: ADC tips?
CS it's probably most important early on as ADC. Basically, you don't need much, but to be able to outfarm the enemy ADC and take advantage of that CS. What i mean by that it's creating a plan. Knowing when you'll reach that gold for first item and preparing the lane for going base as soon as possible. On bottom lane, item advantage it's the most important. If you manage to get an BF Sword while your enemy can only afford an Pickaxe, you can start to dominate that lane at that point. Mid and late game positioning it's important, but differs from one champion to another. With Caitlyn you kinda need to position more safety than with Tristana, for example, as, with Tristana, you will often jump on enemies if you are sure that you will be able to get your reset and jump again. With Sivir, in laning phase, your E usage and early aggression helps a lot. You deal a lot of damage, you have very long range on your Q, using your Spellshield smart in order to gain mana it's pretty important. In mid and late game, try to make good use of your ultimate. Try to use it for good engages than for running away. You can get pretty close with Sivir due to your shield, you are harder to be locked down than other ADCs. You have pretty good wave clear so you should take advantage of that. Push lanes, look for taking down towers. Just keep playing and try to learn from your mistakes.
Raziel707 (EUNE)
: Can we have a jungle item that is worth buying on fiddle ?
Fiddle it's in an weird spot at the moment. I see an rework incoming for him. You can't really play him effectively in any spot. In S3 and S4 he was pretty strong on other lanes too. As support i remember that he was pretty scary due to his high early game poke. On mid lane he used to be a great pick against champions like Katarina, he was able to shut them down pretty easy. Now, he's not good on any of those. On jungle, as you mentioned, none of the items really suit him. Runeglaive, let's be honest, he's not taking too much from Sheen as his main ability (W) it's channeled and he can't AA while using it. Killing Crabs with Fiddlesticks it's a challenge by itself. It takes forever to kill those damn things. With other champions, you can take benefit from Krugs and you can stop those damn things from moving around, but not with Fiddle, as you pretty much need your Drain in order to deal some damage. I don't think that the rework should be so drastic, just a little modification to Drain mechanics. Maybe something like Swain's Q, where you get it channeled from a static point, and you can cast other abilities and auto-attack while it's draining the target. It would be pretty op, but i'm sure values can be adjusted in order for Fiddle to be balanced.
DumbFux (EUNE)
> I can't control my Internet or computer crashes, please somehow fix this :) Of course you can. Fix your computer, clean out viruses, malware, whatever you would have around there, optimize it, might be an hardware problem, call someone to find out what the problem with your computer is, and find a better ISP if the current one is not providing you with a good steady internet. Computers do not simply crash if there's nothing with them. I don't remember a single crash on my current computer and i have it for 5 years, used daily. Had some crashes on the internet too as anyone, when they were often i did not played ranked and i contacted my provider to find out if they know about the problem and if they are doing something about it. Even few days ago i lost an game due to my electricity going down. And there's not problem. As long as it's not happening often, no one will ban or punish you. But if it's happening too often, you have no excuse.
: Why can't the LoL chat just be removed or have limited messages?
I'm asking myself the same question since the whole "crusade" against toxic players started. Why not just remove the chat? Pings are more than enough.
Falbindan (EUW)
: Minion farm cap?
Have something to do with his barrels from what i understood and there was also a bug with jungle farming, where minions killed in the jungle were not counted as CS or something like it. Anyway, it's just an visual bug and it happens only at high farm numbers. The gold received from those minions it's the same, of course, but the minion score can get crazy sometimes. Not so game-breaking, probably that's why they are taking their time to fix it. LE: I played around a little in a normal mode and i would say that this comes from kegs. If you place two kegs on the ground and destroy them, your CS indicator will rise with 1. In jungle, for example, you will get even more "CS" if you don't kill the monsters. If you kill the monsters, the indicator will actually drop. By placing 3 kegs on red, destroying them with Parrrley, i got the two little ones, big one stood alive, but my cs increased from 114 to 124. When i killed the big one, the indicator dropped to 116. I don't know if the CS count it's not accurate this way when you are playing against GP. This can be a problem. You are laning against him and you see him with more CS than he actually have, not so pretty.
Zaicev (EUW)
: Horible rank borders
If you would have knew basics about graphic design, you would know that in these cases, seeing the individual elements of a whole can offer wrong impressions. Wait for them to go live and see how they look then.
Bombardox (EUW)
You really don't understand what "scripts" are, but you complain about them. In first case, it's not about luck with TF, you know. You just cycle your cards and select the desired one. If it happens to always want the gold one, you can select that one. With the second case, again, i don't understand what you mean. You can cast abilities very close to each other. The traveling speed differ, so you might have the impression that they are cast the same time. The cooldowns are the same for both abilities, 6 sec. In second case, maybe it was warded, maybe Teemo passed next to a minion and he was expecting him to be there. And to clarify a thing, it's probably impossible to "cheat" by modifying the game so you will have better cool downs or something like it. Scripts are basically overlays that offer accurate information regarding some specific action of the champions. There can be guiding lines showing you exactly how big the hit box of abilities are, there can be indicators of cool downs, stuff like it, indicators that give them more information compared with the normal game that we are all playing. Scripters are actually hard to spot, as they still have the control over their characters, they need to perform every single action, every single dodge, it's not like a cheat where you could let the computer play for you. There are just the overlays that can offer them some advantages.
: Best champions to climb out of bronze with ? :)
Checked your history and i must say, against of what you believe, you are NOT playing support. Just because you pick Alistar with Flash + Exhaust on bot lane does not makes you support. You rarely get an Sightstone, you don't clear wards, you don't take pinks, you build bad. There is no champion that does these things without any impact from you, so you can play whatever you want, it will be the same.
Voidner (EUNE)
: Ranked win rate
It's pretty close to ideal, meaning that you are in correct division.
: well although thats true, having a bit of luck doesnt hurt, like having 1 or 2 ok players in the team,cause u cannot carry 4 guys that dont cooperate (unless u are a real pro).Consider though,that my brother only plays jax ,and on his first promo, only had gold and plat teammates in 8/10 games(maybe a silver in 1-2 of them,doesnt really change anything) and won 7/10 ,made it to gold 3 with only playing jax,all because he had a good team (not that he is a bad jax,but only playing one champ and not even knowing tthe names of some is not good fot the match).
Again, it's not about luck. You can't fly from Bronze into Plat just by having luck. You might be unlucky in one game and have an AFK team mate, but you will also have games where you have AFK enemies. In the end we are talking about hundreds of games, where all this "luck" factor gets nullified.
IcyzoR (EUNE)
: Unfair Bans (reposted from incorrect board)
Love those guys. They flame all game long, but at the moment when you say something, they call you a flamer. I had a Veigar yesterday, exactly like you. He flamed me all game long, "fck your family", "fck your mom", all kinds of insults, did not respond at all. We were around min. 40, and he was like "idiots, let me AP", this was meaning to let his farm in order for him to stack his Q. All i replied was "fck your stacks, you should have been able to stack until now", he had very bad farm too. He went AFK at the fountain for a while because i "flamed" him, then he started spamming /all chat with "report Braum for flame". Exactly the same with you. You definitely deserve your ban.
Oegle (EUW)
: Kennen AD [Meta]
Yes, it can be pretty good. He's having a lot of CC, he's good at locking targets down and he's having a lot of utility in team fights. His damage it's not so great, but he's very safe. You act more like utility champion than full AD one. As build goes, it's effective to go for as much AS as you can, in order to proc your passive. There's not too much sense in going IE or something like it on him, as you don't scale too good with AD. I like building him like this: {{item:3153}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3035}} and last item defensive, {{item:3026}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3139}}
: Arrogant Players
> I think that you definetly should give them a ban-thing like for goofing Yea, because fooling around in a video game is as bad as cheating. Definitely!
: Gifting from my smurf to my main!
I don't see where it would be the problem. But i think i see where you're going. You basically want to make another account and use those 400 RP that you receive to send a skin to your main account. Well, it should work, but it's a hassle, as you need to be lvl 10 in order to send gifts, so you need to work a little on your "free skin". I think you might be more relaxed in spending 50 euros and having the equivalent of 20 lvl 10 accounts worth of RP.
Slna (EUW)
: Hadn't thought about it that way. But you must have Support item to play support in the lane (where does your gold come from??), and the only one you probably sell when Full Build is Frost Queen's Claim.
Not saying not to start with your support item, even if that might be the case sometimes. I used to play Thresh with {{item:1028}} as first item, for example, when i wanted to go for {{item:3069}}, as {{item:3301}} does not offer too much defense. Then i would have upgraded into {{item:2049}} at 400g and get {{item:3301}} next. Then, take Morgana, for example. With her, you most likely start with {{item:3303}}. Now, if your lane is going very well, there's not so much point into upgrading it into {{item:3098}} and then into {{item:3092}}. You can keep your basic item for laning phase and focus on your {{item:2049}}, {{item:3157}}, {{item:3116}}. Then, you can sell your {{item:3303}} if you need the space, as you don't really need the procs from it, as you take your gold from assists. And even in general, in late game, support item is the first one you will replace if you are full build, as all of them can be replaced with more effective items. You might want to have the possibility to keep you {{item:2049}} and upgrade it after you replace your support item. Oh, but i now see that you refer to next upgrade that they want to implement into next season. I don't know too much about those. I tought you were referring to Ruby Sightstone. Anyway, might be the same case. {{item:2045}} it's still ineffective in late game and i don't see why junglers would want to invest into even upgrade it to Ruby. Compare it with something like {{item:3083}}, i don't think that the next upgrade will be so strong that it would make sense to go for it as jungler. If it would, you would probably see Sightstones on every champion. I don't think it will be the case.
: Where is the limit on duoQ and eloboost?
You can duoQ with Faker if he's having an Gold account. But if you ask Faker to log in into your account and play few games for you, that's elo boost.
KissMySkin (EUNE)
: Tank Rune page
For Leona/Alistar, Hybrid Pen Marks, HP yellows, MR glyphs and Armor quints. With Leona, i liked going AD marks for a while. You can try it out, you do more damage from your AAs, can be useful against squishy opponents. For Tahm, i prefer going Armor yellows and HP glyphs, as he benefit more from HP. For top/jungle, for Shen and Seju, something like this: AS Quints, Armor yellows, MR glyps and on Quints you can go either AP or Armor/HP. On junglers, Gragas/Seju, you can replace some MR glyphs with CDR ones, to get 5% CDR from runes.
Slna (EUW)
: If needed for balance, only allow players with a Support item to upgrade their Sightstone (Preseason
I don't see why this would be necessary. First of all, i can play support without support item. Actually, in many cases, i end up selling the support item later on if i don't feel the need to upgrade it. Then, Sightstone on junglers is great especially early on. In late game, it's not so effective to keep your Sightstone and upgrade it, as people will have their trinkets upgraded and it's more effective to sell it and replace it with another item that will provide you with better stats. I don't see any benefit on what you are saying. It would force supports to have their support item no matter what.
: i sent an e mail to riot and they told me i should make a thread about it. I dont think they can do much about it unless it happens to alot of people
Well, i was ironic. If you take a quick peak over the boards you will stumble over few posts like yourself. The system does not have anything against you. You are Silver and you are complaining for being matched with bad players. Well, sorry to break it for you, but that's why we have Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, as playground for us, the bad players. You should be amazed if your team mates are way too god. That would be something odd. But being matched with bad team mates is normal. And guess what. You are being matched against the same bad players, so your opponents have the same problem as you. The difference can only be made by you, as you are the only constant. It's easy to adopt an uni-dimensional view over your games, thinking that you are the only one playing good in all of your matches. But it's not true. If it would be, you would be able to climb without any problems. I can guarantee that those Diamond and Challenger players played in Bronze/Silver/Gold too, but they managed to climb by truly being better, forcing the win rate in their favor. There's a reason for not seing pro players being stuck in elo hell, not luck. They are not getting preferential placement at the start of the season. They are placed in Silver or Gold as everyone else, but they manage to climb as they are good players. You are, most likely, where you should be. Nothing wrong with it. We can't all be good at an such a competitive PC game. Embrace it, have some fun. The system has nothing against you. It does not match you, in general, with worse team mates than your opponents.
: teammates are bad
This is a new problem you are reporting, never heard anyone complaining about it. I'm sure that Riot is already analyzing your specific problem and make their best to match you up with better team mates.
LemoNoob (EUW)
: Is it true?
Yea, they miss more CS. They are around the same MMR. If you are duo with someone higher, that's where system might get confused. But, in general, you can't speak of "better" or "worse" players, they are all the same, mostly depends on how experienced are them with the champions they are picking.
shoomba (EUNE)
: tahm kench
He's probably the best disengage support. Yea, you can play him top, jungle or even mid, but you have better alternatives that can deal more damage with easier to apply combos than Tahm, so i don't see any point why would you prefer to play him other way than support.
: I can't be the only one...
If Kindred reaches 20%, 16 stacks that game is very one-sided anyway, maybe she got something like 30 kills. That thing is not so easy to stack. You have cooldowns on it, you can't select your target in fight, you usually end up having around 10 stacks at the end of an long, successful game. Also, it apply physical damage, so you can build armor against it.
LightTrack (EUNE)
: You must be kidding me. Janna is the ultimate disengage queen. Tahm has medium engage/disengage but Janna has high of both of those. You can knockup-slow-knockback-exhaust shield your adc so the Tahm wont get even close....then again im a Janna main so obviously I CAN pull it off but maybe for the average player not.
I said those as a Janna main myself, but i also played a lot of Tahm in past weeks. Tahm engage is very weak, his disengage, the ability of eating up the ADC is one of best abilities in the game to keep someone safe. Tahm does not get close anyway, it's not in hi "job description". I saw a lot of aggressive Tahm supports that run oom in first minutes of laning phase. He's most effective played as you play Janna, stay back, use your tornado/slow only for disengage and not for harass. Same with Tahm, stay back, eat up your ADC when he's in a bad spot, maybe slow targets with your Q and that's about all you need to do in laning phase. You don't afford to be aggressive, but Janna does not afford to do that either, so it's a stale lane. Janna can't effectively engage on Tahm, Tahm can't effectively engage on Janna, so there's not too much to do for both supports, just to keep your ADC safe while he's farming. Basically, it's safe to pick Janna into Tahm, but so is to pick Tahm into Janna. Because of that, i don't consider Janna to counter Tahm. Yes, she can counter his engage, but Tahm can counter Janna's engage too, but neither of them have to engage in order to be effective. If you compare with Leona, for example, yes, Janna counters Leona. Leona have to engage due to her kit, she can't disengage too well, but her engage is great. Janna can make her useless by disrupting her combo with tornadoes, shields and slow.
: "League is like Mario Party you can win your lane and get fed, but you have adc Fiddlesticks""
> saying "that's the elo yu deserve" isn't always correct Yes it is. Not gonna bother to explain.
Almighty (EUNE)
: If you plan to play Tristana....
Actually, that's pretty much how Tristana works. You can jump in as long as you can take a kill or assist soon enough, pretty safe to use it in order to detonate your E, then you get the reset to jump out or even to jump in some more into chasing enemies.
: Why people rage , let me explaine u
He's trying to communicate... Cuuuteeeee. {{champion:1}}
LightTrack (EUNE)
: Janna is the strongest counter.
No it's not. Blitzcrank works good against Tahm. Also poke supports, like Brand or Lulu or even Alistar as more tankier support. Janna can be ok overall, but i would not call her "Tahm counter", as she does not directly counters him in any way. The problem with Tahm is that he's strong against champions with stuns/roots or lock-ups, like Leona, Morgana, Thresh, Braum. You land your CC on ADC, no problem, Tahm walks next to him, eats him and takes him to safety. Blitz works as his pull engage separates the ADC from Tahm, so it's harder to pull him. Also, you can force good pulls by engaging with E on ADC, Tahm would follow up by using W, moment where you can pull them both by using your Q on Tahm. Brand it's pretty self explanatory, tones of poke. You poke them until you push them out of lane. There is nothing that Tahm can do against your damage. Same goes with Lulu. Alistar works simply because his combo does not give enough reaction time to Tahm. If you pull your Headbut+Pulverize, he won't be able to take the ADC out of that only if he predicts it. Kinda hard to do that. Also, his Headbut alone can split them up. Janna might work on the same idea, to ult between Tahm and ADC so he won't be able to reach. Janna is good against most melee supports, but Tahm does not have too good engage, but his disengage is great, so you have two disengage supports, it's usually a stale lane.
StPaulus (EUNE)
: Childish play
What are "bad champs"? I always lock Janna, but no one seems to want her. :( It's a fun mode, get over it. Play those "bad champs", build them stupid, have some fun.
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: Awesome game coming out this month.
So, basically Awesomenauts, but with only one champion.
Shadpwness (EUNE)
: An idea of how to punish toxic people
This is one of the most retarded things i've ever heard. Keep up the good work!
: {{champion:25}} We need to talk {{champion:1}} Ahem....
{{champion:25}} it's pretty special, as she require that {{item:3157}} for her ult. In genral, that's the only AP item you will want on her. You're done with {{item:3157}}, you should start working on aura/effect items, {{item:3105}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3050}} {{item:3222}}. {{champion:1}} on the other hand, does not need a drop of AP. You will want to build this little girl as tanky and mobile as possible. Your role in team fights will be similar to Malphite's role. You want to land that ult on as many people as possible and then to keep stunning people while you're still alive. {{item:3069}} {{item:3800}} for mobility, {{item:3105}} {{item:3110}} for auras, {{item:3116}} for spell effect. {{champion:63}} and {{champion:99}} are kinda special. On both you kinda need some AP, but this does not mean to build full AP. Basic support items {{item:3098}} {{item:2045}} and {{item:3116}} works great on both of them and offer a little bit more sustain. Afterwards, you will want to go for AP, but not necessary items like {{item:3285}}, but you can still opt for a little utility, like {{item:3165}} {{item:3023}}. But those people that are going {{item:1056}} as first item, then follow up with {{item:1058}} or something stupid do ruin games often. Sometimes might work, but only if they are getting some kills early on, but in most games, the lack of vision or at least some basic defenses from items like {{item:2045}} or {{item:3116}} does not worth. You can't farm as support, you can get ahead, you will be an lvl 12 running around and trying to poke lvl 15 enemies with less items than any of them. I don't see the logic in it and i don't understand why people are playing supports that way, because it's not something that it's working. With few exceptions where they manage to get kills early on, they end up feeding and being useless most game. It's not about the champion, Lux, Brand, can be great supports if played right.
: Ekko is bugged
No, it's normal. ACTIVE: Ekko calls upon an alternate version of himself that bats a device to the target location. After a total delay of 3 seconds, the device expands into a broad sphere that Slow icon slows enemies by 40%, **only revealing itself to enemies in the last 0.5 seconds.** That's the point of that ability. If it would be visible from the casting point, in 3 seconds you would have all the time to get out of it, it would be unusable. As an idea, Swain's W have 0.875 sec delay, Bard's ult around 1-2 second (it differs based on how far the target is), but, most of the time, at close range, it's about 1 second. Cho'Gath's Q, 0,625 sec delay. Anyway, you can see that most of these abilities have under 1 second delay and they are avoidable. Imagine seeing Ekko's W, with 3 seconds cast time. Would not make any sense. Anyway, Ekko's W makes a specific sound on cast that's heard by all the players. You can predict pretty easy where it would land most of the times. If you are grouped up, he will probably cast it right in the middle of your group, so change your position when you hear the sound and you should be fine.
: Kindred's Passive
She can't solo Baron unless she's like 5/6 items. To quote you, "with teammates backing her up". Well, most champions have this great ability you are talking about. You have your team mates helping you with the Baron, sure, you can "solo" it if that's how you call it. Her passive is ok. It's not easy to stack it. The first 6 stacks are a pain to get most of the times, as junglers can see what camp you had marked, and they will contest that specific camp. By marking enemies and ganking, again, it sounds easier than it really is. Most of the times you won't really "guess" what champion will you assist in killing. You can't select once you are in combat, you have pretty high cooldown to change your selection and you also have other cooldown, higher, in selecting the same champion that you just killed, so you can't "farm" you stacks by camping a lane. Now, i agree that she can get those objectives down pretty fast, but that's her thing. I don't find her op or something like that.
: Just had a Lux support in ranked
Lux is good, but people are building her stupid. Whenever i see Lux support, i know that i'll have no wards and she will build like APC, and i don't understand why people are doing this, as they are feeding most of the times, as she does not do damage, but she does not have any defensive/mobility items either. She can be good, but build kinda like Morgana. Early on he can be a pain in the ass for enemy bottom lane, as she can poke pretty hard.
: Jungle Yorick viable?
Neah. Not too good engage and poor late game. Many junglers can solo Dragon at lvl 3, not so big of a thing.
: I actually know thats not the case, which is fucking stupid since if you call a flamer "toxic kid" theres a chance that you get reported and chat restricted, i think that there should be a system that checks if it's a false report and then thrash it immediately if it is, if it isn't then it should go to an emplyee to justift it.
But you are toxic. You are as toxic as those that are calling you feeder. The number justify the validity of reports. If you are getting 5 reports in a single game, i'm sure that you did not stumped over 5 crazy people that love to report everyone, but that you were toxic. You can be aggressive and abusive without wishing people cancer or making racial comments. If you are scared by being punished when you call someone "toxic kid", how would you feel to be scared for being banned for the same thing? People like yourself brought the current report system, that are very offended by whatever an unknown person can tell about them over the internet. Enjoy it, as it might get even worse. Also, false reports exist, but they are dealt with by moving the reports of people known to false report lower on the "importance scale". Reports of someone that's constantly reporting everyone who is playing with will not be taken into consideration too much. At this point, are ways to "fix" the toxicity, but they are pretty drastic. Disabling the chat would be one. It would fix all the problems. Other one would be the implementation of voice chat. It's not easier to track, you can say whatever you want there, people would learn to use mute button more.
Zedriw (EUW)
: Help with Katarina Mid
As an ex-Kata main, i can give you some tips. Some of them might seem kinda odd, but hell, i had success while i was playing her, so it's all good. First of all, summoner spells. I almost never played {{summoner:14}} on her. It seems such a bad spell. First of all, you have your healing reduction on your ultimate. So, dealing with Mundo, Darius or Soraka does not really require for you to have ignite. Then, the whole idea with Kata is to get in, do your combo, get out. Most of the times you don't have time to apply {{summoner:14}}. I prefer {{summoner:12}} as main spell or {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:1}} in some specific match-ups. In laning phase, you pretty much want a single thing. To farm until you get your {{item:3285}}. Again, this might seem odd, as people will tell you to adjust your build based on your opponents, i say that it's bullshit at low elo. As long as you are not doing extremely bad, like being 0/5 in min 10, {{item:3285}} it's the item to rush. Having TP helps for some early ganks, especially on bot lane. You see enemies low, feel free to TP and gank that lane. Most of the times you can walk to that lane, as they might not back up fast enough. You pretty much need to be lvl 6 and you should be able to get at least one kill/assist by doing that. They are not safe under tower, you can dive. Ward. Wards are as important on Katarina as they are on Lee Sin, as you can Shunpo onto them. You see most Lee Sins building an Sightstone, that's kinda hard to do on Katarina, but you can make sure you always have extra wards and you upgrade your trinket as soon as possible. One of the most important things as Kata is to know champion interactions. Your main combo involves your ult, and you want that ult not to be interrupted. In team fights, you need to know what abilities can interrupt you. You need to be a little selfish. Wait tanks to engage, wait enemies to blow their hard CC, then go in. Also, go in if you are sure you can take at least a kill. You go in, take kills, get out or keep taking kills due to resets. You need to play around kills, not around doing damage. Going between 5 full hp enemies will not get you any resets. Once your ulti it's over, you don't have any escape and you are pretty much dead. Wait for your team to get them low and go in then. Be selfish. DYING IS OK! Again, another thing where people might be like "well, you should play safe". Fck that. If you can go in and take +1 kills than enemies are taking by killing you, you are doing ok. Go in, take two kills, don't worry if you die. As Kata, you're not gonna build AD, you're not gonna build {{item:3057}}, your damage on towers is pretty low. Your role is to kill people and that's about it. Understand your strengths. With Kata, you have a power spike at lvl 6 and another one once you get your {{item:3285}}. Take advantage of those. If you are ahead, go roaming, take kills. It's easy for you to tower dive an low enemy due to resets. Do that. You don't need to play safe. You are not the kind of champion that needs to stack items, that needs a lot of farm. Once you have Luden's you are a killing machine and killing machines should kill other champions. Bot lane is your main focus. Gank the crap out of that lane. You can gank it through their jungle, you can gank it with TP, you can gank it by directly walking into lane, as many people will think that towers will keep them safe. You go in, you take the kill, take your resets and get out. Don't play 1v1. You might not do well in your lane. You might be against an Zed or some other champion that outfarms you. Go roam, you have 2 other lanes where you can find targets. You don't need to win your 1v1 lane to win the game.
: Flaming a certain person or ur team should give you a 1 way ticket to atleast a 1 week ban.
> Alright, lets get something clear, when someone is report for "verbal abuse" there is always a riot employee who gets access to everything that's said within the game and pick to see everything thats said. I'm sure that's not the case. They, most likely, handle the toxic players based on the numbers of reports they get over an specific period of time. If you are getting 9 reports for same offense in a game it's more likely that someone will actually see the log than if you are getting one or two reports. Almost everyone is "an asshole" at a point. Yea, even those saints on the forums that never flamed, they actually did at some point. I surely did had my share of flaming and even trolling and i'm an calm, mature person. If we apply an zero tolerance policy, by banning everyone that is toxic at one point, the player base will quickly drop and, in few months there won't be too much players to play the game with. It's the nature of the game more than people being asshole. No one is entering the SoloQ thinking "well, i feel like being an asshole, so i'm gonna flame in this game", but there are more factors that make people flame. Being stuck for 20 minutes or more in a game no matter of the conditions is one of them, but generally, the competitive nature of the game makes people care a lot about the results. Tell that guy that's playing his promo from Plat to Diamond that he shouldn't flame that AD Janna, but instead he should be focusing on trying to win that game where enemies are 20 kills ahead.
: > [{quoted}](name=Gojiraw,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GmEh9uyh,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-10-19T15:27:50.445+0000) > > Say what? He's having probably the most reliable way to save someone. You eat up your ADC even when he's CC'ed and there's nothing the enemies can do about it. His CC might be unreliable and harder to land, but that one ability makes up for it. so basically soraka, but without a heal. You can just devour your adc every time, but that isnt going towin you the lane, your adc will still take damage, and you wont be doing any poke/kills to the enemy. =SORAKA LANE. In every situation i'd rather pick braum, whose stun can actually be stacked by adc, who can peel/save adc without removing him from the fight. lets face it, Tahm support is inferior to majority of cc tanky supports early game, and lategame tahm plays just like a regular tank (malp or shen), just is able to kill things, and if you peel for ur adc, its still equal if not worse to other supports.
As i said, i don't agree with you. I love him as support simply because what i said earlier and i think that he is very good just for that. Especially at our elo, where we lack the ability to watch the minimap too often, you can get your ADC out of an gank that would be successful with most of other supports. Being able to completely deny things like Thresh's hook, Morgana's binding, Leona's combo it's very valuable. It's not about wining the lane by killing the enemies, but by not losing it. Even his ultimate helps you reach lane faster, get your ADC ahead by getting more farm than enemy ADC. Because that ult it's kinda hard to pull of during team fights. But if you use it like a "mini teleport" to get faster in lane, it can be pretty valuable early on. It's all about small things with Tahm.
: XPeke vs. Faker
We might not even see Faker in the matches against Origen. Depends on what strategy do they want to adopt.
: how to waste enemy flash
This seems pretty specific. Something else that i do, on these lines that, sometimes, might get enemies out of position and maybe get a flash out. When i play Thresh, i throw my lantern how i would throw it for my jungler, even if he's nowhere near. Reactions vary. Most of the times they back up, but if i land my hook, they get into "oh no! mode" and they might flash or waste some summoners there.
Keomon (EUNE)
: Settings are already at minimum but i dont see how i can use riven good on low fps beacuse when i lag just a bit in tfs i get bursted down really fast with her.
I mostly refer on her auto-attack animation canceling that's often used with her, and with Alistar, Headbutt>Pulverize, that's like his main move. Then maybe the problem might be from your connection? LoL needs pretty basic computer. Here are some basic tips. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClGMLf0DK0g The last part seems something that you might want to try, disabling sounds. It might be odd, as there are abilities where you kinda need sound (Ekko's W), but if it would really improve your FPS, it might worth.
: Mid- Roaming.
No, but depends on your champion and your state in that moment of the game. If you are 3/0 Katarina against 0/3 Veig and you let him do that, then yes, you are doing it wrong. Usually, when you are against laners that can kill you in 1v1 or they have much more mobility than you, not following can be the right thing to do. If he's behind and you can 1v1 him, you should follow and force an 1v1 before him reaching other lanes, if you have good vision.
: help me please.
> where i can write about that In your diary.
: Many kids in these boards
It's a freaking video game. If you are not ok being around kids, don't play online games.
: How to get a lot of IP?
Well, that's the point. You don't wait to wait, throw $50 and you can unlock champions faster.
: The frog
> On the other hand in bottom lane hes not so good early on, his cc is unreliable, as it takes a clear path to hit the slow, and a lot of effort to stack a stun, leaving your adc vulnerable. Say what? He's having probably the most reliable way to save someone. You eat up your ADC even when he's CC'ed and there's nothing the enemies can do about it. His CC might be unreliable and harder to land, but that one ability makes up for it.
Keomon (EUNE)
: Champions easy to play on slow pc?
Try setting up your game at lower details. If you are lagging or your game moves slower, there's not much you can do. All champions require good connection and game display in order to play as good as you can. Few exceptions could be champions like {{champion:12}} {{champion:92}} where, some of their main combos require some coordination.
: Best Champs to Blind Pick in Solo Queue
Unless you are in high elo, challenger, where people play their champions good, in low elo, everything it's ok as long as you have some experience with that specific champion. I used to play Katarina a lot, and i would almost always blind pick her. Had a lot of match-ups against Diana or Zed, but i were able to win most of those match-ups simply because people would pick them mostly because they should counter Kata, even if they did not had experience with them.
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