: Nothing. The Honor system is broken, and every report against you adds up until eventually you do something like have 1 trigger word and it instantly bans you. Not a single human looks. No smart AI. Just a tick-box of 'number of reports + 1 trigger = punishment'.
That's not how it works how did you get such a strange idea? A system like that makes no sense why should they do it that way?
Mada (EUW)
: This is just maths in action. When your premise is wrong, you can deduce _anything_ from it. The deduction will of course also be wrong but to the untrained eye - like our dear op obviously is - it seems indistinguishable from something that's correct. To me, that's beautiful. Visiting the boards feels a bit like visiting the zoo :-D
> Visiting the boards feels a bit like visiting the zoo :-D Oh that's a nice picture, I really like it. :D Although I think that makes me the jerk who's making fun of the monkeys when they throw around their excrements
: baah baaah im a sheep
Yes you are :D {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Just Quitting League of Toxicity
My advice if you want to keep playing would be to look for people to play with on the boards or somewhere else. It's always more enjoyable with premades.
: Did you find new ways to ruin promos Riot?
Hm not really Riot's style. My guess would be the universe is upset with you. What did you do to mess up your karma?
: it takes seconds to get level 30 so its cool for me lets put it this way i flamed one game flame can be muted no but boosted noobs were stuck with so how does that work when they never get banned and they provoke a ban for people like me so i gave up caring and ill continue to keep get quick level 30s and once i get a chat ban go to the next simple.
You really decide to stay in the circle. You are complaining that you are playing with players who perform worse than you. Yet you rather throw your accounts away before they are high enough so that you have enjoyable games. You start from zero again and again, you are dooming yourself.
: Incorrect. A program can respond to you based on responses it's been recorded. It doesn't understand what it's saying, how to speak, or how to feel, or how the other person is feeling. Otherwise, you've just proven myself, once again, correct. "But you can't imagine a programm that can detect offensive behaviour in chat?" None of my 'Games' have a single swear-word, or mock in it :) Thus any report works against you. Case. Closed. Otherwise, where are my notifications across my hundreds and hundreds of games of people swearing every word under the sun at me - none get a single punishment? Because it's not some super-AI. Because no human checks. Just a random tally thats goes up and up and up and up until eventually 1 person just goes "ugh, work -bans- phew, pay me."
Since you treat one case examples as irrevocable proof, take me. I have been reported endless times. I had times in which I was very vocal in chat still never punished. Why? Because the system is not just adding reports on top of each other until a magic number is met and it can detect offensive behaviour in chat. Definitely not all cases but a lot. It has no need to feel or speak or how a person is feeling (seriously dude?). I have no idea where that concept is coming from. As you said. Pre determined actions based on triggers that are met or not. How should this be different?
: So RIOT have invented AI computing that can tell what is a report and false report? They better go to NASA with that, as I'm pretty positive no one in history has invented a self-aware-AI yet. But yet you tell me a computer can tell what a 'false report' is, huh :)? Why don't you go ahead and tell me what a 'false report' is, please. Explain how a computer will NOT punish me for saying "Why are you so angry?" while my teammate, just one game ago, said "subhuman ret adr shiit". Go ahead :) Of course, I'm the punished one. So I'd love to know how that works :) So yes. I am right. Because it's the same every time. "It doesn't do that." "How does it not?" "ER ER.. B-BECAUSE IT'... DOESN'T?" "How doesn't it?" "ERRRR BE-BECAUSE IT... JUST PLAY NICE AND IT WON'T HHEHE OKAY??? " That's how we can tell that's just a copy-and-paste reply.
We live in an age where we have programms that chat with us. But you can't imagine a programm that can detect offensive behaviour in chat? Without even the addition to find suitable answers? Or with the only answer being 0 or 1. So the system checks for valid report if yes it's an entry for the report history otherwise it's dismissed as a "false report". Why would the programm need to be self-aware?
Malloror (EUW)
It might have been the first time today but you have to look further than a day. The system isn't triggering from just one game but it takes into account a longer time span than just a day.
: A+
You are compared to the performance of other people on the same champion. You have to be in the highest percentages to achieve S rank. You haven't bought a single control ward and only placed 3 wards. Okay you changed to sweeper but only killed two wards with it. That are very low scores for a jungler and most do better.
: My solution to the preseason elder drake
First of all I am sorry for your loss but I think you made the wrong decision prioritizing Nashor over Elder. I think a team that controlled almost all drakes should be able to secure the Elder Buff and from what you say it sounds like that could have been the case. To me the Elder Buff is more important than Nashor so that would have been the correct macro play. And a team that manages to get its hands on the Elder despite loosing the objective game most of the game by capitalizing on enemy mistakes should be awarded. Yes Elder Drake is close to a game ender and I think it should stay this way. Is it unfair for the dominating team? I'd say the dominating team should be able to secure it.
: We Need A Talk
There's not really a reason to only punish one and not the other. Both works well for me
: Insulting my MMR you couldn't possibly know, or assume to know, thus bullying, thus Offensive. Reported you for Offensive. See how easy it is? Know what else is zero impact on me? Leaving games lost by toxic players or AFKers and straight into a new one, because no point in being nice anymore 8). I win. And guess what? I forget about every player in the previous games too. So your theory adds to nothing. 8) When trying to get Honor 1 or 2, I'll try to win, mute toxic players, and stop others being pulled into the toxicity. Now the game screws you over even after trying for 8 months? Fine, never again 8) Screw everyone else, all about me now, baby 8)
Sure it's easy to get reported. Getting punished however takes effort. Gladly I'm too lazy to actually achieve that. You forget about every player except yourself. You became something you once despised. And you repeat the behaviour you once hated over and over again. That's why you will affect no one but yourself. This image of yourself seems to make you happy for some reason so don't let me stop you and have fun. I won't ever see you anyways xD But let me tell you that not the game nor anyone else screwed you over. It was only your own actions that led to this. Nothing else. Different actions different outcome. You brought this onto yourself. So happy travelling further down the spiral you already gave up on yourself anyways {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: There was. It got deleted. My theory is proven correct.
Oh so kappa was used in the wrong way once again...
: Incorrect. I'll jump into 4 players, bump into them, then jump straight into the next game - knowing I ruined theirs, because LoL ruined my acc 8) Simple.
Exactly how I imagined it. But I guess you don't get it^^ Let's say I run into you. Not that this is likely with the winrate you aim for but we try to envision it. That's one game of around 500 hundred others just in a year. Literally zero impact on me. I will probably forgot about you before I joined the next champ select. The thing is that I only experience just one game you do. You experience EVERY SINGLE ONE of these.
Marxtreme (EUW)
: So many smurfs on Clash...
Aren't hard fought victories the best? I enjoy a victory that I have fought for and overcome a stronger enemy far more than easy stomps. Btw how did you know that they had smurfs?
: I am a better player than someone who AFKs while screaming toxicity. I am a better player than someone that 1v5's THEN yells at the team or ping-spams because we weren't there. I'm bringing no one down. The system is screwed. System screws people? I screw their games. Simple.
You screw noone but yourself. Occasionally a player will bump into you, then jump into the next game and completely forget about you. The only one who will stay affected by your actions is yourself. You will leave a mark on noone else.
: Not my previous one though, kappa 8)
I thought kappa is used for sarcastic sentences? So there never was another post?
Draig0 (EUNE)
: Autofill has massive issues and they are long overdue for a fix
It might be different in EUNE but I almost never get autofilled support. It's almost always top lane for me. It's also rarely that the autofilled is a child and starts doing stupid shit. Again may be this is because I'm on EUW and EUNE is filled with far more childy A-holes. I agree that not playing your role should result in punishment however I think that's difficult to achieve since players are changing roles in champ select as well. Which would lead to them getting punished for no reason
: So far, Riot has been pretty terrible at this season as well
And what exactly did they change in the last 4hours since your last crybaby post?
SygSmurf (EUNE)
: Fire the enite balance team
People will always complain. Some even just for the sake of complaining. It's enough to look at the boards. Person 1 complains about X being completely op and Person 2 makes a thread saying the exact opposite. Good luck getting everyone happy
: What would you prefer [toxicity is a fake problem, nobody looks for real ones]
Yeah people constantly focussing on the chat instead of the game throwing insults around or discussing each other's mistakes for ten minutes straight will definitely win more games makes total sense. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
1312123 (EUW)
: is it legal use lolskin in EUW
I'm pretty sure that the ruling is the same for EUW. But you can always ask the [Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us). Do you know why they prohibit that programm?
: Permabanned i didnt deserve
Usually you walk through several punishment tiers before getting permabanned, so just one single games is very unlikely.
Forsan (EUW)
: At this point it's not even the players fault anymore
I agree with you 100%. They should just stop punishing players who want to go afk. Simple as that. So the trolls and inters can just leave the game. Or I can leave the game when they stay. It such a simple thing they are just stupid.
: Why people in the forum are 24/7 pressed and their replies are just toxic spam?
There are actually board bans given out however long term bans only for very extreme cases.
: Say everything you feel about riot here
The champion after Aphelios gets the old Galio Ult probably. Since he will be a top laner instead of support the playstile probably won't be that similar but at least it returns right? ;)
Rαsputin (EUW)
: Autofilled
> No wonder this game is dying. As it is for years and years. If it keeps dying at this rate it will vanish 2050 or so, if at all. But at least in thirty years all of you can finally say together "Ha told you so" {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Kayn is history i can do it better
Do you know who the fourth champion on bot was? Bard may be? Because it looks like a Bard Journey just without the visual.
The Static (EUNE)
: Recent findings
>why is the framerate seemingly connected to accounts? What was your crime?
dino0 (EUW)
: Defends riot over any and all rational toughs :D
Why do you use such a positive word for that?
: I'm a modern day Shakespeare. Do you think the word will ever catch on?
I think you and the world are desperately avoiding each other
: Come on dude... you can't think yourself **that** funny
I highly doubt that you believe that
: She didn't and you're grasping at straws again {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Sadly I have to admit I only realised because of your answer to the guy who was looking for girls to play with. Sorry I assumed your gender ;P
: She didn't and you're grasping at straws again {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
You had the excuse of probably being bored but now it's shifting to embarrassing
: She didn't and you're grasping at straws again {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: What am I making up?
Come on dude... you can't think yourself **that** funny
: Glad you finally realised how wrong you were. :)
She didn't and you're grasping at straws again {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Imagine misunderstanding what I said THAT much. Bit awkward really. Am I banned tho? Really? Beauty of having multiple accounts.
> Bit awkward really. The whole conversation actually ^^' From both sides. Though it feels like you were far more desperately grasping for straws to find something that you could pretend was a win for you xD Where did you get the need to spread such strange stories when everyone knows that you are making stuff up?
: He does spread misinformation. Number of reports is the only thing the system cares about. I have proved this before. And I proved it again recently on a dummy account with a group of friends. Showed him the proof and he deleted the post and gave me a forum suspension. (Imagine that!). No because I never intentionally feed. Sure I've got some crazy 0/9 games etc but I always try my best.
If that's true that's... How did you prove it and how did you present your proof?
: 2 Week Ban. No Chat Logs.
You say white knight as if you think it's a bad thing as if he is spreading false information while he actually corrects a lot of missunderstandings people like you have. For example the number of reports is completely irrelevant. Could it be that you haven't gotten any logs because you have been punished for intentional feeding?
: Dear Riot games .
You think you don't deserve to loose when one of your teammates goes afk? Do you deserve to win if an enemy goes afk? As a side note people talk about Leagues death as long as I play it. So far they've all been wrong
dino0 (EUW)
: got my previous coment shut bcs i said someone white knighted to save riot Well there goes free speech
How do you specify a white knight?
Jaki69 (EUNE)
: The PBE login problem...
The [support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us) can hopefully help you.
: For the next champion, I suggest you give different skills from A-Z in their kit
The current new champ at least has heal only 1/5 of the time, cc only 1/5 of the time, no movement abilities, no invisibility, no untargetability, no unstoppable, no invulnerable, no global. In the end he is an immobile ADC like Jhin, MF, Ashe. Yeah he might be strong but nothing a Rengar couldn't solve.
Lodica (EUNE)
: no words
Have you tried turn off and on?
: seems legit {{champion:17}}
Nice monologue dude...
: Aphelios is sick!
My favorite weapon is the flamethrower because of the AOE for all other weapons when you use the Q. AOE snare is so nice ^^
Reaperxox (EUNE)
: I have created a support ticket for the same thing and im not sure if we are forced to change or not but they should give us the choice not to be forced its up to us if we want to have million usernames in different games they create. I hope we can keep ours{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
This doesn't concern ingame names only your login name. No one forces you to have the same login credentials for each of their games. You can make another account for each of them. However you can have different ingame names for different games on the same login. And if you want your LoL and LoR connected it needs to be on the same login credentials. Edit: that said I don't like to have to change my login name for that. I like it how it is
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