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: I've seen much worse permas than this but sadly no matter how positive you are in aspects of your logs in the end the 14 day ban is last chance saloon and anything even remotely close to toxicity results in the perma. I know it, you know it, we all know it. Yet people still seem surprised by it when they get the hammer dropped on them. I sympathise with your situation and the fact you have at least tried to be better, good luck on your new account I guess.
Does it say anywhere after the 14 day that there's basically Zero tolerance? Not sure, but i genuinely did not know of this. Thank you for sympathising btw, truly means a lot to me ^_^
: Deserved Permaban?
As for those of you who didn't blow what I said out of context and actually bothered to read what I wrote, I show my deepest gratitude. Thank you for your understanding, and may the Lord bless anyone who manages to keep their cool after this 9 promos straight. Lol some people here are worse than the ones I got in my promos, not worth responding too xD I wasn't sure to be honest, it was lose lose for me. I dodge, I lose my promo. I don't know about anyone else but the shit I got I really lost my temper. I wanted to afk to cool off. But...again a punishable offence. Sad I guess, but happens :/ not sure what else I could do at that point aside from exploding {{summoner:14}}
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >A little backstory we dont need backstory, we want chatlogs and the list of punishments you got before this one reading your chat is pretty negative with some report calling sprinkled in, since your 14 day ban was the last warning its a deserved perma, i bet you wouldnt even get chat restricion if it was your first punishment, but after a 14 day ban even the slightest toxicity is perma
Been on the 2 week ban 300 or so games ago. I've provided all the chat logs xD and I don't know how Ive seemed to have missed that there's zero tolerance to anything negative (didn't even know report calling was negative tbh)
Easii (EUW)
: Iron - Bronze Problem
Mate, after 650 odd games I was trolled, inted, AFK'd went through it all to be honest. I did break free of bronze and managed to hit silver but let me tell you, the trolling *never* stops. People literally quit after first blood, they miss a skill shot, oh looks like its time to troll. Been through it all man xD. But last night my account got permabanned (a little on the harsh side and i hope that it will be dealt with) but the common thing is people can say your team has a troll therefore the enemy team is just a likely to have a troll. Not true, you can have 4 troll on your team some games and 5 trolls on the other team other games too. My only advice is not to even engage in discussion with these people, it's really not worth it. (plus i dont want you ending up like me -_-) Good luck climbing the ladder ^_^
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