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: whats ur longest on rift?
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sbepi (EUW)
: star guardian event
If anybody wants to do the missions fast feel free to add me
: EUW complete all missions in 1 game
Noone added me so im trying my luck with randoms :/
: [Matchmade games only]
Coop vs AI counts unless it says PVP only
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: I still do not understand anything. But if you say it's okay, fine. I must be mistaken. Btw, he seemed to be level 8 like me. In general, this game is kind of strange.
You can have more units on board if you have the item called Force of Nature. If you have the item twice, you can have 2 more units. lvl 8 + FoN item = 9 units lvl 8 + 2x FoN item = 10 units it's the item that let's you have more units
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: Cheater or bug abuser ? 10 heroes on TFT !
Force of Nature (Spatula+Spatula) let's you place another unit on board. This is normal.
mihail8 (EUNE)
: Can't play LOL
Try pressing "CTRL" and "-" (minus). Maybe "CTRL" and "+".
: @Riot Eambo: What's up with the EuW-Server and Client lately?
{{champion:63}} oops my ult bounced to EU servers room again
: Move the pet down to the river at the bottom and camera will start moving
Moved there, camera doesn't move. :/
: Have u tried moving with your Little Legend over to the place you want your camera to be at, at this very moment?
Yes my camera is centered on board, it doesn't follow the legend.
: Move the pet down to the river at the bottom and camera will start moving
I will try it when EU servers are working properly again. So far I tried using keyboard binds in settings for following my legend (default 2 or spacebar) and that didn't work.
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: If you go in your profile tab in ranked tab you will see this the progres for split rewards.
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: I completed a mission watching OPL, but if you watch LCK it doesn't works.
I can't watch OPL, shows only 4 games and "No streams found" for all of them.
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MG Cypes (EUW)
: Looking for the name of an old League item that gave a buff
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Medxrbi (EUW)
: how mastery 6 fizz ??????
You only get tokens in normal/ranked SR. tt, aram and rgm don't grant tokens.
Super24Lily (EUNE)
: there's a mission where i have to kill 800 minions as a team and spend 50k gold... It didn't progress.
You have to do both. But yeah no progress is showing for me either...
Wen294 (EUW)
: Weird visual bugs with dashes
Everything is broken. Snowballs dash has obviously been noticed by everyone who played ARAM this patch. Champions with dashes are also affected, from my experience Quinn E especially in Valor form looks extremely broken.
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: Client keeps on telling me i have a new group message, while there's none
I had this happen before. It will stop... after a month.
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: Pykes W would make it very effective with lots of usefulness.
I settled with Zilean W in the end :)
: Franken-champion
Passive: Annie, enjoy charging the stun with your W, no offensive spells to proc it Q: Azir, can't send soldiers anywhere if you don't have them W: Zilean, better get the cooldown on your super spells E: Xayah, can't return feathers if you don't have any R: Yasuo, if you have no knock-up champs in your team then it's unusuable If knock-up then Karma, enjoy empowering your useful spells I think my abomination is very successful
: Best. Mission. Ever.
I dont see any missions in client ? O.o EDIT: Ok they appeared after I finished two games.
: looking for more friendly people for my already big club
Hey, added you, it's hard to find ppl to play with since they removed public chat rooms.
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CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheFPSPower,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=EhMOEXfp,comment-id=00000002000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2018-02-17T16:41:55.381+0000) > > You have no idea of what you're talking about dude, any old computer with a worn out hard drive that has a lot of applications to open when starting up will take more than 5 minutes to load up league, it's stupid and selfish to think that doesn't happen to any other person just because it doesn't happen to you. What is the problem of people coming back after 10 minutes, farm up, get levels, get kills, get back into business and help win the game? Do you prefer that they just don't come back at all? because that's what the system is promoting right now. > > I've suffered on this, I have a great computer, but my power went out, 5 minutes later I'm booting up, but I have to wait for my router, soon I'm in the game, my team lost a single tower, I get back up to level, get S rank and still lose LP, that's how %%%%%%ed this system is! I said average PC, not cans from 2009. Average means an i3 some 8gigs of ram and a GTX 480. Funny how you blame the game system and not your electricity provider, what can i say!
They have a point, there's no motivation to reconnect if they get punished anyway. The game system is partially to blame because it could be much better.
Axisdeus (EUNE)
: The moment your OCD is not happy.... Do you get triggered by poeple not writting corerctly aslo?!
I can't take it please edit your post it's hurting me badly arrgh
: Random champion button (coop vs ai)
Yes and preferably have it in every queue while we're at it (excluding ranked).
: Arurf Sh*ttiest of all the modes ever.
For those unaware, you can only get 63 champions in this mode. That means you won't get to play half the champions, and not because they are OP, simply because they don't have a winter skin. That's right you just can't play them for the silliest reason ever. **Therefore I completely agree this URF is the worst URF ever and doubt there would ever be any worse URF.** Also the snowball summoner spell is another reason why many players hate the current URF, it makes the playstyle completely different, some like it, some don't.
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: Summoner icons are bugging I think. I swapped between several icons today, and after finishing a game I had a different icon rather than the last one selected. Of course I could've been just mistaken, but it actually happened twice to me. After the second game it was clear it's bugging. I also think it shows me different icons on some of my friends but I can't confirm this.
: I'd love to join but the champs I have no chest on are all champions I play badly.
Don't worry this is expected. it's the end of the year and the reset happens in 5-6 weeks. I also have earned chests on my best champs already and have to play other champs.
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