: bans/reports
Frrari (EUNE)
: Ranked without knowing it ( Wish )
So you basically want to play normal games?
: Wasn't even enabled. The only thing that works is setting borderless window for LoL. But then you should mute all notifications coz it may mess up your game.
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Icepaw (EUNE)
: Looks like smurfers in ranked are finally getting kicked out
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breast milk (EUNE)
: I think I just got the second worst luck possible with the odyssey gem
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realKano23 (EUNE)
: how did you climb out of silver?
The first season (4) I played Ranked,I dont know I just spammed some random op champion like Draven or Wukong. Honestly there is no specific way how to climb in low elo, you can do anything you want in those fiesta games. Play a strong champ, get good at it and reach gold.
DylxnBK (EUW)
: Does Mortals stop Vladmir's 'healing' ?
It does not stop "healing", only reduces it
T Stylish (EUW)
: africaa Server
Why are you running?
: You need to be honor level 2 to be eligible for end of season rewards. So if you put in enough effort to reform, you can get your rewards this season. It is possible to climb from honor 0 to honor 2 (I believe chat bans start at honor 1, tho not too sure). Just put in the effort to reform and try really hard to be a positive player.
Chat restriction puts you back to 0, you need atleast honor 1 to be ilegible for any kind of rewards
gajbica (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cypherous,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=flpW7Mhr,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-05T19:56:40.709+0000) > > Because you didn't connect to the match, leaverbuster punishes people who leave too often, solution, stop leaving No shitt smartasss.bdw if your read it I DIDNT LEAVE AND IM NOT A LEAVER.
You literally asked anyone to explain why you got punished
: Sejuani is trash and Riot needs to accept it.
This is why you're supposed to use the "alactriy" rune that gives as. But yes we all know the champ right now is garbage even Riot is admitting it (Meddler did). Also riot: "we need to nerf Sejuani even more in pro play without hitting regular play too much"
: Riot, Soon to embrace extreme SJW ideologies
I don't really care about SJWs being triggered by Riot Games. The fact that Riot Games is so strictly against toxicity ingame and their report system is totally rtarded. While they, Riot employees themself, are actually toxic and sexist and etcetera at work blows my mind.
: How drop from diamond to plat in under 100 games.
I achieved Dia in Season 7 and a few weeks ago I managed to lose 9 games of my solo q placements because of this shitty season lmao and got placed in g4. I think this is the worst season ever to play competitive. But atleast I've learnt one thing: take a break when tilted.
: Honestly its useless. Mobalitics does it easier and better along with giving suggestions on how to improve.
I agree there are so many more platforms out there that are just plain better
Mˆ ˇ (EUW)
: dude %%%% this game i am so %%%%ing tilted i left my promos to %%%%ing gold then lost the game mate and i have a bet wiith friend i have 1 hours and half to get gold or else i love the bet 3000 rp is on the line rito %%%% you
You mean Silver 2 9lp? No need to fool us and you didn't even lose a ranked game during the outfall lol
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: I assume the extremes in your examples come from Normal games? League has multiple MMRs, one for each Queue (Normal, Flex, 3v3, Solo/Duo). The thing is, a lot of high elo players rarely play Normal games. When they do, it's usually to chill and untilt, or try out new champs/roles/builds without risking any LP. This leaves their Normal games MMR very low. in SoloQ, player MMRs are a lot closer together. With the exception of 60+% winrate smurfs, if you're in let's say Silver 3, it's very rare to get more than Silver 1 and lower than Silver 5 in your game. Duo queue can expand that a little bit, but the system usually tires to even things out. If you go on a winning streak, there's a good chance you'll start seeing people with higher rating than you in your games. And the opposite is also true - if you go on a massive losing streak, you will start seeing players who are lower rated than you. I hope that helped answer your question. Best of luck on the Rift, and may be meet on the Fields of Justice one day! {{sticker:galio-happy}}
> The thing is, a lot of high elo players rarely play Normal games. When they do, it's usually to chill and untilt, or try out new champs/roles/builds without risking any LP. This leaves their Normal games MMR very low. I can vouch for this explanation. I don't usually play normals, but when I do I usually don't tryhard, I tend to just try some new mechanics or just chill out
: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752714-LeaverBuster-FAQ#h2 nah lpq is also for leaving games also i think low priority queue is not what i ment. What I mean is a special queue where you get matched with other leaver / toxic people. I think it has the same name but different meaning
> What I mean is a special queue where you get matched with other leaver / toxic people. I think it has the same name but different meaning This does not exist
: Today's Patch Has Trojan in it Riot WTF?
Yes, Riot a multimillion company, is trying to breach your computer and steal your files
Rondö (EUW)
: All my EMOTES gone(?)
So I got a response from live support, with the following conversation: Chat started: 2018-08-01 12:17 PM UTC (12:17:30 PM) Get Rektsaid: Hi since the start of patch 8.15, I'm missing all my emotes except for one. I've also opened a hextech chest just before patch 8.15 and received an emote as a reward, did not show up in my emote collection either. Could you solve this please? (12:18:08 PM) *** MajesticSpaghett joined the chat *** (12:18:09 PM) MajesticSpaghett: hey there (12:18:12 PM) MajesticSpaghett: so what happened (12:18:32 PM) Get Rektsaid: I don't know nothing happened. No notification or popup (12:18:38 PM) Get Rektsaid: It just suddenly dissapeared (12:18:54 PM) MajesticSpaghett: hmm (12:20:09 PM) MajesticSpaghett: give me a minute (12:21:38 PM) MajesticSpaghett: so (12:21:46 PM) MajesticSpaghett: it's a ongoing issue (12:21:54 PM) MajesticSpaghett: and we are currently working on a fix for it (12:22:01 PM) MajesticSpaghett: i don't know an exact ETA (12:22:07 PM) MajesticSpaghett: but we'll fix it asap (12:22:14 PM) Get Rektsaid: Well that's unfortunate (12:22:32 PM) Get Rektsaid: Either way thanks for your time (12:22:44 PM) MajesticSpaghett: no worries dude (12:23:13 PM) MajesticSpaghett: you can close the chat if you don;t need anything else :d
: Can we fix 3v3 matchmaking and funnel plz
Last season I got gold (while playing regular jgl) within like what? 25 games I think? While playing against funnellers 50% of the time. What I am saying is you don't necessarily have to funnel (adept to it and counter it) especially with the latest nerfs. Either way if you still wish to funnel then why not setup one with premades?
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: for real? O_o
No it's a joke. I think we all can agree (including Riot) Mastery system is a little bit simplistic and it will probably get reworked/updated over time. I just think Riot currently has different priorities.
kokmeeuw5 (EUW)
: Loss prevention for games that are griefed or cheated in.
Easily abusible. 1) You could just duo queue with another account as backup and grief game whenever needed to acquire the "loss prevented". 2) Seems a waste of the game and time for the opposing team of the griever. Resulting in less motivation to play Ranked. 3) If this feature would be implemented, we would constantly see others argue and complain why "their team didn't get loss prevented" or "why the opposing team didn't gain lp". 4) This will not resolve toxicity. Nontheless those who tend to break the Summoners code frequently will be punished eventually.
ADC Yuumi (EUW)
: Mastery Remastered - Part one
Patch 8.14 -Riot has decided to add prestige levels to mastery
Leyruh (EUW)
: What kind of dumb things did you do when you began League?
For months I questioned the game why Smite "occasionally" didn't work on champs, still I picked it every game for a long time.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Playing Ranked after reaching Gold just feels like unnecessary stress
TheGutis (EUW)
: Something has to be done about the "Karthus + Nunu Meta"!
I am glad Riot is finally picking up this long term problem. I refused to even play ranked due to the Yi Jgl / Lulu top combination and lots of different variants. It's pure cancer especially when the team does not know how to adept such situations. I do not know how they will fix this issue yet but I hope they will address this correctly without damaging Jgl itself for splitpush or farm heavy champs. Hopefully Riot will address this problem in Twisted Treeline aswell
: Another round of URF?
I would definitly love to play urf, mostly dueto the fact I missed previous urf
: Simple addition to the shop.
You can sort the shop items by price. Nontheless not sure if you're awful at maths or just lazy
: I'm noticing alot of boosted plat players
You can't judge someone's skill through normal games... They are meant for "fun" and experimenting. As a Diamond player I would play normal games to learn new things and especially not to tryhard, lower elo people tend to tryhard normal games more often since they simpy play normal games than plat+. Besides it's preseason lots of chaos and most importantly everyone has bad games.
: Dont mistake urf for arurf,two different things.
Urf or Arurf it's all the same. Random is the new standard since 2 years
iSneez (EUNE)
: Finally some people appreciate a fun mode without complaining that they want it different. Its funny those spoiled kids that keep complain come up with numbers like, 70% of the community hate it :D
It's just that people who dislike the gamemode just feel the need to share their complaints without any constructive critisism, while people who do enjoy the game just play it and ignore the others.
: Honestly, the replacement of summs isn't that bad, it was usually TP and Flash, but now you can travel much faster with mark and dash. Melee picks get more viable also.
Exactly, it gives melee without gap closer actually chances to win
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: how i must know that with gmt you mean gmt +0 ?
Called general knowledge
: P1 compared to Challenger [support]
It's because you play in Plat Elo, games in Challenger or D3+ would obviously take a whole another turn
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: Where are AramUrf????
It will be available at 8:00 AM PT, which is at 4:00 PM GMT for Europe. I will be at work during that time feelsbadman
arman1375 (EUW)
: Client will not open. I need help, Plz somebody Answer.
: Gold 1 is pretty high elo. Low elo means below bronze 2 or 3. Check numbers pls before you post stuff.
What numbers? gold is still considered low elo??
skinTDM (EUNE)
: Kayn or Zac
Kayn is not a tank he's a bruiser, he has lots damage while being offtank. Not sure what elo you are but in low elo around gold 1 or lower you can easily oneshot squishies while still having lots of sustain due to darkin passives. Start red into Chickens, follow up by wolves or blue, continue to invade the enemy red for early cheese(only when you start red side and enemy starts blue). He is weak in dueling early game but his invades and ganks are really effective. In lower elo you can build Duskblade into Black Cleaver(leave duskblade if not snowballing) and the rest is up to you
Loonsteer (EUW)
: why? someone else is already really good get them to rank you up then just play normal's with your plat boarder everyone else does it. its not punishable from riot.
You're a rat, such technique already exists it's basically duo queue boosting
Loonsteer (EUW)
: Guide on how to climb out of low Elo.
LilFeeder (EUW)
: Leavers in Ranked play
Not happening, very easily abusable
: Is it worth to hire a coach?
It's not really worth it, there are many helpful guides on Youtube and you can learn alot from high elo twitch streamers. @LessChatMorePlay advised to play only 5 games a day, there are no limits as long as tilt doesn't influence your gameplay. Furthermore Support is a very good role to carry games in higher elo so don't worry about that. Rewatch your replays and investigate what went wrong and learn how you can prevent such mistakes. Improve your macros and wave control knowledge is a must, know how to ward, when to ward and know where your enemy jungler is.
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