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: The problem with League community
I agree with most of what you say, inting and trolling has gotten a complete different meaning nowadays than what it would normally mean. Sometimes I play aggressive engage supports and well then I might die 10 times, but we get about 30 kills out of my 10 deaths, so in the end it's still worth it. But people like to say: Support is inting! Eventho I am doing job. However you talk about someone is probably a bad player, but how do you even go 2/15 without 'inting'. Sure in some games, like I mentioned before, you die 15 times but in exchange of a lot of kills. But if you die 9 times in laning phase without being ganked a single time, you're maybe not inting but it's definitely not having a bad game. Especially when you keep going in thinking you can beat someone who has 2 more levels than you and already has a full item more than you. That's in my book a way of inting and that is what happens in some of my games. Another problem what I experience in league games, is how mighty some people think they are. In some games I like to be the shotcaller, as a support I sometimes have the time for that and I will quickly type or ping an objective to take if I see the window to do it. But a couple of games ago I had a jungler who was basically standing next to the rift herald. I saw the perfect opportunity to take the rift herald since we had the pressure and the jungler was somewhere around bot. But my jungler just said: I will do that whenever I feel like doing it. And sure he is the one who eventaully has to do the rift herald but listen to the team when they shotcall something or when they want to make a play. Don't think that your decision is the best and evaluate other's opinions. League is a teamgame and we need to work TOGETHER to reach the goal: destroying the nexus. So do not only listen to yourself and think you are the reason why we won, think of everyone in your team who will help you reach it with you. If one of your teammates make a bad call, accept it and go on. If they make a good call, try to follow up on it.
: Why is botlane so horrible now...
Generally what I notice in my games is the fact that botlane rarely gets help on any side of the team. You're either playing 2v2 poke lane where damage is going back and forth or you have insanely boring farm under turret lanes because one has the damage and the other has sustain. And in my experience, neither team gets any sort of help. I get the feeling so many teams play around that 1 solo laner to solo carry the game that people forget how squishy an adc is or the support and that they need the items to do anything. With the current game state, where there is so much damage output in general, how can a 2 kill adc win vs a 2 kill bruiser or mage or assassin. On the other hand, if a botlaner gets some kills or help to snowball the lane they can be the most dangerous player in the game and then they can pop-off and single-handedly win the game. I believe it's not botlane alone what it so horrible now. It's the game in general what is horrible. Damage outputs are high which basically pops an adc within a second. But also the way people approach games now, they play the game and give up to ff15 and waste the potential the adc has in the late game, if you ever get to that point (since most games are stomp or get stomped). Botlane can be horrible but also be very strong if you get a little attention or some help or are able to capitalize on small mistakes from the enemy laners. It's like league in general atm, a coinflip. Hope you're the botlane winning otherwise it's gonna be a long suffering with you falling behind to the point you're basically a minion
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: i'm losing braincells with this season
Complains about a 0/11/2 Rengar, meanwhile 12 days ago OP had a game where he went 4/10/2. That's also inting, or is that suddenly a bad game, which only you can have because you're a special snowflake? Jokes aside, I agree with the rest of your points, some things don't make sense. And there are a lot of things %%%%ed about this game. But there's a big difference in having a bad game or plain inting. I have had enough times where the enemy midlaner gets a little fed and then dives me 3 times botlane under turret. I go 0/3 and suddenly I am the one inting? No I am not inting, I am just dying because someone is fed and dives me, nothing I can do about it. Maybe look at their perspective of view, download the replay and watch what they did. Were they actually inting (still a possibility, the rengar game is very out of context) or did they get caught out because it was your/your teammates fault. If Rengar was invading with no lane pressure, yes it's their fault and they're 'inting' but if they just get outplayed by the enemy jungler and nobody assists him (for example fighting in your own jungle) then it's not his fault dying and 'inting' but then the problem lies at YOUR feet, because YOU did not help him. I often get to hear: "ADC DOES NO DAMAGE" and sure that is somewhat my fault, but if you replay the entire match so far you could maybe see that the enemy jungler was almost always hovering around bot so there was no reason for me or my support to engage without being ganked. Meanwhile the adc happened to get a crossmap snipe with their jinx ult. Or maybe my team gives like a good amount of money to the tank toplaner who then proceeds to buy full armor against me as ADC. Yes how am I supposed to do damage then, meanwhile my team goes full ad/ap and wonder why they get obliterated by the enemy adc. People don't need to always point fingers. Sometimes it's indeed your team's fault for a mistake, for a misplay or another reason, but it's too easily someone else's fault. I would sometimes wish people spectated their matches and followed the perspective of the 'inter/troll/whatever' and see if they actually inted or if it was not someone else's fault. Or multiple bad events on top of each other what resulted to Y, if you did that THEN you can complain about inters. Edit: I want to add to this, sometimes I agree people are saying 'bad game' too easily. I sometimes see people dive under a turret to make attempt a kill and then they die and say: BAD GAME. But that was basically inting and you being dumb and not a bad game.
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Angst Two (EUW)
: This patch is most broken ive ever seen (rengar, morde, camille bugs, maybe more?)
Tomorrow we will have 7 champions disabled from picking due to ingame issues. Edit (5:53PM 17-7-19): 3 champs already disabled, 4 to go
Marvin123 (EUNE)
: Annie is bugged
No this is Riot's new balance system, Annie needed a buff and this is what you got. Now she's perfectly balanced
: Aatrox drew his last breath today
The way they did this, a better way would've been to delete Aatrox as a whole and be like: HEY GUYS HERE IS A NEW CHAMPION CALLED 'BORIS' enjoy. So sad that so many champs get killed because balancing is considered too hard and they just kill the entire purpose of that one champion in his kit. Deleting costs fewer brain cells than thinking about balancing, that must be the reason. Those brain cells can be used to make another skin for Lux Next up Yuumi will be unable to attach to someone else.
: There is always the same total of champions in every game. So there is always a chance to get a lvl 3 of any champion.
Ahahaha so it's just pure luck. Last game I pick Lucian in first carousel and it took me 3 stages (without anyone else in the entire game playing Lucian) to see my 2nd level 1 Lucian appear in my choices. Just pure and pure luck and hoping you choose the champion that will appear the most throughout the game. Oh and at the same time someone can already find a level 2 Aurelion Sol at the same stage, totally not luck
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: TFT really is a pain
The list of complains I have: - Items are too much RNG (everyone knows) - If you get lucky at the start (get good items and champs) you can just save up money and still stomp everyone and later you can just add more OP stuff to your build since you already have that gold saved up. - Carousel, especially the first one is very unbalanced. If I spawn at the worst 5 champs, well guess I have to play a bad early game. - Champion pool which everyone shares. Great 5 people are going noble and I am the one with the worst version of it, game over because I am not getting the levels because others already have it. Results that I have to completely remove and rebuild a team or completely adjust my team than planned to still have a chance. (Certainly if one or two already have 3 noble at some point) (In addition to that after my last game: 2 people managed to get a level 3 kha zix, multiple people had (multi level nobles). Meanwhile, me the only one playing glacials, gets not even a single level 3. HOW? I am the only one who should be competing in the glacial pool of champs, so nobody should be able to deny levels and I should be able to get a level 3.) - No tactic in gameplay itself. I know this is autochess and making it tactical is hard, but come on. Whenever I play assassin they first attack the tanky frontliner eventho they should realize (or I should able to tell them that as a tactic) that it's not going to work. (Sidenote, I saw this in my last game but I had my tanky members at the other side of my team opposite of the enemy team, his assassin jumped onto my tank and then ran back to my actual team to kill them off, well that would definitely not have happened if I had those assassin (Yes take this with a little salt because I find that bs)) - Lower places = more luck? I am not so sure about this one but I am sometimes unbeated for the first 2-3 stages without an issue. I also see others build a somewhat similar level of team comp than me. But suddenly at some point in the game they have 5 level 3 character, 7 items, they're 2 levels ahead of me. Sure, sometimes it was because of them saving money at the start which made them lose games. However, suddenly getting all those level 3's, good items and also still being able to buy XP seems so unlikely. - You have to open a cheat sheet for items to know what everything makes. Just give us an in-game cheat sheet. Not everyone's device can handle quickly tabbing in and out. For example mine will take a few seconds to load often resulting in me still not being able to use my items before the next round starts.
: shitty client
Server is more broken than my bones when I jump down from a s%%%craper
: Is it just me who doesnt like TFT?
No it is not just you. Everything in the world gets liked by a group of people and disliked by another. You will NEVER be the ONLY person who thinks X about Y. So please, instead of making topics with: IS IT ONLY ME!!?!?!? make a topic about: I dislike TFT because of (insert dislike here). Way better topic to make than this. But here you have some attention that you needed
: Face your fears - and talk about them!
I never fear a champion in champs select, I more fear them when my team has no knowledge how to counter them and you're the one that should solve that problem. I kinda hate fed champions that roam to my lane and then sht on me because I am not strong enough while they're fed with kills. Even then trying to beat any of the champs using their weaknesses won't be enough
Shukr4n (EUW)
: i hate non meta picks. really with all my strenght. but before flaming you i need to see you in action and i will do my best to ccoperate with your non meta pick. once i got a heimerdinger supporting me adc that played brilliantly. actually i was the noob who played bad because couldnt play accordingly to his support. still, one on a million matches. so i am very sceptical
I understand that people would blame me for doing bad with a non-meta pick. But it's rather annoying to already be flamed at, even when the game has not even started yet. At least allow me to prove my pick and show what I can do with it. The funny part however is if we win the game and you get excuses in the end chat for doubting your pick
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