: He won lane yet did nothing with that lead that he had now did he.
I think if so many pro players, coaches and analysts think he is that good, I'll trust their opinion. This wasn't voted by one person you know.
Lucky Ace (EUW)
: This might be the only time in the LCS/LEC history (both EU and NA) that chosing 5 players from one team for all pro is warented.
2015 Fnatic totally deserved it as well. Recency bias may be speaking against them, but that team was so stupidly dominant in the regular season it would have been ridiculous had they not been the all pro team.
: LEC Summer Finals: Athens Community Activations FAQ – Teams and Sponsors
So Vitality and SK won't be there with anything? Sick brand promoting from them.
: Rift Rivals: Fighting for European pride
Perkz already took the title best western midlaner from Bjergsen before it then got handed to Caps. The worlds top 20 player lists didn't show it because they were super biased, but Perkz had been better for a good 2 years.
Cooler39140 (EUNE)
: Except Poland hosted EU LCS 2016 Summer finals in Katowice. Denmark also hasn't hosted an EU LCS event until last year, in Spring Split.
What exactly is the point you are trying to make? Are you angry it isn't in Denmark of Poland? I genuinely can't tell.
: Vitality inspired Europe but can they take down G2?
Fnatic vs Origen is happening and Vitality vs G2 is the one getting attention. Vitality is going to get smacked the way they have been playing for months now.
: Pro View Payment methods
Yep it's dumb as shit that they assume, being a USA based company, that every other country from which people buy their product pays for things in the same way. It may be culturally ingrained there that people pay with credit card, but in a lot of places in Europe people pay with their debit card instead for practically everything.
Lucky Ace (EUW)
: Humanoid did so well last split on Splyce, but probably because he wasn't on Fnatic or Origen he didn't get mentioned while Nemesis did. Jizuke also didn't have a good split, but understandibly he was still mentioned. Febiven I seems to be okay, but I would have moved Nemesis lower or out and Huminoid in (or Humanoid higher then Nemesis).
Humanoid should have been in the top 5 for sure, but a lot of voters vote for who they like, or for who they think should be good. Not actually based on results. Gorilla and Ignar also didn't deserve to be above Norskeren, and Bwipo had a horrible spring, where someone like Csacsi did not. But people think, oh hey Gorilla is someone I know and I think he is awesome, let's put him in the top 5, while not considering his performance wasn't that good.
: All the places are deserved except Perkz at number one wouldnt put him at the best three
Gorilla and Ignar aren't deserved, Norskeren should have been above them. Humanoid should also have been above Febiven and Jizuke.
: Vote for who YOU think will be the best in LEC 2019 Summer Split Regular Season!
My only hot take is putting Expect third for top lane, criminally underrated player. Top: Wunder, Cabo, Expect, Csacsi and Bwipo. Jungle: Jankos, Kold, Broxah, Selfmade and Trick. Mid: Caps, Nukeduck, Nemesis, Jizuke and Humanoid. Bot: Kobbe, Perkz, Rekkles, Upset and I don't remember who I put last. Support: Mikyx, Mithy, Vander, Hylissang and Norskeren. With Wunder as best expected player, but Mikyx or Caps could also have been my choice for that.
Bauble (EUW)
: Ladies and Gentlemen, I represent to you, ^, a typical salty EU fan searching for exuses and proofs that somebody is humiliating their league {{sticker:vlad-salute}} _(no offense)_
Imagine trying to say to the region that just won MSI that they are looking for excuses.
: Another way to suck money out of the every day Joe. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Bullshit, if you don't care about these features you don't have to pay for them. You'll still be watching the same game. Also you get this for literally a whole split, for the price of one month of Netflix, I don't see a problem.
Bodiez (EUW)
: Is it a monthly subscription or a once off payment? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
It says it in the article mate, the amount is a one time pay until worlds, so you get it for practically one split.
Lucky Ace (EUW)
: Next to MSI and worlds Rift Rivals is a bit of a let down. Why not rotate Rift Rivals between regions. I think Korea and China are the Rivals of Europe now rather then NA.
Bullshit, EU may be (by far) the more succesful of the two regions, NA has always been the region we banter against on every Youtube video, Reddit thread and Twitch chat involving professional league of legends. It's not just about about region strength it's about bragging rights and how often the communities interact. You can literally have a discussion against an NA fan whenever you want, not as easy for Chinese and Korean fans.
Glaeweth (EUW)
: That's pretty disheartening to hear that... As an EU fan, Rift Rivals is probably the only tournament I could have attended to watch my favorite team play as I can't attend either LEC or LCS. Super unlucky.
Wait you're complaining about not being able to attend Rift Rivals, because it's not in Europe, but you also can't attend the LEC, which is also in Europe by default. You know that if RR was in Europe it would be in the normal LEC studio in Berlin, so that's a really weird argument you made there.
ThePoog96 (EUW)
: cabo isn't even the best toplaner. The only other player we could argue about for MVP is Wunder
Cabo might not be the best top laner, but he was Vitality's most important player.
: Your All-Pro team of the 2019 Spring Split is...
Top: Wunder should've been above Cabochard, I feel people underrate how often this guy carries just as hard as Caps for G2. Nothing to take away from Cabochard, but I feel he stood out more because of his team being worse than G2, not because he was better than Wunder. But it's fair that both of them are far ahead of the rest of the top laners, 104 and 94 points compared to the 25 points of Alphari in the third place tells the story of the split quite well. Adc and Sup: Kobbe getting recognition for bot, with a champion pool that seems better than ever and fitting extremely wel with the way Splyce wants to play, Upset and then Rekkles following after also seems correct, with Upset having the better overall season but Rekkles having a great second half of the split, as well as the top 3 for supports being very clear, with Mikyx head and shoulders above the rest, and Hylissang following for, surprise surprise it's Fnatic, the second half of the split. Jungle: I do personally think that Jankos is overrated this split. Any jungler can look insane when you have the best sololaners in the league to play around. But a lot of junglers have been lackluster so top 2 for him is still unquestionable, but maybe Selfmade should've been higher. Broxah third is also fair. Mid: Caps mid is of course a no brainer, he's been amazing as ever. Nukeduck second is also great, he has a great champion pool, great mechanics, he has a little less pop of games than Caps, but he definitely does have them, including one against G2 and thus Caps himself for that matter, so no problems here. Jizuke third is fair, but the newcomers to LCS/LEC were also all pretty good by the end of the split, especially Nemesis.
Latína (EUW)
: Fanboys have nothing to do with it, this was not a fan vote it was by casers and analysis, And yes its unfair that jankos has all winning lanes and its unfair that caps has all winning lanes and its unfair that wunder has all winning lanes, Well maybe thay all have winning lanes for a reason.
This was a fan vote, half of the casters and third party media analysts know nothing about the game either.
Wishwhale (EUW)
: Perkz #2? He has cost his team so many teamfights by being in the wrong place, he gets cought out all the time. Looks like he position himself like he would still play a leblanc.
Literally my thoughts, his Kai'sa looks like LeBlanc in teamfights, which doesn't mean he's mechanically bad on it, but he doesn't seem to grasp his role in a teamfight like Kobbe, Rekkles or Upset do.
Darkoplax (EUW)
: MVP : Caps MVP Runner up : Cabochard Rookie of the split : Selfmade Rookie of the split Runner up : Humanoid Top: Wunder Cabo Bwipo Jng: Jankos Selfmade Xerxe Mid: Caps Nukeduck Jiizuke Bot: Upset Kobbe Perkz Supp: Mithy Mikyx Hyli
Jankos isn't the best Jungler, he just has the best lanes to play around, give me any of the other playoff junglers over him any day of the week. Also Bwipo hasn't been top 3 worthy in my opinion for the top lane, then again no top laner has been even close to Cabo, and Cabo hasn't even been close to Wunder, so maybe we should just say there's a top 2 for top lane, and that's it. Also Mikyx has been better than Mithy, I dare say G2 looks like this in terms of player importance Caps = Wunder > Mikyx > Perkz = Jankos. And in the bot lane I'd put Rekkles over Perkz in the top 3, which pains me a bit to say because I think Perkz started the split amazingly, but Perkz has been playing some of his actual late game teamfights like he was on LeBlanc instead of on a crit ADC, and that's just not something you'd wanna see.
: LEC 2019 Spring player rankings check-in: Who’s lived up to expectations?
How in the world isn't Wunder your clear and number one top laner, he's been putting G2 on his back just as much as Caps this split.
: Five picks that marked the LEC’s sixth week
Wanna point out that Zoe's "sleepy trouble bubble" was misspelled as 'sleeping trouble bubble" also it's her E, not her W.
Shamose (EUW)
: Why London though? What connection does Royal Dutch Shell have with London?
Royal Dutch Shell, surprisingly considering the name we know, did really start out in London.
: Interesting, but some strange things. Celerity and Gathering storm? For adc? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Why not pick Domination skills? Sudden impact or Healing blood for example?
You generally only pick Domination as an adc if you can profit from Sudden Impact, meaning that really the only adc that you should take it on is Kalista, because she can constantly have it active with her passive. Kai'sa only has one dash/blink, her e doesn't count, and it's not used often enough to benefit from constantly.
TheRaluxu (EUW)
: I think you are too harsh when you say vitality looks completely hopeless without Jizuke ahead. Jizuke doesn't win alone. Where is the team game stuff when even the greater Deficio totally smashes team work with his words?
But they have looked hopeless without Jizuke ahead and hard carrying, it's a fact, we have seen it the past 2 weeks.
: Play Xayah and Rakan like Rekkles and Hylissang!
'...so Ignite is by far the best secondary summoner for Ignite...' I think this part under the summoners part is wrong, maybe it could still be fixed.
: Fifty Cards of Cringe
I read Totoro's text on the card wrong and was like: "What's a leaf umbrella and why can you shave with it?"
: Fnatic under fire? Caps responds.
Caps with the hard facts, no cockiness, no over exaggeration, but being realistic. I can really respect that in an interview.
: How to play Ornn: (*Presses W* *Its super effective*)
Honestly his ult is also pretty insane, but just for lane, yeah pretty correct.
: 2018 EU LCS desktop and mobile wallpapers are here!
Schalke, Giants, Misfits and Splyce are my favorites here, especially Giants, if you had to judge teams solely on the art on this page, you'd think Giants were like the big daddy of the EU LCS, the team with an air of greatness about them.
: Splyce Manager Grant Rousseau on the life of a LoL manager and forming the 2018 Splyce team
Very nice to see som of the decision making thoughts that went into forming a team, I'd personally be interested to know who they consider themain 'voices' or shotcallers on the team, I've to imagine kaSing for sure, but I don't know who's more vocal between Odoamne and Kobbe for example.
: So is Boris Schalke's substitute player or the Head Coach? I heard he was the Head Coach and Guilhoto would be Strategic Coach...
What they listed as 'Head coach' here are actually the strategic coaches for the teams, the guys that help with drafts for example. Also funny that he is now called "Boris" will be difficult to get used to. So here: head coach=strategic coach The actual head coaches are more of a team manager role, but a sub could perhaps also take on somewhat of a role like that.
Rïvëñ (EUW)
: I think the teams are okay, nothing too hyphy, but whats there to get hyped about with FNC, they put Jesiz in sub and Bought Hylisang (low-key ready for his to get caught on on Tahm Kench already LUL). P.s. Not me hating on FNC btw, been a FNC fan since season 3 o/
Fnatic is exciting for the fact that a team that was pretty damn good during summer 2017 (apart from playoffs) now also has worlds experience, a fresh support, a very good coaching staff, and the mix of experience and mechanical talent that could be a powerhouse in Europe.
: Reforged: EU Lolesports in 2018
I'd love more content on this site, I check it just as regularly for news as Reddit during the regular season and international events, so I adore this additional content.
IzzŸ (EUW)
: Year in Review
So I'm a silver 2 player, and I don't play a lot of ranked, but after seeing my mid lane stats compared to other ranks I actually feel like I've achieved a lot this year nonetheless, sadly people in normals are still gonna flame the shit out of me ofcourse. https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/year-in-review-2017#/summoner/euw/13nardran13
: 2017 All-Star Vote: Choose your dream team
So can there be a revote after the bullsht that Po€ pulled?
: all-stars isn't a tryhard event so ofc you vote for your favorite player and not for the best.
All-star **is** gonna be a tryhard event this year you dense sh*t, Riot specified it in another article a little while back that they are gonna make it into a more tryhard tournament. So as an EU fan you should've voted for the best team in your opinion if you want EU to perform the best it can.
: 2017 All-Star Vote: Choose your dream team
I feel like Perkz is really by far the best midlane option, if we want to send Misfits players, it should be Maxlore, Hans Sama and/or Ignar, not PoE.
: > [{quoted}](name=13nardran13,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=4sGjJeN7,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2017-10-30T14:24:55.704+0000) > > I'm just really glad Riot is finally showing us their plans, no matter whether they are right > or wrong in my opinion. What? It should matter to you if these plans are right or wrong. They are showing those plans very late on the schedule, and the changes for Challenger teams and for 2019 will have a huge impact on overall EU scene BoX format changes and broadcast days changes and immediate extra economic help are important, but those are not only things that were basically known for granted at this point, but are also the least important informations given here
What? I definitely gave my opinion on whether I like the changes or not, AND I NEVER SAID THAT IT DIDN'T MATTER IF THE PLANS ARE GOOD OR BAD, I said: I'M GLAD THEY ARE SHOWING THEIR PLANS AT LEAST, WHETHER I PERSONALLY THINK THEY ARE SHIT OR NOT. There's a significant difference that those with the capability to read carefully will see and understand. And now why I made the point that I was happy that they were finally announcing their plans: There were teams threatening to leave the EU LCS (Mainly H2K who spoke out first about it) because of Riot not being transparant about their plans, that's why I said I was happy they are finally showing us what they are going to do. After that's addressed I wanted to talk about what I actually thought about it, and I think they make some sound arguments on their plans, even though there are also things I don't like. I definitely think it's important what people think of it, and the part of my comment that you quoted doesn't, **I REPEAT: DOESN'T** contradict that.
: There was rumours about spliting eu lcs into more leagues, was that just a rumour or will it happen?
Read the article more carefully, they are shoving their possible plans back to 2019, and have this for the upcoming season in 2018.
: No relegations = won't watch.
There will be relegations, but only after the second split, to reinforce a more stable economic landscape. This way team owners and their investors will have a bigger incentive to invest money in it, because you're guaranteed to have your team play out the whole season.
: EU LCS in 2018 and beyond
I'm just really glad Riot is finally showing us their plans, no matter whether they are right or wrong in my opinion. I actually totally understand the reasoning for moving back to Bo1, even though I'm gonna miss the Bo3's that actually went to three games, however I like the fact that it's gonna be way less time consuming to keep up with every game/series. Also thank you for giving the teams extra financial stability and especially the guarantee that investments will at least last the whole year for teams. I think this is going to be great for the growth of the region even in short term, which was greatly needed for a region as weird as EU. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I'm proud of this guys. Everyone laught at them when they talked about their one year plan yet they accomplished it and went beyond by going into quaters. The whole Team players besides is good for the whole EU enviroment! Now we need only to pray that G2 stays in EU and that riot-eu dont mess the whole eu-lcs as a region completly up
: I'm proud of this guys. Everyone laught at them when they talked about their one year plan yet they accomplished it and went beyond by going into quaters. The whole Team players besides is good for the whole EU enviroment! Now we need only to pray that G2 stays in EU and that riot-eu dont mess the whole eu-lcs as a region completly up
I mean, they did get moderately lucky in the way the championship points system works, so it was fair for people back then to say that Misfits wouldn't be good enough after they finished fourth in spring. Also, about the second point, I believe that Rito already confirmed they would delay their plans for the EU LCS and stick to the current system for another year, aswell as bumping up the financial support for teams.
: Tuned In: G2 Perkz
My favorite western midlaner at the moment, I don't care how many memes are made about him this guy has the skills and the mindset to become a top tier world class player, he has to prove it more than once though before others will feel the same.
AdleyMD (EUW)
: Pls no more SKT skins
Only if another team can beat them, it's not like they haven't been close to being defeated before.
: If I am right, FNC if it is successful from 1st round, is either going to end up in Group A or Group B, both really tough groups. Lucky TSM, got the easiest out of all. G2 also has good chances, unless C9 gets in that group which might make it a little tough.
G2 has the worst teams they could've drawn mate, apart from maybe SKT or Longzhu instead of SSG, and Bo1 is were G2 struggles in to begin with, their chances certainly aren't 'good' they are equal to the other teams in their group in pure chance, but that's where it stops.
pera737 (EUW)
: i can already tell that group a is the group of death
Yeah death for AHQ perhaps, they stand no chance against SKT and EDG, the real group of death is group C, where the teams should be the closest out of any group on paper.
pera737 (EUW)
: i can already tell that group a is the group of death
Yeah death for AHQ perhaps, they stand no chance against SKT and EDG, the real group of death is group C, where the teams should be the closest out of any group on paper.
: The Regional Qualifiers begin!
I don't really care who wins the gauntlet, but I believe that H2K and Fnatic would perform the best at worlds, so I'm hoping for them as a finals match
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