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Infernape (EUW)
: Sometimes when he ults with the skin, the ult goes invisible. You cannot see it at all. There's a very slim chance of it happening though.
1 time when I played with my fried who played kennel I couldnt the his R THE WHOLE GAME. And I have a pretty good pc.
: Where is Ryze's Head
So you could do say you carried on your shoulder
Coxis (EUNE)
: Hey Gosposha sapun, Why wait so long to report it? Anyway, sadly, you'll probably not get this reverted on your account. You'll either have to buy it or hope you'll get it again in a mystery chest. If you would like, you can [submit a ticket]( to player support, but as said before, it's highly unlikely to get it back this way. :(
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: ok, tbh, this was extremely funny Also, tell me the song name pls, the one where MF died :^) The Fray - How to Save a Life
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: [Champion Suggestion] Kohan, The Fallen Soldier
cool concept. I think u should think more about some combos and playstyle, and i think the passive might be a bot OP agains adcs. Other then that amazing!
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: Got placed in B2 and am now 1 win away from my Silver promos so I think making a stab at getting at least into silver. My oculus touch arrived on Thursday so I'm gonna have to take them for a proper spin.
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: [HELP] how do youtubers like gorski, magikarp and darkk mane make 3D videos?
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xEchy (EUNE)
: Well if you want I could start streaming, I was thinking about it, but I don't know if people are interested in the Twisted Treeline.
I get an erection when I play on TT :D
xEchy (EUNE)
: Morde es numero uno HUEHUEHUEHUE ! On a serious note tho, he's broken on 3v3 because he makes the fight 2v4 from the start D:
The only reason he is considered "off meta" is because he can tank,do ap dmg, do ad dmg and take town towers at the same time. Just cuz he is not played every game in the LCS doesn't mean you can't play him in normal. I play ziggs adc and Mord jungle, and guess what? I'm being flamed by my teammates every fucking game. Being flamed by people, who in a 40 minute game place 16 frisking wards. 16! And buy 0 vision wards. People that play vi and lee sin just cuz they have a high win rare in diamond Leo , but still don't know how to gank. Pisses me off so much
xEchy (EUNE)
: The First Challenger!
Finally my boy MORDEKISER gets some love.
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duckarp (EUNE)
: People are like sheep (scientifically proven), most of them need/like to follow someone else or at least some commonly accepted trend. Considering the fact majority of the playerbase is placed in bronze and silver, it's not a surprise so many became meta-addicts.
I love to see a vayne/yasuo rage and get salty, just because in the beginning of the game they ask me is I misclicked when I picked Mord and then I reck then, and they get tilted since they play meta champs, and then there is me, off meta, Mord jungle/mid. Until you get to master, mega does t matter.
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Arcticgoon (EUNE)
: Birthday!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wish you less yasuo mains this year :3 I would add you but I'm on euw . I hope you won't have to SUFFER{{champion:82}} this year :D
Tiichu (EUW)
: Do you forgive someone who flamed you during a game if they apology to you afterwards?
Of course I would forgive them! And also commend them for friendliness. People make mistakes, and if they are strong enough to not only recognize it, but also apologies they deserve respect.
: i'm sure if you send a ticket to riot and explain to them what happened and you didnt mean to turn it to essence they myt change the essence you currently have back into a project yi skin worth a shot dude even though it was a long time ago
Ok! I also have all the essence I farmed up, I haven't used it.
BurtNL (EUW)
: SKT T1 Zed
Sky t1 MORDEKISER ? {{champion:32}} riot doesn't like him :c
: check out what skin i just got
The first box I ever opened I got a project yi shard. (Warning this is extremely sad) I have disinchandet 3 skins o get enough essence to finally get that amazing skin. I clicked the button with green text. *DISENCHANT INTO BLUE SEENSE*{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
DavidMiel (EUNE)
: What jungler should I get ?
Fuck all the Mara champs. Be cool like me. Play {{champion:82}}
: Jhin skin idea
KyouCake (EUW)
: Poor girl drawing for you - for free
if you can redraw this image:,800x800,075,f.jpg that would be amazing :D I want to get into art, but everything after the sketch stage, things so wrong. line art sucks, colouringm etc. I will use the picture for my discord avatar if you do it :D
: Champions favorite pizza
{{champion:6}} rotten pizza :C
: Champions favorite pizza
{{champion:63}} hot chillie pizza
: {{champion:17}} puts pineapple on his pizza...
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: Add me I'm a great pleb.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Oh and also, I will tell you my discord in like 4 hours
: Seeking a pleb.
Add me I'm a great pleb.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
vladiq (EUW)
: The REAL AD GAREN Montage
: What will happen in this team fight? Can you guess the correct answer? :D
Gojiraw (EUNE)
: To be honest, I don't play him for the same reason that I wasn't playing him before the rework. He's boring. He's like a glorified Yorick.
opinions i guess. i personaly love having a 4v6 , or a dragon to take towers.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Yes and no. Not chasing them is what makes a good Juggernaut Player. Instead you somehow try to force them to come to you. (e.g. by pushing and them having to defend, or taking Drake) Additionally there are quite a few Tools you can work with to be able to stick other than the Juggernaut's inherant Tools: Deadman's plate, or I personally love picking Karma when I see a Juggernaut on my Team. However, when imagening a teamfight (5v5) where you don't have anything specifically to help you get in, you'll have a hard time to move through the CC to hit the enemy ADC who is DPSing you back. If they do it correctly your allies won't be able to do much more either. Again, this is why a good Juggernaut Player will avoid such scenarious in the first place, but on the other side, every reasonable enemy will attempt to force such things. And then it mgiht just come down to the question: Why play a Juggernaut who is only strong when they get in when you could just Play a Rumble or Fiora who are strong at similar things, but can get in without much struggle? ----------- Then again, I'm no toplane main and can't talk too much about the meta up there. As a mage/ADC main I generally just don't encounter much problems to Keep my distance from juggernauts, so that is where my opinion is from. ^^'
If I see large amount of cc on the Emmy team I just take someone else
: Epic Moments And Fails
Eveninn (EUW)
: I personally don't consider the Juggernaut class that strong as a whole, as their big weakness (getting kited) can be exploided rather easiely. The Juggernauts I currently see palyed are mainly Darius and Trundle (sorry if I missed one), Darius being a realyl strong lanebuly and still having some tools to stick to Targets (E and his passive MS, also the ability to build Phage) and Trundle mainly existing as tank Counter, but still having Tools to stick with his pillar and MS buff. Not sure if Illaoi Counts as played much, but she feels a bit different as a whole... but I couldn't actually deduce what makes her better tha other Juggernauts, maybe she just has some raw stats. Oh, and Yorick, but he still is kinda new and mainly Excels in splitpush, avoiding the Trouble of getting kited in teamfights. The only tool Morde has is Rylai's, making him rely on it a lot. But as every other Juggernaut, he does work once he actually manages to get onto the enemy. I'd say he's very well viable, but simply not reaching any upper tiers as there are better options usually. In General Juggernauts are rather meh lately with things like Kennen or Jayce being play much on top.
I have a good counter for kites: don't chase them! I play with 2-4 friends sometimes,and always have my top laner, who is usually my friend help me mid-late game. Having a partner makes mord SO much stronger, and sometimes we could easily 2v4 , since I would do **** ton of damage, and would heal my tank to max with my W all the time. Getting and enemy tank as a ghost basically makes it possible to 2v5. Tanking dragon gives you 1-2 towers (and as you know in bronze-silver no one ever pushes towers) so it often results in winning. Btw the last game I had, we had 1 afk and still won, thanks to my ult. It was basically just me and Darius, while others were defending.
Pede Mews (EUW)
: So I'm not the only one with that problem, I just had 3 in a row, in promos :/
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: Why haven't I seen this yet? Are there more videos like that? xD
Watch the How to annoy series. Basically blind pick.
: Hey Guys
Nothing really. New season. Fun stuff. Some regions don't have draft anymore. Been doing great {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Also a tip: use for match history, it's more reliable
: Sure! I play with a couple of friends and would love to teach any one anything I know:D add me on discord: SovietPancake #4636 I will be home in 6 hours :P hope to play with you! I main MORDEKISER, don't tell anyone, he is op {{champion:82}}
Also a tip: use for match history, it's more reliable
: Add me as a friend
Sure! I play with a couple of friends and would love to teach any one anything I know:D add me on discord: SovietPancake #4636 I will be home in 6 hours :P hope to play with you! I main MORDEKISER, don't tell anyone, he is op {{champion:82}}
: >35%+30% of penetration = 65% of penetration No. ___ 100 -35 (35%pen) =65 65 -19.5 (30%pen) =45.5 ^This is how penetration works. ___ 100 -65 (65% pen) =35 ^This is how you think penetration works and its wrong.
The mitochondria = powerhouse of the cell
Fador (EUW)
: Would you go to a Gaming Lounge/Gaming Cafe if there was one near you?
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