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Yraco (EUW)
: It was a threat and a promise. You {{champion:141}}'t escape me and I will {{summoner:14}} you until nothing is left but {{champion:22}}.
W..well imma {{champion:13}} above you and put up a {{summoner:21}} before {{summoner:4}} away. BOI
: Nothing in Life is free
are you saying love isnt free, you saying league of legends isnt free you saying that hope and affections comes with a cost?
BashuTheCat (EUNE)
: Dude i hate how{{champion:254}} cious some players are. They just got a {{champion:63}} new pc and {{champion:875}} the chat on fire and start mo{{champion:133}} you. I just like to sit back with my {{champion:42}}. I dont want to{{champion:222}} it but {{champion:43}} is gonna get me for these cheesy puns.
it wont, i promise because i {{champion:86}}tee it
Yraco (EUW)
: > everyone should know the alphabet its ez It would be so {{champion:81}} to make a certain pun there but you left it. I hope {{champion:43}} gets you and you have great {{champion:21}}. The earth will {{champion:68}} because you {{champion:497}}'t just do that. You will take this mistake to your {{champion:104}} and that will be your {{champion:4}}. If you want to entertain people you can probably stream it to {{champion:29}} when you get the punishment you deserve and your head is placed on a {{champion:555}}.
ouch i dont know whether to take this as a joke or a threat but i need {{summoner:7}}ing and you need {{summoner:1}}ing
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: this is a {{champion:63}} new way of puns. i wonder why aren't there any comments on this post, it's so empty here i can hear my own comments {{champion:245}} . some might say making puns is not fun anymore and it's a dead way of joking... like you can send jokes to their {{champion:104}}. I like it tho it feels good just like some tonic and {{champion:202}} . {{champion:64}} to me man, I'm not saying I drink alot. a police officer asked me that yesterday while i was driving, he said : sir have you been drinking? and i said : {{champion:267}} ????? no officer. btw have you seen my new drum {{champion:875}} ? it's sick. i play drums on stream you can watch me on {{champion:29}} I don't have a lot of viewers but I {{champion:86}} tee that {{champion:350}} are gonna have a really good time. I'm sorry people.... but when it started I couldn't stop my self{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
its fine, i just hope more people comment before {{champion:17}} comes otherwise there wont be mushroom left, and if that happens i hope the lord will support us and give us {{item:3382}}
: Lets Bring Back The Puns
just saying but my favorite song is moonlight {{champion:37}}ta
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Vivilou (EUW)
: Star guardians need some melee champs. I would propose Diana and Leona.
That actually seems good because right now they're all magic. bringing in a touch of melee would really add to the mix
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