Amoustafa (EUW)
: Aatrox mains right now
That's me when they shipped off the old GOOD Yorick and replaced him with the current bullshit :( {{item:3070}}
Oxz (EUW)
: Unorthodox Junglers - Malzahar (3:11)
Love playing unorthodox junglers as well, have not done any videos of it though, but a tip is jungle twitch for your next video, great ganking potential trough the entire game due to the invis and the slow and if fed he is just as powerful as shaco or any of the other burst junglers imo! Other then that, great video, love jungle malz myself. Neat to see that there is someone else out there thinking outside of the box!
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: My Twitch is finally live again!
Just wanted to drop by and give a big thank's to everyone who watched my videos, the views gotten in the last weeks way surpassed my expectations, I was expecting a couple of hundred views at most but I got close to 10.000 in my first week on Youtube, So thank's a lot you guys from this board who watched, liked and subbed etc. It really helps me out, I will keep bringing new videos 2-3 times a week at least which should add up to at least 12 hours of gameplay to watch each week and I will expand this schedule with even more videos etc and more edited videos and how to's asap just need to tune some software and get some more equipment before I start doing that. Once again thank's a lot and I'll see you guys around either on the boards, on Youtube, on Twitch or on the Fields of justice ;) Youtube Channel: Twitch Channel: //GG
: I really dont give a fuck.
Fuck enough given to bother and comment at least. Apart from that thank's for bumping my thread grumpy little man. :)
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