Bombard1r (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ziffolo,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=O2p2f1sz,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-17T16:11:14.777+0000) > > Most of these advices, if followed, would result in a ban. you will find it hard to prove that those are intentional.
Apart from the fact you posted on the boards that you are "done following the rules after those trolls did the same manage to get me permanent banned after 2 years of playing".
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: Who is your favorite streamer and why?
Sirchez is the most chill person I've watched stream he just doesn't get mad, it would be nice if more people were like him!
MSF Akito (EUW)
: See, thats something I never understood. Everyone knows how ARAM works. So people who wouldnt want to play ranked dont even have to play ranked. If you were able to reroll 2 Champions before EVERY game, then you could still build a somewhat decent Teamcomp. Sure, it might still be worse than what your enemies got, but maybe you know your champs better than the enemy. What I'm saying is: Yes, it is still RNG, but its not purely based on RNG. Its pretty much the same as TFT in terms of RNG.
This is it pretty much, don't want to risk the RNG for ranked then don't play ranked mode stick with normal. I think the main reason I want to see ranked in ARAM is that it's taken ages to learn the champs and play them and I'd like to see where I rate amongst others that play ARAM. I understand the RNG can completely suck but it does for the enemy also and come on lets face it, look at Ranked now and it's just a flip if you get decent team mates or flamers and trolls! SO whats the difference? Kappa
Schaq (EUW)
: ranked aram
I can't really see the problem ( I'm for ranked queues ) apart from ARAM accounts which are slightly nullified with the extra champs now included. 1 queue for normal ARAM 1 queue for ranked. Put a warning up for ranked saying it's random carry on at your own risk, it's not like anyone forces you to play ranked. I've most probably got a one sided view so sorry!
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: I would like everyone to stop saying EZ
You forgot about these also: mEze fEz jeEz
Dreugan (EUW)
: If you mean in the loading screen, then you can still see the mastery score. But if you're talking about something else, I don't know what you mean.
Ah sorry I ment their total mastery skills.
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Hansiman (EUW)
: Upcoming experimental ARAM changes (and Butcher's Bridge)
Not too sure I'm looking forward to the proposed changes but maybe it's because I don't really like change. Bans: I can see why some might like this but at the end of the day you get equal chance to get the "more OP champs". Minion change: Yeah sure sounds good. Poke reduction: But it's soo FUN popping people!! New spells: Cool. Items: Fine. Runes: Fair enough.
grymcalle (EUW)
: Is this how we want the game to be like?
You can get free skins from riot in a few ways: Get gold and be above honor 2 at the end of the season. Mission rewards. Forum based events. Orange essence.
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VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Happy Birthday
Hope you have a good day today and many more in the future!
: i get perma ban on my acount
Too late for that the account is gone but on the plus side you now get to be non toxic on your brand new account!
Sefi (EUNE)
: My heart goes to FNC!
No matter what happens we are proud of you, lets go lads bring it home!
: I have "Watch & Earn V" that rewards 400 BE. Dont get any progression from watching vods. Dont know if its because i have already watched all games live. Lucky 34 cant be completed untill groupstage is done.
Yup same here, I've watched 3-4 Vod's now and it still isn't doing anything. EDIT: I found that it works on this link:
Nonstopre (EUW)
: Aram heal bug
I thought I was going crazy lol I saw the heal then all of a sudden it vanished, guess I'm not that crazy after all!
: How did you start?
I watched Total Biscuit do his "WTF LoL"
: So, uhm, are you gonna fix the ARAM emotes bug? So that we can use them?
Hey at least people don't buy them with RP! Sarcasm over, I also agree it would be nice to be able to use things I've/we've bought :) And yeah making a poll like that will do no good as it's totally biased, just put yes or no.
: Odyssey Missions: The Problem
This is has been my least favorite RGM by far, I played enough to get 50 tokens and that's all I'm going to do with this mode, champ select is just "Do this or do that".
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Porumbar (EUNE)
: hey man, keyboard warrior-ism is a sport now ... so i am making competitive arguments here. Female homo sapiens do not like front computer sloths
What's that got to do with your opinion of what a sport is? Seems like your clutching at straws here just to prove something. Mark Twain had a famous quote about people like you so I'm going to heed his advice.
Porumbar (EUNE)
: but can you have lots of babes with dart throwing ?
Now your saying it's babes that makes it a sport I wonder if your going to delete this post as you did your initial post.
Porumbar (EUNE)
: Dart throwing it's a bar or a circus game ... really ? It's not even international sometimes ... but can be very unhealthy
1. 2. Two links to show you that darts is a sport (1) and the other is it's an international sport (2).
Porumbar (EUNE)
: ***
Last time I saw darts players they certainly weren't athletic! Also what does respecting nature have to do with sport lol? I think you just got a bee in your bonnet about e-sports being a sport but they are dedicated and they have to train a lot, sure you don't have to be in peak health but a healthy lifestyle is optimal whether you play sport or not.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Are you using [this site](
No I go to the top left of this site we are on, click esports then go to the VOD's and this is where the spoils come in. Bookmarked the one you gave me thanks :)
Hansiman (EUW)
: That's weird. This isn't how it's displayed for me. So I'm not getting spoilers.
Hmm that is weird but none the less it's super frustrating as I don't want to see the result before watching the game!
Hansiman (EUW)
: How so? I've used VOD's several times without getting it spoiled. I know for a little while they didn't display a "button" for all games in best of series, so if you saw there were only two VODs available for a best of three series, you'd know the team that won the first game won the series. They've changed this to now have buttons for every game, even if these games weren't played.
When there is only 1 game played it tells you who won, here I'll show you what I mean it's underlined in red :)
Eambo (EUW)
: I don't believe a large amount of the community who asks for such things considers what they're actually asking/saying. One of the downsides of the internet is that things are pretty impersonal. I'm a "Rioter", I'm "Eambo" - I'm not a person to a lot of people. That's pretty standard on the internet, you don't realise you're talking to/about a person, a fellow human, someone trying to make their way in the world - instead it's just a virtual entity with no meaning or thought. This isn't an attempt at me saying "Oh poor us, please forgive everything" - we do dumb stuff sometimes, and we remain accountable despite what you see externally. We're still a company, and the decisions made should be in a general good direction - you can't please everyone, but the changes should have good justification generally. One thing that tends to get more responses or views from Rioters is when we find posts that are genuinely constructive - I love reading through posts on "Why I enjoyed season <x>" or "How league could be better" with good thinking and explanation behind it - over "SEASON 4 WAS BETTER FU RITO FIRE EVERYONE I HOPE YOU DIE AS A COMPANY" - one has more value to us than the other as you can imagine :P
I used to love watching VOD's from this site but I don't bother anymore because you spoil the result on the VOD your about to watch!
: > [{quoted}](name=Gerbster,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=YRoEEtbg,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2018-08-14T11:29:48.717+0000) > > It&#x27;s not permanent though, and it&#x27;s not for just one screw up! It is for one screw up. 1 day of toxity and losing it is enough to get you dishonorable
But it wasn't just ONE screw up you've had issues with this in the past so yes it should be like this!
: > [{quoted}](name=Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=YRoEEtbg,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-14T10:39:53.022+0000) > > How about not being dishonorable to begin with? Doing my best but for a person with a temper I do lose it sometimes. I understand that a punishment is good. But a punishment should'nt be permanent for one screw up should it? Imagine as a kid you break something and your parents get mad and ground you till you are 18. Thats how this feels.
It's not permanent though, and it's not for just one screw up!
: hehe banned for sarcasm
Carry on with this "Sarcasm" you will be permanently banned.
: Just got permabanned for one stressing game with no real flame. for a SINGLE game.
If you can't see that your comments towards your team were negative then you have a lot of learning to do, also two wrongs don't make a right.
exurbia (EUW)
: how hard can it be to make the notifications a one time thing only? they're a trillion dollar company, own half the moon and have total political control over asia, why can't they just fix this man
In all fairness my mate doesn't really play that much any more it's rare that he logs on now so maybe that is part of the problem (for me?) but it's not a big thing for me just kinda seeing the same message over and over again lol.
: Why are intermediate bots so easy?
The DOOM Bot event ages ago was kinda fun they were OP, basically it was an ARURF but only the bots got it IIRC :)
exurbia (EUW)
: notifications about gifting wont stop popping up
I gifted a mate the Christmas icon (1k BE) which I was happy too, trouble is I'm still receiving "X has opened their gift" don't get me wrong I'm glad he's got it but it's now August lol!
: Hey all, So I spoke to the team and they have decided to remove the soiler functionality from lolesports for a number of reasons. There were several cases where the tables were broken or that results weren't visible after spoilers had been activated by players. There was also feedback that it was unclear if spoilers were on or off and what this meant is that it was providing a negative experience rather than a positive one for players. The team might revisit the functionality later if it's really missed and look for a potential better solution. I hope this helps. Cos
Glad that this has been removed as I didn't get time to watch the live games and found it really frustrating to see the results before watching the games.
: That's a really strange(read: dumb) answer, as I would expect every match availed as a VOD to be "already played" unless a crazy amount of chronomancy is involved. Problaly support guy didn't even get your question
Believe me I clearly got my point across but it seems as "It's working as intended", I was a little taken back by the response as it makes no bloody sense in having the spoilers button there!! I've made a couple of posts about this but mine were never answered so I talked to support because I find it really frustrating and much the same as you I tried to close my eyes and scroll but surely this is not the answer lol! Hopefully someone will see some sense and revert this back to how it was because as it stands it ridiculous but I'm not going to hold my breath over it.
: Why does lolesports suddenly show spoilers?
I contacted support over this issue and was told it's working as intended as the matches have already been played. I also asked them whats the point of having "hide spoiler" when you get shown the result anyway, and was told it will be passed on.
Gerbster (EUW)
: Spoilers from VOD's FFS
Don't believe me then just go to a VOD and choose no spoilers then go to the game and you'll see the result before you click on the game on the top left.
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x Akali (EUNE)
: well... first of all difference between stoned and high is in strains of cannabis. Indica gives you more "high" feeling and Sativa gives you more "stoned" feeling. I agree with you regarding playing with high, if I smoked some nice Sativa it can actually help me play better. Too bad lately I just smoke skunk and hybrids haven't smoked good sativa for long time :(
You got them mixed up it's the other way around.
Vobiscum (EUW)
: Having the same problem. Been watching VODs for years but now this is totally ruining it for me too.
Yeah it's kind of stupid when you don't want to know the result of the match before watching it, even if you press hide spoilers it makes no difference as it shows the result anyway on the VOD!!!
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys, ARURF does not count for a "Summoner's Rift" game for this mission - confusing I know, but it's the "traditional" Summoner's Rift modes - blind, draft, ranked. Would this explain you not getting progress? (For the PVP game, can you explain that mission/show a screenshot of it?)
Yeah the same thing happened to me but I choose ARURF as it was on SR, I thought "matchmade" was to solve the problems with people just going to BOT matches to make things easier. No real dramas for me just a tad annoying that it wasn't clear for me!
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: Greetings UK players!
Spent a couple of years living in the lanes can't say I miss all the noise moved out a bit further now but Brighton is great.
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Smerk (EUW)
: You can't get mastery tokens in ARAM, you have to play normals or rankeds on SR
Thanks for the answer I didn't realize :)
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Fast33r (EUNE)
: Year of birth
Up voted for making me laugh.
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