: But also not usual though.
: Playing AP Amumu and having a better farm and kda than everyone else isn't really contributing to a problem. My highest rank was plat 3 two seasons ago. I got so bored of everything that I'd rather smurf and have fun slicing low elo guys with new champs and builds than actually tryharding and losing games that got out of control.
>Playing AP Amumu and having a better farm and kda than everyone else isn't really contributing to a problem. That's not trying new things though.
: > However, due to lack of natural selection that isn't applied to humans anymore, some people are... slow... at learning or applying what they have learned. Can you guys stop freaking me out, please? {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: the game is just not fun anymore. It is basically a casino game now; you gotta be lucky to win and unlucky to lose. You need to be a challenger-like player already to actually climb, otherwise you will find yourselves losing games you put blood, sweat and tears into, or winning games you just sat back and relaxed in. That's why I just try new things in ranked
You are kinda contributing to the problem then.
Shamose (EUW)
: I'm not playing this game to be good at it.
That is actually irrelevant. The reason for playing is most likely something else than that for almost everyone. Fact is that people should NATURALLY get better as they play as a side effect due to using logic. It's the same thing irl. Touched a hot pan and it hurt? Let's not do that again because it's a bad thing. Learning happens naturally. However, due to lack of natural selection that isn't applied to humans anymore, some people are... slow... at learning or applying what they have learned.
: Pantheon's Q is bugged
yasuo's q has the same mechanic though and it's intended (although it is very annoying).
Zenai10 (EUW)
: Had no idea about 1 or 3 tbh. Actually pretty nice. Ill be less terrified of gromp now
Here is another tip related to number 3. Teemo's blind doesn't affect gromp's first 2 attacks.
Cypherous (EUW)
: There is little point trying to correct you at this point, intent implies his goal was to feed, knowing you're making a bad choice isn't the same pure and simple, get over it :P
Cypherous (EUW)
: > You can't change the facts. I don't need to change them, you're the one trying to make them mean something they don't :P > He is doing things despite knowing he shouldn't do them. Tilting is not an excuse for breaking the rules. Making bad gameplay decisions isn't against the rules, there are no rules for him to break, this is the important part you seem to be forgetting, do you know what the intentional in intentional feeding actually means? because i'm suspecting you don't, its feeding with the deliberate intent to die, dying because you screwed up isn't intentional feeding, learn the difference > Am I allowed to run it down if I'm tilted? And again you're confusing intent with bad decision making, if you intentionally run it down mid then you're feeding with intent, dying because you over extended and didn't see the guy coming to gank you is a bad play not intentional feeding, i appreciate its an extremely complicated difference and not everyone is smart enough to see it /sarcasm > If you answered no, then you are just arguing against yourself. You are not free to disagree on things that are not debatable. No but i am free to argue against things you very clearly demonstrate you don't actually understand :P
I said this and you even quoted it: >He is doing things despite knowing he shouldn't do them. Keyword: Knowing. It means he has INTENT to do something he KNOWS he shouldn't do. Aka making bad decisions with intent, making him break the rules. >Making bad gameplay decisions isn't against the rules Yes it is, when done with INTENT, a key word that you keep ignoring because you do not understand it. It's ironic how you claim others do not understand something YOU yourself do not understand. You truly do not understand what "intent" is. I will not use any more time on you as you are clearly willfully ignorant or trolling.
: Luck and countering are a small part of it though. As said - most people in plat are not good in terms of macro-play, but they are usually better than most others in the remaining parts of the game. Also - attitude might be a problem, but that's not only the case for plat players. Gold and even silver players have the exact same attitude problems. The difference (IMO) is tightly knotted to making yourself easy to carry. I've seen it countless times on my smurf (currently gold 4) - the Yasuo who is 0/10 gets pissed at the Olaf who is carrying him for taking the farm he thinks he deserves. Plat players usually just make themselves as easy to carry as possible and will give up farm/pressure just to help the carrying person out.
> Plat players usually just make themselves as easy to carry as possible and will give up farm/pressure just to help the carrying person out. This is completely false. One of the biggest reasons why plat is the most difficult elo to climb out of is that plat players think they have to always be the one carrying. If they aren't carrying, no one else should carry either and they make it incredibly hard to carry them.
Cypherous (EUW)
: See thats the thing, it isn't, its just someone making bad choices because they let the enemy get inside their head and tilt them, i mean you're free to disagree all you like but it won't change the facts
You can't change the facts. He is doing things despite knowing he shouldn't do them. Tilting is not an excuse for breaking the rules. Am I allowed to run it down if I'm tilted? If you answered no, then you are just arguing against yourself. You are not free to disagree on things that are not debatable.
Snowbrand (EUW)
: Getting tilted isn't against the rules either
Tilting itself isn't but what you do when you are tilted can very well be, like the example he used.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > is hard to define i mean ok you lost lane but you keep 1v1 until you 0/10 instead play safe and wait for help is that feeding, trolling or bad game. Thing is with most 1v1 lanes once you fall behind they can just dive you under your tower, so playing safe won't prevent your death if the only way to avoid it is to not be in the lane at all :P Which is another thing players seem to forget > How many games i see my top 0/7 pushing lane vs a 7/0 almost to enemy tower so enemy engage and is free kill. Making bad choices isn't against the rules though
>Making bad choices isn't against the rules though Yes it is when it is done intentionally and the example case clearly is.
ELP0ch0 (EUW)
: What you have very well described is the standard strategic position of champions which is always good but it is not the only option. The current meta allows for more flexibility. For instance I saw a Fanatic's match where they had two adc. Corky was top, Ezrael bot and Aatrox mid. Of course you can not play every champion in every position, there should be a logic and a balance among the characteristics of your team. For instance Ashe can be played solo top because, as you pointed out, the lane is long which is suitable for her slowing abilities and can farm relatively safely against melee fighters and thanks with poor closing gap abilities. Of course before doing that you should be sure that your team has already a tank and enough magic damage and that you will not face an assassin or a bruiser strong vs adc.
>For instance Ashe can be played solo top She actually can't. She is too immobile in addition to being squishy to be picked top. Not to mention she doesn't offer anything in the top lane. There isn't even a single top laner that would lose to her or that can't gap close on her.
: The hypocrisy is hilarious.
Indeed it is, even the site that you are using has the global wr as negative because of NA, the only "major" region with a negative win rate with her. But by all means, keep thinking she isn't strong when people can actually play.
: Yeah nah mate nice try https://gyazo.com/a399cc54898f6d0d2b75262c2d26aedd
I gave you link with obviously more accurate information considering there are more games recorded. https://snag.gy/B0K4gI.jpg So yeah, nice try mate.
Player 123 (EUNE)
: From what i see there is no post regarding this on reddit, not a single one. When bruisers were all over the map, it was filled with threads about them. They were so loud about this issue that Riot actually changed them back fast. Back in the day when Tanks were strong and bruisers were weak, nobody said anything except for bruisers who complained. This lasted for years. But when ADC's got outclassed, they got the revert and change in the matter of couple of months.
The reason why you don't see posts about it is because it's not a common occurrence. As a example, i have been playing pretty actively and there has only been one tristana mid in my games. Not to mention the lower you go, the less likely your are to see them and the more they int when they are seen so there is nothing to complain about.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: if you loss top ,due to adc , or mid then you clearly have a problem of gameplay , i will not even tell you what you do wrong ,but is clearly you don't understand your lane as well as you think you are... , most of people know to play vs range players expecially diamond players... , and even me know what you have to do in order to win games vs range champions as melee.
> i will not even tell you what you do wrong How convenient. Although, we all know you don't do that because you aren't good enough to do that. You are a silver player, telling a grandmaster that there is a problem in his gameplay. Don't even try to start it. >and even me know what you have to do in order to win games vs range champions as melee. Seriously doubt it.
ELP0ch0 (EUW)
: Honestly I dislike the idea of "fixed" roles in the lane such as the adc and the support must go always bot, the mage or the assassin mid, the tank top and so on... I think that the current meta allows a little bit more of imprevedibility in lane match ups which is fun. From a top main player who does not use adc in ranked games
>Honestly I dislike the idea of "fixed" roles in the lane such as the adc and the support must go always bot There is really no viable way to change that despite you disliking it. There has to be an adc in the team because he is the late game insurance and the one who destroys towers(and tanks). As long as adc exists, a support exists, not to mention having a support means funneling more resources to another player, making them stronger. Adc and support go bot because dragon is at bot side and having more members near it keeps it more secure. Mid laner is a mage because there has to be magic damage in the team and as a solo laner they get more benefit from experience than an adc would because of how well their abilities scale with levels. Mid laners are also better at roaming and mid lane is at the center makin it easier to roam everywhere. It's also a short lane which makes it harder for the mage to die to a gank or getting run down by the enemy in a long lane. Top lane is a bruiser or a tank (depending on meta) because the team needs front line, the lane is long so they have more room to chase the enemy, they are more durable so they can survive ganks easier than a mage in long lane and it's often left alone as farm lane with little jungle interaction due to dragon being bot side. They would also be worse at roaming than mages. And jungler exists for obvious reasons.
: The idea that champions that are trash normally like Akali and Ryze become good in challenger is completely false. Over the last 5 patches in challenger Ryze has floated around a 48% winrate and akali around a 46% winrate and more importantly champions that are still good in lower elo that require not a ton of skill like jinx for example remain incredibly good champions. It's really sad that people still believe this bullshit about higher elos favouring other champions. The champions that are good in silver gold plat etc are also good in challenger and vice versa. Where there is a difference is pro play because of the nature of the game itself being incredibly different to soloq. Flex picks are not a thing in soloq they don't mean shit but in pro play a champion that can be played in more than one role and therefore not be countered easily is incredibly important and on top of that champions like ryze that have point and click CC allowing other players to make plays much more easily off of some simple communication make the champion far more important. Edit: and going back to the guys original point about champions not being good like tristana mid or top to which you claimed it was different in challenger. In 9.15 tristana had a 44% winrate in both top and mid at challenger level play.
>The idea that champions that are trash normally like Akali and Ryze become good in challenger is completely false. Is that why zoe has a 48% wr average across all ranks (45% in iron) but 63% wr in challenger? Or why akali has a below 47% wr across all ranks (45.9% in iron) but 51.5% wr in challenger? Many hard mechanically demanding champions do get more viable in higher ranks when people know how to use them. However, when it comes to ryze, he was always strong in PRO play because of his ultimate that required communication, which doesn't exist in soloq. Same with galio. >It's really sad that people still believe this bullshit about higher elos favouring other champions. The champions that are good in silver gold plat etc are also good in challenger and vice versa. Yeah, that's why garen has a 54.5% wr in iron but 42.86% wr in master, right? That's why nasus has a 53.8% wr in iron but 44.83% in master, right? Or maybe, there are champions with kits that are highly abusable and people in higher elos tend to have the skill to do so? And maybe there are champions that have a lot of tools in their kits and only players with skill can use all of those tools more effectively, creating a higher win rate in higher elos? It's outright delusional to think every champion is equal in terms of power regardless of skill level. >In 9.15 tristana had a 44% winrate in both top and mid at challenger level play. Now is 9.15. Tristana has 55.93% wr in mid lane in challenger globally and 47.83% wr in the top lane, mid being the most played role for tristana. https://op.lol/tristana/?lane=middle&tier=challenger
: Pyke and Brand, my favorite supports, have that issue x'D But people forgive it with Pyke, not so much with Brand, unless I carry them. Honestly though, you just gotta deal with it. Next time try and say: I double gold income if I kill people with my ultimate! Maybe they'll get it that way?
They don't understand the word "income". It's too fancy.
: rip riot, what are you doing these days? So many bugs and misstakes... Anyway so we should be fine then or?
Well ranked is disabled atm so no idea when we can play again.
: I'm better than you!
>Now if we take a Gold player up against a Plat player and another gold player against a silver player. The gold against Silver players go a little favor to the gold player, and the plat vs gold matchup. Stomps Plat over gold. Who have the right to flame each other in this scenario? Absolutely no one. No one in this match proved how good they were, it were all based upon stats and which player played. Completely false. They most likely did prove how good they were. If a plat player beats a gold player, it is expected yes but it is also a proof of their skill. It's not like champions have higher stats when a plat player uses it compared to a gold player using it. I don't know why you think there would be any flame involved though because that just doesn't happen 99% of the time.
: I'm better than you!
>It has started showing way more in TFT than most games, because many people start to thing "You only won against me cause you got better RNG". Most of the time that is most likely true tho when someone says it.
SuperJunk (EUW)
: do you know any other game, where someone can oneshot you with one ability or basic attack ? for example SMITE, is moba game too, who can oneshot you there. Assassin or no, damage is not balanced
In Dota 2 there are multiple characters that can do that and with far less counterplay than in league (and with literally one ability or basic attack unlike in league. In league that isn't actually enough.). And if we talk about ANY game, headshots are pretty devastating in shooters and there are also weapons like awp in cs:go that can oneshot you if you just hit a torso. There are also characters in smite that can os like loki and nemesis.
SuperJunk (EUW)
: frontline ? kha zix, rengar and other things which can oneshot, can jump on you from one kilometer, and oneshot you, and why do i have to build tanky items (which you showed) because riot can't balance damage ? even bard at level 1+electrocute, does half of your health with basic-Q-basic, maybe i want to play full ap without getting oneshoted
To be fair though, that's just what the assassins like rengar are supposed to do. Easily kill squishies, especially sorakas who go full ap. That's not a balancing issue but your refusal to build accordingly to the situation.
: > [{quoted}](name=GonahtanuGepardi,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=7EsOqxlk,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-08-07T09:52:51.931+0000) > > It looks like you have much to learn if you think soraka or bard should get a maw. As soraka/bard support you should not be in frontline, so again buddy, you have to learn so much about this game. {{item:2055}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3905}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3050}} {{item:2065}} {{item:3364}} Thank me later.
That build is terrible. And i never said soraka would be in the frontline. I simply corrected your bad item suggestion. I'm not the guy who plays soraka or bard. You aren't in a position to tell me how to play the game considering you are on a far lower skill level.
: > [{quoted}](name=tomotokarinku,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=7EsOqxlk,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-06T20:34:38.938+0000) > > It is soooo frustrating to not play a tank nowadays. > I am playing a lot of support atm and especially the squishier supports (mostly bard, sometimes soraka). > But things are just getting out of hand in this meta.... There is way to much damage. > > I understand that i can get one shotted by a rengar that is 8-0, however if i have some tanky items and have a positive score it just seems not fair to get oneshotted by a 2-4 rengar.... > > Oh and remember that ezreal that me and my botlane mate destroyed in lane? Doesnt matter, after 22 minutes i die due to 1 q+w+R combo while he has one complete item. > > Rito pls fix your dmg. This is getting out of hand. There is an endless list of champs and items that have to much dmg output... > > Even if the one-shotter is on my team it is not fun. I'd like to play some head to head games with tension and excitement. Not a russian one-shot roulette.. > > {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}} Go for {{item:3156}} and for {{summoner:3}}, combine with runes that will give you shield after u take ap dmg, that will decrease next few hits if u are damaged, that will decrease same ability dmg and you will not get oneshotted. You have much to learn son.
It looks like you have much to learn if you think soraka or bard should get a maw.
: Impaired movements or actions rune
: There is a rune that does that.
Which obviously isn't enough. Not to mention anyone can take it so it isn't unique to tanks.
: Suggested buffs to tank items to make tanks relevant again
The reason why riot doesn't buff tank items is because if they become stronger, bruisers start to build them. That's why they should just give tank champions passives that increase their armor and mr by some % from their BONUS armor and mr. That way they still get the stat benefit while not needing buffs to the items.
ijwerneer (EUW)
: What is the point of ranked games?
Going to ranked after playing normals does actually make you realize how different they really are. The level of play is much higher on ranked, it's less toxic and people try to win more and play proper strategies instead of constant volibear supports and ad bards. It might not feel different in low elo, but there is definitely a difference for a high elo player.
: I sadly understand you... Got Plat1 4-5 days ago, then i lost 5 in a row.... (Trolls included, literally running down mid while buying {{item:3070}} and {{item:3751}}) and didnt play ranked from that time ; - ; Id suggest you playing late on night, trolls are a little bit more rare at these times {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
>Id suggest you playing late on night, trolls are a little bit more rare at these times Actually the best time to play is between 9.00 and 15.00 when it comes to people playing to win. Nights are very risky because there are often drunk people playing the game, especially during weekends.
CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Pxerkza,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=pa3uBnwj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-05T12:14:39.922+0000) > > anxiety is a normal thing > > focus on yourself and improving instead of results > > TSM is focusing only on results and they are currently struggling to beat the bottom tier teams That won't help, he could be in the best state of mind, his fate is decided by the matchmaking system.
Skill plays a very big part in low elo. Matchmaking is not to blame there.
Nar7ia (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kurotsu,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=pa3uBnwj,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-08-05T13:32:35.395+0000) > > if your wins are slightly higher than your losses then you'll climb. Not really. It depends on how much LP you gain and lose. I climbed from bronze to silver with 40% win rate because my LP gains were crazy and I am currently stuck in Gold with 51-52% win rate because I am losing more LP than I gain.
Winning more than losing always means that you will climb (it gets a bit more complicated in around master tier but before that it's always the case). Your LP gains are irrelevant at that point. Even if you have bad LP gains and bigger losses, winning more games than losing means you will eventually gain more LP than you lose (because your mmr will improve in the background) and you will then climb (and if you win a lot more than you lose, you will climb despite the lower LP gains).
MusicaroN (EUW)
: You seem like a paid actor to me
And you seem like a paid hater to me.
MusicaroN (EUW)
: Nice 200 iq logic, but here's an example: Rito bans account with 100x skins User create new account and buys xp boosts to reach 30 faster User then buys some skins that he already HAD on the older account, spending money 2 times on the same product. This doesn't happen immediately, but it does happen According to your amazing logic those money vanish halfway in their way to Riot's bank account, and therefore it doesn't profit them. I've seen a lot of users having more than 1 account banned, even with 20 accounts in some extreme cases, but I the simplest example when he gets only one account banned.
Your logic is very flawed though. There are people who do spend money on a new account after getting permabanned but those are a very small minority AND they would have spent money on their original account anyway so there is actually no profit there. And they most likely do not go and buy every skin they owned on the original one. More people quit though after a permaban or refuse to spend more money on the game on a new account so overall there is no profit but loss of income. As i said, those who do buy skins etc on their new account would have spent that money on other skins on their original accounts anyway so there is really no extra money coming in. It's just a matter of whether they use their budget on the new skins or skins they had before.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: from this reply i have flashbacks to that facebook page... >Has rito documented this ? Of course not since it's harder AND BANNING ACCOUNTS ACTUALLY PROFITS THEM and it's much easier...so why bother ? how do banned accounts profit them? can anyone pls explain this to me? anytime i ask this the only answer i get is "shut up silver" or something more toxic...
It doesn't profit them. End of story. People who say that are not intelligent enough to have a proper discussion with. Just ignore them.
: how? you'll probably say "just don't be toxic" and that conradicts you getting level 0 in the first place
By playing the game and saying nothing but gg at the end. >you'll probably say "just don't be toxic" and that conradicts you getting level 0 in the first place It doesn't contradict it because I can stop being toxic after getting the punishment. Being toxic before doesn't mean i'm toxic now. Since this patch was released, i have disabled team and all chat so i can't be verbally toxic because i can't type anything in the chat. Almost back to honor 2 now.
: Well, I'm glad to inform you the experience will be the exact same if you get to plat or diamond. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Yeah but the skill level overall is higher in those ranks. There just won't be a sudden jump in skill if you get from p1 to d4 as an example. It's still just a one division difference on the ladder.
: rito support pls locked honor lasts long lol it lasts months for me
Only took me 4 days to unlock honor at level 0.
sbepuz (EUW)
: it's the medium time we did a statistic time for unlock it on forum ita, idk where is the post now minimum is 2 week max is 5 weeks riot said nothing about it...because actually i think many of them don't know how the honor sistem works x)
I got my honor 0 unlocked in 4 days. As far as i can tell, it's mostly related to the amount of games played as i didn't say anything in chat except gg at the end.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > u need 1 month to unlock it If that's a fixed time, then it's been changed recently. Where is this stated?
For me, it took 4 days to unlock honor at honor level 0. So his minimum 2 weeks is either VERY new (because i was at honor 0 this season around may) or he is making things up (which i think is more likely).
: Dota 2
The fundamentals are exactly the same as in league so it's pretty fast to get into. Just know that the game is balanced more around items than heroes. Just play the game and ask others what to build in the game if you can't yet think for yourself.
: Thought these things happen only in lower ranks only, but sad to see it happening in higher ones too. Top TP to bot is always I ask in my elo and like 99% of time i never get it, but idk why whould they back when you're trying to help. If they're really buying account or boosting their account, it can be detected right? In low elo there isn't large skill gap between ranks, but I heard like Diamond 1 and Diamond 4 itself had large skill gap.
The skill gap is always larger in low elo. In high elo, the differences in skill come from very small things that add up to small advantages. In low elo, the differences mostly come from different level of mastery in fundamentals which are the biggest factor skill-wise. As an example, the difference between platinum and diamond is mostly mentality, while the difference between silver and gold comes from basics like csing. Improving on basics is easy and improving in them can boost your rank easily. The difference between silver and plat is much larger than diamond and challenger.
: Being toxic is rewarding.
I can agree that sometimes being rude is actually helping but there are also times when shutting the hell up is the best course of action. Ever since the new patch came out, i have been using the new feature that they added. Disable team(allied) chat. There have been cases where i would have liked to lash out a bit but i couldn't because I can't type either when i'm using that feature and we actually managed to turn it around and win despite being heavily behind. After the games I did recognize that we most likely wouldn't have made a comeback if I had lashed out. So being toxic is sometimes good but being a mute can also be good in other cases. But to be fair though, realistically speaking, how could Riot even have a statistic like that? It's impossible to have an accurate statistic about it because people tend to be toxic when they are losing more so than when they are winning. So the statistics are already skewed by that fact. It's also it's impossible for the system to detect all the toxicity which means the data is lacking.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Well, if you post a screenshot on a facebook group to show how much of an alpha you are, then it's competitive on your end as well, except for the fact normal games have 0 value in terms on endgame stats, since there's no MMR and as a diamond player you might be placed against bronzies.
: you have lost the whole reason of playing a video game if you think that the primary goal is to win and the secondary goal is to have fun. in fact, it could be considered unhealthy to think like this.
You play games to have fun but that's not what the goal of the game is. The game sets you certain rules and an objective. The fun comes out of enjoying to complete the objective while following those rules. You do not understand that the objective is to win and that is what you must aim to do. If you don't wan to do it, then you are already breaking out of the set boundaries and thus, shouldn't be playing that specific game. People shouldn't try to win less just because you don't want that. You need to leave this game if you can't handle people playing the game the way it's supposed to be played. It could be considered unhealthy to play a game you don't want to play. >Asking you to win games is pretty straightforward. You’re trying to win all the time already, right? While it’s true, having such a binary goal makes losing feel worse than it already does. A bland mission like this falls apart if you go on a three-game losing streak. We want to avoid this moving forward while still promoting winning, since **_winning games of League should come above all else_**. We’ll keep doing these types of Missions in the short-term future but are looking at ways to make it feel less bad if you have an off day on the Rift. https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2017/10/dev-missions-update/ Even Riot strongly agrees here.
: > The goal of this game is to win. I'm sorry but that argument was just stupid. Let me explain the logic behind wanting to win. Winning is more enjoyable than losing. That means the more I win, the more i have fun. How do i get more wins? By becoming better than others (and people enjoy being better than others at something anyway). That is the birth of competitiveness. the goal of this game is to have fun, and not all of the time means winning, most of the time it means having an enjoyable gaming experience
>the goal of this game is to have fun No it isn't. Winning is the goal (destroy the enemy nexus), fun is secondary and the reason you are playing is because you are having fun while aiming for that goal (which is winning). If you are not having fun because you don't want to try to reach the actual goal and purpose of the game, then this game is not for you. The goal of chess is to win and people who enjoy that process are the ones playing it. With your attitude, you are disrespecting the majority who are having fun by playing within the games rules and are aiming for the goal that the game is about. The community is not the problem, you are.
: Play with friends to learn or just start every match by muting everyone until you get the hang of it :). My suggestion. OTP a champ. (Just playing one specific champ). Find a champ you love, learn the champ and the as you play learn improve your game knowledge by just playing that single champ till you feel satisfied about yourself ^^
He could just disable the team chat from options. No more flaming teammates.
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