: Why do you complain about SoloQ?
Rigged 50% winratio 1vs9 games or similar Rating system that purely depends on luck to not get snit into your team but enemy. I still do not understand why I shall be demoted/lose my LP when, for example, I stay top and botlane starts to feed or goes afk
: Can we please get Solo Q ? ACTUAL SOLO Q ?
There is no reason to keep premades in SoloQue. Otherwise, it turns game into "Better premades wins" situation, but on my experience, it's reversed to "Worse premades looses" I have never seen good premades, through entire my practice from silver to diamond. They always plays worse than solo players. That's why feature was removed to show premades on lolking and similar sites. Also, i dont understand, why game allows premades go to everywhere, but not strictly ADC+SUPP. Stupid positions combinations such as ADC and Top, for example, have no any posibility to cooperate and often, VERY often, leads to both lanes loosing.
: If Nasus was made yesterday
Q - if Ultimate is active: Q cooldown is reducted to 1 second. Activating Q ability gives stealth and movement speed. Each strike deals extra true damage as % of target's max health

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