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: To begin with . Irelia is a strong pick. but you must be very good with her to actually result into something. Irellia games are almost always skill based on all of her match-ups , to understand that starting item you 1st need to read its description, I highly suggest not to pick up items without knowing fully what they do {{item:2033}} as you can see it has an extra passive where it burns an enemy when you attack them, combined with the secondary rune time warped tonic. that adds extra burn into your attacks. you start your games with a powerful item if used correctly. (you can use biscuit delivery as well, but It is just preference) now second items dorans is when you are really behind, the 2 blades are bought towards this item -> {{item:3077}} so you can do 2 things. farm easier. but mostly Animation cancel. than ofc you will rush your {{item:3078}} I will not get into depth cause I do not main irelia anymore and many things changed. but the basics remain. but to your question is Irelia a good pick? yes she is. [TFblade ](https://www.twitch.tv/tfblade ) an irelia main uses her to get an account to Challenger Rank 1. in 14days. right now his Rank 10 . when she is banned he tends to use Fiora Edit : For {{champion:82}} if you worry about his ult buy a {{item:3140}} once you pop that item you can counter his ultimate. "When he uses ult all you have to do is use QSS and you are out of it automatically "
Yea, I know I need a lot more experience with her and in different match ups. But Mordekaiser, Yasuo and Camille gave me the most trouble so far. The shields really make it hard to kill them and some of the CC/jumping is really hard to deal with as well. Ok, you can counter the Morde-R, but the rest is still a hard matchup, shield, heal and death aura + pull makes it rly hard to engage or disengage not to mention killing him. Matchups like Ezreal, Vayne or Teemo are way easier for her, cho gath is weak against her too. To not be a 1trick pony, what would be a good 2nd/3rd top lane pick? Morde seems to be great against bruisers, maybe something ranged like teemo?
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: The best way i can answer all your questions is to show you or ask me them 1 by 1 . I think im a prety good irrlia for my skill level so ill try to help you as i can.
Sadly you are not on EUW, so I cant add you ingame. And writing a pm doesnt seem to be possible in this forum?
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: Post this in the NA boards, it is about time for Illaoi to enter the Homestuck people :)
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