: If you need to climb quick for season rewards you are most likely in need of a strong OTP. In the long run for future climbing it allways comes down to CS. Simple truth.
: It's a sad life being a support.
''Im not a good division, im platinum IV '' Yea, you're just %%%%%%.
: Can i get free alistar skin pls ? :D
Let me make the same type of question to you. Can u give me 50€ for free? I want to buy some weed .
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: Error everytime i try to pay RP via phone
So far only got 1 answer . This game has an amazing staff team i can tell u.
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Yea, riot is %%%%ing up their client every way they can
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: What will happen to us on EUNE server?
U Guys are going to die . Muahahahha
: Just win and remember the mmr is not counting your score dont worry if u feed
I know about that, and that's all i care about when i play league, win. Score is not important . Winning is .
Tarolock (EUW)
: there is nothing like that, i did look at op.gg when i did my placements it said i will end up in silver 3 but i got placed to silver 5, so nope, there isnt any website that could help
Ok, and how many victorys/losses on the 10 placement games ?
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: Eh. I dont want to sound to negative or something, but suicidal people tend to write things like this. I hope you're not one of them. However sleep well, and indeed today was a fine league day. I jumped from Gold 5 to Gold 3. Hope you guys have a wondeful summer and climb a tier or two.
Thanks man :) Hope you have a wonderful summer too
: your name
Yea, what has that have to do with the fact that i cant play the game ? If you're here to troll, go away.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: You know you're playing League when...
When the game is all %%%%ed up in the ass.
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: Isn't what happened to you already the answer to that question?^^
: why would you use a 20 minutes e-mail to register for your main account ??????
Why would i create a new email for the 6x time to create a game account?
: Help !!! I forgot my password
ffs, when i went to that website, it said the EU West was doing fine. Well anyways, thank you guys for the help. Saved me from a heart attack lmao
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