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: 0% Problem
basically same problem i got m8
: As far as I know, there’s been problem with the anti-cheat system not being compatible with something. I too get in game a bit late, but not as significantly as OP. Most would suggest this problem ceases to exist when you update BIOS, but that won’t work for a lot of people. I hear the incompatibility is mainly with AMD hardwares, but I don’t know. This problem has made my game’s performance worse, I’ve been experiencing lower FPS for a patch now. The solution of switching from Full Screen to Borderless and removing any FPS capping both help, but don’t solve the problem entirely. If you will, I can send you my logs.
well i appreciate your comment but i still dont quite understand what is causing it, besides at first blood i got a 3 second screen freeze (rather how to fix it, dont wanna wait for rito)
: laggy a** bug
btw my bios is up to date even tho it isnt related to starting a game but anyways ye ive got an amd fx can play any other game except for league hotfix ur shit
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