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AleckSandrs (EUNE)
: Aatrox Rework that I never asked for...
Like they reworked Poppy, Urgot, and other champs people mained. You can do nothing just get another main... The weird thing in the Aatrox rework is he is in the tier 1 top winrates in toplane so he doesn't really need this rework.
: Runes bug!
Same issue here. And I can't even create a new rune page that would save me during champ select...
Tarolock (EUNE)
: bugsplats are problems on YOUR end, riot cant do anything with it
And what about the " the was an error processing the pick of your champion", and to get "the ranked serie you were in has been disabled due to inactivity". And so you come back to 70 lp when you were in a 1win/1lose promo. My fault too ?
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Kinjitzu (EUW)
: It could also be like, 4 reports in a game = 1 real report, 8 reports in a game = 2 reals reports
I agree with that, but these false reports shouldnt be considered in the "ban and restriction system" behind the game too.
Kinjitzu (EUW)
: Let we see how much report a summoner do have, befor accepting him in team builder mode.
and what about people who jsut try to improve the "bad attitude players" ? You know that "nice people" can be reported by the "bad people" themselves ? Imay be had a large number of reports due to the large number of tards im forced to play with. And for your information a lot of people are punished, and sometimes innocent people that are accused by these "bad attitude" players.
: Getting "Harrasment" notifications without even saying a word, I'm afraid to continue playing.
Hello sir. Im playing league for almost 2 years now and i love this game. I always try to be friendly in chat but i never say mean words to people. Sometimes in ranked, when im doing good and i see that someone doing bad in my team, i try to give him advices like "please go tank" "we should ALL buy wards to get more vision" "group as a team" "peel for vayne" etc. ... The problem is that some people think they are god even if they are 0 12 2 and they still do whatever they want, they are never listening. But i try to keep calm, i play with the teammates who like to follow me and we try to win this anyway. Btw i actually had a really good winrate with strong KDA, and i was doing good climbing the ladder in duoqueue and soloqueue (plat 5 in hot streak on my way to plat 4). WHAT A SURPRISE WHEN I LOG IN TODAY AND SEE IM RANKED BAN ! this come along with a chat restriction. **Well, i can understand about the chat restriction**, because sometimes players with bad attitude can drive me mad, and its like "i report him, and he report me" so okay i may be reported quite a large number of time due to the large number of tards im forced to play with. But i never afk and i always try to win... So yeah i can "flame" because i try to improve people attitude. But i see this is not my job so i swear ill not flame again and i will just mute annoying players instead of trying to talk to them. **But why am i ranked ban ?** just... i dont see... im always doing good in my rankeds and i say "good job" to my allies when they are doing good and whenever im doing bad in a game (it happens to everybody) i just group with my team and make whatever i can to get the victory. And why do i have to play 35 drafts ? it is sooooooo long... Have one guy of riot staff ever palyed in draft mode ? It's like all the trolls of league come here to ruin your games, it is not even fun. If i wanna train for rankeds i go teambuilder so i can get a good team with good synergy and teamwork. Here in draft i'll only see trolls, afks and people that are rly bad at the game because they are ranked banned for this... So im gonna give up on ranked. It would take me half a year to get 35 victories in draft and i wont do it. Keep your ranked ban i dont care. That's sad, i loved to paly ranked with good team mates and i was getting stronger at the game, it is so cool to play with a good team. But i cant have this pleasure in this game, so ill stay playing normal games with my friends forever. Good bye LCS guys, i was dreaming to join you one day but Riot system told me "no" without a logic reason. Maybe when you give a restriction to a player, you should write him a few words about the reason of this. I dont have a clue about why i am ranked ban and if someone got an explanation id be glad to here it. IF U DONT TELL PEOPLE WHY THEY ARE RESTRICTED THEY LL NOT CAN IMPROVE. please just someone tell me why the fuck i am ranked ban ? so at least i could change my attitude, gameplay, or whatever i should change. JUST SOMEONE TELL ME ! Hi Braum main, you are the kind of player i love to paly with. I main adc. If u wanna duolane with me one day i'd be glad. I'm already glad that i found someone who feels the injustice of these restrictions.
NightHunter (EUNE)
: Well at start just few champions which u would like to learn.Then start ip collecting for runes.So when u reach level 20 u will insta buy your runes.I would reccomend clasic AP runes(with penetration) and classic AD(dmg,armor,MR).About champions i cant tell you which ones to play but i would reccomend kalista,draven and vayne for adc(my favourites).For mid zed and ahri.For top riven,irelia or maybe gnar(he is really hard to play).For supports take janna,thresh or blitz.For jungle i cant reccomend you which one to buy cuz i dont rly like dat role and dont play it. GL&HF
to jungle in s5 you need runes first with some armor, and easier junglers when you start learning jungle are champions who can sustain high and who dont take ti hard like {{champion:9}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:5}} but there are much more junglers way stronger to play with
Ryze1tUp (EUW)
: ofc im not gonna say that...and when should i start buying runes? and champs u recommend...ty
oh really man you ended up Bronze without runes and you wonder why ?... Maybe u can just buy runes and train with ur only account, smurf are so bad experiences for new players and it disgust them from the game :/ got the same account for more than 2 years i never got bored, u can climb the rank ladder once you climbed the lvl 30
: not really. i can see how people don't care since it dosen't change their game preformance. i once had the most boring name (JpcxD1) and diden't feel anything affecting the game. it was only a year ago i began to care, but i will say it's more fun haveing a name people talk about in-game :)
actually ur name is the stronger way to communicatein game and it shows ur personnality. For example i often had redbuff at lvl 1 (or later) thanks to my lovely jungler :3
: true x)
> [{quoted}](name=GiveMeRedBuff,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=PV30QoLs,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2015-02-20T08:46:03.980+0000) > > true x) > but i have no champion nore item in my name :P
Dame (EUW)
: Players usually writes their age/born date after their name, they're usually noobs/rager kids. Name who contains champion/item name usually a smurf.
Skunabis (EUW)
: Looking for duo partner /or even more people to play
aw man thats so sad {{item:3070}} You looks like {{champion:32}} looking for friends Add me in game if u want this to end, i dont care about the division since i have hundred friends to play with in league from bronze to diamond :) I could at least make you meet other people strong or bad, tryharding or trolling ;)
: Support last season peak Diamond I. Searching for ADC to duo with. Plat now.
haha maybe if i get plat by my own first i could try to play with you and go to diamond, but idk if i can go so far in only one season x) but i lov ur name :3
Moonleaf (EUNE)
: In UI design there's a term called 'information overload'. There's always tons of information that would be cool to add to the TAB menu (role selected, skin selected, wards placed, buffs, wolf/krug/gromp respawns to name a few). However, each single data point added makes the menu more noisy and each information point loses some of its significance. According to the above, there are some data points (eg gold value for dying) that have some value to be added but the value is fairly little and the cost of adding it in coherence and clarity is higher. It's simpler to leave that as a semi-hidden value that skilled players can keep track of by checking everyone's score and the announcer ;) Still, I'd say it would be really cool to have a WANTED LIST custom game mode, eg something like Ascension :)
Well i got it, but i saw what you did when you added the jungle buffs spawning time in the TAB menu. It was approximately same information that skilled player could know but the spawning times still there today. But i think some kind of WANTED custom gamemode would be funny, you would get points when you kill one specific ennemy champion or something like and the target would change depending of the game. But people who are wanted shouldn't go afk then :/ Anyway thank you for your answer and i'll just continue to paly until i have a real idea that hasnt an high clarity cost :)
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