: I'm pissed off now (Odyssey)
Wish Riot would stop making events that are out right NOT FUN to play! Stop making events that require friends or team to play! It just doesn't work in this game unless you got either friends or a team to play with. And 99% of the people playing this game don't have either of em. Instead they should make every event with 2 paths. Solo and With Friends/Team! And they should have the same damn reward. Give US the choice to do them solo or with nonexistent friends playing this game.
Moongrow (EUNE)
: Odyssey - afkers
This isn't their fault. Riot's fault! Riot made it so that this event can only be done with a team when most of us don't even have friends playing this game. They should have made those quests like "you have to only get 2 augs" not "your entire team needs to have 2 augs". So because they get punished if they leave, they would rather just be afk and lose faster so they can start a new que. They are in fact playing BY THE RULES!! Otherwise leaverbuster kicks them out. Also another one of riot's faults is NOT UNLOCKING all missions at once. So if i got 4 aug mission and every queue lands me with 2-3 aug mission folks that is USELESS TO ME!! As my mission will not unlock! I have to wait until my 4 augs is done so that I can get the 3 and 2 augs missions. So if you're looking to blame anyone go blame Riot!
: I like 5k frag , 15k full key I really hope this gets noticed
All the players not owning all the champs already will hate this idea since that is their lifeline. None of them will trade a brand new champion worth of be or a new rune page for a mere key fragment. Neither would you if u didn't have excess BE. Selfish.
: >Riot is already giving away free key fragments about 7/10 times when you log in (if you get honored a few times at least) Getting honored is irrelevant when it comes to key fragments. You get them only for playing the game, not for honors. >In other words, playing about 15 games and get honored in about 3-5 will grant you 1 or 2 key fragments on your next log in (don't know how that system works exactly, but it feels like this to me). But that is not how it works. You can get 4 chests in 4 weeks and you can get a total of 12 key fragments in 4 weeks. That means, if you play 1 game a week, you can get 4 chests, but you can't get 12 key fragments because you do not play enough. This means some people (like me) might get more chests than they get keys so the chests pile up that i can never open. Having an option to get keys for BE would solve that issue. Ofc, it only solves it if i start to play more at some point to get enough BE to catch up.
That is exactly how it works I'm afraid. IF you don't get honored you don't get free key fragments. Read the damn message when you get a fragment. "X% of people playing with you said you were a leader" they can only "say" that through honors and nothing else. You don't just get keys for free or for playing bad.
: Hextech keys sold for BE
While this might be good for you, the implications of making keys worth 10k be are huge. Because then they will stop giving keys away for free and nobody can open their free chests anymore. That not only makes getting free chests and keys redundand and obsolete but will also put a price tag on the keys not previously seen before, and also before you know it prices in the shop for chests and keys will go up since Riot can smell a good deal and since some people are willing to pay 10k be for it. Also, being a little selfish are we? Just cause you got boxes stacked up and need keys and got plenty of BE available doesn't mean everyone is like you. I have plenty of keys and shards but no boxes so there you go. That would be very bad for me. In the long run this actually makes the game harder to play than before if a simple key or fragment costs 10k BE. It won't make players play more. Most of us have jobs as well so playing even more than we do currently is not possible unless you're in school and have all the time in the world available.
: You filthy bear abuser. I mean, I may be up for that some day this weekend if you still need then.
Rioter Comments
Glaiver (EUNE)
: We're simply not allowed to have bad games, according to a vast majority of the player base
It's not your fault per se. But with Riot's matchmaking system, when a player such as myself gets matches with players that continuously have "bad games" in such manner than it sets me on a 12 loss streak then yeah. I would say what do you expect? I mean how many people can have a bad game in MY games in a row? Like, seriously.
: I've had a car accident.
You've better chance of that happening than me winning my promos XD
abixbg (EUNE)
: If i wanted to play ARPG I would continue playing Diablo III
They're out of ideas and the keep rehashing and repeating old events. And rather than making an event fun. They would go about making it near impossible to complete to make it look more "worked on", more "refined" but it only comes as boring grindy and tedious.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >You can leave your realism out the door. No, i can not. Otherwise i would be here believing that unicorns exist. Or that bronze players are better than challengers. I'm a realist so i base my arguments around pure hard facts. Not some made up bs. >He was top 23 and that's that. At least read my comments... Jesus... >You weren't. Completely irrelevant. It's very clear you tried to use this as an insult as if i even wanted to be ranked by LoLskill... Weak attempt. Very weak. >So how about you instead talk about the topic on hand here? I am. You just can't see it. >Clearly you're mad cause of something but we don't care about that. Really. TBF, you seem to be the mad one here. Relax and don't interfere with a discussion you understand nothing about. If you don't care, then don't be rude and comment.
"Completely irrelevant. It's very clear you tried to use this as an insult as if i even wanted to be ranked by LoLskill... Weak attempt. Very weak." -About as relevant as your attempt to troll this guy in his thread, out of nowhere, for no reason at all.
: massive increase in Turkish player base on EUW Server?
Yeah I saw that as well. At least one in every two games has one. They probably got given free transfers and half their server population moved here. Worst thing is they don't even bother speaking English. All they do is type gibberish. As if we get any of that.
Rioter Comments
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >Why are you so mad about him beeing top 23 euw? I'm not mad lol... just a realist and simply getting him back on the ground so his ego doesn't go through the roof just because some site is lying to him about how good he is. >kalista don't need a rework she has a gameplay unique and that isn't cancer No, she definitely needs a rework. Tweaking numbers isn't going to solve the problem that is her cancer kit. Her passive is the biggest problem with her and it simply isn't possible to balance.
You can leave your realism out the door. He was top 23 and that's that. You weren't. So how about you instead talk about the topic on hand here? Clearly you're mad cause of something but we don't care about that. Really.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Antialiasing
This game is made to run on TOASTERS. The AA does little to nothing here. Most cases you'll see the game looking the same on teashy pcs as it does on high end ones.
: I feel like this baby orangutan is my kindred spirt as an adc main
: My name comes from a game that i use to love when i was little. It was from a class that i really wanted.. tho i never got ,,, but sure ,,, i wont mind changing my name once i get the BE for it.(i can ask riot support to change my name,,,so i wont have to offend anybody else ^.^ ) the game :p (and the class >:D): http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/chronocorruptor
: that's tough man. How will we survive?
Ayy. This is what happens when underage kids play this game. Millenials at their best. SJWs with an imaginary badge of honor. (and ofc the obvious lack of knowledge and sense of humour)
: Will you explain what kind of freedom is to tell somebody to k*s ? I dont get it ?
I am strongly offended by the word "corrupt" or in this case "corruptor" for matters regarding my own childhood. I need Riot to change your name. Because I think that's NOT OK. I am part of the other people you mentioned and I really need your name changed. I hope you understand since you are passing yourself as one who cares about other people.
: Rune pages???
Where the hell are my runepages!!!?!?!??! I'm missing about 18 Runepages! And Emotes!!
: > [{quoted}](name=Cypherous,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=ELlpLAzL,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-08-07T10:14:35.157+0000) > > Its called a false positive Proof it's not?
Read my long reply above, it explains everything.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Its called a false positive
It is not a false positive. It is VERY REAL! It's however not used to "hack" you in the sense you're thinking about. It is Riot's way of "spying" on you, to make sure you're not cheating while playing (amongst a few other things). They are just too cheap to pay the antivirus companies to take this particular program off their blacklists. If you install it on a brand new copy of windows in a virtual machine and then examine the changes within the OS you'll find out that it sends info back and forth. The antivirus is doing it's job 100% and it's detecting a legit program that's made to run some registries you wouldn't normally want to run. Except in this case it's an online game monitoring your system and not some hacker monitoring your activity and checking out your private data. Although Riot could very well do that too so long as you accept the TOS before you install the game. Are you also aware of the new Data protection act set all throughout EU? Riot is not only letting you play their game, it is also collecting your information and sharing it with their third parties (you know, browsing history, most searched products on amazon, what kind of card you use for your transactions aka VISA or Mastercard, when you are more likely to spend money aka date of the month you get paid and are more likely to spend money on something you see in an ad ..etc). You should have received an email regarding this. But unlike any other games or websites Riot doesn't give you the option to "opt out" of it. They only tell you this: "By continuing to use our services on or after this date you acknowledge our updated Privacy Policy. ". Which is really strange cause you should be able to play the game without them processing your data and sharing it. Proof, here's part of the email sent to all accounts: ------------------------ "Hello Summoner, We wanted to place a few wards on upcoming changes to help you understand the choices and controls you have over your data and how we handle your info (yay vision!). We’re updating our Privacy Policy to give you more transparency into the player data Riot Games collects and uses. As new regulations regarding data protection come into effect in the European Union, we thought it would be good opportunity to provide these protections to our players globally. These changes will take effect on 25th May 2018. Beyond this date, your use of League of Legends and other Riot services will be covered by these updates." ------------------------ Whether you spend money on LOL or not, Riot is making money off of you. That is, by collecting personal data on you. They found a loop hole in the Data protection act. Here's what Riot says officially in their Terms of Use: (official links below:) https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/legal/privacy https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/legal/privacy#third-party " We work with third parties to make your experience better, but our policy doesn’t and can’t apply to entities we don’t own, control, or instruct. We’re unable to guarantee that independent third parties adhere to the same practices as us, so please be sure to read their policies and terms before sharing info with them." That means, well you're sharing your data with us if you continue playing our game, don't worry your data is safe with us but we can't guarantee that the third parties we share your data with conform to our standards so CHECK WITH THEM FIRST!" Get it? So your data, generously collected by Riot is shared with other websites and companies that give you no guarantee that your data is safe. Also this: "We’re a global gaming company with operations around the world. When you use the Riot services, your info may be processed anywhere we or our partners do business, including the United States." That means your data is shared all around the world without absolutely no guarantee it's actually safe. Riot says: " You should also read the Terms of Use carefully, and make sure you understand and agree to them before using the Riot services." I can't stress how important it is to read the End user license agreement every time you install new games or software in your PC because by clicking accept you could sign yourself up for anything. In this particular case, sharing your personal data with all Riot's third parties (which can be any company or website, anywhere on the planet).
Rioter Comments
Hoofy (EUW)
: And it is also the reason I can come back to the game and be pleasantly surprised to see the game has evolved from the same old 10 "god tier" champ meta into something that allows me to play my "cheese picks" and "oddballs" without throwing most of my games due to late game scaling.
There is no "late game scaling". Not anymore. Games used to last between 30 and 70 minutes. Nowadays most games are over in 20 minutes. So your "late game" scaling is probably minute 12? 15? Yeah such scaling, much wow. You got no clue what you're talking bout.
Rioter Comments
: Top Tips for Playing Bot Lane Post-8.12
This is why people are leaving your game for games like Fortnite. You are trying so hard to copy DOTA mechanics and playstyle and you're always making changes that nobody wants while most of the time ignoring what players actually want for years on end. Oh well, not gonna bother playing S. Rift games or ranked, I guess some ARAM games here and there and AVOID ADC's like the plague. Thanks Rito, every year you make the game worse.
Daishar (EUW)
: Missions
Nothing wrong with missions, all working as intended! Oh wait.. Back to Bloodborne I guess. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Dodging in ranked queue
Double punishment. Perfect system. Dodge again and it's one hour next time I believe.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: OP shouldn't expect it, because what you're saying is simply untrue. That's why it's important to correct you.
Yeah it's untrue. Just like everything else going on atm right? People can't LOSE LP for winning ranked matches like those posts stated this morning right? People can't cheat and get infinite amounts of blue essence like all those other posts scream about right? Nothing wrong with servers right? Nothing wrong with quests right? As if repeating yourself over and over will change the fact that there's huge flaws all throughout the system and the game code. And then you expect the loot system to be anywhere near accurate?
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > Bro, I have tickets sent since November regarding the Ranked rewards As suggested, did you send in a new ticket? There was no point looking into tickets regarding missing rewards when rewards hadn't been distributed to everyone. --- And since you never provide evidence to your claim, or even bother sending in a ticket, I'm inclined to not believe your claim of not getting the BE you're supposed to. It would be incredibly unlikely that you're the only person that doesn't get at least 810BE from leveling up, and that you're the only person that wouldn't be bothered by it. So as long as you keep making false claims, I will keep correcting you.
I never EVER made one single FALSE or otherwise untruthful claim. I do not care what "you're inclined to believe" I'm not here for you. I just left that message for the OP. So that he knows what to expect. So FYI. I do not need nor want your help. I wasn't complaining to you. I'm telling it like it is. Little do I care what you say, the system does not work as intended end of story.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > Do what you gotta do, have a look on people's accounts. I don't have access to account details. Have you even sent in a ticket? If what you're claiming is true, I don't see why you don't send in a ticket since it would sort it out. It does make me think you're not being honest here.
Bro, I have tickets sent since November regarding the Ranked rewards (wards and such) that I never got, that only merited robot replies which state. "hey if you don't get the rewards in full by the end of December send another ticket". Like I said above, the amount those shards give is very insignificant. At this point I need to disenchant about 65 of those low cost shards just to be able to buy a champ LOL. That being said, I already own all the champs and almost all chromas and about 600 skins and still got about 130k blue essence leftover from the start of preseason so, I simply stopped caring about chests and capsules and their drops.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > I almost always get stuff worth 600 ip/be The absolute minimum you can get is 810, and it scales up to 1260BE. It's higher for certain milestone levels. If you're uncertain as to exactly what you got, send in a ticket to support and they'll check it out for you. I haven't seen a single case yet where a person did not get what was intended. Keep in mind, it **is** possible to get shards worth less than 810BE in total, but then you'll get a raw amount of BE extra in order to reach 810. I've seen a lot of players not notice this.
No bro, we had this discussion multiple times before. I DO NOT get that much. Sometimes I barely get crap worth 400 be or less. Just last week got 2 90be skins and one 260 or 240 or whatever that is. You keep telling people that but that's is wrong. Do what you gotta do, have a look on people's accounts. I'm telling you this is happening. Very rarely do I get a 1200 skin shard and usually I get it from normal hextech chest awarded for free ingame. I stopped caring about any of it because it's just that insignificant. I have dozens of champ shards I don't even bother disenchanting because they're worth that little it's a waste of time trying to disenchant all of them. And another thing is, that safe zone option for opening chests? Yeah I opened about 5 or 6 already and all had champ shards and nothing better (you know the ones ingame that load every 4 days). When exactly does the system decide "hey this guy had enough bad luck let's give him at least a crappy cheap shard" ?
ILpro14 (EUNE)
: Blue Essence.
Yeah don't believe anything you see written about it either. I almost always get stuff worth 600 ip/be from the capsule and it takes a very long time to get a level from 45 to 50 lemme tell you. It's suppose to give like 710- or 810 minimum and max of like 1200 or something but I never get that. Every box only about 600 and sometimes less. If the system is suppose to work differently well then it's malfunctioning as hell cause it ain't working for me.
carcaroff (EUW)
: In promotion for gold, lost 3 consecutive games (the first 3), this is staged.
Yeah League of Legends has the worse matchmaking algorithm of the last decade. Never have I ever seen worse. https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/562687734066606080/bLq0q4v6.png
: [Resolved]My computer crashes when I open the Client!
What do you mean by "restored"? What was the problem and how did you attempt to fix it.
: Lost BE
Send ticket to support.
Rioter Comments
: Insted of upgrading and reworking chamoions to be broken (like new Swain), creating new skins, Riot should really work on technical issues first. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Love ya!
Eambo (EUW)
: [RESOLVED] [EUNE/EUW] 08-02-18 - Platform Issues
Because you keep disabling missions now it locks you out of the end game screen and you can't see the game stats or the quest completions which in turn means you don't get the EXP for played games either. Just played two games and my Profile shows same EXP as two matches ago. At the end of the match you only get a button to skip waiting for game stats. Everything's down, missions, loot, skins, logins, EXP frozen, quests frozen -.- https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/562687734066606080/bLq0q4v6.png RiTo strikes again.
alistial (EUW)
: rp price with gbp
Yeah actually, about that. What have you got to say for yourself Rito? The GBP value was 1.48 in correlation to the USD on the 23'rd June of 2016 at the date the British voted for Brexit. Then you went and changed all the store prices without any good reason to be honest, and increased all of them. (*Why without "good reason"? well because your "product" is first of all virtual and it does not fluctuate up and down in market price like market shares on fresh stock that expires if you don't sell it fast enough, and second, because the GBP is worth less, you get paid less but, also pay less tax due to being paid less. So why is it again that you increased prices?) (*Also bare in mind that at the time, even with the Pound value going down and us paying "less" than usual, we were still paying more than ALL the other nations on all the other servers in all the other countries so, after you increased the price we were paying even more!) Today the British Pound exchange rate is 1.42 USD per Pound and has almost fully recovered. Why did you not fix the store prices yet? There is NO reason for you not to fix the prices. Absolutely none. Also I just want to point out that ever since season 2, I've been spending roughly 400 Pounds a year on your game. Every year on one single account , not even counting the other two. Except for last year when you increased prices. I don't think I've spent more than 100 to be honest. For no other reason than you increasing prices. I'm sure I'm one of many that did this. So how about it? Revert the prices back where they belong? Or maybe you're happy with new current sales projections? Surely that can't be it.
: I saw a thread about free RP...
You poor poor thing, so adorable :D Yeah it's true you need to draw for Riot!!
: Levelling rewards missing
Same here, just lvl from 45 to 46 and no capsule. I'm finding a lot of unanswered threads about this as well. So it should be known as a common issue now since people in my friend list are experiencing the same situation.
Dreadscar (EUNE)
: Project skins
They Clearly stated that "Project Overdrive begins on 22.11" so today 100%
: Emote Disenchant
Woah, DJ Sona :D nice
Rismosch (EUW)
: How do you manage to play 20 games per day? Don't you have things to do in your life? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Only when I'm off from work lol. When I'm not just first win. Can easily play 20 a day but not everyday. {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
Osenator (EUW)
: How do I kill bruisers like darius garen and illaoi
Play Vayne and pick the 4%-10% more dmg against champions with 2000HP more than you RUNE. That, along with Blade of the Ruined king and Vayne's silverbolts shreds them.
Spytra (EUNE)
: Me being toxic.
Nice. But being non-toxic is really easy. Just stop yourself from telling others what you feel ingame. It doesn't help them and it certainly doesn't help you. Someone who is really bad at the game doesn't want to improve and doesn't want to hear they're doing bad. It's as simple as that.
Rismosch (EUW)
: You get more BE than in the old system. Only if you play more than 8 games per day the value of gained BE is lower than in the old system.
Yes and that leaves all of us playing 20+ games per day nowhere. It's like , now you're forced to make more accounts and play on multiple accounts if you want to play more than several games a day. Otherwise it's just not worth playing on the same account for more than a few games. Playing more -> Gets you less XP -> Makes you level slower -> Seriously decreases your chances of getting be fast -> Highly impacts how fast you can unlock new champions.
HerDaddy (EUW)
: Win of the Day Mission does not reset since 2 days :/
Mac ..mac...MAC?!?? Nonono. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Trias000 (EUNE)
: Rito pls! Winter is coming.
Winter is coming? Dayumn! To castle Black then!
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