: This has to be some kind of stupid fking joke
that feeling when u picked blitzcrank and the matched with 4 bots on your team....... FML just had one now
: Well I thought I got hacked. I even report my account for changing password. LOLOLOLOL
same here, thought my account got hacked and i even changed my password
: 1 Free Snowdown Chest For Each Player
agreed, just like in overwatch they give you a free box to open whenever a new event starts
GoG Jelto (EUW)
: [Suggestion] - Ward Duration Mastery/Item
add a mastery called 'anti-recon' to cause nearby enemy wards expire faster?
Dewi (EUW)
: Exorcist TF Skin Concept Art
twisted fate main here, so glad that there are people still care about twisted fate!
: How can Teemo blind Lee Sin, the BLIND monk?
you wanna know why??? because........... MAGIC!!!!!!!!
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: Annie.
or you could simply remove stun on q but only with e and r? and delay the cast time of r? also reduce the mana refund as well, look at {{champion:39}} she just cant q all day!
Andrisoff (EUW)
: cant find rune page in the shop
also looking for rune page in the shop too.....
: Little Devil Teemo Icon
same here, never left or dodge a game except the others...... and i also beat lv 100, still no icon =(
Xenoid (EUNE)
: There are many types of bots you can encounter in matches and this could be one of them. I divide them to 3 major groups: "mid Ashe", "top suiciders", "jungle afkers". The player you described might be new or not frequently used type of bot. If you see someone instantly lock and have {{summoner:7}} + {{summoner:6}} spells, they are 90% bots. The "mid Ashe" bot will say "mid" in game, ping to mid lane and go mid lane. If someone already mid, she will go bot or top, based on amount of players on the lanes. When tower is destroyed, she will switch the lane. She can decently farm and kill enemies, but doesn't dodge. If Ashe is already locked, picks another random champion and behaves like it would on Ashe, but usually it doesn't go well. The "top suiciders" all go top lane and stack on same spot. If you happen to kill enemy before minions are on lane, they go to tower and suicide. Most of the time they just feed. The "jungle afkers" just stay at jungle camps afk, sometimes attacking jungle camps. They don't go on lanes. There used to be "mid suiciders", but I haven't seen them for a while.
Thanks for the info mate! So it is quite likely that player is a jungle afker........ {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: maybe he was busy doin something irl
well, he never say anything during the whole game. =\ even though i told him that i cleared the camps to stop him from doing so, he never explained or replied..... =\
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