Cypherous (EUW)
: Sure, and in this case his actions were both reportable and punishable, its the reason reports against me don't do anything, because i don't do enough to break the rules :P
then what's worse : someone who breaks the rules or someone who knows them and goes just far enough to not get punished (moraly i mean) {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: > I call him a "brat" wich is the worst thing i said to him Common misconception. You can be toxic without swearing - your logs are quite a good example of this. Let's break it down: >Gillusion: wtf is your %%%%ing problem ? Gillusion: you're a brat Gillusion: if oyu're wondering why you can push like that and can't get punished Gillusion: it's cuz kindred is acting like a kid So this is where it starts. You've advised that the other player told you to "f off", when asked for a gank. Responding like the above is basically reverting to the same sort of behaviour, just with different words. You're still being negative here, regardless of whether the other player did say that or not (remember, we're analyzing your behaviour here, not theirs). >Gillusion: NO I'M SAYING THAT YOU'RE A %%%%ING JGLER AND IF YOU JUST CAME SHE WOULD HAVE DIED 5 TIMES AND WE WOULD HAVE WON EASLY Gillusion: but becaause you just want to act like a child Gillusion: i cna't Gillusion: %%%%iong Gillusion: win Gillusion: this lane So firstly, junglers are not required to gank. At all. That's not their job. Their job is map and objective control. Ganking just happens to fall into that appropriately at times, pending the jungler and the situation. Regardless, you cannot get angry at a jungler for ganking. It's not a requirement, there's nothing stating that they HAVE to gank every lane minimum X times, get this idea out of your head. Again, blaming here. In fact most of your logs are more of the same, just constant blame on someone. That's definitely toxic behaviour. >Gillusion: that i didn't say anything insulting ? Gillusion: taht you're the one insulting and acting like a 5 years old ? Gillusion: didn't see you being usefull top I mean... You've kind of claimed he was doing something, then immediately called him a child. You're doing the same action here, but justifying it because you believe your trigger (him telling you to "f off") was valid, just as he believes his trigger (the requesting ganks, with the first one not being polite at all) is valid to do the same. You're both doing the exact same thing, you just think that you're justified and the other isn't. --------- You've indicated previously that you've had a two week ban and restrictions. If these were not too long ago, then yes a perma is the next step, and even mild toxicity can push you there. A 2 week ban is your "last chance". There's no more past that one.
That's really good comment (and pretty constructive too) i don't really have anything to say you're right on all your points . I'd just like to say that this ban is almost a year old . I see why i got punished now . I really thank you for taking the time to answer me .
Cypherous (EUW)
: Swearing, report calling, negative attitude, i mean did you read your chatlogs before posting them?
i tought you coldn't insult someone , if you can't swear at all it's ridiculous. If by negative attitude you mean i was upset about the guy insulting me and reefusing to gank me yes i had a negative attitude and report calling after game when you got flammed is bad thing ? you gotta be joking
Tarolock (EUNE)
: that novel up until the point in your post where you write "Game 1" is useless and noone cares about, the punishment you got is from YOUR actions... as for that chatlog its pretty toxic
if you don't care don't read and what is so toxic about this caht log ? anything that's enough to justify a punishment ?
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Gillusion (EUW)
: some questions about honor locked
Thank you all for your answers it helps me a lot :) now i haave all the informations i wanted ! Gj and ty {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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