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Everyone in the server is awesome!!! Besides Small Cat, he is okay...
: Sensei eSports is still looking for Jungle and Mid for our Female Competitive Team
This is sexist! Where is the men only cup? Oh wait... only men win cups.
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Nickry (EUW)
: Guess the champ
You can't build him AP xD You can build him Full Magic damage, but not AP... Literally only his W scales with AP, none of his other spells do...
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Gostmanen (EUW)
: [Suggestion to Riot] Hovered Over Champions and Warning when banning those.
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Riddarn (EUNE)
: It's almost like it's designed for people to actually pay attention to what's happening in champ select...
There is a reason why they made the client pop-up. Alot of people trust the client to do so, because of that. But this is why alot of people "dodge" the champion select.
sonicpratt (EUNE)
: [6.9] (EUNE) client Friend list
This happens to me in EUW too.
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: Guess the rank (Pic included)
If I would be carried nearly every game, I could get master too. 7/9/4 WIN 1.22 KDA 4/9/3 WIN 0.78 KDA 6/9/5 WIN 1.22 KDA This guy is blessed by God.
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