Zamb01 (EUW)
: Gamebreaking Darius R bug / unable to recast bug
one stacks lol i mained darius and i can say thats not a bug at all you didnt kill him just damaged him with it rengar got the kill thus not giving you a reset simple
: Nerf yasuo pls
lol yasuo actually pretty weak and here's a tip know how to play against lol theres a dozen of videos on yt
Shrek3D (EUNE)
: Ornn
because riot has a tank fetish and its not like riot ever looks at these posts lol
: Free Dreadknight Garen Problem
howd you get a free dreadknigt garen??
: Dragons and their doing's
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: There is this thing, where League is taking the worst route possible....
i agree with everything you say buddy the system and the skins and such are getting worse (not nessecarly the skins in visual and such way but the pricing) but its usseles its not like riot is suddenly gonna read this xause they dont lol
: nerf riven
what to build against fed riven when sh buys lethalty hmmm yeah i ques armor oh wait nvm cause she got 2 lethamty items so %%%%ing cheap then oneshots me no i git ganked twice and i couldnt move cause of cc and underperforming wow you obviosly havent seen rivens lvl with elctrocute lol
: nerf riven
wait they wanted to why didnt they do it oh wait probably cause she would be " too underpowered"
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: missions concerning blue essence and the free skin for runepages
um thats the problem i didnt get a single mission thats visible
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: I didnt receive the blue essence for the new patch
so i didnt even get that skin that was promised nor did i get a single mission
: I feel betrayed by RIOT
lol i didnt even get a skin i bought 4 runepages the required amount didnt get one not even a single blue essence orb
: The new runes
the new runes are actualy garbage for certain champs like darius is a tnak yes how come i have zero mr or armor nor do i do any dmg when i get 5 stacks how am i supposed to execute somoene wheni have no dmg thx to ahving no fervor jsut bring back the old press the attack pls
Blackzine (EUW)
: If you were a Champion, who would you be, and why?
Id probably be someone like Darius cause i want to chop someone in half when im mad or trundle cause im ugly lol
: to every jungle main out there or just a jungler
but the thing is i was ganked 3 times in les then 4 minutes then its done for me unless i get some help
: to every jungle main out there or just a jungler
no and i know that very well bro but be honest 1 gank or atelast some dmg on him wont hurt
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: Help me i wanna reform and stop tilting
no im trying but if youre getting ganked 3 times adn youre jungler ignores you adn leaves you then blames you for feeding but stil dont give me help and no i ddint flame him i only said that he didnt giveme an help and it wasnt flame im tryying but yeah
: Help me i wanna reform and stop tilting
thx for the help tho my therapist will be my desk and my wall kappa
: Help me i wanna reform and stop tilting
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: chat restrict and honor
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