: It sucks, yes, but just leave? Why are you letting yourself get wound up over comments made at the end of the game. No. Really. Think about it for a moment. You've played a game, it was tough. People were at each other's throats for actions they may or may not have done and you muted the lot and the game ends, one way or another. The game ends and you see people at the end still calling others idiots, or taunting, or other lovely irreverant banter. Do you: 1) Close the window, the game is over and do something else or 2) Flame back, add fuel to the fire and get yourself in just about as much trouble as them? Trust me, the moment you do 1) and close the window then it's all gone. You never have to see their immature comments ever again and you can move on. After all, it's only a game and if they want to shout and blame and call people names, let them. Let them be their stupid selves and get neck deep in trouble. You're better than that. Geez this sounds like Riot Counselling almost. I want commission for this!
I didnt say i was getting wound up over comments they make in post game, it just seems like something that is a bit random that riot have done, didn't know if there was reasoning for it or what. From my perspective I think they should stay muted but was wondering why riot think otherwis I usually try my best not to flame back and usually end out just closing the screen but it just made me curios :)
Butfaces (EUW)
: Lol. Like i said, its been 2 months that i got the warning. My behaviour in the last 2 months doesn't count as actually acting better in the game? 1 game where u get triggered by another player gives the right to PERMANENTLY bann a player? I have seen none of the games i listed above doing that. I personally think this banning someone PERMANENTLY should have more reasons than someone just flaming in one game in 2 months LOL. I can flame all I want in runescape, wow. All i'll get is a MUTE , not a PERMA BAN. My point here is that they use a PERMA BAN on a player flaming in a game. While they should MAXIMUM give me a PERMA MUTE. GG
Two sets of bannable toxic behaviour within two months is nothing to be proud of... That is still way more than is acceptable
Butfaces (EUW)
: If I post the chat log here, you would all just see my side and it would look bad af. If you'd see the things Camille said to ppl, you would see both sides. I just wont post the chat log because it would give the wrong image of myself and none of the Camille. If they give chat logs, they should give the chat log of the whole game so you could actually PROVE A POINT.
Your ban doesn't care about your reasoning for being toxic. If someone else triggered you then someone else triggered you. You were still toxic though
Butfaces (EUW)
: Ooo so using a bad word in 1 GAME in 2 months gives a game the right to PERMANENTLY ban someone? While the real toxic player is still playing the game? I have been gaming for over 15 years now (I'm 25) and I have never gotten permanently banned in ANY game. I have played alot (Runescape,CSGO, WOW, BF1, COD,...) and never gotten banned in any of them. In my opinion there's alot of toxicity in this game but the real toxic players do not get banned. I just got banned over 1, less friendly, game caus i used 1 bad word in the chat to a player that has been toxic to all the players in the game. Even in /all chat. This is just ridiculous and I think i'll actually quit League because of it now. I've had enough of it, the community is just toxic af and the wrong players get penalized.
Either way, you still insulted someone in game and had a warning not to. I don't see the issue here
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: I Can't gift my friend Xayah or Rakan because ' Your friend's gift pool is not large enough to rece
mine says it has an error of "purchase.account.transactionInProgress"
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