premade our communication will most likely be a bit better since we're used to playing together and usually we are on Teamspeak aswel. Regardless we won't ignore calls/pings from our random and keep in mind that they are not on Teamspeak. **2) It goes both ways** This might surprise you, but this behaviour can come from both sides. "Oh you guys are premade, great..." This usually doesn't start off as a problem, often times those kind of players keep quiet and are like a time bomb that goes off as soon as a small things goes wrong. You get things like "This premade...", "My god - premade bot and they feed". Luckily there is an ignore button. Let's just finish with - being in a premade or not, doesn't justify being an ass!
: 3v3 ranked
It looks at a number of things during the matches. - Your team's rating for last season: If this is non-existant it takes some average number I believe (which is fairly low mind you) - Your opponent's rating If your team's rating at the start of the provisions was around say Silver V. Then if you win a game against a bronze V team, you won't get many points. If you win against a Gold II team you will get a lot of points. So you can win lots but if it's against teams who are lower rated you won't get much in return. Don't put too much on the provisionals though, you only get 5 for 3v3 ranked which is kinda meh. If you are placed too low, you will rise in no time. I had the same thing in a 3v3 team we got placed in Bronze IV aswel, after like 4 games (all wins) we got boosted to Bronze II and so on.. So if your team is in the wrong place the system will 'fix' it by boosting you. If you don't get boosted.. you most likely belong around that level according to the 'system'. Mind you it is more difficult to get a higher rating in a team (3v3, 5v5) queue as opposed to solo/duo queue.
Eambo (EUW)
: Weren't they disabled this patch? O.o Are you sure you're still experiencing this today, Gerbie?
I haven't tested it today, It happened yesterday evening. I missed the notation about it in the patch notes, my bad!
Rioter Comments
: Junglers, please tell the rest of your team if smite isn't up BEFORE we start an objective.
Communication goes both ways. A lot of people simply don't know what to do around drake/baron when the enemy team shows up. Ofcourse it's 'best' if the jungler tells the team beforehand. Sometimes you get 'put' in a situation where you don't have time to type in chat. Or perhaps you do, but then it still has to be read by your team. But let's say you type it and you ping, in my experience this is what happens most of the time: "Why didn't you smite?" - "I said in chat my smite is on CD and I retreat pinged the drake" "Who reads chat? who listens to pings? It's your 'job' as a jungler to have smite for objectives" And then it proceeds to blow up - while in reality if smite is up on both junglers and you fight for a objective with the mindset of smite-is-all. Then it will be a 50/50 chance you get the objective. It is by FAR better to win out the fight or strategically push the enemy jungler/team off the objective to secure it properly. One could say it's the junglers job to smite objectives. But you could also argue that it's your front-line's job to keep the enemy jungler away from the objective so it can be secured. It's a team effort to secure jungle objectives not just the jungler's - the jungler's smite can make it easier.
: You remind me of a guy playing malz, who at the start I said "Malzahar OP".. Then got reported, as he thought I was ironic.. lol
Point 2 would be more important in that case The random thing you're about to say: "Does it have a bad impact on the progress of the game i.e. flaming, calling out someone's mistake, raging?" If so, don't say it, otherwise go ahead, crack people up, be that random comedian it can make the game more fun.
Careful (EUW)
: Interest - Great peeeeps!
Hi! I don't mind joining some games, I have a pretty solid group I usually play with, and often times we're a few people short to do 5v5s, so some of them might be interested aswel. Mots of us are from the Netherlands and we use Teamspeak to communicate although if it's just a few, we don't mind hopping on skype either. We're around the silver level and ofcourse try our bests in-game but fun is very important. We're not that into ranked, we mostly play normals. I personally am sort of a flexpick, I play most roles except for support. If anything the role order would most likely be this. 1) ADC - depending on my support, a buddy of mine supports a lot and we share the same playstyle which works very well for us. 2) Jungle - Pretty decent at jungling and quite up-to-date when it comes to top-tier picks. 3) Toplane/Mid - Decent at both positions 4) by far the last spot, support, I don't play it very often. I know the basics but that's about it. In game my attitude is pretty laid back - I really dislike raging - if I do at all it's at my own play, I don't like making mistakes. I'll leave the ball in your park - as in, if you're interested friend me up in-game and we'll go from there.
: Should I buy Sejuani?
A rule for life. NEVER buy something because it's popular. Only buy something if you want it. Seriously what's the use in buying something because other people said it was popular? By that logic we would all purchase Justin Bieber albums because preteen girls made it popular - please. no. As for your 'real' question: Is it worth learning Sejuani? It depends a bit ofcourse, but I would say yes. She is a solid jungler, currently in a good spot as far as balance goes, although there is a slight nerf incoming, but don't be too worried about that. Most importantly if you enjoy her playstyle, definitely pick her up. There are also a few champions who, in my opinion, play quite the same (Amumu, Nautilus) so you can swap between those aswel.
Aingaz (EUW)
: i usually win my lane , but end up losing alot of games ! :-(
First of all I would like to reply to this bit: "I don't do that, we have a jungler right?" Don't expect anything from the other players. You might have the worst jungler EUW on your team, who knows. This way, they won't dissapoint and they can only surprise you in a positive way. Which in turn means you will have to do your best to carry the game aswel, since afterall.. you're playing with low expectations of your team! That said. Winning lane is not winning game, the lane phase is simply a start. If you get an advantage in lane then push that advantage. I mean it's fun getting 10 kills and pushing the turret in toplane and pretty much completely obliterating their toplaner... But if you take a step back that pretty much results in the following: - You stop gaining gold from kills, since their toplaner is worth nothing anymore. - You are most likely the most powerful player on your team at that point, but you're only in toplane. To solve that push your advantage elsewhere. Get dragon, gank or push a turret elsewhere to help the entire game other than just your lane. In other words Carry your team. Now if you're not that far ahead, it's where it becomes tricky. "But I don't have time to go to another lane in risk of my own lane being pushed." That's fine, just grab small objectives, take the scuttlecrab, maybe ward their jungle, kill some jungle creeps in their jungle - everything counts!
Houdoe (EUW)
: Hmm i might try that sometime, its not always that they say its flame, some people say thanks i'll try it and others just dont respond, i guess everyone has his own way of taking in feedback.. Also, you're right about the distracting part, when arguing you cant look for rotation to siege upon, or focus on farming since typing takes all the time:p Thanks a ton man!!
No problem. Took me some time aswel, I was once young and got upset about those simple things. Now I'm old and wise... {{champion:26}} As soon as you realise that it has no point to rage you're ahead of 80% of the LoL players I'd say.
Houdoe (EUW)
: I'm pretty much doing this, if its not going to affect gameplay in a positive way, i'd rather just shut up.. and giving tips AFTER the game helps a ton since when ingame, people tend to see feedback as "flame" and you'll get reported anyway.. Thanks for the tip!!
> [{quoted}](name=Houdoe,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=JTn18EJv,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2015-03-20T12:26:37.962+0000) > > since when ingame, people tend to see feedback as "flame" and you'll get reported anyway.. Exactly that. It's a bit unfortunate, but a lot of people feel like they're being put on the spot and really a lot of people who play league simply don't know how to take or give out advice properly. There's no point in argueing whilst playing the game - afterall it distracts you from it and costs time. If you do want to help during the game and give tips, be very careful with it and always talk about the future. With that I mean, it's always better to say "Perhaps next time you could..." instead of "What you did there was.." We can't change the past, but we can improve for the future.
Quiz (EUNE)
: How to mid?
Regardless of who you play, only roam when you can take advantage and don't lose too much. To do that, just have a short checklist. **Is your lane outpushed? ** In other words, if you roam to another place now - will the midlane be pushed into your turret and possibly cost you your turret? If that's the case you should not roam! **Is there an advantage to be had somewhere else?** While staying in the midlane, look at the map and other lanes - If you would roam, by the time you'd get there can you do anything? If say the enemy botlane is at their own turret, you won't really be able to get a kill safely. Then you shouldn't walk all the way over to botlane only to have to walk back again. Now if their botlane is pushing hard and pressuring your turret in botlane, you most likely can get a kill - given your botlane can assist you. But be sure to ask where wards have been placed so you won't get spotted. **Don't stop there!** If you get an advantage safely keep going. Again the botlane example, perhaps if you did a succesful roam to botlane, you can call your Jungler (if he wasn't there already) and start doing dragon.
: I think i will go with Trundle, he looks best without skin/Classic right?
His regular skin looks really good, If you'd want to purchase a skin check out youtube for some skin previews and make up your mind from that. In my opinion his Junkyard skin is quite awesome aswel - hitting people with a huge exhaust pipe.
: Amumu > Sejuani.
At the moment I'd say Sejuani outperforms Amumu by a slight margin. But the incoming changes make her % damage slightly less and her ult slightly less reliable (unless you can hit it perfectly from long range). Which would probably put them on an even level.
: Who schould i buy next IYO?
Depends on what you're looking for.. In general I'd say buy what you enjoy playing most, since otherwise the champ'll start collecting dust. Having said that... when looking at the current trend (jungle tanks getting love). All 3 can jungle quite well, I think Nautilus gained the most from the recent jungle changes, so his power has possibly increased the most out of the 3... But.. where tanks are buffed, Trundle comes in to knock them down, Trundle is extremely good at killing tanks (because of his ult), so that might be something to look into.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=JamesMacro,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=2NycdYou,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2015-03-20T10:09:14.299+0000) > > yes, but you have to see it like this. Stattik Shiv works with the Q of Gankplank just like with Ezreal his Q, But Luden's Echo not, because it is a On-hit effect unlike Ezreal his Ulti, W, and E as well with Gankplank his ulti. > > Long story short, If Shiv goes off on one spell, then Luden's Echo won't. Pretty much how I was seeing it too. If Shiv + Luden's went off in one spell...geez that'd hurt.
> [{quoted}](name=Eambo,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=2NycdYou,comment-id=0000000000010000,timestamp=2015-03-20T10:24:14.918+0000) > > Pretty much how I was seeing it too. If Shiv + Luden's went off in one spell...geez that'd hurt. I tried it on Evelynn, they don't exactly go off at once. But with the way her damage is divided on her skills she's one of the few champions who can burst hard by having both items and she has them up a lot!... it's actually quite fun although possibly not the most optimal build.
MiyumiSan (EUW)
: Sejuani popular in ranked?
Since her changes last season she was always in a pretty decent spot to be honest - she was more or less like Amumu. And with this season's jungle changes she was actually one of the few tanky champions who did fine. These jungle item changes (cinderhulk) and Diamond giving her playtime in the LCS just put her in the spotlight. Not to mention that some youtubers (Foxdrop & Pantsaredragon) also mention her quite often in Jungle top5's and tierlists. So over time she just gained more popularity.
: Who do you think is the most badass looking champion ?
It's a split first place for Fifth Age {{champion:44}} and Lollipoppy {{champion:78}}
Houdoe (EUW)
: Positivity!
It's simple really. Just follow this flowchart. You feel like talking in the chat, and what you wish to type out... 1) Contributes to winning the game or help improve your allies performance at this moment? Go ahead and say it! 2) Has a bad impact on the progress of the game i.e. flaming, calling out someone's mistake, raging? Do not say it, just shut up and keep playing to the best of your abilities! Everyone makes mistakes - usually the player itself knows best when they make them. Calling someone out on their mistakes during a game is really annoying to that player regardless of what it was. If anything speak up about it AFTER the game and give them tips to improve. Just raging helps noone.
: Thank you for your very in-depth feedback. I agree that statistics dont represent the whole game. However, it is a good starting point to find mistakes, espacially for coaching players. I like your idea of going even further and demanding more details from the statistics. I have a spoiler kind of overview in mind where "45k total damage" is clickable and a whole new menu comes up with the detailed stats. This would allow having a quick overview, but if required a more in-depth one as well. Back to the "only ADC and splitpusher show up on turret damage". I doubt that. If i am playing jungle, i usually try to help destroy the outer turrets early on. And just because 99% of the time only high damage dealers appear on the list, doesnt mean that others can't have an impact. Or imagine the ADC didn't dealt damage to turrets at all. The statistic would be a way to figure that out, and the player would be able to improve. Being good still requires consistency. Therefore statistics can show if you are up to your standards.
> [{quoted}](name=Harold Finch,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=AiyH0U2i,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2015-03-19T16:03:45.480+0000) > > I have a spoiler kind of overview in mind where "45k total damage" is clickable and a whole new menu comes up with the detailed stats. This would allow having a quick overview, but if required a more in-depth one as well. That spoiler/show more thing would be a great solution to still keep the 'quick overview' as you mention. About the turret pushing thing with ADCs and Splitpushers, there are always exceptions but I just expect that in the majority of the games the ADC and Splitpusher (most likely top) will show up big on those, not like you won't see the others, but they won't be topping it. As said it's an expectation and it would in fact be great if I'm wrong in this regard - then I would learn from the statistics. Thinking about it, if they would go a step further they could even add a rating like they are planning for the Champion Mastery system, but then for each aspect of the game. Perhaps something like... **KDA rating - A+ [Show more info]** Would show KDA, damage dealt to champions + who you killed, who killed you - who was your nemesis this game? **Minion rating - A+ [Show more info]** Would show minions killed, damage dealt to minions **Siege rating - A [Show more info]** Would show turret/inhib damage dealt **Global Objective rating - B [Show more info]** Would show Dragons,Barons, scuttlecrabs, maybe even blues/reds **Warding rating - D- [Show more info]** Would show wards placed, bought, destroyed etc **Wealth rating - A+ [Show more info]** Would show gold gained from specific sources i.e. minions, kills, shutdown bonus etc.
: [SUGGESTION] Add 'Damage Dealt to Objectives' to the after-game statistics
I don't really see the point in showing damage dealt to dragons/barons. If the enemy team deals 95% damage to dragon but your jungler smites and thereby claims the dragon. That damage dealt pretty much means nothing. For turrets I can somewhat see the point, but in the majority of the games I think either the ADC or a splitpushing top will show up on these charts. But then again the whole damage dealt thing is vague to begin with, even if you only take damage dealt to champions. Think about it.. let's take 2 examples. ADC 1 - dealt 25k damage to champions this game ADC 2 - dealt 20k damage to champions this game "Well seems like ADC1 did better since he did more damage" What if he dealt 15k of that 25k damage to the enemy tank, who just soaked up most of it. That doesn't lead to many kills or objectives then most likely. Whereas ADC 2 might have dealt 18K of his 20K damage to the Midlaner and ADC1, which would be a lot more valuable. If they clarify the damage more, then they would have to clarify everything for it to be showing something of value! For example: *You dealt 45K damage total* You dealt 11K damage to minions You dealt 1K damage to Dragon : 2 out of 3 dragons were obtained by your team You dealt 3K damage to Turrets / Inhibitors You dealt 20K damage to champions: - 5K to champion1 - 5K to champion2 - 7K to champion 3 - 2K to champion 4 - 1K to champion 5 And the same goes for damage taken.. you'd want to see who you got the damage from.. then suddenly it has value and you can go like.. "wait a second.. I got way too much damage from the enemy midlaner.. perhaps I got caught out too much"
: In order to play this game in solo Q you have to know how to play at least 3 champs per lane. Every season has its ups and downs in champs because the game itself changes, its items change, its rules change, EVERYTHING changes. Champions have been uped and downed by these changes without been touched nerf or buff wise. All your complains are amounted to the phrase: "I cant addapt and I can only play FOTM". You can either understand it and progress or keep complaining. This game is reaching the number 100 in its champion pool. There is 0 probability a champion that is either low or weak today will be the same tomorrow. Brace for the urgot op threads.
I'm pretty sure your reply is aimed at another topic.
HPDave (EUW)
: I like the the Strategy type gameplay. The 2v2/3v3. For some reason cannot remember the name of it. Like SC2. Create your buildings, create army and try to outplay the other players on a map with resources. Prophunt is hilarious, but I don't have any friends that play Gary's mod. I also love Risk.
Unfortunately there haven't been any 'good' strategy releases like the one you're after, the latest is SC2 really. I think it's mainly to do that those type of games don't seem to do well on Consoles and for PC it's almost as if the moba-type games (like LoL) have taken over the Strategy genre. I personally like the original Company of Heroes as a strategy game. It plays slightly different since it's more about capturing areas (which in turn give you recources) and push your way forward to victory from there. If you haven't played it and you like strategy games, then perhaps it's a good one to keep you entertained for a while. There is a steam version aswel which includes all the expansions and is fairly cheap I believe.
HPDave (EUW)
: What do you play to take a break from LoL?
What do you like about WC:TFT that got you into it? It sort of depends on what you feel like playing and what kind of gametypes you like. If I'm with a group and we're bored of LoL for a while we usually play some other Multiplayer game depending on who joins. For us it's usually something like: - Company of Heroes (WW 2 strategy) - Magicka (odd co-op game) - Prophunt (hilarious with a bunch of friends) If I'm by myself I usually do something other than gaming unless I happen to be in progress on a game like Dragon Age or the likes.
: Every game seeing a sejuani go 15/0
I believe she's already on their 'watchlist'. That said.. I actually think she's in a great spot right now. She's one of the few tanky junglers who can actually keep up with the gank-heavy bruisers. If the Cinderhulk enchant (sunfire jungle enchant) is indeed too powerful on her at the midgame, I'm sure Riot will see fit to adjust numbers where needed. A good option against a Sejuani is a really aggressive jungler who can counterjungle her early, like a Nidalee. Or simply a jungler who has early game presence, which is what Sejuani lacks.
: > [{quoted}](name=Gerbie,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=B1bT30V3,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-03-16T10:04:20.447+0000) > > If you just add 30 more items - similar to there are now, you'll just end up with there being like 6-7 top picked items which everyone 'should' use. And the rest of the items will collect dust in the shop. > > In every game when you there is a choice there will always a best-pick. > > So enlighten us, if it is the way to fix everything. > What items would need to be added, which do not overlap or overpower other items too much so they start to collect dust? How is this different from now? There are a ton of items in shops which are seldom used at best... others you just never see. I am not saying that more items is gonna be better for sure... but it might help out those champs that struggle atm (i.e.: old, unused champs) who may perhaps benefit from items that are no not present in game
> [{quoted}](name=Lord Grumpy,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=B1bT30V3,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-03-16T12:41:40.785+0000) > > How is this different from now? > > There are a ton of items in shops which are seldom used at best... others you just never see. > That's sort of my point. There are already items that rarely see play, so how would just adding more items 'fix everything'? Which is pretty much why I'm asking you to elaborate by telling us what items they should add.
: well were still waiting for a true custom so i think thats kind of a bit higher in priority
Sure. I'm not saying to add at this very second or that it should get priority over anything else, Riot can prioritize it as they see fit. I'm just suggesting it as a nice addition to the game. Even the low priority things can end up on a to-do list.
HdtvTh (EUNE)
: How to fix everything, OP, Overnerfed etc...
If you just add 30 more items - similar to there are now, you'll just end up with there being like 6-7 top picked items which everyone 'should' use. And the rest of the items will collect dust in the shop. In every game when you there is a choice there will always a best-pick. So enlighten us, if it is the way to fix everything. What items would need to be added, which do not overlap or overpower other items too much so they start to collect dust?
Ilthuelle (EUW)
: Rhea the Forgotten Shadow [Champion Suggestion][WIP]
I like the idea, but the passive and especially the ultimate seem far too strong. With that passive you can keep the enemy ADC from ever seeing anyone else for as long as you stick can stick on them - which seems a bit much. A solution to this would be to make the 'alone in the dark' trigger after X attacks, sort of like Braum's passive. Then the balancing can be done on the duration and you can have a cooldown per target - say if a target has been alone in the dark within the last 15 seconds, they can't be alone in the dark again. As for the ultimate a prolonged death timer is not only very, VERY powerfull - think about it, there is no other single skill in the game that keeps someone out of play for 30-70 seconds. It is also very unfun for the player targetted by it- whooptidoo now I can't do anything for a normal deathtimer + 30-70 seconds. The first part - the erased from the mind part is nice, perhaps work a bit more with that? Like instead of making him invisible, let him appear in a different location to his allies? they might not go in if they 'think' their ADC or tank is in another place than he actually is.
: I liked the part where you miss out the price differences in LoL and HotS. In LoL, you get an average of 80 IP per match (more if you win, less if you lose) with the daily "First win of the day" 150 IP bonus. Champion prices vary from 450 IP to 7800 IP (New champions, the price stays for a while, then goes to 6300 as the most expensive champions) In HotS, you get an average of 10-20 gold per match with the heroes costing from 2000gold to 10000 gold. You can basically buy champions only from bonuses like daily quests, leveling bonuses or money. In LoL the more you play, the more champions you can buy, whereas in Hots, you are limited by the gold income points. Therefore, you are forced to focus on as few champions as possible (hence the hero leveling system). Buying in LoL is way, way easier than buying in Hots. That's why Hots included the "Try" option. Or at least, this is what i'd like to think
I figured the cost wasn't part of the tryout-mode. With LoL I mainly feel that with the huge amount of champions you can pick from, it only seems logical you should be able to try it before you buy it. Normally you would be fine with the weekly free champion rotation, but since more champions are added it could perhaps take several months before the champion you want to try shows up in there. I don't think it should have anything to do with how 'easy' or how 'time consuming' it is to unlock champions. Merely a quality of life thing especially for players who don't own many champions.
: You don't know the average LoL player well if you think a bad champion purchase is enough to make someone quit the game. I know people who bought several skins on champions they don't even use now - and yet they log in and play, almost every day. Riot screwed up in many ways, and I'm the first to call them out when they do, but their marketing strategy is on point. They will not work towards a profit loss. Same reason why they don't have a "full package" like in Smite, where you can spend 20-30€ to get all the champions available. And just like the other features I mentioned, it's still a specific "queue", with a different mode to be added - even if it's just a copy of the tutorial map. Also more load for the servers whenever they're not on fire.
If the average LoL player feels that way, then I don't see the problem with adding the tryout mode... You pretty much just said they'll just keep on buying regardless, no? It's true that it's a specific queue, valid point. Regardless a tryout mode could be really limited, afterall it's just to give someone a quick demo. If you'd want a proper sandbox mode it would have to support a full-game gameplay + a lot of possible sandbox features for testing purposes - which would be a much larger scope.
Good Be3r (EUW)
: The "Champion Mastery" should be used to prevent players to pick a never played champion in Ranked
I don't think it should be limited. First of all, if something like this would be implemented it MUST be retroactive, not could be, MUST be. Imagine otherwise. This gets implemented. EVERY player would need to play 10 normal games on a single champion. That's a fairly long time of no ranked play at all, especially for those who have less time on their hands. Next thing is, how would you deal with bans? Would only the champions eligible for ranked be in the ban pool? Suddenly that's cut down by a ton and gives bans way more impact. Having said that - I don't think anyone should be limited to playing what they want. Is it smart to play a champ you've never played before in ranked for the first time? Not so much. Regardless it highly depends on the player whether it will be a certain failure or not - if you're godlike on champion X and play champion Y for the first time, who happens to have a similar playstyle you might just do extremely well.
: The idea is good, but then again it'd be a profit loss for Riot (since "impulse buys" will stop) and we've been waiting for replay and sandbox modes for years already. I don't see them adding this feature anytime soon.
In a way I guess it's true that this could 'stop' or 'prevent' impulse purchases. But then again.. what would you rather have as riot? This is kind of a black and white scenario but for example's sake: Someone who can't be arsed to play much anymore since he recently purchased a champion he doesn't enjoy at all? Or miss out on an impulse buy, but at least that player knows the champion he tried out isn't for him and keeps playing with other champions he does enjoy? And while I would like for Riot to add sandbox and replay modes, this is quite a different issue. The tryout mode is simply meant for those who don't own the champion and wish to get a quick playable demo and feel of how the champion works before purchasing. Regardless of them adding it sooner, later or never, it's a suggestion, if they pick up on it (if they haven't already) it's good enough for me > planting the seed!
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