Sunwise (EUNE)
: in addition of: 1. Stop pinging me for a Gank at Lv2 while your're under the Enemy turret. 2. Stop making me do the first move and soak the entire Laner damage to die and tell me "**GJ**" after you getting the kill like it was worth. 3. Listen to my Pings when I tell you **(Danger)** because as a Jungler, I totally know that you will be ganked **RIGHT NOW**, Instead of dying and saying "**jg difference**" while you're pushing without vision. P.S. Nothing is better than a Jungler that plays in a Lane and understand what to do when his Jungler comes, People shall learn Jungle and suffer from their Laners, Then try to learn a Lane.
So true, laners normally don't understand the jungle.
GokuMQ (EUW)
: Stolen RP and refunds
So riot blocked my account for security, made me open another ticket asking for the unblock and because of the new ticket the original ticket was not answered. Since there is another ticket they say my RP matter would be handled by the new ticket. The new ticket however have been resolved (unblocking of my account) and they are not aware of the original stolen RP issue.
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