: And how does that happen, in your opinion? What exactly is the problem?
what do you mean by that?, why don't trolls or toxic people in general get punished or what? And after the link you posted i understand a lot of stuff thanks to you
: > You may say... You say that repeatedly in your post, but I think you forgot to say what exactly YOUR point is. What is it YOU are saying? Based on the last few lines, you want to learn more about toxicity? You can do so [**HERE.**](https://en.volu-eu.org/library.php) . It's divided in several articles and they are based on overall 700 sources, that are linked under each article.
im sorry for that, my point was that many times the rotten apple stays in the bunch, while the ones that aren't rotten get thrown away so to say.
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GLurch (EUW)
: Riot already talked about this: They may do it, but they want to carefully consider it. They don't want to end up like many other games that were made into movies, because almost all of them ended up being criticized a lot.
I know, but they are making a small "series" kind of with really short videos. I'm talking about the stories that we already know kind of. It would be cool to see Zeds evolution: when he fighted with shen since he was younger to when he kills shens father; they are already doing a great job with the stories behind every champ, but Holy F*ck i would love to see a series about all the things that happened in every champions lore
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