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Silent Note (EUNE)
: - To learn new champions/roles. - To be able to detilt after a tilting game on your main account. - To try to get into your main account's elo with a better MMR so that you can climb easier. - To challenge yourself to reach x elo with the best winrate/least games possible. - To start a new account because the main one got banned either for 14 days or permanently. Also be glad, playing with and against smurfs only helps you improve. That's if you look at it like a lesson you can learn from. If you keep crying about being beaten by smurfs, you're obviously not going to learn anything new, because you're too busy focusing on complaints instead of focusing on how the game was played.
I started to play 10 days ago LITERALLY! With guys like you I can just decide to quit because it is not worth my time or nerves. Iron is to learn basics for new players and not to pump ego


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