: I dont know; two of the team mates say do not go farm away from towers and without placing wards-but kayle and tristana doing that repeatedly only to die. When i also say that, kayle player said I am braindead and went to do it again. Twitch player goes invisible and others remove wards I keep and we ping don't go , while kayle tristana goes to the same area we ping. This feels more like imbalance, because other team play as team of 5 while my team play as group of 3 and group of 2. This may be not related to rank, but out of all games (2-3 games had team like this) this game is totally blown up.
If you want to know the answer to your question, you can investigate it by looking at their profile, and you can also spectate their games from your profile to see if they play that way every single game.
: Is this how ranked games are supposed to be?
This match is totally balanced. Most of gold 4 players that are stuck there, have a really bad mmr, because you have to lose a loooot, to get the red warning for silver I. So the ranked system was balanced. Maybe what changed in the game is the experience as some unranked guys have less experience or they just started to play this season or they didn't perform in the game. All you should now is that that rank does not mean anything, it's all about MMR. There are games where there are plat 4 and silver 3.
: Same here, what is going on Rito? Stop chasing money from skins and fix your game for crying out loud
It's normal man, you never did any programming or what ? Bugs are always there. Things are getting constantly fixed and improved.
: i got the same prob, but i were in promos and didnt get my promotion, but my match history did show my win: https://imgur.com/856LGb8 {{champion:35}} plus 50% winrate, without the 32 wins showing
The games were extremely laggy anyways, they should cancel the last games before the crashes happened.


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