: Most of my games in s4/5 would see one team having an advantage pretty much all game long, but since it was harder to close out games people would just stall forever until everyone got to full build and then things were decided in a coinflip teamfight where your previous advantage meant nothing. To be fair I was hardstuck bronze for the entirety of s3 and finished s5 in g4 or something, so I didn't exactly get to experience the sickest high level gameplay, but then the vast majority of ranked players are gold or below so I think my experience is nevertheless somewhat representative for what most people would have seen.
But you can never take low elo into consideration because in low elo players play absolutely random and they aren't even effected by the meta as they play what they want and how they want. You can't balance competitive game around low elo, sometimes not even higher. You have to look at eSport and something like challenger / master.
: S5 was when the only playable mid laner was azir and viktor... and the only playable top laner was gnar Season 6 was the juggernauts, so 65% win rate skarner, Darius, adc morde... also the time that the only jungler was gragas and Elise... often considered the least stable meta S7 was both the assasin update (aka the beginning of lethality) and the tank update... both caused major issues S5-7 where as unstable as all seasons... like I said rose tinted lenses
I talk about pro scene though. SoloQ will be unstable no matter the meta. And even though I am mid laner I enjoyed the juggernaut meta a lot, both watching and playing. I don't use rose tinted lenses. I just remember those seasons because I enjoyed them the most. Just watch worlds 2015 and 2018 and tell me that 2015 was unstable competitively wise.
: lol is pasicly riot games but ok riot changes league as it changes itself
Yeah, but you can love the concept of the game but hate the changes they make.
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: You're implying there's a complex algorithm in place that takes into accounts stuff like position... Ban for intentional is based on how many times you die on how many games, triggered by a number of people reporting you.
Yes, there is such algorithm. How do you think they calculate how much % of time was jungler in the jungle in LEC.
: Nah nothing like that. So if I am a jungler who is honestly invading and dying in enemy jungler does that mean I should be banned for trolling The only way you can get banned for inting is if both enemy team and your team report you for intentional feeding
But there is a difference between being a jungler and support.
: Banned for changing language to Japanese
Maybe provide some source you %%%%%% omfg. You could just make it up. You got 0 proofs yet you talk like a king here. Ever heard of print screen and asking Riot first? Probably too hard for your little brain.
Semaka (EUW)
: It means to commit suicide, no matter how you try to turn it around.
It doesn't have to mean to commit suicide.
Pixelbits (EUW)
: So what is the problem into letting people choose what they want? Both parties win. It's a no brainer. The people that want to be queued quickly can choose auto fill and the people that want to get the guarenteed role in exchange for longer queue times can choose protected queue. Nobody loses here.
You should have been around in season 3 and 4. New system just produces crybabies like you who aren't even satisfied with it and think that OTPing one role is good approach to become better.
: Client always resets bound key for "Open Instant Emote Wheel"
Thanks god that you don't need emotes to play.
Câstiél (EUW)
: If you think so, alright. For me, progames going 50+ minutes are absolutely awful to watch. Way too long. > the problem? if in enemy team there is 1 akali that got advantage in a lane...well she as too much dmg. she is gonna oneshot 2 player with half rotation, so u can't play around drakes/herald just because they have 1 player (micro) > u are vs kassadin? don't even try to let him get lev 16 or it is an auto lose > enemy team get elder? welp...u are not even supposed to play the game. do u ever watched pro games? ok. the most important games (and beautifull) are the comeback in lategame 50 min+ after all game suffering and tehn being able to win a game. now? u can't do it, just because if a team get elder and a full build adc auto attack u, welp u are dead with 1 auto attack That's literally why you need more macro. You can't fight the akali, because she is **too strong**. So what do you do? You avoid her as best as you can and try to gain an advantage on another part of the map. Macro is the stategic part of a game, in League that means rotations, objectives, summoner timings, and so on. > i'm playing a lot of elise right now, do u wanna know the funny thing? i don't need to hit my abilities. i just go in spider form and q+w and the enemy adc is dead (high diamond), yeah that's season 10 "macro", pressing 2 buttons to kill the carry, jenius You know, that's the a point why there is less micro and more macro. You don't need micro when you can kill anyone in just 1-2 spells, your mechanics don't matter. Besides, what is your "high diamond" account? The lvl 16 account you're using here doesn't really look like there's a high diamond player behind it.
> [{quoted}](name=Câstiél,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PLUFhTOz,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2020-01-06T14:27:04.130+0000) > > For me, progames going 50+ minutes are absolutely awful to watch. Way too long. > Probably becuase you have short attention span or can't keep up with all things happening in the game. I usually get tired when watching BO5 in pro scene because there are way more things happening than in soloQ and having to figure out the composition and win condition, I sometimes don't even analyze 4th or 5th game draft wise.
sbepi (EUW)
: macro? season 10 macro? that's legit what players wants ^^ the problem? if in enemy team there is 1 akali that got advantage in a lane...well she as too much dmg. she is gonna oneshot 2 player with half rotation, so u can't play around drakes/herald just because they have 1 player (micro) u are vs kassadin? don't even try to let him get lev 16 or it is an auto lose enemy team get elder? welp...u are not even supposed to play the game. do u ever watched pro games? ok. the most important games (and beautifull) are the comeback in lategame 50 min+ after all game suffering and tehn being able to win a game. now? u can't do it, just because if a team get elder and a full build adc auto attack u, welp u are dead with 1 auto attack i'm playing a lot of elise right now, do u wanna know the funny thing? i don't need to hit my abilities. i just go in spider form and q+w and the enemy adc is dead (high diamond), yeah that's season 10 "macro", pressing 2 buttons to kill the carry, jenius (not even gonna talk about evelyn/rengar...u need 1 button with them) right now the meta is: who does more dmg? ok pick it.
You are right. You know there is something wrong when you oneshot enemy without hitting main cc and not even being ahead much.
: Why I don't enjoy winning anymore.
It may sound weird from an assassin player but when I think about it, it actually makes sense. One would say that someone who plays burst damage role would like burst meta but you are right. You loved your class because it had something special, it's own playstyle and place in the team. I feel like Riot is absolutely destroying classes. I basically absolutely agree with your "definitions" of roles / classes in the game.
: S3 was fine (the last season when traditional assassins not named LB were actually good, oh I miss those days), but S4 and S5 were some of the most boring seasons we've had. At least when someone oneshots me with a brokenass ability something is happening. S4/5 was literally just u doing whatever for like 50 minutes, then one teamfight and that was it. Nothing u did in the early game mattered since it was pretty much inevitable for things to drag on until late game hit and everyone had 5-6 items. Now u can actually close out a game if u get a lead early.
Actually not true. The game was more strategic in s4 and s5. There were multiple teamfights, skirmishes and plays in one game that led to Victory or Defeat.
: I feel like you’ve forgotten a few things... S3 still had ap yi, 99% ban rate kassawin was a thing, the assasin meta, then the stall meta, poppy existed... that’s the problem with the past your looking at it through rose tinted lenses... in reality it was just as broken as it is now.
I don't feel like s5 was broken in any way. I think s5-s7 were the most stable meta.
: Nobody ever get's banned for trolling.
I got banned for trolling as janna 0/12. But that was because I was running in enemy jgl or smth so they can detect where you are most of the game. That's probably why normal trolls don't get banned as they most likely stay on lane.
: Agree, also nerf tanks and mages back in line with other classes
I am afraid it's not possible to nerf tanks even more than they already are my friend.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: "cool" event riot ...
Thanks god I care only about gameplay and not this new bull*hit trend called "events". They are not events anymore or at least don't have value as the old ones had. Riot wants to make more money from this. But I don't know how as I stopped buying skins completely when they added hextech crafting and stopped caring for "events" too. So it definitely didn't work on me. There are probably players who s*ck their c*ck so they probably bet on that. Beside that I have no idea.
: If you hate Riot so much, why do you love their game so much? And if you don't love the game, then why do you care? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Loving Riot has nothing to do with loving their game. Grow up man.
Morrhen (EUW)
: There's likely few reasons. They were filled into a role they can't properly play. Thus, they pick a champion they CAN play. Technically speaking, you can ''support'' with every champion... but the results aren't going to be nice. Just because champion isn't classified as support, it doesn't mean it can't work out. Out of those you mentioned, Lux IS a support and CAN be built as utility focused supp. Vel'koz is actually also one of the best supports too. Simply because of his kit and massive amount of damage he offers to his team. Kinda like Brand. However how they perform is up to an individual.
No matter what you say. Lux and Vel koz aren't supports, they are mid laners and only mid laners.
Amphysvena (EUNE)
: Repeated scouting phase.
I am happy for that because preparing decent draft in 10 minutes is really hard.
: I'm a casual is why, I've seen senna in maybe 8 games so far on NA + EUW
It doesn't mattet that you are casual. It's even worse for tryhards. Riot is making it harder for themselves to balance the game. We don't need new champions, we had enough in season 5 and If Riot want to make new content, they should have just release 1-2 champions every year. What's happening now is utter bullshit.
Morrhen (EUW)
: Maybe their plan is to introduce new champions in very short span and then focus more on gameplay/big project without releasing new ones.
Well, they can introduce 0 champions and focus more on gameplay as well xD who wants the new champions anyways, I don't.
: how can that disgusting champ even go through pbe. any monkey with more than 40 iq can see she is broken
Riot 2012-2017 =/= Riot 2018-19 unfortunately. Yes last 2 seasons it's totally different game. Might as well call it League Of Legends 2 or would straight go to League Of Legends: Global offensive.
: We Need A Talk
Absolutely agree with you. You are getting downvoted because too many people are snowflakes in 2019. TBH I think Riot does this because it's easy to detect and they get money when you buy XP boost on new acc. There used to be less toxicity in old days of League. I think the new gameplay and Riot enforcing giving up has way more influence on people being toxic than anything.
Swagdog69 (EUW)
: Hi, why is everyone so angry in this game?
You shouldn't have started play again. You should have kept good memories from s3 / s4 / s5 and let them be.
Marxtreme (EUW)
: So many smurfs on Clash...
So what? At least you get to play decent players. That's what's best part of the League and it's competitive side?
: Issue is clarity... having two visual options means that the possibility for one to be better than the other occurs, which in turn unfairly hurts people who have to have it one way. Clarity is important to Riot, always has been. Of course they will try to make it work for everyone rather than risk issues.
That's not true. It's not the problem to have more options. Of course one is going to be the best but that just means that tryhards will use it and casuals will use what they like. And don't act like it's not already in the game. Ever since Riot started doing their new skin design (too many effects, multiple colors, just make it look flashy because kids like it) it has become problem because some skins have advantage as their visual hitboxes are different and their flashy effects makes your eye harder to focus on the important things. Old skins were nice and competitively viable unlike the new thatj ust make it flash light show.
Player47 (EUW)
: https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Player47 ? Thats literally the account I'm using. Justifying Tahm Kench top. Lol. The thing is nothing I said above was an exaggeration, thats actually what he did. If a champion like that existed in mid or bot lane, it would've been nerfed sooner and harder. And equivalent for mid at least would be yasuo with 50 base mr, running down mages while eating their full combos while outdamaging them. He was way too %%%%ing tanky, while beating almost all champs in melee and could play like a total dipshit and still win the laning phase. He was consistently beating fiora in lane, which says all you need to know.
Thanks god I don't need to beat enemy champion to win mid. As long as I remember he couldn't kill you unless he got all 3 stacks on you. Meaning that he had to hit Q which is absolutely dodgeable. And he couldn't aa you If you setted up a wave so that If he pokes you, he loses the creep and one aa didn't kill you.
: >He’s on the list to be reworked... reworks don’t happen over night they take months to do and there’s plenty of champions that need to get reworks... Of course. I've already acknowledged that he is at least on the Tier 1 VGU, and that other Champions do need reworks too, and therefore he is in the queue for one. >plus as skarner has gotten 4 reworks so far already Well, that's precisely the issue with him. He's had several reworks already, all of which have been mini-reworks that preserved his old kit at its core. None of them have been a success, because his kit was fundamentally poor to begin with, and this has been accentuated by the standards of modern Champions and reworks. In 2017, Riot MapleNectar made to a response to a post about Skarner being a "forgotten" Champion. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/KvHsWkv8-has-riot-completely-forgotten-about-skarner?show=flat&page=2 He said that, at the time, they had no plans for Skarner for at least the next few months, but he was a candidate of discussion for a Rek'Sai-scope rework. Thankfully Riot have since determined that a full VGU is the way to go with him. >he isn’t in a bad spot he’s not exactly high priority. Now, I am very partial to the Champion, so it probably isn't right for me to say speak about Skarner's state of being objectively, but I strongly disagree with the notion that he isn't in a bad spot. I think it's quite the opposite actually. He's an absolute mess in his current iteration, with a kit that's just about functional at most. Virtually no one, including older Skarner players and myself, like what Riot did to him in the Juggernaut Update. Although it wouldn't be the ultimate solution, and he would still need that full VGU, Riot could revert the rework, like how they did with Kog'Maw, LeBlanc and Rengar. The previous Skarner had its own problems, but at least he was more consistent and wasn't relegated to specific circles of influence in the jungle. Again, my bias here is probably getting in the way of a fair judgement, however I fail to see why he isn't top priority within Riot's VGU list. In my opinion (just my opinion), he is worse off than most, if not all the other Champs on that list. All of them have more mains, are seeing more play, and function better as a whole than Skarner. Riot doesn't see to see Skarner quite this way, but I'm just giving my unbound thoughts. >Just because they haven’t done anything with him yet doesn’t mean they have no plans for him I know that Riot do have plans. I needn't worry honestly because I have plenty of other Champions I like playing, but as a Skarner enthusiast with the viewpoint that I stand by, it just bugs me that we might be waiting for even more years before Skarner finally, if ever, gets the VGU he deserves.
Stop that bullshit already. His kit is just fine, don't play him If you don't want to. I bet you started playing the game last year and have no idea how the game works. There is nothing wrong with his kit having old core. And saying that it's poor Is just your silver intuition. Another wrong statement is that he didn't have success, I wonder why he was played in pro play ever since 2015 and had success. He wasn't played much last year but that doesn't mean he needs the change. You should go work for Riot as you talk the same bullshit they do "it's not populat, it needs change", can't literally describe more dumb human than the one who uses this sentence.
: Riot, if you won't give Skarner a full VGU, please just delete him.
Wtf bro, are you completely mindless? I playing skarner 24/7 now, don't touch my boy please.
: Do you trust the matchmaking system?
I prefer playing against better opponents rather than having an equal game where I win because enemy laner has no idea what he's doing.
: Stop releasing new champions this fast-paced. New champion (after Aphelios) already announced.
Step back Is something that would fix the whole game but it's the thing that Riot will never do. There was enough champions before 3 or 4 years already. Riot then reworked some less played champions. The reworked champions started to be played which caused some other played champions not to be played. It's called meta and releasing bunch of champion won't really increase the champion pool especially with overloaded kits like this. Releasing champions is fine but I think it shouldn't be as rapidly as now. They should use time to come up with a champion that is both unique and doesn't break the game rules. Instead they don't think much about it and release bunch of champs. half of them are copy pasta and half of them break the fundamentals of the League as a game.
: I dont get what people are crying about you barely notice the color change.
Some people are more sensitive to cetrain colors. I myself don't mind the colors but would prefer to turn everything completely off If I could.
: Why wouldn't they just let us disable it completely? While the main concern is obviously it being uncomfortable/painful, at the end of the day it's also just ugly. I don't understand why I can't turn them off completely.
While we are at it I would welcome an option to disable skins as I wouldn't need to flash before ashe thinking it's vayne and trying to dodge veigar's invisible cage. As a bonus I don't give a single shit about useless things like skins. They are nice, artists do really good job but I don't wanna see them.
: The option might come in the future... at this point it’s easier for Riot to try and solve the issue rather than commit more resources giving the option to remove it... they might as well give it a shot
If they coded properly, there would be the option from the very beginning since it's easier to implement while coding rather than after it's all already done.
: Has Riot said anything about Infernal Rift? It's not just uncomfortable, it is painful.
Riot: "b b b but it's cool. Why should we care for gameplay quality If things look cool".
Khadeus (EUW)
: Ah I see that there's also an option to submit bug reports through tickets available from the League of Legends client. Done, and thanks.
No problem. I have really good experience with sending tickets as Riot has always answered me within 24 hours.
: Remove surrender vote from all Solo Ranked games.
Surrender should be removed from rankeds completely. It only supports players in being crybabies and not valuing the game as they can "just go next". In my old days of playing league I saw my team surrendering like twice a year at maximum. Now it's something that's pretty usual and it's not good for anything. You should play both lost and won games as both improves your skill and mentality. If you don't like improving and would like to surrender then simply don't play rankeds as the mode doesn't fit you anyways. Ranked is for tryhards who want to improve and not surrender ever. Option to surrender has made community worse at the game mainly their mentality which is fact because as I say, we didn't use surrender much in the old days.
Khadeus (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Get Outscaled,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=1iAIIgyF,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-26T16:10:27.325+0000) > > You are supposed to send this to Riot and not the Boards... Have you read this? https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-reports-eu/M7arN8AB-bug-reports-how-to-submit-a-good-bug-report Isn't this literally the bug reporting board, and I haven't found anywhere else to submit bug reports to Riot. So where do you suggest I post this instead?
You should send a ticket. I doubt Riot looks at boards at all...
Myxer (EUW)
: My thoughts on "ADC" and how now I'll be taking a break from league because of the changes.
Riot killed adcs ever since season 8 started. I always loved the idea of adc being the most important carry as they deal consistent damage. Other damage dealers would focus on certain targets while adc focuses the closest one. But since teamfights are 4 seconds burst fiesta, adc aren't as useful anymore because you can pick just burst which is better in the shorter period of time. I don't know man, it simply sucks that teamfight aspect was lost because for good high level skill teamfight you need ADCs and Tanks. Both classes are currently in the bad spot. Edit: I am not adc player but mid laner. But I still support adc as a role because I think it's the most important role for competitive game as well as tanks.
Khadeus (EUW)
: V9.23 - Vi's missing conqueror stacks
You are supposed to send this to Riot and not the Boards...
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Afaik all games I play warn and chat restricts for toxicity; but all those games are less toxic than LoL in general, so that is why there are bans here.
Doesn't make sense anyways. Punishing people for saying bad words in an online game ONLINE GAME!!! It's so hilarous when you think about it.
Bonesaw (EUW)
: Look how Riot treats their players. Not everyone gets punished and loses Honor levels like you do!
Good, it's a bug. But why care at all? Why no spend the time for playing instead of writing all this? It doesn't effect the gameplay in any way. Who cares about honor anyways? It just says whether you tell your teammates to f*ck of or not.
: We all know Rito is a small indie company, you're bound to run into one or two bugs {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
It's their ignorance that they can't deal with the fact that old Client was better and push this new bullshit that doesn't work no matter what.
DasIstNyul (EUNE)
: Before you freak out about Aphelios, read this...
I am fine with his kit. After a long time this is the champion I think is absolutely fine. It's just that he doesn't belong to the game. He's cool and his kit is smart af but doesn't change the fact that he is not a League champion. But it's probably fine as Riot has already added some champions that should have never been released. He fits the new style of "League". Gosh it hurts too much to say "League" as this is not League Of Legends anymore.
: As we know, companies don't stop existing even if 80% of the player base quits. WoW is a great example of this. And clearly Riot doesn't give 2 craps if even the entire 3v3 community quit league. That is why they make a decission like this. Even if those few tens of thousands of players quit league it will be still an economic win for Riot because they don't have to perform the maintenance and balancing for 3v3. Balancing it rarely ever had at all. Even when certain champs were weak in 5v5 they will still receive special nerfs in 3v3 and still be god tier picks.
People who play 3v3 didn't ask for balance but for not deleting their favourite map and Riot absolutely didn't care. I think they changed a lot of people in the company because their attitude shifted so hard If you compare it to 2012.
Player47 (EUW)
: Another reason for nerfing him was the sheer cancer he was in the top lane. He invalidated almost all, if not every melee champions. Laning against him was unfun and uninteractive and felt unfair and unbeatable if the player had a remote idea of what they were doing. His damage, tankiness, sustain and cc was just too much and personally I'm glad they did what they did to him, him in the top lane at least is terrible for the game. Well, thats why his q is the way it is at least.
Then think about playing other role as you definitely can't play top my silver comrade.
: I think it was something like pros abusing him? No sense nerfing champ just because 0,0001% of the players can use the champ.
Exactly and "being broken" in pro play isn't the same as being broken in soloQ. Pro players can always deal with stuff like this. They can make entire strategy against one champion that is being picked a lot. In the tahm kench case it was to targed early game / catching targed away from kench / focus tahm kench first / strong split push comp. And it actually worked. Tahm kench wasn't as broken as people say, eSport VODs are the proof. And something like this is even healthy for the pro scene because it makes room for new strategies which pro teams can definitely utilize.
Morrhen (EUW)
: In patch or two. Or three... or many more, Riot will come up with ''Seems like we overnerfed TK so we're putting some power to him'' Like when they did with massacre of Sejuani. It's funny that Riot really doesnt like tanks :D
People don't like tanks. Just look at how many were crying that "tanks were broken" and bulls*it. I personally love tanks in meta because it makes game more competitive and strategic but people don't like when champions don't do flashy plays and other sh*t they consider "skill" like "burst before getting burst". They cried in chat whenever pro gamers were manipulating waves so that they can get more farm while denying it to opponent in the cost of vision control around the river thus games lasted longer and that's boring for majority of our community which is full of casual who don't understand the gameplay. No idea why they cry that it's burst meta when it's literally what they wanted. Riot simply should have never listened to the community as 90% of them don't know how anything in the game works.
: Tahm is a balancing nightmare due to proplay where he was way to strong as a support and still is viable even after all the nerfs. At the same time, Riot faced the problem of low elo and casual players %%%%%ing about how broken Tahm Top was (which was REALLY obnoxious. He could literally tank a full wave at level 1 and just run you down and kill you with ignite and corrupting pot, even tanks). So he received nerfs both for casual play and for proplay aimed at two different roles and different part of his kit so we are now left with a complete mess.
He wasn't as strong as people say. Yes, he was one of the better supports but it wasn't like you picked him and instantly won. You could still beat it and many teams did. It was just a different meta with different strategies. You either had to instakill the targed or focus tahm kench first or absolutely avoid teamfights. I think it was way more healthy for the gameplay than what we have now (burst anyone no matter the targed before he bursts you) but many will cry it was "broken", you know what's broken? It's season 8 and 9.
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